Original ‘Renegade’ Jalaiah Dances with tWitch!

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The biggest dance trend on the internet right now is called “The Renegade,” and a 14-year-old named Jalaiah choreographed the viral dance. She not only took the stage to dance with tWitch, she also chatted with Ellen and received a very special gift made just for her!

  • This is awesome Ellen so are you

    wolf mahonywolf mahony18 minutes ago
  • I thought Charli created Renegade 😂

    Samantha CastilloSamantha Castillo54 minutes ago
  • she lowkey look like mikey williams

    Ian WinderIan WinderHour ago
  • Edagener Renegade

    Robbie DixonRobbie DixonHour ago
  • No wonder she made it, she’s the best at it.

    JonabobJonabob3 hours ago
  • She deserves that money because if i was her i would be so mad charli lirterally got so much attendion and going in public with people saying she made the dance. The thing is she knew she stolde it and was syill getting attendion.

    çøøķìę Ćhìpßçøøķìę Ćhìpß5 hours ago
  • Effortless 👑

    JuceJuce5 hours ago
  • She slayed every beat!!

    Wiil WaalWiil Waal6 hours ago
  • That's what s up! The Real Creator! I love Ellen. She always recognize authentic artists. 😁😁😁😁😁

    Aisha LewisAisha Lewis7 hours ago
  • She finally got the credit that was past due

    myesha warthenmyesha warthen8 hours ago
  • Twitch got some drip ngl

    John PapamitsakisJohn Papamitsakis8 hours ago
  • the renegade raider

    Welcome TuyizereWelcome Tuyizere10 hours ago
  • She's cool and reasonable

    Busomma OkoliBusomma Okoli15 hours ago

    Today's TodayToday's Today15 hours ago
  • Its f'd up they got famous off this baby back....

    Dre lure BanksDre lure Banks18 hours ago
  • Her at 14: creates an amazing dance that the best tiktok star steals. Me at 14: Runs up the stairs as quickly as possible when all the lights are turned off cause i’m scared a demon is gonna get me if i don’t make it.

    savannah ezerasavannah ezera20 hours ago
  • Atleast she dont do like 10 secs of it Shes real cuz she knows full dance

    Chonky SquirrelChonky SquirrelDay ago
  • !

    francesca rose!francesca rose!Day ago
  • Renegade renegade!

    Potatochippopotamus The thirdPotatochippopotamus The thirdDay ago
  • Ellen: who could remember all those moves. Me: I can I was 2nd place to a fifth grader and I'm in 3rd grade. I can remember.

    chidera ariolechidera arioleDay ago
  • She killed that mop part

    Austin TolbertAustin TolbertDay ago
  • Can’t believe Charlie d amelio. Got more views and likes than. The creator Jalaiah harmon

    Victoria NguyenVictoria NguyenDay ago
  • Thxs slot now I'm gonna be listening to alot of ReNeGaDe today

    Nache ClaaytonNache ClaaytonDay ago
  • What a lil blessing especially now that the rona virus hit. I just pray it used wisely & she wasn't exploited by family members.

    Asia GallardoAsia GallardoDay ago
  • She was just making the dance up after twitch left😤

    edwyn castroedwyn castroDay ago
  • 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😍

    BaeBae EllerbeeBaeBae EllerbeeDay ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="156">2:36</a> Chinese New Year be like

    Elaine LiElaine Li2 days ago
  • Her:*wins $5’000 for making a dance* Me: ight ima head out

    sarahmo 597sarahmo 5972 days ago
  • U don't know how long I've been waiting for this girl to get the credit she deserves and when I saw this in my recommended I was so happy for her💖. She deserves just as much clout charli has and it's sad to see that she never got that. I'm glad she did that one tiktok with charli doing the renegade with her tho.

    Sweet ChocolateSweet Chocolate2 days ago
  • I can't even do Charlie Damelio's version of this dance. Edit: I'm not trying to give her all the credit, because this girl gets all the credit, I'm just trying to say that I can't dance at all.

    Alyssa SchroederAlyssa Schroeder2 days ago
  • Congratulations to the young Queen Jalaiah!

    Always LuckyAlways Lucky2 days ago
  • Everything about this was incredible It’s a shame the jacket didn’t fit better though, they could’ve asked her family what size she is

    D TD T2 days ago
  • And that girl that started renegade is so talented, she should of been viral.

    Sophie RoseSophie Rose2 days ago
  • The Ellen Show pin this comment if you love your fans.

    Sophie RoseSophie Rose2 days ago
  • And that my friends is natural born rhythm!

    BigMeech GhandiBigMeech Ghandi2 days ago
  • From now on I'mma be checking all the pockets of every single jacket I buy

    シp e a c h yシシp e a c h yシ2 days ago
  • You’re telling me I spent 1 hour of my life learning the wrong dance....😂😤🥺

    Ellie M.Ellie M.2 days ago
  • I want to punt that girl so far

    Brandon ServiBrandon Servi3 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="54">0:54</a>

    cimone isomcimone isom3 days ago
  • What you going to do with all that money but good job

    Patrice GaskinsPatrice Gaskins3 days ago
  • i think am going to create a dance now

    enny girlenny girl3 days ago
  • She does the dance so effortlessly! You can clearly see that she owns it.

    Randi's RamulousRandi's Ramulous3 days ago
  • *Oh wow.. that’s a lot of Cheetos..*

    Eunice Silva-FloresEunice Silva-Flores3 days ago
  • I made the Cannibal and I’ve never got my credits... jokessss

    tea conicctea conicc3 days ago
  • Im glad shes on the the ellen show and not charlie i mean she actually created sadly so many people think charlie did

    Asritha GunukulaAsritha Gunukula3 days ago
  • The way she dance is so satisfying 💘💘💘💘

    SAKURASAKURA3 days ago
  • I LOVE ReNeGADe ayeee

    tapan kumar Pandatapan kumar Panda3 days ago
  • Even though she created she didn’t make it famous. If Charlie D’amelieo didn’t do it, it wouldn’t have become famous.

    Dorothy HuangDorothy Huang3 days ago
  • It would be so cool to be on the Ellen show!!!

    Kevin GKevin G3 days ago
  • I’m so proud of this young lady , and thank u so much for recognizing her Ellen I love you ❤️

    Martha WilbornMartha Wilborn3 days ago
  • Is the black guy from step up 4 and 5

    Decklin MurrayDecklin Murray3 days ago
  • The mop and the woah

    Zynia boneZynia bone4 days ago
  • You go girl your the real one

    Mackenzie BeitzelMackenzie Beitzel4 days ago
  • She put Charli to shame🤦🏾‍♀️🤣

    Raina CollinsRaina Collins4 days ago
  • so what did charli damelio stole her dance and got famous for it? if so, that's messed up

    jimmy petersjimmy peters4 days ago
  • I LOVE HER!!!! She’s so good!

    Susana ZoqueSusana Zoque4 days ago
  • That jacket be look dope asf tho🔥💯

    Fun LoxFun Lox4 days ago
  • Isn't Charli the creator of this dance?

    moon starmoon star4 days ago
    • @ivy Charli or is she?

      moon starmoon starDay ago
    • She stole it

      ivyivy3 days ago
  • A jacket 5K in hand Internet Famous Gets to go on TV Show All for a dance made in 5-10 minutes...

    Alec HerAlec Her4 days ago
  • Hah i look like a constipated squirrel when i do the renegade

    Handz HandakaHandz Handaka4 days ago
  • My eyes as soon as I saw her Jordan 1’s _ _ 0 0

    Scissor SquadScissor Squad5 days ago
  • I love renegade

    Annaleah ThaoAnnaleah Thao5 days ago
  • Yaaaassss she killed it proof that the renegade is her’s 😍🤩

    Iyahnna LodgeIyahnna Lodge5 days ago
  • Give young princess her credit

    Ephraim YasharahlaEphraim Yasharahla5 days ago
  • Finally, she gets reconized for the renegade dance. Not the one who stole it Charlie D amelio

    YeBoyNoahG A VYeBoyNoahG A V5 days ago
  • she is so talented and just looks so happy and joyful while dancing!!!

    Katie WickliffKatie Wickliff5 days ago
  • that jacket was some huge shade to charli and i love it

    Anonymous DirectionerAnonymous Directioner5 days ago
  • she got 5000$ for her dance, while the other tik tokers that stole it made up to 20k$

    YuGo Asap4EverYuGo Asap4Ever5 days ago
  • How twitch dipped was smooth!!

    Hanan AbdikarimHanan Abdikarim5 days ago
  • Yall name that real its real the real dance for real wow!!love it better than the other version you know the app??:tiktok!♡♡

    Snowey RideSnowey Ride5 days ago
  • Anybody realize how she is constantly jumping in the intro? Just me?

    Cody CasteenCody Casteen5 days ago
  • The real creator of regrenade is Charlie D,Amelio That girl IS STEALING THE FREAKING DANCES

    Courtney MaguireCourtney Maguire5 days ago
  • Hahaha

    SN34KY Mc SNAKESSN34KY Mc SNAKES5 days ago
  • I know that charli is now punching the air....😁😁

    Mercy joyMercy joy5 days ago
  • there's a really EASY slow-motion tutorial on my channel!

    Christina JiyoonChristina Jiyoon5 days ago
  • She's a legend so Happy she finally gets the recognition she deserves 🙌🙌

    MavisMavis5 days ago
  • About time she got recognition and credit for the renegade choreo . Charlie Demalio should be ashamed of herself for not giving credit where it’s due. She became famous because of this J gal here

    SigasongSigasong5 days ago
  • Charlie did it differently

    Alecia SmithAlecia Smith5 days ago
  • I bet Charli Damilio is jealous that she is in this show and not her even tho she does the same thing 😂

    Jsck SepticieJsck Septicie6 days ago
  • Charli is jealous

    kid whisperkid whisper6 days ago