Recreating My Followers' Nail Art On My Short Nails

May 23, 2020
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I accept this challenge
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  • "It doesn't even need a holo taco." Something I never thought I'd hear you say! Who are you and what did you do with Cristine!? (You're right though. It looks great the way it is.)

    Masi CaponeMasi Capone2 hours ago
  • When You Forget What The Word Narrow Means Because Of Quarantine *bish what-*

    Awkward LemonadeAwkward Lemonade4 hours ago
  • When I first watched this video I didn' understand that when she said rainbow is coming But now on June 2020 when she launched her rainbow holo taco now I understand what that meant

    Vishakha BadgireVishakha Badgire5 hours ago
  • The nails at 7:02 look like the arcade wireless charger that Evanandkatelyn made May 8th..... AND I LOVE IT.

    Angel GordonAngel Gordon15 hours ago
  • Do your nails BLINDFOLDED :)

    Bananas In Pyjamas :0Bananas In Pyjamas :0Day ago
  • I want to do some nail art but also: there's nothing to erase it if it goes wrong (yes I have nail polish but no remover)

    Pvris SuicidePvris SuicideDay ago
  • “Cristine” I my god I thought they only existed in that movie” “Me” “who has had only Dalmatian dogs my whole life”

    Haylee HolsebergHaylee HolsebergDay ago
  • Just add holo taco

    Paige Ayotte élèvePaige Ayotte élève2 days ago
  • 'it's liquid protects...more than you think latex protects' *smooth*

    Olivia NuskeOlivia Nuske2 days ago
  • Just LOVE her

    Alara ErenelAlara Erenel2 days ago
  • She should do a Tom and Jerry theme. Like on her right hand it’s all about Tom and then on her left it’s about Jerry. Idk

    Lucy McGraneLucy McGrane2 days ago
  • I play violin and only get long nails during summer and when there are no concerts lol 😂🎻

    Lyric NaomiLyric Naomi2 days ago
  • Last time I painted my nails, my house burned down.... I had to finish them the next day

    hecking weebhecking weeb3 days ago
  • I will teach to play violin Christine(I don’t know how spell your name sorry)(I just spelled it like my moms is spelled since her name is Christine too)

    Khloe Roycraft Plays violinKhloe Roycraft Plays violin3 days ago
  • i have my nails painted like jack grazer's-

    stqrs xostqrs xo4 days ago
  • "If you sang this song as a kid, you probably don't know how to use Tik Tok." I feel so attacked. 😂

    Danielle CliftonDanielle Clifton4 days ago
  • Cristine I love your videos so much. You are amazing 💅

    Wow It’s that simpleWow It’s that simple6 days ago
  • Imagine this nail art with her new rainbow collection. It would be sick and I am so going to try it.🌈😂

    Rileigh YoungRileigh Young6 days ago
  • 4:12 🤣🤣😁

    PB n JPB n J7 days ago
  • You know the butterfly nails you recreated cute nail polish all ready made a nail art just like it...

    Cool LifeCool Life7 days ago
  • My nail beds are narrow and short... it’s gReAt

    ArianaAriana7 days ago
  • elMo😂

    Cloudy ZoeCloudy Zoe7 days ago
  • Cristine: mine is going great :) Also Cristine: wraps hair around her neck 😳

    Gacha WolferinaGacha Wolferina7 days ago
  • Since I play bass guitar I can't have long nails :'(

    kiwiboikiwiboi8 days ago
  • Love holo taco so excited waiting for my first order🤗🥰❤️ love your videos🤗👍🏼

    Genista RamtahalGenista Ramtahal8 days ago
  • Your a cat?!?!?! I thought you were a sock

    LC VlogsLC Vlogs8 days ago
  • "Incase you forgot this is a nail art channel" 👀 ReAlLy?! I CoMpLeTeLy forgot

    Blakxskx ChimBlakxskx Chim9 days ago
  • I just found your channel, but now I’m ADDICTED to these videos!! They have some sort of charm that is so satisfying!! Also, keep doing what you do, you are obviously AMAZING at it 👌👌👌🔥🔥😁😁

    lucas Barrettlucas Barrett9 days ago
  • Cristine:my nails are the most important things of the whole year Me:there are people dying cristine

    Ala IbrahimAla Ibrahim9 days ago
  • PLEAAAASE can you reorganize your nail polishes 🖤 it makes me crazy

    BeyzaBeyza9 days ago
  • You make my day cristine❤😍

    Jayati A. V.Jayati A. V.9 days ago
  • she really dropped the rainbow collection's existence like that and then said ahaha next nail art woop

    Allie NoirAllie Noir10 days ago
  • I just got a great idea! Somebody make a Holo Taco filter that makes it look like the photo was bedazzlefied.

    Rose ErcinRose Ercin11 days ago
  • I break my nails almost every day I work. I work at a grocery store stocking and stuff. Some of the boxes have such strong glue that I break my nails trying to open them😭

    Alex RayAlex Ray11 days ago
  • rainbows ARE coming HINT HINT

    1,000 Subs With No Videos1,000 Subs With No Videos11 days ago
  • her short nails are longer than my longer than my long nails

    1,000 Subs With No Videos1,000 Subs With No Videos11 days ago
  • And now I get why she said rainbows are coming😮

    Anshu PadiglaAnshu Padigla11 days ago
  • My nails are half a centimetre long ahahaha

    Agnes McWilliamAgnes McWilliam12 days ago
  • i have a life membership to the nub club

    Emma CorleyEmma Corley12 days ago

    Sunflower Shine09Sunflower Shine0912 days ago
  • Ok ok here me out..... TEA CUP NAILS or tea bag nails ajkansnsns I need the teaaaaa

    Small BagelsSmall Bagels13 days ago
  • It’s " I’m a bitch, I’m a boss", Cristine. It’s a really motivating song.

    Jia ZutshiJia Zutshi13 days ago
  • May your nail rest in pieces Cristine. Or piece. My condolences. Keep moving forward.

    Jia ZutshiJia Zutshi13 days ago
  • This was great! 🦋🦄Please do more 💜

    Marie MillerMarie Miller13 days ago
  • 5:23 reminded me of “raindrops keep falling on my nails but that doesn’t mean im about to cry” where holo hits volume 3

    Valeria SanchezValeria Sanchez13 days ago
  • i play the ukulele *the happiest instrument eva* so im in the #nubclub for eva. I'm attemting to grow them but my nails are extremely thin and flimsy, no matter what i try! T_T

    Susanna FuddySusanna Fuddy13 days ago
  • "who's following me on Twitter, not all of you I know" I would but I aint got Twitter.

    Marinara SauceMarinara Sauce13 days ago

    Femi AjalaFemi Ajala13 days ago
  • Love you💗💗💗

    Jimin’s lost jamsJimin’s lost jams13 days ago
  • I haven’t watched you in so long! You are still so funny🥺❤️

    Lavender TownLavender Town14 days ago

    paitynx playzpaitynx playz14 days ago
  • PLEASE make a vid shaming the companies stealing your image!!!

    Red BeasleyRed Beasley14 days ago
  • I would love a video of her calling out ppl who use her content without permission.

    TheMasterSheaTheMasterShea14 days ago
  • Your nail isn’t “more important “ then what’s going on right now!

    Asa AdamsAsa Adams14 days ago
  • 11:50 Cristine, there are children watching 👁️👄👁️

    jimin is my oppajimin is my oppa15 days ago
  • Too young for twitter lol

    Alice FoxAlice Fox15 days ago
  • Idk if you’ve done this but can you make a video based on a bob ross tutorial

    Mariama SowMariama Sow15 days ago
  • 3:51........Doja cow.

    Emma MahaffeyEmma Mahaffey16 days ago
  • I absolutely love her "Bitch im a cow" cover lmao

    Bedazzled ButterflyBedazzled Butterfly16 days ago
  • 13 days lkdsldls that's how much my nails grow in 4 days

    L. RichardsL. Richards16 days ago
  • Am I the only one obsessed with the concept that Christine just discovered Dalmatians?

    KillerDuckasaurusKillerDuckasaurus16 days ago
  • 5:52 SUE THEIR ASSES! 😂

    {Drowned Cherry}{Drowned Cherry}16 days ago
  • Rainbow background looks great

    Александра ШАлександра Ш16 days ago
  • For nails to look "long" The have to be 2x the size as her long nails because I have a 2cm nail bed 😔 Everyone else has good nails I hate my nails I need acrylics as soon as I stop highschool

    StormiiStormii16 days ago
  • Such a great video :)

    beL13verbeL13ver16 days ago
  • Sorry Christine but you’re only part of the #numbclub unless you can see your finger tips when you show off your nails

    0x13horizon0x13horizon17 days ago
  • 4:13 now I know what she means😂😂

    Wiggle Wiggle WiggleWiggle Wiggle Wiggle18 days ago
  • My nails are both short and narrow

    MI KI 0MI KI 018 days ago
  • I need to uhhhh buy all ur polish lol

    steffanie pajaristeffanie pajari18 days ago
  • This nail art would look awesome with the new rainbow collection!

    ross lolross lol18 days ago
  • Cristine: they are the same length as mine does that mean i can play violin? Me: *laughs in girl that has been playing violin for three year and still sucks*

    Maria MirandaMaria Miranda18 days ago
  • Why is she lying to them

    EfiEfi18 days ago
  • i've rewatched this over 5 times ;w;

    LunaAquaStarLunaAquaStar18 days ago
  • quarantine gets better by watching you and other amazing youtubers

    Rafia ZubairRafia Zubair19 days ago
  • Poor nailllll!!!

    murder womanmurder woman19 days ago
  • Please do the bubble nail art?!

    Racheal JayneRacheal Jayne19 days ago
  • @14:27 why you gotta come for me like that 😂

    Samantha MorrisSamantha Morris19 days ago
  • Not @ how she needed 16 minutes to tell us that size doesn't matter....

    Anna MüllerAnna Müller19 days ago
  • 4:00 i thought you were a sock ;-;

    Aubrianna S.Aubrianna S.20 days ago
  • Omg you should do doing my nails in led lights

    Molly PodlasMolly Podlas20 days ago