It's Time to go BACK TO THE FUTURE! | Reunited Apart with Josh Gad

May 11, 2020
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Great Scott! Things get heavy during Episode Two of “Reunited Apart” as Josh is joined by the creative geniuses behind the Back to the Future trilogy. Make like a tree and leave your USkeys page subscribed to our channel!

Directed by James Merryman
Produced by James Merryman and Meghan Monaco
Executive Produced by Taylor Stuewe
Edited by Will Newell
"Reunited Apart" Theme Song by Kate Anderson and Elyssa Samsel
Sung by Kate Anderson
Opening Credits by Ryan Kravetz

Christopher Lloyd
Michael J. Fox
and Special Guests!

Clips provided by Universal Pictures

Back To The Future Theme
Composed by Alan Silvestri
Courtesy of Universal Pictures
Power of Love
Performed by The Cast of Back To The Future: The Musical
Courtesy of Colin Ingram Ltd.
APM Music

  • Still my favorite 80's movie ever!! Can't even count how many times I've watched it.

    BellatuppyBellatuppy11 hours ago
  • Due to this episode I will subscribe XD

    Sara RoseSara Rose14 hours ago
  • So many goosebumps while hearing them recite their lines again

    surewinsurewin14 hours ago
  • josh, you are having way too much fun! Insanely jealous! kudos for this!

    Ian Cai MercerIan Cai Mercer15 hours ago
  • I love this so much! And How good is Michale J Fox with each line?!!

    delbrooxdelbroox21 hour ago

    john jacobs jingleheimer schimtjohn jacobs jingleheimer schimtDay ago
  • Time to watch the Trilogy right now, don't need roads, it's on my computer

    Sir FrederickSir FrederickDay ago
  • When Christopher Lloyd dies the world ends, so we got like another 70 years.

    1999 suzuki grand vitara1999 suzuki grand vitaraDay ago
  • I can't believe you pulled all these actors - so cool! Brought me back.

    Jim CahillJim CahillDay ago
  • gracias por producir este corto documental de estas grandes celebridades actores productores músicos cantantes y todos aquellos que estuvieron apoyando detrás de cámaras gente anónima que en aquel tiempo realizaron estas obras maestras de la cinematografía y que tuvimos de primera mano de conocer con su trabajo y que hoy recordamos, con mucho cariño que dios los bendiga serán recordados en el Futuro.

  • Thank you from Russia! You make me happy more than ever in my life for the last 10 years in my life!

    Алексей ЗанинАлексей ЗанинDay ago
  • Why no biff

    SNNSNN2 days ago

  • The vegan solarman tom b is a Ugge Back to the future fan! One of my favorite movies! Please donate to the Michael J fox foundation! And at least cut back on the consumption of animals... your body will love you, and the animals too!

    Tom Butler producer businessmanTom Butler producer businessman2 days ago
  • Legends....thats all i gotta say...pure Legends

    Mike ThompsonMike Thompson2 days ago
  • (╯⊙ ⊱ ⊙╰ )

    Anai LucateroAnai Lucatero2 days ago
  • Back To The Future is the best Trilogy ever... I'm going 60 and still watching it from Time 2 Time as Time allows me. Great Team, Great Job!!!

    Jose MagsajoJose Magsajo2 days ago
  • You are and were fantastic! Inspired so many generations!

    Rogerio MendesRogerio Mendes2 days ago
  • JJ Abrams?! OMG I did not expect to see one of my favorite directors here.

    Dana HoxieDana Hoxie2 days ago
  • Michael J. Fox has one of the most heartwarming smiles. It feels so good to see him doing well.

    Lucas MossmanLucas Mossman2 days ago
  • Awesome video! Thank you Josh Gad for helping me relive my childhood. Tom Wilson would have been a great addition though. He is SO funny!

    Brad CapelloBrad Capello2 days ago
  • This made my day! So rad! Thank you all!

    Ryan DunnRyan Dunn2 days ago
  • What a nice treat at the end. Thinking this is easily the best of the series..... far. :)

    Lil Chris CirulloLil Chris Cirullo2 days ago
  • Where's Biff?

    Michael TAMichael TA2 days ago
  • Michael J Fox is a gem!

    Sporking News PodcastSporking News Podcast2 days ago
  • I urge people to check out Christopher Lloyd's appearance on NCIS from earlier this year. It was a powerhouse performance by an absolute legend.

    cpk1994cpk19942 days ago
  • I was floating, too Josh! So many great guests and such a fun musical surprise at the end. But where was Biff (Thomas Wilson)?! He played the villain and multiple characters. What’s he doing now?

    Deborah Seraydarian SoderholmDeborah Seraydarian Soderholm2 days ago
  • Hmm.. I wonder why Crispin Glover didn't join. 🤔😜

    LexLex2 days ago
  • The goofy fan boy thing is played out. It was cringe when nerdist did it...this just sux

    Marc HallMarc Hall2 days ago
  • Best show ever love your all ❤🙏

    Romeo MustafovskiRomeo Mustafovski2 days ago
  • It's clear Joch Gad put a lot of work into preparing this. But he really went the extra mile arranging for Elizebeth Shue to use an actual time machine! Can you imagine how the !980's Elizibeth Shue would react to meeting her 2020 self? Doubt she'd bat an eyelid! I dunno how anyone can spend over 30yrs not aging but she barely seems to have changed at all. That's why I'm assuming a time machine was involved and now I'm even wondering if Gad went as far as converting a Delorian into a time machine, cos it looks like Shue picked Lea Thompson up, en-route.

    GonkieGonkie2 days ago
  • Do Harry Potter! Like so he can see it!

    JOOlivJOOliv2 days ago
  • What is this gold mine!??🤩

    Aron AfricaAron Africa2 days ago
  • Am I the only one that noticed this movie mistake, when older Biff steals deLorean, gives his younger self the calendar AND RETURN the delorean to the SAME future. Wouldn’t it be biffs future when biff makes the trip to, wait for it- back to the future-? Doesen’t make sense //sweden

    jimmiejimmie2 days ago
  • We need a lot more movies like this! Made for fun and teaching vs pushing an agenda with PC checkoffs

    Ben VBen V3 days ago
  • Thanks for this. Lifted my mood and I could not stop smiling even in this dark time.

    TheDaybidTheDaybid3 days ago
  • No worries, Doc will come with our cure soon from the future

    HighburyAFCSoulHighburyAFCSoul3 days ago
  • Thanks, Josh. These are so much fun.

    Tony RainboltTony Rainbolt3 days ago
  • esto fue hermoso

    Julieta Lazarte GelmettiJulieta Lazarte Gelmetti3 days ago
  • I can't believe I was 4 when this movie came out but it's one of my all time favorites

    Jennifer ColemanJennifer Coleman3 days ago
  • Do you know what with this and everything loved it nobody knows how long they got here but at least it made me smile and remember the good times thank you josh and all you’ve raised and everybody who appeared in your series x

    Scott MacScott Mac3 days ago
  • Amazing! Perfect!!!!!!

    Gi CruzGi Cruz3 days ago
  • I wish there was a cure for parkinsons... Michael J. Fox is an idol. : (

    Testicular Chin-SlapperTesticular Chin-Slapper3 days ago
  • Michael J Fox is the coolest dude ever. Love him.

    Jules RainbirdJules Rainbird3 days ago
  • This is so amazing, every ounce, however I have to say, Leah did the Irish voice instead of Lorraine lol.

    toni paolatoni paola3 days ago
  • Mjf is a treasure and still is to this day he proves it time and time again much love to Michael

    Evan RoweEvan Rowe4 days ago
  • Let's all take a moment to acknowledge the brilliance and beauty of Leah Thompson! She shines in every role and has only gotten more beautiful!

    M UM U4 days ago
  • I love this so much

    SKSK4 days ago
  • Micheal J Fox my hero!!!

    Rowdy_Roddy67Rowdy_Roddy674 days ago
  • I don't understand why Thomas F. Wilson does not gets any credit, that guy had to act more than 3 different characters....I would like to see him more often and hear his side on how did he come up with how to act for practically a fictional person...

    Cristian MedicoCristian Medico4 days ago
  • 15:42 The hand gesture is funny in the "I'm old" scene, but so is that leg kick at the end. lol

    Marc WMarc W4 days ago
  • to me it's not a back to the future reunion without Crispin "George Mcfly" Glover

    mp1323mp13234 days ago
  • Great Scott! This is heavy!

    Jim MikulskyJim Mikulsky4 days ago
  • Mary Steenburgen is in step brothers

    Walter PharrelWalter Pharrel4 days ago
  • This was such a wholesome video!! Thank You for this reunion!!! 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

    Shaista FurniShaista Furni4 days ago
  • Whi the heck is Josh Gad? Very impressive what he is pulling off with Reunited Apart. Good interviews, interaction, timing. Kid seems to know what he is doing!

    Patrick WhitfieldPatrick Whitfield4 days ago
  • As an 80s kid these reunion videos are great. Thanks Josh 👍

    bryan bergmanbryan bergman4 days ago
  • why does director looks like biff?

    Jester ClownJester Clown4 days ago
  • Oh good grief, don't let JJ near this film! He'll rewrite it, destroy it and blame the fans when they don't like it! On the other hand, the music of this movie was THE BEST, the acting was FREAKIN' AWESOME! Every element of these movies worked so well. I think this series defined movies and have an influence to this day.

    Richard HodgesRichard Hodges4 days ago
  • Great Scott he got them back together!

    Syrus 88Syrus 884 days ago
  • Where's Tom Wilson? :(

    Peter JenoPeter Jeno4 days ago
  • When will they make 4?

    Beastman RulesBeastman Rules5 days ago
  • Wow...Lea Thompson and Elisabeth Shue are STILL incredibly beautiful. Mary is gorgeous for her age, Michael still looks amazingly young, & Christopher reminds me of that crazy uncle who is a master of cracking you up when you're having a bad day. What an amazing video this was.

    indyracingnutindyracingnut5 days ago
  • I've gone ballistic FANBOY watching this!!! Thanks Josh! 😁👍

    Recie NatividadRecie Natividad5 days ago
  • The chick's vocals on the theme song of this podcast is the shriekiest thing I've ever heard. Ouch. Hurts my f'n head.

    RobbDRobbD5 days ago
  • Where's Biff?

    Bones ThundergunBones Thundergun5 days ago
  • Thousand thumbs downs are Soros sock puppets that hate white people. 🖕🏻

    W. McgeeW. Mcgee5 days ago
  • It's a shame Josh has to pretend to want to see a BttF sequel in order not to get in trouble with the Hollywood overlords. I get the feeling he knows, as all fans know, that there should NEVER be another BttF film or a reboot. Leave perfection alone and take a chance on more crazy ideas that shouldn't work. If Hollywood had been stuck in the creative dead zone it is now back in the 80's and produced nothing but reboots, remakes, and endless sequels, we'd never have had BttF, Bill & Ted, etc.

    Aaron SavageAaron Savage5 days ago
  • no Biff???

    Sarah GaltSarah Galt5 days ago
  • THANK YOU!!!!!

    Dana PDana P5 days ago
  • This is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time!

    Shadoe DavisShadoe Davis5 days ago
  • Leah Thompson is still looking super hot!

    Devin BryneDevin Bryne5 days ago
  • Huey Lewis be looking like Walter White

    e kratze kratz5 days ago
  • This is my favorite trilogy of all times! I’m obsessed with these movies and the amazing cast! I love that you did this reunion, but I’m so disappointed that Thomas F Wilson was not included or even mentioned!! Was he not available? I don’t see how you can not mention is contribution?? He is such an underrated actor his performances of multiple characters blows me away every time! I REALLY missed his presence!!

    Lauri KisnerLauri Kisner5 days ago
  • Even though you can tell chris isn't trying at all hes still better then most actors out there

    Allen LeanhartAllen Leanhart5 days ago
  • Saved the best for last... Catherine O’Hara laugh before screaming Kevin... just classic

    Matthew Alejandro IIMatthew Alejandro II5 days ago
  • How is dr brown still alive he looks like he’s 81

    Mia’s Play Day!Mia’s Play Day!5 days ago
  • Where's Biff you buttheads?

    Tino PobleteTino Poblete5 days ago
  • Jeez Michael sounds like Ozzy....

    Joe SJoe S5 days ago
  • Karate Kid next please.

    CDCD5 days ago