Dr Disrespect BLASTS Twitch In EPIC Return! Addresses Reasons For Ban & Journos ROASTED!

Aug 8, 2020
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Dr. Disrespect made his EPIC return to USkeys, livestreaming for over 500,000 people at once, numbers even PewDiePie can't touch. Welcome to youtube bud.
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  • Welcome To USkeys Doc. I Am Glad You're Here. Make Sure You SMASH Like & Leave A Comment Below To Welcome The Two Time! 2 More Videos Planned For You All Today & It's All Positive Vibes Baby!

    TheQuarteringTheQuartering2 months ago
    • Another bait video. Go figure.

      Hikage SidcowHikage Sidcow2 months ago
    • Good video, but a little Drama Llama with the video title weren't we?!?

      warren lynchwarren lynch2 months ago
    • One should never belive anyone fully. Why would the Dr tell the truth if its bad, and lots of people would of corse say they know, to get attention. I dont think we will ever know the truth.

      Lille MiirLille Miir2 months ago
    • @thefirst48 gaming The way the TOS is written, They don't have to

      matthew mutzmatthew mutz2 months ago
    • @matthew mutz you would think if they put that in. Then he would put in he needs to hear a reason

      thefirst48 gamingthefirst48 gaming2 months ago
  • Congrats on 900K homie

    Marty Mcfly 88MPHMarty Mcfly 88MPHMonth ago
  • Woop woop good news

    Lee RussellLee RussellMonth ago
  • click bait sausage, i hate this

    Phil BramblesPhil BramblesMonth ago
  • 3 mins of shitty edit at the start....come on man enough

    Bobby MooreBobby MooreMonth ago
  • I knew about Dr Disrespect way before I knew about Twitch. Doc's name is way bigger than twitch will ever be. He was one of the streamers who helped build Twitch and they tried to destroy him. Leftist snowflakes doing everything they can to spoil everything. I really want Doc to bring a lawsuit against them, just like Sandman did to CNN and Wapo. Trying to destroy a man's whole life and career without reason is criminal.

    M KM KMonth ago
  • "More streamers here"? Have you heard of our gods and saviors: Hololive and Nijisanji? XD

    KanadeTenshiKanadeTenshiMonth ago
  • I cant stand the fella, still dont think he should have been shut down

    Liam MorrisLiam MorrisMonth ago
  • "I've heard from my sources" well cite your damned sources so they can be scrutinized directly. Hearsay is inadmissible in court, and if you're unable to cite your sources then people can simply dismiss your claim as a fabrication taking advantage of the "anonymity" of sources that don't exist. This is why I don't trust any anonymous sources at face value, I wait for evidence to come forward that confirms or contradicts the statements made. Claims without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. And if you have actual sources but they have to remain anonymous for legitimate reasons, alternative forms of evidence can be procured that don't out the source. Video, documentation, etc. can be falsified but it's difficult to falsify a large body of evidence while maintaining narrative consistency. And if the only reason your sources are anonymous is that they're lying or you're embarrassed to admit that they're your sources, just keep your gob shut and don't say shit you heard from an embarrassing source. This is why I like Tim Pool, Jeremy from the Quartering, etc. They keep things reigned in and factual/evidence based, unlike 99% of games journalists and actual media journalists these days.

    Feral KujaFeral KujaMonth ago
  • I never heard of the guy until he got banned and now I watch his stream from time to time. So, I guess, thanks twitch!

    Hagar TheHonorableHagar TheHonorableMonth ago
  • I feel like I would love doc if i liked streams at all

    G0DS F3ARG0DS F3ARMonth ago
  • My top 2 off the cuff speculations: 1. He's been vocal against China and Chinese devs and Chinese hackers and big brother mega Corp usa didn't like it 2. Deer "lady" had one of her exogenous hrt induced periods and flipped out about "toxic masculinity" or some shit and had him banned

    RodiculousRodiculousMonth ago
  • Its because he slated Clinton's and others

    BeardfaceBeardfaceMonth ago
  • 1:24 Boy, you trying to be a part of the Clinton body count?

    AxeMastersINCAxeMastersINC2 months ago
  • I predicted at the time that he'd mentioned something political or tp do with BLM or some shit. It's cool that we still don't know. 🤦‍♂️

    Steve WatsonSteve Watson2 months ago
  • I kinda wish you guys would get together and start your own thing. Let's be real, Corporate Tube make live stream lucritive for a while, lure in the big streamers then turn the screws year on year. Why do we think anything else will happen @thequartering? Set up your own patreon too and make a REAL youtube, like it used to be before corporate greed took over. I think DrDis got banned for having conversations in the background like this.

    nfc14gnfc14g2 months ago
  • tired of videos putting out no news... waste our time for we dont know, still dont know, nobody told us still... thanks for the time sink.

    QritiqueQritique2 months ago
  • Dude has a ton of Stans. I don't get his appeal but to each their own.

    Curt PopejoyCurt Popejoy2 months ago
  • Firm handshakes Champion!

    Onion HeadOnion Head2 months ago
  • He is straight, white and successful. That makes him a number 1 target for them

    Doom GuyDoom Guy2 months ago
  • Half way through the video and none of "Dr Disrespect BLASTS Twitch In EPIC Return! Addresses Reasons For Ban & Journos ROASTED!" yet... I know you ramble ALOT!!!! And thats okay. But if you want me to hear your news, then please at least do a timestamp for the actual content.. Other then that.. All good on ya!

    Xota-prebsXota-prebs2 months ago
  • click bait bull shit

    dudeathischair22dudeathischair222 months ago
  • All the big streamers going to USkeys instead of Twitch... Hmm, is Twitch killing themselves with their absurd politics and rules they set in place themselves?

    LongTimeAgoLongTimeAgo2 months ago
  • the most believable rumor at this point was the one where people were saying that google approached him about being contracted to stream on a platform they owned , and when twitch found out they pre-emptively nuked his channel as the opening salvo in a breach of contract dispute. Given that he has now appeared on Google owned USkeys and Twitch still has yet to publicly give a reason why he was banned it seems at least plausible that is something close to what happened.

    rycs16rycs162 months ago
  • Never seen a man so thirsty for another man before.

    DragoonKnightLDragoonKnightL2 months ago
  • good intro

    the5seasonsthe5seasons2 months ago
  • Intros are getting worse brah

    NaliwarcowNaliwarcow2 months ago
  • Wait so what's the reason?

    MamodokodMamodokod2 months ago
  • I love the intro

    TimothyTimothy2 months ago
  • 3 minute intro!? WTF!?

    TrumpTrump2 months ago
  • Multi Million dollar contract voided? C'mon, he knows!

    Matthew HannahMatthew Hannah2 months ago
  • @Thequatering SO you think people can just cancel contracts with out notifying the other party why? LOL come on man. think about it. "no communication before"

    DigitalFlowDigitalFlow2 months ago
  • Jeremy lives!!!

    David EdgarDavid Edgar2 months ago
  • PR stunt together with Twich

    Cardan011Cardan0112 months ago
  • Amen

    Mark LanierMark Lanier2 months ago
  • Amen

    Mark LanierMark Lanier2 months ago
  • That intro was amazing.

    404 Error Not Found404 Error Not Found2 months ago
  • 11minute video and no new information, can i have my 11minutes back?

    Ricky Peacock WorrallRicky Peacock Worrall2 months ago
  • Bet he was suspended so at the end of the year, Twitch can say their top earners are women and they're so progressive.

    Ryan ArkoRyan Arko2 months ago
  • the way twitch is going they might as well rename it twatch!

    joe schneiderjoe schneider2 months ago
  • someone at twitch got butthurt over something. assuming he is a nazi, racist, trump voter so ends justify the means......silicon valley is run by AIDS with an assist from cancer

    halfashinehalfashine2 months ago
  • I don’t and never have played any games he plays but as Koo Koo as he is, I love to watch the Dr!

    Tye CTye C2 months ago
  • 15 mill to 500K is NOT a Victory, It a massacre.

    Pacer SharkPacer Shark2 months ago
  • "I have information that will lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton"? Who doesn't lol? The problem is getting your cesspit of a Government to grow a spine to actually do something about it.

    The DownlinerThe Downliner2 months ago
  • Dude your audience is way bigger on youtube than twitch.....Even though twitch has the emotes....theres definitely going to be more people watching you here.

    Andromeda DeluxAndromeda Delux2 months ago
  • sjw, and pc culture are communists

    Droxic DDroxic D2 months ago
  • This video convinced me to block your channel fully.

    romangeneral23romangeneral232 months ago
  • Yeah, work is the reason people aren't in their pool.. jeez! That Raid $$ got you talking like the entitled 'Hollywooders' you/we despise

    LeROYtheLAMALeROYtheLAMA2 months ago
  • Easy som1 did fake me2 accusation and adked twotch to say nothing

    0ptimus19840ptimus19842 months ago
  • Never followed him on Twitch and when it came out he cheated on his wife I could never follow him on anything. But hope he enjoys USkeys.

    Lucas TilleryLucas Tillery2 months ago
  • Slasher is trash. Get rekt.

    CJ LaFleurCJ LaFleur2 months ago
  • If Twitch actually had something they would have said so by now just to get in front of the story. Standby for tortious inteference lawsuits to follow and the end of twtich alongside patreon.

    Dennis IvanDennis Ivan2 months ago
  • Welcome dear doctor! cheers of honest to God beauty! People far and wide people listen listen I have news the doctor not that not that Dr. the real DR. has returned the slaughter has returned the slaughter has returned to us

    Pfunk MalfunkshunPfunk Malfunkshun2 months ago
  • Holy shit it's it's it's the one it's the fucking one Neil Neil you're back it's the one it's the one tell everyone the one has returned !

    Pfunk MalfunkshunPfunk Malfunkshun2 months ago
  • Amazing vidéo

    Tramp Hitler . USATramp Hitler . USA2 months ago
  • Epic intro! I'm sure this will all come out in good time. Until then Dr. Disrespect is a total master at turning trial into redemption. He's funny but also very real and that's why people love him, and The Quartering ✌

    The WillThe Will2 months ago
  • 7:10 And some "news outlets" will no doubt drag him through the mud in their "articles" after this...just as some seem to have been doing so far....and all without much in the way of facts and information. Ah, "journalism" in 2020.

    GM3210GM32102 months ago
  • 5:10 *That's fine....just please try to add live streams as static videos once they're done streaming, so others who weren't around during the stream can also view them.*

    GM3210GM32102 months ago
  • The opening was totally entertaining.

    Scott JacksonScott Jackson2 months ago
  • Dr. Disrespect is up to 2.5 million subs already.

    RED BEARRED BEAR2 months ago
  • That Memetro was freaking great.

    KingCraigersKingCraigers2 months ago
  • I suspect Twitch just decided to back out on their fees deal what better way than casting aspersions

    Kevin SKevin S2 months ago
  • Is USkeys getting is shit together before Ted Cruz and President Trump disband the big Tech Platforms!? Are they feeling the heat? Crowder was remonetized and now Dr Disrespect comes to USkeys!?

    Cheshire CatCheshire Cat2 months ago
  • I believe doc cause if he did lie, im sure we would find out before he came back to stream

    Captain FordoCaptain Fordo2 months ago
  • August 8, this just hit my feed today as a "newly uploaded video"... USkeys is at it again.

    ReznoV VazileskiReznoV Vazileski2 months ago
  • Twitch is willing to push smaller time streamers under the bus and leak why they ban them, but not Dr. DisRespect. I think its politically motivated in his case.

    dan holdendan holden2 months ago
  • Journos: I know why he got banned! I also know who really killed JFK, I know where they buried Hoffa, and what really killed the Dinosaurs! Aliens!!!

    Eric CalmEric Calm2 months ago
  • Two times the two timing two time

    23Locks23Locks2 months ago
  • Streamers are cringe and need to work a day in their life for once

    AlhawaiiAlhawaii2 months ago
  • Anyone who says they have information and does not share it, has no information. Its worse than not saying anything at all. You are supposed to be a journalist and you have failed to report the news. Go away, you are dead to me.

    ArcDevErikArcDevErik2 months ago
  • he said let the legal professionals do their legal stuff.

    HinnigaHinniga2 months ago
  • the doc was to big for twitch anyway .... twitch need to put full attention to serving their cam girls every needs and now its more than crystal clear that they are not about gaming

    dest151dest1512 months ago
  • I find it hard to believe that he has zero idea why he was banned rather it was for something dumb like he made a joke that hurts someones fee fees or something major like idk sextape leak of him cheating on his wife lol....but he has to know something

    WeirdoMONKEY GUYWeirdoMONKEY GUY2 months ago
  • I noticed that you seem to have "undeleted" your Twitter account. I followed your "lead" and I deleted mine. Seriously?!

    BenBen2 months ago

    Thrawn002Thrawn0022 months ago
  • Twitch is owned by Amazon which means legally they are a corporation which means whatever happens to them in court they will get away with a fine and individuals that are responsible walk free

    Kapsones33Kapsones332 months ago
  • I still have no idea who he is or why he is a big deal.

    Antonio StarsAntonio Stars2 months ago
  • Let's see how Susan treats him!

    Kevin BurnesKevin Burnes2 months ago
  • You bury the lead. Just get to the point.

    AngelRaivan 8579AngelRaivan 85792 months ago
  • If he really posted that on twitter about Killary then that is definitely part of it. Other part is probably talking about David Icke. Censorship has gotten seriously insane. So sick of this bs.

    S4LEM OGAMIS4LEM OGAMI2 months ago
  • Spotify has chinese money... dealing with them is akin to treason.

    John Smith RitterhausJohn Smith Ritterhaus2 months ago
  • Never heard of Dr. Disrespect until he was banned. Just subscribed to him on USkeys. Anyone that is banned by left-tard big tech companies deserves support. Idiots at Twitch just made him more popular. Too funny.

    NullPointerNullPointer2 months ago
  • $10 bucks says it was that deer chick on the safety council. She did say certain people should watch out for her. I'm pretty sure Dr disrespect said something in reference to her aswell

    Squirrel SquadronSquirrel Squadron2 months ago
  • I'm seven feet tall and never cheated on my wife. So there's 2 things I have over the doc

    Mr. SindarwinMr. Sindarwin2 months ago
  • I fuckin hate twitch. Now that doc is on USkeys I think I'll check out more of his streams.

    JustPickAlreadyJustPickAlready2 months ago
  • Welcome Doc,I'm glad that he's doing great

    Mjr.BleederMjr.Bleeder2 months ago
  • Dr. Disrespekt is still gay for Jay Amazing.

    Thomas TerryThomas Terry2 months ago
  • Longest intro yet

    Spencer WarrenSpencer Warren2 months ago
  • Jeremy, your Parler link is missing my dude in the video.

    FrederickApollyonFrederickApollyon2 months ago
  • Still no funny to me

    1AshesToAshes11AshesToAshes12 months ago
  • If he had just transitioned to be a Deer person none of this woulda happened.

    Gurney HalleckGurney Halleck2 months ago
  • Cheated on his wife? Took a camera crew into a public bathroom? ..Prime youtube material...used up twytch trash

    steve denttsteve dentt2 months ago
  • Can someone put me on to an app that can create videos like in the begaining where the Spotify logo is over thier heads?

    ChrisChris2 months ago

    ORYAN STARORYAN STAR2 months ago
  • Epic intro

    PeterPeter2 months ago
  • I bet my bottom dollar some liberal got salty at Twitch over Docs Hillary tweet and turned off the lights. Thats why they're quiet, it would tarnish their image forever.

    DigitalDNADigitalDNA2 months ago
  • well this totally wasn't suppressed

    emberwingemberwing2 months ago
  • Deer Girl did tell me she was coming for dr disrespect first....i can't believe she actually had this kind of influence especially when twitch reassured everyone it wasn't a position of power......and i especially can't believe twitch would toss asside future profits from having him stay on their platform all because the word of some council member WOW....just WOW.

    Kouta MaherKouta Maher2 months ago
  • I dont see why people give a shit tbh, has he actually said why he was banned yet? He 100% knows why, him and twitch came to an agreement not to make it public to save face pretty obvious aswell really

    MobilGamesMobilGames2 months ago
  • I love how I come on with the intent to listen to some podcasts I missed but these click bait titles are just too much to pass up!

    JasonDawg9JasonDawg92 months ago