Rep. Karen Bass: ‘Defund Police’ is probably one of the worst slogans ever

Jun 17, 2020
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On the ‘Defund the Police’ movement, Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) says "We have not invested in health, social and economic problems in communities and we leave the police to pick up the pieces...why should police officers have to clean up society's problems? Cities and states, their priorities are lopsided."

  • Intellectual challenges, stupid people. Changing the wording doesn’t change the fact.

    kickn-aDead-catkickn-aDead-cat3 days ago
  • The 1st thing Castro did was dissolve the police..Karen commie lunatic.

    William SheppardWilliam Sheppard5 days ago
  • Comunista

    Thomas RiveraThomas Rivera6 days ago
  • Yeah the Left shouldn’t reveal what they really want to do - hurts them every time. They need to lie.

    bucolisbucolis10 days ago
  • She makes a LOT of sense. It's a Shame that the whole of the BLM movement can't buy a clue....

    Alan d'EonAlan d'Eon10 days ago
  • Cuban sympathizer

    Bunk ShanerBunk Shaner12 days ago
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    ThxGod It'sOverThxGod It'sOverMonth ago

    Workout HorseWorkout HorseMonth ago

    jeffrey lucianajeffrey lucianaMonth ago
    • Idiot

      Jason DanielJason DanielMonth ago
  • the slogan alone will cost democrats the election. Left has been calling us racist and nazis for 4 years now just for voting (you dont think that would catch up with you?) , now you want to threaten our and the nations' safety months before the general?? LOLOL thx dems for showing your true colors again just in time.

    Marty MacMarty MacMonth ago
    • @Insomaniachuh?? police are corrupt institutions? Each city, town, state, etc, has their own individual law enforcement department. Not to mention, the feds. Are you saying each and every department is "corrupt?" And you base this assertion on what? People who get smoked while not following instructions, and resisting arrest? That makes hundreds of thousands of men and women who have never even met, "corrupt?" You sound dumb, very, very dumb.

      Trump Fan Network 2Trump Fan Network 215 days ago
    • Please reexamine your two party perspective of politics, people and their beliefs.The managerial and corporate elite know that the two party system is a just a way for them to maintain power, to filter our politicians before we can even vote. The police is one of the most corrupt institutions in America. Defunding them is only the beginning. It has nothing to do with threatening safety.

      InsomaniacInsomaniacMonth ago
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