Why Prisons Ban These Everyday Items

May 2, 2020
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You might think it's common sense that some items are banned from prison, but when you hear our list you will be shocked by the common everyday items you may take for granted that are completely prohibited from being in the possession of any prisoners because what they can with innocent looking items like bubble gum, is insane. Watch today's insane video to find out exactly what these banned items are.
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  • 2:06 First thing I thought of was lock pick.

    Karbazagar SON of ZadnaônKarbazagar SON of ZadnaônDay ago
  • no gum no r rated material no sleep school

    Jolor DonJolor Don2 days ago
  • The key thing is definitely a concern. Fun fact in Norway the prisoners are given their own key for their cells (though to be clear this is in lower security ones where you have to earn your way there).

    Martin MatovicMartin Matovic7 days ago
  • Easy my fists are my partners

    DarknessgamerdudeDarknessgamerdude9 days ago
  • What I've learned from this video: Prison has a lot of rules

    LovelyKoalaLovelyKoala9 days ago
  • 1:34 wait what why is he talking german

    BrunomindBrunomind15 days ago
  • What's so bad about the last one?

    FortNikitaBullionFortNikitaBullion15 days ago
  • In 2020 we turned the world into a 7.8 billion cell prison! No hoarding TP!

    FortNikitaBullionFortNikitaBullion15 days ago
  • I feel sorry for the guards

    Ali BalochAli Baloch16 days ago
  • so you are saying that a chistan can bring a bible it prison

    NutoolaNutoola18 days ago
  • 6:04 it’s could be something as simple as hoarding toilet paper. Not in 2020 you don’t

    Theatre World Of ZoeTheatre World Of Zoe20 days ago
  • Bro, calling someone a nerd for playing DnD is just rude.

    GamingwithAlwyn 999GamingwithAlwyn 99921 day ago
  • I didnt understand why you cant store body fluids

    Seymen the bossSeymen the boss22 days ago
  • haha

    Sam DeMonteSam DeMonte24 days ago
  • 2013 was when I was born lol

    Hughton CampbellHughton Campbell25 days ago
  • Can you bring a stuffed animal to prison?

    Bee LeafBee Leaf27 days ago
  • In the animation they use a key to make a key in the bubble gum, why don’t you just use the key???

    Cartoon Cat and friendsCartoon Cat and friends27 days ago
  • Adults: chewing gum isn’t an everyday object! Middle Schoolers: no, no, yes it is

    CrappyMobileGamingCrappyMobileGaming28 days ago
  • 1:38 Look At The Window.

    isli Gisli G29 days ago
  • Ttttttttttt

    Davey VasquezDavey VasquezMonth ago
  • 6:17 *Looks like mine is bigger* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [insert name here][insert name here]Month ago
  • hoik

    Skill CastSkill CastMonth ago
  • Toilet Paper Shank!

    NorcoDepulousNorcoDepulousMonth ago

    Kendrick VillamorKendrick VillamorMonth ago
  • It’s 1am on a school night, shall I give up or keep pullin an all nighter

    CxeTredCxeTredMonth ago
  • This man could put me to sleep with his lulling me I swear 😴😴

    Evan DolphinEvan DolphinMonth ago
  • 1984 was in the jail library when I was in, not one I expected to see.

    a sunburna sunburnMonth ago
  • Does a waifu body pillow count as a contraband?

    BorisSlavK01 no last nameBorisSlavK01 no last nameMonth ago
  • I think it's sad that texas prisoners can't read 1984.

    James MetricJames MetricMonth ago
  • Prisoner: Here's my girlfriend! Me.O-ohh.... I think tha-t's.... cursed...

    Cute CatzCute CatzMonth ago
  • What happens if they perform a cell inspection today and find a prisoner with a rock hammer? 😂

    Jon StewartJon StewartMonth ago
  • I live in co

    Alexandra DunlapAlexandra DunlapMonth ago
  • 1:57 umm i think you got this fact mixed up with binder rings the ones that *clap* closed on things not the spiral ones.

    Emik ZoticEmik ZoticMonth ago
  • Didn't know Binging with Babish had a cameo at 5:46

    John VictoriaJohn VictoriaMonth ago
  • 6:24 >:(

    Heaven WittHeaven WittMonth ago
  • You forgot ramen noodles

    Charlie MayCharlie MayMonth ago
  • With lots of time to think about breaking out they are motivated by genius ideas.

    Charlie MayCharlie MayMonth ago

    C YorkC YorkMonth ago
  • There’s a video on how SML got swatted The only reason I’m saying this because it’s related to prisons so why is the same thing as cops right???

    C YorkC YorkMonth ago
  • Looked at the thumbnail and thought this was about people who were banned from prison 😬

    Zoe ChaudhryZoe ChaudhryMonth ago
  • i mean qaurintine is the same as prison so are we in prison that's a thought and grounding is bascicly a insane asuylum

    Ramen SPonGEBObRamen SPonGEBObMonth ago
  • this is not very accurate

    Michael MontoyaMichael MontoyaMonth ago
  • hey

  • Sleep mask? You mean a towel, some people should be locked up for stupidity!

    captain chaoscaptain chaosMonth ago
  • bruh i would genuinely want to die if I went to prison

    awcutebbyawcutebbyMonth ago
  • Ban books that'll increase your knowledge, government laws, and improve your vocabulary. That's the US prison system

    prezbigeprezbigeMonth ago
  • 1:34 who is the figure behind the window

    Yay man plays ReturnedYay man plays ReturnedMonth ago
  • You got a lot right, but also, a lot wrong... Great video anyway...

    Kidd H.Kidd H.Month ago
  • If I went to jail I would have a reason for taking my snowman I had it when I was three

    Jacinto Jose QuantJacinto Jose QuantMonth ago
  • 6:17 😏

    Victor RodriguezVictor RodriguezMonth ago
  • from the thumbnail i thought that some people were banned from prisons...

    PlexahPlexahMonth ago
  • 6:12 is 2020 of we had some brains to make this to protect your toilet paper

    Sans The SkeletonSans The SkeletonMonth ago
  • knife

    unga bungaunga bungaMonth ago
  • You can have bluetac in au but not green or red paint in some prisons

    camron hopfcamron hopfMonth ago
  • Wait why aren't they allowed to have knifes and forks?

    Infinity WardInfinity WardMonth ago
  • I guess I have to finish reading the 48 Laws of Power and other Robert Greene's book before I am sent to the prison...

    Figra ArdhamFigra ArdhamMonth ago
  • You’re brainwashing us channel

    Osiris lOsiris l2 months ago
  • So you are saying that prisoners make waifu body pillows?

    InferiorInferior2 months ago
  • 2:43 2:58 let me guess: very conservative politicians, that get votes from petty bullying of prisoners and the unemployed.

    redmanticoreredmanticore2 months ago
  • So the lesson is, don't go to prision!

    HerowebcomicsHerowebcomics2 months ago
  • they should ban forks and hair combs because if used correctly they could be used as weapons.

    Daisy ZhangDaisy Zhang2 months ago
  • metal and other objects arent allowed in prison wow i never would have known

    Maxime PMaxime P2 months ago
  • Idk why I'm saying this but I might move to Texas

    Meme MandidstoncksMeme Mandidstoncks2 months ago
  • why is this recommended. reason: someone's been arrested

    epic stuff gamingepic stuff gaming2 months ago
  • 6:23 hMhMhmHmHmhM

    Furiousmoose10Furiousmoose102 months ago
  • You can make make melted plastic using a plastic brush/toothbrush and a lighter then replicate a key

    Fugitive LemonFugitive Lemon2 months ago
  • They ban toilet paper yet still use metal trays

    Fugitive LemonFugitive Lemon2 months ago
  • bruhh dolls

    Oscar MoralesOscar Morales2 months ago
  • The western prison system (among others) is NOT designed to reform prisoners, it is designed to confide, suppress, control and condition them. Why do you think they ban some of the stupidest things like the Orwell novels? Seems pretty suspect to me...

    That GuyThat Guy2 months ago
  • 3:20 book banning 2b2t flashbacks

    simonsimon2 months ago
  • Looks like mine is bigger

    Leslie HarperLeslie Harper2 months ago
  • People who played escapists: Dont even need to watch the vifeo

    ksaweryksawery2 months ago
  • I have personally seen handcuffs, when not double-locked, opened with a jail issue plastic comb. Also, jail issue (not canteen bought) toothpaste makes for a decent adhesive.

    К KК K2 months ago
  • id say no u to the law and then they would all have to go in jail instead

    lolEpicgamerslolEpicgamers2 months ago
  • I'm convinced one of the writers have actually been to prison.

    Thomas FoleyThomas Foley2 months ago
  • How does he know about the stuff has it been present before?

    Victor PulesVictor Pules2 months ago
  • @5:25 Hardcovers also work as rudimentary body armor.

    MacGyver SmokerMacGyver Smoker2 months ago
  • soon clothes will be contraband

    Jack TurnerJack Turner2 months ago
  • 4:03-4:17 I'm guessing I'm the only one who doesn't know what it means

    Super NovaSuper Nova2 months ago
  • my brother is in jail but he is storing a bunch on toilet paper as a challenge to see who can have the most but he’s in london

    Penx_NxzPenx_Nxz2 months ago
  • Why cant we use spoon

    SCP-049SCP-0492 months ago
  • i noticed that the narrarator said doggy dog enviroment

    L A M PL A M P2 months ago
  • You can soak a pencil in water to remove the graphite from the wood and then use the graphite to cause a spark off an electric outlet , just put one peice of graphite in each side of a 2 prong outlet and then take a third peice and complete the circuit, wrap some TP around the third peice and bam you got a wick!! Jam lids work too

    Payden MarinPayden Marin2 months ago
  • UK prisoners are allowed TV’s and game consoles in their cells, without wifi

    ishyyyishyyy2 months ago
  • Sometimes when there's a shakedown all the prisoners throw their contraband out their cell, all the contraband will pile up and they can't tell what it who's

    Justin ChiassonJustin Chiasson2 months ago
  • Bro you sound like John Mulaney's older, more monotone brother

    jamaljamal2 months ago
  • Are Stephen King books aloud in prison?

    Noah BanisterNoah Banister2 months ago
  • 4:30ish Professionals have STANDARDS!

    iRandompants !iRandompants !2 months ago
  • Phew A rocket launcher isint illegal in prisons

    Charle's HelicopterCharle's Helicopter2 months ago
  • People who played The Escapists: *the expert*

    Ian The Cool ThiefIan The Cool Thief2 months ago
  • When the gaurds say that it goes for basic stuff not real contraband. Its like gaurds have to do regular shakedowns and are lazy . Toss in some extra socks and toothbrishes with a bunch of garbage to make it look like somthing and overwhelm them with a hugh mess and they will not really look any further.

    Mr JMr J2 months ago
  • lol at first I thought this is a list for people who are banned from prisons.

    Levi R.Levi R.2 months ago
  • this is sooooo wrong if you think about it 6:20

    Happy Vibes hi iam happyHappy Vibes hi iam happy2 months ago
  • 1:33 why did he say Verboten(the German word)

    Skiller_OveryouSkiller_Overyou2 months ago
  • haha, prison girlfriend is called a Fifi (FEE-fee)

    Gonzo RustGonzo Rust2 months ago
    • No it isn’t

      Hello ThereHello There2 months ago
  • Imagine someone stabbing you with a Toilet paper shank

    ArdieBacardiArdieBacardi2 months ago
  • 6:17: you and the boiS guard: you prisoner: the other bois

    PeeperPeeper2 months ago
  • sounds like 2b2t

    51 1251 122 months ago
  • looks like contemporary from vyond

    Nathan FloresNathan Flores2 months ago
  • Philippines best prison cell

    natsumi mesuninatsumi mesuni2 months ago