My Asian-American Identity Crisis

Jun 28, 2020
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  • Dude I'm Argentinian and my dad is Brazilian, so my parents speak in portuguese and I speak spanish and english, is so weird when we go to Brazil and they have to explain that I don't speak portuguese hshdbshz

    Alix ViannaAlix Vianna2 hours ago
  • I can't tell you how much I relate to this video. Thank you for making this- as cheesy as it sounds, it's very inspiring and comforting. Thank you Emirichu ❤️

    Cherry TreeCherry Tree2 hours ago
  • Emily: tells her life story Every Asian viewer: Same, same, same...

    Allen TangAllen Tang3 hours ago
  • Im from France and my mom is from England , I can understand what you have felt because the people always say that to me : " Speak English ! It must be easy for you ! " ; I know they are not mean , and English is very important everywhere , but I hear it like : " Your mother know , so you too. Speak like her or you are a disappointment if you can not " , yeah i’m very sensitive , sorry , but this make me feel bad . (Sorry for the spelling mistakes)

    •Dr. Hikage••Dr. Hikage•3 hours ago
  • Your identity crisis is as much a part of who you are as your culture and ancestry. You are you.

    D C TommyD C Tommy3 hours ago
  • So over half of my family are Spanish and know very little English I'm able to hold a semi-stable conversation with them but it is pretty hard especially since most of the time I need my older sister to help translate

    Sam paints xSam paints x3 hours ago
  • Bruh this is literally my life story

    Azurite :DAzurite :D3 hours ago
  • I relate, i just say "um aku.. ke kamar aja BAII" (um im.. going to my room BAII) since i dont know any batak when they talk to me. its not interesting to learn and they dont really mind the fact that i wont study it. im more comfortable in english than indonesian and batak

    2am.aneamane • 10 years ago2am.aneamane • 10 years ago3 hours ago
  • 한국에 다시 기어들어와 살거면 미국엔 왜간거냐 대체? 한국에서도 저급노동자 취급받던 부류들이 떼거지로 미국에 몰려가서 한국인 인식만 대대적으로 추락시키고 말이야. 노동력 다 쓰고 나니깐 한국으로 돌아와 살려고 하는 꼬라지 좀 보라고. 미국 외노자 빈곤률이 한국계가 제일 높다며?

    복치대대복치대대3 hours ago

    2am.aneamane • 10 years ago2am.aneamane • 10 years ago3 hours ago
  • I do that with my family too!! They will all speak Portuguese to me and I'll reply in full English. It's not that I don't speak it, it's just that English is my default language. When I think about things or explain concepts to myself, I do it in English. My Portuguese is definitely that of a 15 year old (I'm 26). I found it significantly easier to communicate with my extended family because my cousins eventually learnt some English in school. So i would try my best to speak Portuguese to them and add in words or phrases I didn't know the translation to in English. Leaving me to literally swap between the two languages midsentence. To someone who is not used to it, it's super confusing, but it helped me spend time with my family c: Never be ashamed of not being comfortably fluent in another language. Think about how awesome it is that your brain is wired in a way that some people cant even comprehend!

    Katherine LimaKatherine Lima4 hours ago
  • I'm korean american and I only know ... nothing but it true my grandparents are from south korea and moved to america

    Roselia KimRoselia Kim4 hours ago
  • This got me thinking about me cause I am a Filipino but I rather speak in English cause growing up I was in a private school till 2 grade and when I got to 3 grade I moved into a public school They keep telling me " Are you really a Filipino"

    Cj BarotCj Barot4 hours ago
  • My friend is of Mexican descent (from both parents) and lives near the Mexican border in Texas. Shockingly, his Spanish is not that great and he probably has gone through a similar identity crisis like yours. Even his grandma gives him flak for not being good at Spanish while his cousins are very much bilingual.

    Tom S.A. SavageTom S.A. Savage4 hours ago
  • I got bullied for being English I used to live in Spain

    Georia EvansGeoria Evans4 hours ago
  • I've heard the staring thing is normal and not considered rude in Korea. Big hig!

    Robert WilliamsRobert Williams4 hours ago
  • I'm interracial. I look white, and I have a black grandparent on my mom's side and a Mexican grandparent on my dad's side. I sometimes wonder if I should learn Spanish, but I've always worried that it would sound awkward. I also worry that I don't know as much as I should about racism, both modern and historical. Like, this topic concerns my family and some of my friends. But I'm still a teenager, so I'm afraid to learn more about politics. It makes me feel like I'm adulting and it makes me feel vulnerable and scared+sad. I think I will study some Spanish though. It could be good for me.

    G PettusG Pettus4 hours ago
  • I feel like im a bit different from your situation seeing as I only have one parent that is Italian and grandparents who think I'm almost a nuisance so we're not speaking Italian and seeing as half of the cousins I actually have are Italian and speak Italian I do get the your a disappointment a lot😅😖

    gigi mccloskeygigi mccloskey5 hours ago
  • Im kinda different, cause while everyone else is bopping to reggaeton, im in the corner listen to electronic music 🤦🏽‍♂️😅

    Reytunez BzReytunez Bz5 hours ago
  • Honestly the whole language thing resonated with me. My parents speak nothing but Spanish at home and I was just so used to speaking English at home with my other siblings and at school so my Spanish isn’t that great, better than my younger siblings who can barely speak Spanish even tho they are getting into their mid teens now having their parents speak nothing but Spanish to them. I used to just response to my parents in English until I realized it’s better for me to speak Spanish with them because they don’t know a lot of English having moved here in as adults and it’s harder to learn languages as an adult.

    Eric GropuisEric Gropuis5 hours ago
  • I can relate, my ethnicity is korean and I only used to speak it but then I like shunned it away and can only speak in English ;-; but I didn’t like resent it and like it was hard to relearn my parents making me go to korean school when I wasn’t learning anything. I hated it. But like same as you I listen to teh music and dramas and I can never imagine hating Korean food but yeah I can sorta relate :)

    FoxyeoWnFoxyeoWn5 hours ago
  • I noticed how well thoughtout your videos have been lately, I also noticed how much your art has improved! ❤︎ ☻︎

    CattCatt5 hours ago
  • Normal people: Japanese? Celebrities: South Korean? weebs: *communism intensifies*

    Mev 307Mev 3075 hours ago
  • Girl I can relate y parents are vietnamese (actually my mother is Vietnamese, my father is an Ex-Yougoslavian) and all of us three are living in France. Yeah, that's crazy. I fully understand the "language barrier" thingy. When we are arguing on some subject, my mom gets angry in vietnamese, (no one's understanding but me, 'Cause she taught me how to "speak with frankly words". + she always uses the same ones) and so does my dad in Russian (but then no one is understanding him). Change of subject: 'Cause I speak French, English (I'm bad with grammar and writing in general though), and I'm currently learning Spanish, even with all those languages, my grandparents (from my mother side) wanted me to learn vietnamese (which I'm doing actually, but slowly.) and my for father's parents, Russian. So I understand duh whole mess. I'm sorry if this comment is too long, but this is the shortest way to speak of my life, though we don't care at ALL.(myself included). Well, to make this awfully long story short, thank you for being amazing. I love yoo,(ALERT ! REFERENCE LOCATED) your art,and your story. One day we shall, everyone of us climb the TOWER OF GO... Language. That's it. The tower of language. This makes no sense. I just wanted to put a very discreet reference to my two favourites but completely different WEBCOMICS. Kisses from France !!!!😚😙 Ciao. PS: Stay safe everyone !!!

    Maxime WALLERANDMaxime WALLERAND5 hours ago
  • I can sort of relate kind of. My dad is American, but my mom is Japanese. I have many cousins and I can understand what they're saying half the time (i'm not 100% fluent) but i can't read or write it. I always thought my Japanese relatives would think I was dumb since I can't even read their language, and I barely know how to pronounce correctly. But I do still like chatting with my grandparents and stuff.

    Twigs SparsTwigs Spars6 hours ago
  • I’m a Korean and I am still trying to learn Korean too! Am I am under 15 so don’t worry :3

    Sportylovesderp 14Sportylovesderp 146 hours ago
  • I can't pick out any specific events, but I've experienced a lot of stress with learning french as a canadian, because I love culture and learning, but I wasn't around it enough growing up, and my grandma never spoke french to us so 🤷‍♀️

    Radhika CappellettiRadhika Cappelletti6 hours ago
    • It's a work in progress 🥴👍

      Radhika CappellettiRadhika Cappelletti6 hours ago
  • 1:52 that's me every time I have to do a presentation of some sort

    MrNuggetMrNugget6 hours ago
  • This videos basically every irish person who went to school in the Republic

    bensyanimationbensyanimation6 hours ago
  • Im filipino but most of my classmates sometimes have no idea that it even exist.... So I don't even try revealing I'm asian anymore

    FreshyRobloxGames !FreshyRobloxGames !7 hours ago
  • Emily have you seen my letter i. Just checking so i can confirm cuz i was really excited about sending you this lettr pls reply!!

    Izzy FoxIzzy Fox7 hours ago
  • Is it a problem that I’m slowly learning Japanese by watching anime

    619_FNTCR_ 619619_FNTCR_ 6197 hours ago
  • Bruh your animated face looks like Mikasa from Attack on Titan.

    Basor`s AviationBasor`s Aviation8 hours ago
  • Your story reminds me a lot of mine concerning my Latino identity.

    Ceaser LeyvaCeaser Leyva8 hours ago
  • 3:14 YES so i was born in Korea (and live there now) then to the uk when i was 5 THEN I GOT A BRITISH ACCENT then all the kids where "Why your eyes so small?" THAT BUG ME TO MUCH lol

    카이도수아카이도수아8 hours ago
  • my family: you have italian roots, why not learn italian me: *is learning 3 asian languages*

    kai_teaheekai_teahee8 hours ago
  • i really wish i had the attention span to learn a language. ive always wanted to learn some sort of asian language or spanish or french or something but i cant pay attention to online courses long enough to get anywhere

    Step_On_A_Lego 66Step_On_A_Lego 668 hours ago
  • Doesn't exactly link with the story but honestly, I'd love to learn the Asian languages or any language that's not English. My only problem is that I have no faith in my mental capacity or whatever it's called. It's hard to remember things I did last week, sometimes 2-3 days ago. I also always get, "Why don't you practice _______ everyday?" but I almost always end up forgetting to do it.

    TnTxGoodinTnTxGoodin9 hours ago
  • This really hit bcs im part portuguese but dont know their language my mother is half portuguese and Honduran and shes always wanted to teach me portuguese but i never caught on and sometimes it really does feel like your disappointing your parents and your ancestry

    christine floreschristine flores9 hours ago
  • 0:17 Me: looks at my friend that looks and sounds like me... (Click gun) there can only be one me... Friend: i guess this is it... (Click gun) only one can survive... Both of us fire... Both of us wake up... It was just a nerf gun...

    SaberblazeSaberblaze9 hours ago
  • #cancelkids

    Googly BearGoogly Bear9 hours ago
  • This is how I felt with my family and learning Spanish. I understand but I couldn’t speak well when I was a kid. Now I speak four languages and can even make all of the dishes I grew up eating, but my grandfather, who was my hero when I was a child, called me an embarrassment.

    Kriss GKriss G9 hours ago
  • 5:37 anime? i know you won´t answer but it would be nice

    hi therehi there9 hours ago
  • If it helps, I’m Colombian (country in Latin American), i was born there, I speak spanish fluently, I’ve always been emerged in my culture, I know about the history of my country but even when I go there, I’m seen as American. But in america, i’m seen as colombian/Latina/ not American. Definitely in a limbo here.

    Vanessa GaleanoVanessa Galeano9 hours ago
  • I can relate to this video on a DEEP level. My family is from three different countries, America (dad), Italy(family moving here and cousins), and Bosnia (mom). That means I have three different languages thriving through my head. I spent the majority of my life outside of Italy and the past 4 YEARS has been the longest I've been here. Since I was born here, and the rest of my family on my mom's side of the family can all speak it and live here, I'm expected to learn the language too. The things that I could relate to the most is the language barriers between family and friends, people asking my parents why they didn't teach me Italian when I was younger, and feeling disconnected from it all. Now, after watching this video, it's given me more confidence to try harder to learn Italian. I'm better than I was a few years ago, I understand more than I speak, but I still have the speaking level of not even a 1st grader.😅 Now I also want to learn Bosnian because of my roots, but I'm going to take it one step at a time.😊

    Sushi_ RollzSushi_ Rollz9 hours ago
  • i fake being angry at my parents all the time for speaking only english and not tagalog to me growing up even though there rlly be some truth do that anger LMAOO

    sneepdeepsneepdeep9 hours ago
  • Jesus, I never realized how lucky I was. I mean sure I felt these microaggressions before, but I'm so thankful now that I spent the first three years of my life in the Philippines. As a result, I'm fairly fluent in the language and feel connected to both cultures. Thank you so much for sharing, I think this means a lot to other Asian-Americans.

    L A F O R Ê TL A F O R Ê T10 hours ago
  • i can relate

    Jay ZhaoJay Zhao10 hours ago
  • Great, now I’m super nervous about introducing my native language to my baby daughter. What if she thinks it’s a burden and is not interested? I need advice!

    LiuLiu10 hours ago

    Hanson GwapoHanson Gwapo10 hours ago
  • Emily: I wish i had white parents Malaysia:teachers and parents are able to beat kids as much as they like Malaysia parents requrements : must know all three main launguages in malaysia me: why you complainin?

    J1H 45 刘星阵 Liu Xing ZhengJ1H 45 刘星阵 Liu Xing Zheng10 hours ago
  • I'm korean but I grew up in China so you can imagine how weird it would be when I visit my family for chuseok. I'm fluent in chinese and english but I can only say 여보세요 and 사랑해.

    Eli FoxEli Fox10 hours ago
  • Me

    EpicGamingBoi 69EpicGamingBoi 6910 hours ago
  • My family is from dr so I was just supposed to know Spanish so I related to this hard

    Julius RodriguezJulius Rodriguez10 hours ago
  • I am watching ur vids for awhile now...u know what...umm...I CRUSH ON YA..well..but...U R 8-9 YEARS OLDER THAN ME...leave that....I just wanna say I like ur vids... :3

    Sudipon MakalSudipon Makal10 hours ago
  • Emily: how many launguages do you know lady? Me who was born in Malaysia who was forced to learn english ,chinise and malay without an assent :listen here you little####.

    J1H 45 刘星阵 Liu Xing ZhengJ1H 45 刘星阵 Liu Xing Zheng10 hours ago
  • I’m Filipino American and when I say that I am Filipino to a person that doesn’t real know about the culture says, “HoW dO yOu saY mY NAme iN fILipiNO”

    Russell RobesRussell Robes10 hours ago
  • Three words: I'm the SAME Except the Music part. I hate my country's music

    Shockwave InfinityShockwave Infinity10 hours ago

    TsayinTsayin11 hours ago

    Yams SandwichYams Sandwich11 hours ago
  • My entire family: Is Mexican or from Mexican decent and speaks perfect Spanish and fully understands it (besides my cousins my age cus but even then some of them speak better Spanish than me) Me: That one family member that can’t speak Spanish for their life but can slightly understand it. Even tho when I was 4-8 I spoke fluent Spanish and understood it perfectly (I’m 14 now and can’t speak any Spanish....idk what happened)

    VirusV 19VirusV 1911 hours ago
  • Imagine living in a country having more than 2000 languages and transferring every 3 years due to your dad's job to different places. Thats exactly how I will describe myself........

    Akshat SinghAkshat Singh11 hours ago
  • I doubt you’ll see this, but I just watched this video and I know I was never alone with this internal conflict, but I was never able to put it into words. It’s not exactly the same however the similarities really hit me hard. Thank you for making it

    Alex HagenAlex Hagen11 hours ago
  • In Canada, or native languages are French sand English. I’m fluent in English only, and can‘t speak a lot of French. That’s because after years of teachers telling me that it was important to know French because it’s a part of our culture, me and basically every single kid started resenting French. We hated being told that we should learn it, so we didn’t. We stopped registering any thing said in French. I didn’t even care that I was a lot better at French than a lot of kids in my class, and I love knowing that I’m good at something! I have a friend who’s can speak in several different languages. English isn’t her first, but she’s still really fluent in it, which is just astonishing to me. I can only speak one of my native languages and she’s over here speaking like 5! And no matter what, I don’t I’ll ever be able to learn French because I drilled “I don’t wanna do this” into my own head.

    Okaybutlifesuckstho YTOkaybutlifesuckstho YT11 hours ago
  • I’m an Asian too and I still live in Asia.. I know how to communicate and write in my native language and English ; but I suck at reading my native language.. TwT Guess you could say it’s like my how people just get bad grades.. Everyone else can.. And don’t get me started with traditional clothes.. I despise them.. 😭😭

    RBRB11 hours ago
  • parents: you're too Polish to be Norwegian, embrace being Polish though you can't speak it well. friends: you're too Norwegian to be fully Polish, you don't even look Polish! the British, Asian and Austrian sides of my family: *I've been waiting for this one! TURN IT UP!*

    sad hyunleesad hyunlee11 hours ago
  • Omg ur me like dude sameee I grew up with English but I’m Korean and I also thought my Korean sounded weird ur me in a nutshell

    Miss. Sleep DeprivedMiss. Sleep Deprived11 hours ago
  • Now imagine living in Malaysia while being half korean. I'm not good at any language, none at all, sometimes i don't even know what my native language should be. Is it Korean? because of my korean mom? Is it Chinese? Cos of my Dad and how I speak to most of my friends? Is it English because of how often i use it? -My teachers would constantly tell me, Why my english was good(Spoiler, It's not), and why my chinese was so bad. And i often got bullied for being half korean because the others were jealous, granted I was a bit of a show off when i was a kid. I could never really relate to anything they said either, they'd watch some chinese youtuber like laowu while I was here watching Dantdm when he still used to make old mod showcases in the old lab. but now that I'm in high school, haha, no one knows I'm half korean, I'm not even trying to hide it , I mean there are other koreans students. I mean whats so special about being half korean anyway, I dont even know anymore. -My Mom would constantly Tell me, I should learn Malay since it was very important in Malaysia, I would be forced to watch malay cartoon shows. I dropped the whole subject entirely. A police officer looked at my Malaysian passport and spoke malay to me, I ofc didnt know how to, and he just replied "But you're from Malaysia", i just wanted to crawl into a hole and fucking die man. -I was never properly taught english as most of it was self taught, through hours of watching minecraft lets plays to reading random novels, the english taught in Malaysia was very weird, its not wrong but often times I would be laughed at for pronouncing something the right way and teachers would correct me by using some weird text to speech they found on the internet, examples are refridgerator and predator. The result is this ok accent with really bad pronounciation from time to time. Going into high school it was much better but old habits die hard. -I have Korean friends, Yay!, I don't talk with them much... I could understand them, but they weren't really the best at english so yah... I can barely read and write, Cant speak it at all. I could only understand. They kinda understood, but I could never fit in, also I don't play LoL. -When I watched this video, I cried, up till the point where she said she had siblings who had the same problem. haha, Well My siblings were different, They could speak it fluently, they could do anything really. My sister got straight As and My Brother's math would never go below 80. While I struggled to hold my average together, barely going over 50. My Mom would compare me to them, say I was a failure and the next day she'd say she loved me. My sister could speak 5 god damn languages, 6 if you count the little japanese she learned. while i was stuck with 2 languages I wasnt even good at. With the age gap, I didnt really bond with my siblings a lot either. 10/10 life is pretty gay

    Apple shoesApple shoes11 hours ago
  • Same with me only with turkey. I can speak and understand(although not as good as my dutch and english) turkish but i never got that fire that most turkish people seem to have about turkey. Idc about the country itself because i don't live there nor do i want to and my distaste for traveling only grew my discomfort with my turkish side when we went on vacation there. It also doesn't help that i don't believe in islam and turkey is a muslim country. The food is ok but i don't love it. The only turkish thing about me is my heritage and that i can speak the language(enough to hold a conversation that is). I always disliked turkish music so i never got that spark you got either sadly.

    zenzoner zzzenzoner zz12 hours ago
  • I’m mixed raced so I’m Mexican AND Irish despite being born in North Carolina ;w;

    Jayden does stuffJayden does stuff12 hours ago
  • spanish but don't know crap at all lol not even traditions

    JunJun12 hours ago
    • what a shame

      VliffinVliffin12 hours ago
  • Haha for me it was the complete opposite, you see I was born in Peru. And then moved to America when I was about 4 or 5. But I never wanted to let go of my Peruvian roots I refused to learn English and whenever I had to come back home to visit I would beg my mom to let me stay. As you can see I grew out of that phase and now I’m trying my best to learn English and learn more about the American culture! (Sorry If I misspelled some stuff)

    Mariana BernuyMariana Bernuy12 hours ago
  • here's my story! im a british - filipino girl living in england at the moment. my parents had my older brother in bahrain. he is 7 years older than me and he can speak fluent tagalog. my parents then immigrated to england and had me! i was a chubby baby born and raised in england for almost 14 years. i have gotten used to my culture , but every now and then , my mom and dad will say something like "you're a true filipino , not britain!" or "british people don't talk like that." (something along those lines) the first time i went to visit my relatives in the philippines for my 10th birthday. at 9 years old , i was complimented on my looks , like how long my hair is and how bright my skin is. i knew roughly 5 words in my native language. basically , everyone there but me knew our language and could speak it fluently. i had to talk to everyone in english and my uncle and auntie would test me on some of the filipino words , which were actually quite annoying. they even thought i came from london because that's the only place they knew that's in england. i remember i was sitting in my grandma's room watching jaidenanimations and emirichu , then my mom walked into the room. she asked me if my cousin could watch with me , but for some reason i said no. "why not?" my mom asked. i told her it was because it was in "english" and she wouldn't understand. i really regret saying that because it seemed like i was underestimating her. but actually , i just wanted to be alone. she came in anyway and it seemed like she really enjoyed watching with me. i still felt the pressure to have to learn my language in order to become closer to my relatives. thank you for listening (> -3- )>

    simply basicsimply basic13 hours ago
  • actually, I think I know where your coming at. I mean, to be honest my ancestors family the few things I know of, my grandma's family was in canadian (canada) and my grandpa's family was in russian. So yeah, back then I wasn't sure of learning these kind of language because of what my family is going through. But also hearing this video about how you were treated back in the day made me realized that I'm not alone in this as well, I thank you for that ya cutie *winks

    Rachel CowgillRachel Cowgill13 hours ago
  • me watching my entire life in this video thinking wow im not alone, some friends said I was racist to my own kind but i know for sure I aint the only difference between me and emirichu is that ive decided not to focus on my culture and my parent decided to focus more on english for me and my siblings

    Adept1_0Adept1_013 hours ago
  • I'm a Wasian (Half vietnamese specifically), whenever I'm around my Asian side I try to give my best Asian side to them and disregard my white roots and it's funny because the my aunts and uncle talk bad about my dad (the white parent), but I never support him around them. But when I'm around other white kids I downgrade my Asian side. So I can never really find a balance and it sucks because either way I'm shaming a part of me. The only times I can find balance is with my best friend whose half Filipina and struggles with the same thing - but she moved so that's nice.

    Kathanna 5454Kathanna 545413 hours ago
  • I have Romanian parents but I grow up and I was born in Spain and I feel so identified with this video, of course, I have this type of identity problem, but I still try and even though I don't know some sort of things about my parents country I try at least to know the basics and try to break the barrier of language that separates me and my Romanian family by speaking at least a little of Romanian, even though when I was younger I didn't even wanted to talk to them and tried to separate my self with anything about Romania

    -baddie-baddie13 hours ago
  • I'm part German and British/Chinese. For some reason, I've always embraced the German side, but less the Chinese side, I don't know why, it just happened. Thankfully, my family was pretty understanding of it, so they spoke either English or German to me. Loved the video!

    Benjamin TinBenjamin Tin13 hours ago
  • 1980's.........1980's..?.......1980's??!! MY MOM WAS BORN THE SAME YEAR THEY MOVED TO AMERICA :OOOO

  • You're story is interesting.

    Unparalleled DimensionUnparalleled Dimension13 hours ago