Why I got engaged at 19

May 19, 2020
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wow girlypops. Was not expecting to post this video but...here is why I got engaged at 19!!! I'm a fiancée now!
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  • My fiancé asked for my mom and dads blessing also. I wish you all the best in your future.

    Jasmine HassellJasmine HassellDay ago
  • my parents met when they were 13 and got engaged at 19 and married at 21 and they’re now 51!! honestly if you’re in love then you have got nothing to loose💕

    Claudy HClaudy HDay ago
  • I got pregnant at 19, and now I’m 20 awaiting his arrival in October. And my boyfriend already plans on marrying me. Everyone has different timelines. ❤️

    Anissa AlvaradoAnissa AlvaradoDay ago
    • Congrats!

      PaladinZachPaladinZach16 hours ago
  • Just curious, how long have you guys been together.... I'm new to your channel and I support you all the way... my boyfriend and i have been together for 6 yrs and were both 19 and currently planning our wedding as well. Overall I just want you and Ryan to know that I support you guys.

    Ariana SnyderAriana Snyder2 days ago
  • aaaa congrats!!!

    T SdzT Sdz3 days ago
  • I think you are adorable and I respect your journey but I just wanted to say that you don’t need justify your young marriage by saying you’ve lived unconventional lives. Truthfully, dropping out of college/not going to college and working full time is very very common and doesn’t necessarily mean your life isn’t like most peoples. Yes, your career is unconventional but I just wanted to say that a lot of people are on the same journey as you! You’re already so confident and excited so don’t focus on comparing yourself to others!

    Charlotte ElsasserCharlotte Elsasser3 days ago
  • Congratulations but are you sure if you're than go ahead.

    Alia HassanAlia Hassan4 days ago
  • When you consider that there is no societal pressure (save a few cultural/traditional exceptions) pushing young couples to get married (no one is saying "you have to") I think we need to greatly respect when someone young takes on the commitment of marriage. The irony is that naysayers often attack that person's maturity when, if marriage is a means to maturity, as I argue it is, this is actually a sign of greater maturity!

    We McLaughlinsWe McLaughlins7 days ago
  • My grandma had my dad at seventeen or eighteen. Her and my grandpa weren’t planning it but I still think about how successful my dad is. If they didn’t have him I wouldn’t be here. And he turned out really well lol.

    Payton StarkPayton Stark7 days ago
  • my family friend got married at 18 so this is perfectly fine

    Olivia LyonsOlivia Lyons8 days ago
  • Dudeeee whose ready for the “ how I lost my v-card “ story time. ^^^

    Riley CrossRiley Cross8 days ago
    • She’s not gonna be the relatable virgin pretty soon 😂

      PaladinZachPaladinZach16 hours ago
  • Congratulations Haley!! I’ve been subscribed to you since your dancing days. Marriage is awesome. I got married 7 weeks ago at 20. 💛

    Yamileth ContrerasYamileth Contreras8 days ago
  • Congratulations 🥳

    Logic_RageLogic_Rage9 days ago
  • Just another Christian couple getting engaged while they are teenagers so they can bang 😂🥀

    Mckaila RandelMckaila Randel9 days ago
  • Gurl yeah the Christian perspective that you have is spot on 👌🏼 I love it ❤️

    Selah StreethomeSelah Streethome9 days ago
  • Dude by 19 I had my son. With my boyfriend to which I’ve been with for 6 years! I’m basically married. Yesss! When you know you know 💕

    M pM p9 days ago
  • Wooooow. All the best! Love the spirit. Just recently got engaged too! 😍🥰 i just made a vlog about my realizations 🥰

  • i.....honestly can’t wait for this to crash n burn

    yailene leyvayailene leyva12 days ago
  • I don’t really think ur lifestyle is really unique or super different bc like where I grew up or like in Europe it’s not a must or the natural norm of a life to go to college after high school. So many ppl start working after high school so I don’t get that argument for getting married young but as you said it has a lot to do where you grew up and like cultural reasons. But like the reason many ppl are probably shocked is bc ppl change so much as a person in like their teens and twenties and therefore it’s nearly impossible to know if you met the person you want to be with for the rest of your days like as you said it’s something you shouldn’t take lightly and divorce ain’t an actual option. For example you loose and gain friends too bc you might feel like it’s not the same anymore and your just not vibing with each other like u used to bc ppl change and at such a young age ur still trying to find out who u really are. I thought I knew who i was when I was 18 but I changed so much in 3 years like I see and prioritise things sooo differently now it’s crazy. That might be why ppl question u or are surprised and of course it could be different for you but idk it just seems like a big risk.. even more if divorce is not an option for you.

    a girl has no name _a girl has no name _12 days ago
  • I’m so happy for you 💗 congrats beautiful!

    Willow VargasWillow Vargas13 days ago
  • Girl all for you following your heart here, HOWEVER please do not see divorce as “not an option”. Sometimes divorce is the answer and no one should keep themselves in a toxic situation because they have an aversion to divorce. I am of course not implying that this is now or ever will be toxic, but forever is a long time and things can change. Just never say never.

    Izzi SpiridigliozziIzzi Spiridigliozzi13 days ago
  • I've been watching her since elementary school and honestly, she's very inspirational and I am so happy for her, she is like an older sister that I never had.

    Sreehitha YSreehitha Y13 days ago
  • I would have gladly gotten married at 18 or 19 but my partner and i just didn't have the financial means to celebrate the way we wanted. That's honestly why most people don't, and anyone who has something to say about those who do are just bitter or jealous. don't mean those who wish to live differently or don't plan on getting married because those people who are genuinely "good" would have nothing negative to say. I'm 21 and can't wait to get married, but I am already committed and on the same page as my partner abut what we want. We just have to wait to celebrate our love the way we want because of the capitalistic world we live in. I don't agree with some things you have said or some beliefs you hold, but I hope i can give you extra comfort in the fact that you are aking the right choice for you and will have immense happiness and "success" in your own eyes and the world"s. :)

    Missnataliepaige lMissnataliepaige l16 days ago
  • Congrats girlie pop 🥳

    lil death punklil death punk17 days ago
  • When you find love, you know it, so why not be together for life from the start. Enjoy the journey. All the best

    Susan BowesSusan Bowes17 days ago
  • It's been such a wonderful road to watch you from 4 years ago to now 😭 I'm so proud of you and all you've achieved, and congratulations on this new part of your life and this new and wonderful journey that you are embarking on. Ryan is a really wonderful and fantastic person, and I'm so happy for you both! Congratulations from South Africa

    Anne WhippAnne Whipp18 days ago
  • shes talking at super speed

    minecraft nackminecraft nack18 days ago
  • This is so amazing❤️ love this video so much!

    Inés Herranz AlonsoInés Herranz Alonso18 days ago
  • I'm HONESTLY so so SO proud and so so SO EXCITED for uguys I hope that this next chapter in ur guys life is filled with MUCH JOY HAPPINESS and BLESSINGS for the both of you and that uguys keep getting blessed with much HAPPINESS and BLESSINGS I'm TRULY EXCITED to see what is in ur guys future

    Alicia SalasAlicia Salas18 days ago
  • you're amazing!!! I'm so happy for y'all. My brother and I were so excited when the engagement video came out. we've both been watching y'all for a long time, and this was such a cool moment for us. love y'all so much! ❤️

    yoshimi petshopsyoshimi petshops18 days ago
  • Yaaassss , I was waiting for that , and when the notification arrived ! I wassss sssoooo happy!!!!!!!! Congratulations

    Lyna AchacheLyna Achache19 days ago
  • Sex is definitively NOT only 5% of a relationship L.O.L.

    Puty0urlipstick0nPuty0urlipstick0n19 days ago
  • I've been subscribed for so long, and you seem just so genuinely happy around each other, bless you and congratulations!

    Valeria BigottValeria Bigott19 days ago
  • Congratulations y’all 🥳❤️❤️

    De’Sandra OshayDe’Sandra Oshay19 days ago
  • My husband and I got engaged at 16, married at 17, now I'm 19 and we're expecting our first baby. So when people tell you that you're moving TOO fast, I've heard ALL of it. My husband also asked both my parents for their blessing. He took them out to dinner and all I know is my dad did not hesitate and said "hell yeah!" Also, Congratulations Haley ❤ I've been watching you and Ryan since you started dating. It's been such a beautiful relationship and so fun to watch. I wish you both the best, long and happy marriage!

    Vanessa MarieVanessa Marie20 days ago
  • j

    Nina DragcevicNina Dragcevic20 days ago
  • I got married at 19 and still am married 7 years later with a second baby on the way!! Def don’t let what others say doubt anything. You know what you guys want, I’m happy for both of you!! 💜

    Tania RamirezTania Ramirez20 days ago
  • my parents dated for about 9 years before they got married and girl...i could never! i don't judge them for getting married so "late," that was their choice. and i don't judge you for getting married so "early," that's your choice. i'm happy that you and ryan are ready to take this important step in your lives together. i feel like a proud mother. i love you both. and congradulations!

    Chloe BriggsChloe Briggs20 days ago
  • Wow it was refreshing to hear she was waiting for marriage. I am too and have seen multiple videos where people one fun at us "conservative christians". It was just nice to see

    Laelle TuggyLaelle Tuggy20 days ago
  • I got engaged at 19 too so this is so nice to see someone else like that too

    Chelsea LoydChelsea Loyd21 day ago
  • Married at 19? Kinda young if you ask me

    ATV JeremyATV Jeremy21 day ago
    • It is young however everyone is ready at their own timing. If you know Haley she is very mature. It’s better than them messing around with each other and their emotions.

      Random PersonRandom Person10 days ago
    • @bee obviously

      Casia-Jade TakaiCasia-Jade Takai18 days ago
    • You obviously didn't even watch the video honey.

      beebee20 days ago
  • You guys are both put together and have good heads on your shoulders. I've been watching you for s long time and I'm proud of you. Congratulations on your engagement Haley

    Annmarie GomesAnnmarie Gomes21 day ago
  • Girlllll you called me Single in 26 languages

    blithxsomeblithxsome21 day ago
  • My parents got married at 19 and they just celebrated their 25th anniversary so don’t stress don’t worry God timing is always right

    Emily CepedaEmily Cepeda21 day ago
  • Haley Pham Goodman

    brskbrsk22 days ago
  • so cute

    Angel and DevilAngel and Devil22 days ago
  • congratulations!

    Maddi MorrisMaddi Morris22 days ago
  • i been watching since tippies life

    lani loo hoolani loo hoo22 days ago
  • 》Congrats Haley I wish you and your future husband the very best of happinand!! And make sure he knows a happy wife is a happy life! ♡♡♡♡♡♡ & hi girlypops who are viewers!

    Louis Jr Is DancingLouis Jr Is Dancing22 days ago
  • Hi. I know you probably won't respond or reply, but can you please a answer this one question? I am a teenage boy, and I make crochet blankets and beanies. I really like this girl, and I want to ask her out, but I think she won't like me for my hobby. You being a girl, do you think girls might find a guy attractive, even though his hobby might not be very masculine?

    Bryson KettlerBryson Kettler22 days ago
    • Go for it! It's good to have different hobbies, if she doesn't want you just because of your hobbies, she's not worth it

      beebee20 days ago
    • Just go for it man.

      J IJ I21 day ago
    • If she doesn't like you because of a hobby then shes not worth it.

      J IJ I21 day ago
  • so crazy how you're engaged!! I remember watching you when Vlogmas with Tippies was a thing

    Kim NguyenKim Nguyen22 days ago
  • i found her from them going to the “big ben” road trip that’s the first time i started watching her

    Caroline PacificoCaroline Pacifico22 days ago
  • I’m engaged rn and I’m 19 as well so I definitely agree with the struggles of people telling you you’re too young but I just can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my fiancé with only 16 more days to go haha. But congrats to you girl!!!

    Sidney AllenSidney Allen22 days ago
  • If you're reading this, it's not an accident. You're not an accident. Just know you're a beautiful, brave person, and God has a big plan for your life. You're gonna make it. Love you!💟

    Ashley SeaboyerAshley Seaboyer22 days ago
  • I'm so happy for Haley and Ryan! It doesn't matter what other people say...its their life. God bless!

    Ashley SeaboyerAshley Seaboyer22 days ago
  • congratulations girl!💗

    Amber SpadeAmber Spade22 days ago
  • Not to seem rude but i thought u where 20+ 🤦‍♀️😅

    Elif YilmazElif Yilmaz22 days ago
  • Congrats that is a pretty ring

    amber shuffamber shuff22 days ago
  • I’m happy for you (*´꒳`*) and honestly it’s not our place to judge you for how you decide to live your life, so if anyone has anything negative to say, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF😤👍

    HumorlessCube94HumorlessCube9422 days ago
  • Good for you. Waiting is one of the best things you can do. Let there be many happy years to come for you two.

    Robert DerbyRobert Derby22 days ago
  • I want to get married young to tbh 😳✨

    ChillChill23 days ago
  • I respect and admire how serious you and Ryan are it's just so rare to see couples this committed to each other especially at your age I wish you guys all the happiness in your life

    a fellow humana fellow human23 days ago
  • to the 5.7k of ppl that disliked the vid. WHY BITCH??? I mean, yes your young, and some ppl would say ur wasting ur life or whatever, but it's your life! ya know? go! do what makes you happy, do what brings a smile to you and those around you and have opinions, but don't be mean or hate to other ppl about their life, let them live it and let them learn from it. thank you. good day. Btw just so it's clear, I fully support whatever her decisions are. No judgement here boi. K bye now. xx

    Foxy_LoverFoxy_Lover23 days ago
  • I’m not allowed to judge because my parents were 18 and 19 when they got married

    Maddie GamesMaddie Games23 days ago
  • next video: why we broke up

    Lyzah RosellLyzah Rosell24 days ago
    • No?

      beebee20 days ago
    • Nope

      Ashley SeaboyerAshley Seaboyer22 days ago
  • I just got engaged too! (I’m 23 and it still feels young but that’s okay!!) We got engaged for many of the same reasons, so I totally relate to you guys. Congrats on the engagement ☺️

    Kirsten NicoleKirsten Nicole24 days ago
  • Christianity tm

    ModeMode24 days ago
  • Okay but I loved ur outfit when he proposed...

    Shola IluyemiShola Iluyemi24 days ago
  • Don’t worry my parents got married at like 20 and have now been married for 20 years with 5 kids so your great!

    AnonymousAnonymous24 days ago
  • I love your confidence girl! Keep doing your thing, haters gon hate. THEY DON'T MATTER!

    Asija's Plus LifeAsija's Plus Life24 days ago
  • I want a relationship like you guys deadass.

    Kate RomeroKate Romero24 days ago
  • Awww you should NOT feel the need to explain yourself in every video about your life choices ! Marriage is a wonderful and exciting thing, and most importantly it’s something that makes you both happy!! You’re so strong x

    Grace NicoleGrace Nicole25 days ago
  • No one has the right to tell you what to do, your amazing and the way your life was planned out was for a reason❣️

    Jazmin DelgadoJazmin Delgado25 days ago
  • I think my dad proposed at 19 my mom was 20 they r a year and A day apart.

    Maddy HerbMaddy Herb25 days ago
  • Congrats!!!! So happy for you guys :)

    Hudga_ BooHudga_ Boo25 days ago
  • I bet her dentist still asks what grade she’s in and now she’s gonna be divorced at 22

    Mic BlobfishMic Blobfish25 days ago
    • Jealous much

      beebee20 days ago
  • You guys will be great together! Love you! Keep posting on how it goes!

    PayRBPayRB25 days ago
  • she only got engaged at 19 cuz she dont want this username

    still a virginstill a virgin25 days ago
  • Congratulations! Marriage doesn’t have an age requirement. I’m so happy for you ❤️

    Cassie WorthingtonCassie Worthington25 days ago
  • I

    mochiswirlmochiswirl25 days ago