DrDisrespect at the Call of Duty World League Championship

Aug 18, 2019
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Arriving in style.
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  • At the start i thought it is a clip of gta5 xD

    avishar petwalavishar petwal36 minutes ago
  • I wonder what would happen if the doc played tf2

    Dicking tonDicking ton13 hours ago
  • Hes living my life :/

    Francisco PinedoFrancisco PinedoDay ago
  • MAN what a character

    gianpigianpiDay ago
  • He can be a small forward in the NBA or power forward

    KuroBushiKuroBushiDay ago
  • He bought it with spare change

    KuroBushiKuroBushiDay ago
  • i thought he gone for COD mobile world championship ;-;

    malati mandalmalati mandalDay ago
  • This man is easily the most arrogant self absorbed person in the world if u look up the meaning of full of yourself this guy's pic comes up

    aaron millsaaron mills2 days ago
  • Doc do be wearing a bulletproof vest

    Team ALTERTeam ALTER2 days ago
  • I wanna make a pc and leave only mobile game pubg plz help me

    Asad AliAsad Ali3 days ago
  • Borat! 😂🤣🤣

    Gaming-Channel_ITAGaming-Channel_ITA3 days ago
  • 💪

    Sam FisherSam Fisher3 days ago
  • Don’t lie doc. You will never buy a console

    Thomas LandryThomas Landry3 days ago
  • Doc is the best influencer

    Juan DjajadiJuan Djajadi3 days ago
  • I'm a fan and all but someone has to say it. The paint on that lambo needs fixing.

    CraigCraig4 days ago
  • my 7th time here you?

    MartianRabbitMartianRabbit4 days ago
    • Bout 11th

      DragonS DeNDragonS DeN3 days ago
  • This dude is so goodman tall

    ZestyZia GamesZestyZia Games4 days ago
  • The all time legend!!!!🙌🙌🙌

    Kian SnoufferKian Snouffer5 days ago
  • Role: All of them

    Fuzz Central AgeFuzz Central Age5 days ago
  • Idk why,but I feel like if I ever meet the 2 time. I'm not gonna be ready for the amount of firmness in his handshake.

    Luke RobertsonLuke Robertson5 days ago
  • 0:38 wait,is that Dani? The creator of Karlson?

    AMN_ANRAMN_ANR5 days ago
  • Hi

    Vedant KumarVedant Kumar6 days ago
  • Glad to watch u towards end of world

    Off the grid With mr bundaiOff the grid With mr bundai6 days ago
  • Dude's larger than life, literally.

    Wind of changeWind of change7 days ago
  • The 2 time back to back world champ!

    J. TillsJ. Tills7 days ago
  • This guy looks like a custom character of gta online.

    CYBERCYBER7 days ago
  • RIP Twitch. Welcome to USkeys.

    MidracleMidracle8 days ago
  • 3:00 music?

    Fadden RidderFadden Ridder8 days ago
  • I wonder what he thinks about when they say two time?

    mark kisselmark kissel10 days ago
  • of course he has an Aventador--I always thought those looked the most badass, especially compared to the Huracon

    SiRiUS CoOpSiRiUS CoOp12 days ago
  • You should consider acting.

    Ray HarcourtRay Harcourt12 days ago
  • If you hand him a real gun and tell him to fight like he does in cod in real life, he's gonna do it. And gonna win it.

    Kalpak DharKalpak Dhar12 days ago
  • no don't go in the bathroooooomm

    AK97AK9715 days ago
  • Hes nothing without those goofy headphones and wig so he has to wear them everywhere and look like an idiot loool

    socal franksocal frank18 days ago
    • Ah ok.

      Sergiojuan Martinez EspindolaSergiojuan Martinez Espindola17 days ago
  • Anyone knows what type of shoes does he wear in this video? 3:08

    Samuel KaletaSamuel Kaleta19 days ago
  • This is what it looks like when someone is just having fun putting on a show looks like. I used to listen to the haters and ignore Doc. Then I watched his stream after the whole Twitch thing, just to see for myself what it was all about. The guy works hard to entertain. And its clear he is loving it. He's positive, funny, confident, and talented. It's all an act but it just makes for a great time. Funny enough, I find myself thinking more positively after his streams I always want to go attack life after watching him do his thing. Do yourself a favor. Watch Doc's stream, remember that's its just for fun dont take him seriously, and watch as your mood improves. Then go attack live with Violence, Speed, and MOMENTUM.

    FNG_StarmanFNG_Starman21 day ago
  • He's such a great entertainer!!

    Jonathan PoppJonathan Popp21 day ago
  • you can see his eyes behind those shades and man once i saw i, cannot unsee. They eyes popping left and right bro

    TriistoneTriistone21 day ago

    World of vinesWorld of vines22 days ago
  • Still the greatest entertainer in the gaming world !

    Indy JIndy J22 days ago
  • harry styles

    Yocilin BadilloYocilin Badillo23 days ago
  • What are u 6'9

    Reilly SilverReilly Silver24 days ago
  • Bhai jabardasti ki hasi 2:21

    Savan ThakurSavan Thakur25 days ago
  • Enjoy your ban

    ALi-k not AALi-k not A25 days ago
  • Suyash RaiSuyash Rai25 days ago
  • he crashed

    Youtube yeikzYoutube yeikz26 days ago
  • DOC too big fo dat lambo

    BrizzleBrizzle26 days ago
  • Doc is the next gamer to take it INTERRNATUIONAL

    BrizzleBrizzle26 days ago
  • And honestly mad props for someone that supports the lil guy..doc thank you for promoting the music and artist

    Leo HLeo H27 days ago
  • 2 x back to back blockbuster world champion

    Leo HLeo H27 days ago
  • Once again doc proves he isnt a gamer...he is an entertainer

    Leo HLeo H27 days ago
  • Imagine going back in time, even going back 20-30 years ago and telling people in the future that professional gamers will exist, and they will make millions doing it. Crazy times we live in.

    mike burnsmike burns27 days ago

    PEGASUSPEGASUS27 days ago
  • 6:00 doc shouldve said ME lol

    [HH]General Burkhalter[HH]General Burkhalter28 days ago
  • he is an absolute unit...

    Bryan WilkinsBryan Wilkins28 days ago
  • U look alike roman reigns

    Rolien GangteRolien Gangte29 days ago
  • 2.03 Fcking mts tall

    Javier Antonio Robles CarlosJavier Antonio Robles CarlosMonth ago
  • Can't hate this man !!!!! Gaming athlete !!!!

    Serbian347Serbian347Month ago
  • This guy is The Rock of streaming

    F.Y.V.PF.Y.V.PMonth ago
  • Doc looks like a final boss in a video game being introduced at the start of the game

    Woj buchWoj buchMonth ago
  • Do you listen to The Midnight?

    LevitatewithmeLevitatewithmeMonth ago
  • Dr disrespect is a natural 🤣.

    ZainZainMonth ago
  • steven universe movie

    ana'is perezana'is perezMonth ago
  • legend

    Over Powered GamersOver Powered GamersMonth ago
  • I love how Doc just whips out the Nokia.

    DarkSwede21DarkSwede21Month ago
  • 2:46 - 3:21 personal repeat

    2late2live2late2liveMonth ago
  • A flip phone

    DraCc ShouHeiDraCc ShouHeiMonth ago
  • Only legends knows that Dr. Disrespect born with glasses

    Dr. 69 OPDr. 69 OPMonth ago
  • ❤Iran ❤

    Dyzzy A.mDyzzy A.mMonth ago
  • Dr can you dunk ?

    kala mardisokala mardisoMonth ago
  • funneh

    Cory UlzCory UlzMonth ago
  • Love from India sir......❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️......plzz shout out..on next videooooooooooooooo

    Hidden Stone GamingHidden Stone GamingMonth ago
  • dude you're fking tall

    Sjors_98Sjors_98Month ago
    • Yeah he’s 6,8 LOL

      I take the L on everythingI take the L on everythingMonth ago
  • He so tall

    草ジェメス草ジェメスMonth ago
  • You Are The Living Show!

    MastaGee GumaniMastaGee GumaniMonth ago
  • 5:51 the turn and sound effects fits so well

    Simon KaumiSimon KaumiMonth ago
  • Bhai dr disrespect ki har batt per has rahe hai wo 2 ladke

  • For me this is a cool gamer... no body is perfect 👌🏽

    Tendencias TechTendencias TechMonth ago
  • DrDisRespect should be as a character in mw

    edvards tumasevicsedvards tumasevicsMonth ago
  • No matter how big USkeysr u are always embresed on stage

    Parth RohitParth RohitMonth ago
  • India scout op mortal op

    Technical JatinTechnical JatinMonth ago
  • Doc should cast every champs

  • otro tonto que se cree estrella y no vale ni lo que pisa jajajaja

    FiliuxFiliuxMonth ago
  • اشغال

    jamal moghadasijamal moghadasiMonth ago
  • Rip style of dr...

    Beast boyBeast boyMonth ago
  • Lambo so small raptor yeas😂😂

    Harry OneHarry OneMonth ago
  • BaD11BoYBaD11BoYMonth ago
  • anyone else wonder how that man can fit in a lambo?

    Mr. NotSoPerfectMr. NotSoPerfectMonth ago
  • He tall bruh

  • Why doc u always do so much overacting 😒😒😒😒😒

    R A PR A PMonth ago
    • He plays a character...

      I take the L on everythingI take the L on everythingMonth ago
  • I have that exact lambi model, for a toy, and everything looks exactly same

    pro shagogetopro shagogetoMonth ago
  • Did anyone noticed that there are way more youtubers than actual population on earth 🤣🤣

    CLips & AMVCLips & AMVMonth ago
  • How can doc even fit in a lambo i mean he is 6,8 ft 😂😂

    Anonymous 1Anonymous 1Month ago
  • Make it happen Doc

    Raymond HuffmanRaymond HuffmanMonth ago
  • Dude is a giant! Holy shxt..

    StoNe PhanTomStoNe PhanTomMonth ago
  • Bhai sota bhi headphones pehen ke hi hai kya 😂😂🤣🤣

    Combat PubgCombat PubgMonth ago
  • Olm bu türk değilmiydi

    FaveloxFaveloxMonth ago
  • Are you Bruce wayne ?

    Tendua GamingTendua GamingMonth ago
  • Yeayeayeyayayayayayah!

    Aggro KingAggro KingMonth ago
  • Always liked the background music

    Lucas nabamLucas nabamMonth ago