Americans' Obsession With "Karens" | The View

Jul 1, 2020
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Why are Americans obsessed with “Karen” confrontations? The co-hosts discuss.
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  • The male version of a "karen" is a cop. The ones with guns are deadly.

    keef daviskeef davisDay ago
  • It’s odd how no one gives a name to the black ppl who act out or go around recourding them.. it’s so odd how everyone us content with blacks trying to make white people to all be segregated from us and in slavery.. this video is an perfect example if I’ve if the reasons that this here black man will NEVER support BLM

    Jude FenwickJude Fenwick3 days ago
  • Tbh most of the people in the Karen compilation videos are black on black

    Matthew KirkhamMatthew Kirkham6 days ago
  • the racist woman of color sunny hostin,,, shame

    realist bobrealist bob7 days ago
  • We are not obsessed with Karen's they just show their true colors every day everywhere...

    Chris GamboaChris Gamboa8 days ago
  • Megan is so quite in this clip! Wonder why 🤣

    PhiaGirlPhiaGirl10 days ago
  • Why, why, why? Stop giving those Karen TRICKS air time.

    Maria JohnsonMaria Johnson11 days ago

    indi123indi12311 days ago
  • What did Meghan do before the VIEW ?

    GGirll22GGirll2212 days ago
  • Seek God daily. John 3:16-17 Romans 10:9

    Lisa Love MinistriesLisa Love Ministries12 days ago
  • lmao Meghan is a professional Karen and she looks mad that this is a topic.

    Chosen TwoChosen Two14 days ago
  • No need to be offended Ms. Goldberg. Your first name is spell Caryn.

    William Brown`William Brown`17 days ago
  • It went over Megan’s head. It’s more than just “having decorum”.

    Crystal OCrystal O17 days ago
  • Hold on...I have seen countless videos of black women destroying fast-food restaurants and convenience stores. Not all Karens are white...I have seen Asian Karens. Most of the racist Karens are white, for sure.

    SerenaTSerenaT19 days ago
  • She's not "ignorant" or "stupid," in fact, she's not any different from us mask-wearing people. All humans have the same biases, when you already believe in something, your threshold for evidence against it is much lower than the threshold for evidence supporting it. She already believed in "the gov shouldn't tell me what to do" so all that research presented by Fox and all those conspiracy websites was naturally appealing. It's just unfortunate that these natural human biases are endangering other people's lives during this pandemic.

    june2420111june242011121 day ago
  • when a 5 year old hase to tell you your being stupid then you've got a problem

    supermario35327supermario3532722 days ago
  • My dayghters name is Karen and she does not like the use of the name eather. people judge her on the internet and makes fun of her and not in a good or fun way.

    Morten TrolleMorten Trolle23 days ago
  • Well Joy.. Respectively, your Mom was wrong. Turning and going the other way to avoid a problem isn't the correct answer. The "Turning a Blind Eye" has gotten us into the mess we're in. 1 John 3 : 17-18 are pretty good instructions on how to Be. It's encouraging to know people still look out for each other. Now we MUST bring about change because of what we have witnessed. Honestly I believe America has a very SERIOUS Mental Health Problem that has been left to fester for much longer than it should have. I think it may get alot worse, I'm afraid to say. I hope I'm wrong.

    Chris PChris P29 days ago
  • Karen's are the scariest species known to man

    SpringTrap 1995SpringTrap 1995Month ago
  • gopher

    Livi LakerLivi LakerMonth ago
  • Lol...Oh yeah, I forgot that Whoopi’s real name is Caryn.

    Jason LassiterJason LassiterMonth ago
  • The anticipation for Megan to speak

    Cuate SanzCuate SanzMonth ago
  • Isn’t the neck with hair aka Megan McCain one of the worst Karen’s lol

    Eva EnnsEva EnnsMonth ago
  • Why do we have to use color ? These Karen's are not targeting just people of color as you mention but all races?

    MimiMimiMonth ago
  • " These people " are YOU following people that aren't wearing masks so you can report them. Sounds like a Karen move to me. They are all Karens on the view.

    Stacy Paul- BachhuberStacy Paul- BachhuberMonth ago
  • Whoops real name is Karen. It suits her. She is the rich, Black version. All of these women are Karen's and the show caters to the world of Karens.

    Stacy Paul- BachhuberStacy Paul- BachhuberMonth ago
  • trump is gonna win easily in this election

    casiocasioMonth ago
  • White women have a bad rap now

    tucko11tucko11Month ago
  • There was a lady across the street who lived by us for ten years . She was a total Karen always bitching about kids playing basketball yelling for no reason

    tucko11tucko11Month ago
  • I don't think it's an obsession, more like enough already how many of you karens do we have to expose before the behavior is finally unacceptable?

    tuffguy doetuffguy doeMonth ago
  • Nice... Karens bitching about the use of the phrase "Karen" in general conversation. This segment is, in and of itself, extremely ironic. The lack of self-awareness is astounding.

    Part-Time GamerPart-Time GamerMonth ago
  • Meagan IS a Karen 😄😄😄

    First LadyFirst LadyMonth ago
  • Stfu KAREN!!!!

    Kentucky AdamsKentucky AdamsMonth ago
  • The cell phone has given evidence of the "Karen" behaviors.

    Google UserGoogle UserMonth ago
  • Middle aged women with bad attitudes talking about the nations “obsession” with middle aged women with bad attitudes...huh.

    Hailee JacobHailee JacobMonth ago
  • I wish Meghan would stop the political talking points and relax a little.

    Meghan HammackMeghan HammackMonth ago
  • Caryn Johnson is Whoopi's real name. True story.

    Leana Jo MurphyLeana Jo MurphyMonth ago
  • Megan is a Karen

    Jae X.0Jae X.0Month ago
  • I love how Joy rudely interrupts Megan to say “people have always been rude” almost to be an example. Lol

    ernestchambleeernestchambleeMonth ago
  • I think in this conversation ,the point was lost , the problem is, is that ,theses white women and men has taken a stand against black people, where black people are doing every day things , and white people choose to try admonish them just for walking the streets. I think the media, as always " don't get it . Theses people aren't a joke ' when they call the police on innocent black people, just because they feel privileged. I think , media is sad , that they're not reporting the truth . Theses racist ' need to be held accountable ' for their egnorent actions, toward innocent black people.

    lola johnsonlola johnsonMonth ago
  • I'm with you Whoopi......My name is Karen too!! They need to come up with another name for these women....LOL!!

    Karen CKaren CMonth ago
    • Stop abusing filters Karen!!!! Your profile pic is so airbrushed/ facetuned that your eyes have changed colour and half of your face is missing/ erased!!

      excuse you?excuse you?Month ago
  • Why didn't Megan say that when those protesters were screaming at essential workers and police because they wanted the lock down to end? she said she understood their frustration...hypocrite

    Risse BlueRisse BlueMonth ago
  • Megan! Your one of the Biggest Karen's in Existence. You cant hide your inner Karen! Miss Im from a Notable Family! White Privilege 100%!

    Micheal SavageMicheal SavageMonth ago
  • This Show consists of Karen themselves,, complaining all the time.

    noj oalnoj oalMonth ago
  • I am white and I run a mile away from trama of any king. Waste of time

    Laetitia GallantLaetitia GallantMonth ago
  • It's not a race thing. Karens hate everybody.

    TonyTonyMonth ago
  • Set up video's by ppl who work for ppl

    Umaru DomaUmaru DomaMonth ago
  • I'm glad Karens have become Iconic LMAO

    Conan EdogawaConan EdogawaMonth ago
  • Social Media Megan, it has ruined the World, those Big Techie Trillionaires have screwed our World... Not True Joy, it is worse now... SM is the worst possible thing to unleash besides TRUMP>WTFU now.. Looks like some Celebs need an education

    Jennifer ShaverJennifer ShaverMonth ago
  • LOL Karen , get over it...BBQ Becky and a few others...

    Jennifer ShaverJennifer ShaverMonth ago
  • I can confirm that not only American obsessed with Karen (videos and stories)

    Hilma NHHilma NHMonth ago
  • Karen’s and Ken’s should be fined or jailed.

    Aimee RealAimee RealMonth ago
  • Karen started out an Aussie thing that others have picked up on. Very annoying too!

    Carol GrierCarol GrierMonth ago
    • Carol Grier No... the Karen phenomenon started in the US, and has spread to Australia. Same with the idiocy of ‘sovereign citizens’ and ‘refusing to consent’ to fines and penalties from the government. It started in the US about 5-10 years ago. It’s appearance in Australia is a more recent thing.

      AussieRagdollAussieRagdollMonth ago
  • Whoopie wearing a tiara?! No comments?!

    K AK AMonth ago
  • You don’t have to go to college to be civilized

    Imelda GOImelda GOMonth ago
  • There's just so many of them

    SampleScorpionSampleScorpionMonth ago
  • Karens just want to have their own platform, like all these harpies on The View.

    Wendy StanleyWendy StanleyMonth ago
  • Joy always throw temper tantrums!

    K KK KMonth ago
  • What planet did Joy come from?? Wish washy and don't know when to use the Joke thing! Just Sayin

    K KK KMonth ago
  • She is a karin and she behaves bad at a show, omg she should be the one to talk

    Carroll KohinorCarroll KohinorMonth ago
  • I love how this video is a bunch of Karen’s talking about Karen’s 😂

    Joel FormanJoel FormanMonth ago
  • There was a MASSIVE explosion in Beirut the the other day. Why is The View not covering it? There was a bride in white, after all. :-) And EVERYONE knows The View does only "girly things". (Yes, I am being sarcastic, but this killed hundreds of people and injured thousands, and hundred of thousands are homeless.)

    shmuli9shmuli9Month ago

    Douglas BaekDouglas BaekMonth ago
  • As a BIG brother, Karens have steered clear of me due to the utter lack of fucks I and all other older brothers give when we hear a certain pitch of female whining. They know that being ignored is the least retaliatory response they are going to get.

    Steril&FeralSteril&FeralMonth ago
  • Oh C’Mon! All four of these individuals are hiding in a “Karen Closet.”

    Mid-Life LoserMid-Life LoserMonth ago
  • What are black women who behave like this called?

    BBMonth ago
  • Racism against white people is OK now then?

    BBMonth ago
  • I thought your name is Whoopi.

    Horen LastTeacher 2.0Horen LastTeacher 2.0Month ago
  • The Karen phenomenon is an offshoot of or perhaps even a precursor of the Drumpf Malaise that is afflicting the Global Society. We are witnessing the Death Throes of Homo stultus, the neurological jerking of a dying carcass that is rapidly approaching extinction. It is like the headless chicken that does not know it is dead, still running around as if it has purpose to its existence when really it just hasn't fallen down. The malignant tumour that is mankind is literally consuming itself and flailing around in a desperate attempt to ignore reality. It is only our arrogance and sense of self-entitlement that keeps us believing that we are somehow important and worthy of life. : I find it deeply comical watching the utterly futile Rictus Dance of the Dead!

    Michael HazleMichael HazleMonth ago
  • No one not even white people are safe from the Karen attack. When their in hunt mode no one is safe.

    Brandon HutchinsBrandon HutchinsMonth ago
  • As a Brit I love American Karen's.

    Andrew AbelAndrew AbelMonth ago
  • Why would you block out that stupid Karen's face? You should let the world see the idiot.

    D ReardonD ReardonMonth ago
  • Mental health is getting mixed in with day to day life and it’s not easy to handle when you have no idea what’s happening. Meaning fighting with someone who has bipolar and their having a swing. Not on meds possibly undiagnosed ? Can you imagine how bad you’d feel for beating up someone who is actually Vulnerable

    BalbisianaBalbisianaMonth ago
  • Karen’s are hilarious to mess around with. Once my bro an I were on vacation, and we went bike riding. It was a good day, we got some ice cream and looked at boats. Anyway, we were riding around the town, and we happen to pass by this one Karen. We weren’t even close to her at all, but she gives us a death glare, and says “ugh, seriously?” Like heaven forbid she has to see a couple of young adults having fun. It wasn’t anything too bad, but I told my bro about it cause I thought it was funny. (he hadn’t noticed) So, what do we do? We circled back around and almost ran over her a couple of times. She looked proper spooked. We left before she could call the cops on us 😂

    TalonsAndTailsTalonsAndTailsMonth ago
  • Joy Behar I tell my husband the same thing! Just let it slide. People are nuts.

    Viral NornViral NornMonth ago
  • So what should happen someone made the name Shaniqua for angry black women or Maria for non speaking spanish women. That would be a big deal it be called racist. So why is OK to use this term for white women.

    ann Earlyann EarlyMonth ago
  • Funny the host are Karens aswell 😁😁😁😁😁

    Drakem GuardDrakem GuardMonth ago
  • Karenovirus

    Love DvaLove DvaMonth ago
  • Joy has a good point my ex got shot on the freeway by someone with road rage

    Alia KruzAlia KruzMonth ago
  • Man everything is about skin pigmentation. We've gone cooko for Coco puffs. Identity politics run amok

    Justin ChinevereJustin ChinevereMonth ago
  • Meghan Thee Karen 😂

    BloomingaleBloomingaleMonth ago
  • I thought your name was whoopi or Guinnan

    Dominic ParkerDominic ParkerMonth ago
  • the entire View is just a bunch of Karens, maybe not the worst of that species but cut from the same cloth none the less.

    EvilideaEvilideaMonth ago
  • They are saying this happens everywhere.... WRONG! I’m an American living in Canada and this behaviour does NOT HAPPEN here. It is an American phenomenon ~ don’t think this is everywhere

    Dave SDave SMonth ago
  • So far, the only way to do late one talk are you faking new modern getting mad angry good I am her slide don't respect her like that store

    Wigens CadetWigens CadetMonth ago
  • This show is the mecca of Karens.

    Velvet ScarsVelvet ScarsMonth ago
  • Many of the women on USkeys that I've seen are black, so you're wrong whoopie, they've not all white suburban women.

    camp gramacamp gramaMonth ago
  • Megan like your style today from hair to blouse looks good.

    Terrence Edidem BasseyTerrence Edidem BasseyMonth ago
  • Why is Megan struggling to breathe

    Andrew FarrellAndrew FarrellMonth ago
  • 2:30 spoken like a true New Yorker. A lot of these morons live in white surburban fantasy or a podunk town with no common sense or street smarts. They’ve gotten away with it their entire lives and have never been question.

    B r iB r iMonth ago
  • Nobody that I know named Karen fits the description that is supposedly conveyed by the term ‘karen’. Should they all change their name? I have a better idea: stop making yourself look ignorant by using this word.

    sctlsctlMonth ago
  • However terrible this phenomenon is, it's not OK to link this to a random first name (of over 1 million American women). There has been some serious harrassment and bullying going on towards random women names Karen, solely because of their first name - not because of their behaviour. Seriously, just as for Becky, Felicia and Chad: stop the demonization of first names.

    Karen Visser-ConradiKaren Visser-ConradiMonth ago
  • Trump has given the Karen's & the Ken's permission to be racist openly. They've been waiting years for this, as one Karen stated.

    Laurie SLaurie SMonth ago
  • Where does the name come from

    mynameismynameisMonth ago
  • Wow Meghan looks soooo much prettier without all the makeup she usually wears for the show

    Laurie SLaurie SMonth ago
  • But... Meghan IS a Karen...

    Sovereign WildbloomSovereign WildbloomMonth ago

    Pippa WebbPippa WebbMonth ago
  • Meghan not realising shes a Karen herself haha

    inXineinXineMonth ago
  • megan is a racist undercover

    KIRKKIRKMonth ago
  • Meghan Cain is a Karen as well America has seen her in Action as well, that's why she is sooo quite....

    Nyarbrou's Inspirational ConnectionNyarbrou's Inspirational ConnectionMonth ago