Mar 27, 2020
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NBA "Fighting" MOMENTS includes players like Chris Paul, Joel Embiid, Luka Doncic, Draymond Green and many more NBA stars in this compilation of heated moments throughout the NBA league!
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  • Ben simons just pulls wwe out of his ass

    888 Ar888 Ar16 hours ago
  • How many times Joel Embiid got mentioned

    ItsAedris OfficialItsAedris OfficialDay ago
  • I wish there were more fights lol

  • You should not fight

    Destiny InsigneDestiny InsigneDay ago
  • videos 80-100 FROM PHİLEDELPHİA

    ali ilbeyliali ilbeyliDay ago
  • This is NBA or WWE

    JordiJordi2 days ago
  • Lol I feel bad for the cameraboy 2:40 But he shoulda moved out the way instead of just looking like 😮

    Gina FieldGina Field3 days ago
  • I keep rewatching this

    jasmine jacksonjasmine jackson3 days ago
  • Embid was the impostor

    Tiktok TrendsTiktok Trends3 days ago
  • I love how Shaq and Barkley are like best friends now🤣

    AyyMereAyyMere3 days ago
  • 1:12

    Jackson BrownJackson Brown4 days ago
  • cp3 got beat up 1;12

    Jackson BrownJackson Brown4 days ago
  • are we MLB now? or are this the Bad Boys Pistons legacy?

    Blahto BlahtotoBlahto Blahtoto4 days ago
  • Emiid sucksss

    Tuvshin TuguldurTuvshin Tuguldur4 days ago
  • Embid el gran perdedor. Un premio que le queda bien.

    Zebastian OliveraZebastian Olivera5 days ago
  • i just love watching my team get there own 76ers highlight reel

    GuxcisquadGuxcisquad5 days ago
  • Jimmy left minnesota because of being soft... Jimmy left 76ers cuz they even more softer

    Mercedes DiazMercedes Diaz5 days ago
  • Cant

    Jasonplayz- YTJasonplayz- YT6 days ago
  • Joel embid always fught little people but he cna fight big people

    Jasonplayz- YTJasonplayz- YT6 days ago
  • 2:50 the refs face makes him look so scared

    Arthur TrussArthur Truss6 days ago
  • 2:41 can we get a rip in the chat for the man with the glasses

    JRJR6 days ago
  • 1:16 that's why Bron traded Ingram cause Ingram punch cp3 and we all know that cp3 and king is best friend hahahaha lol jk

    RUSSRUSS7 days ago
  • Watching the refs try to stop the players is like watching kids trying to stop adults

    James PracharJames Prachar7 days ago
  • This used to be demarcus cousins all the time

    Tony 2kTony 2k7 days ago
  • Kat is a man

    Aaron FiresAaron Fires8 days ago
  • I'm glad it wasn't too serious some crazy azz nba players lose there jobs because there stupid actions

    jake unknownjake unknown8 days ago
  • 4:43 it should have been a technical on LeBron James but since the other person answered back, it was on him

    Bianca Espa�olaBianca Espa�ola8 days ago
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  • it's funny to think that most instigators are ring less 😂

    Jio NuevasJio Nuevas9 days ago
  • I feel bad for the guy Luka fell on when he got pushed at 2:27

    Fami LeeFami Lee9 days ago
  • I loved curry in these situations always stayed calm with his mouth piece in

    Darth BinksDarth Binks9 days ago
  • Robin Lopez : No you shut up No you shut up

    Grayson HenryGrayson Henry9 days ago
  • Embiid fuck off yyou thats all

    Bitik TrisonBitik Trison9 days ago
  • 4:06 Embind just walks away like he did nothing.

    Andre MillerAndre Miller10 days ago
  • Bruh ya'll misunderstood them. They just want a hug 😊

    Rell AbvisloRell Abvislo10 days ago
  • Non of the 76ers fight count the nets fight was just for show of jumpy butler

    Lenwood CherryLenwood Cherry11 days ago
  • Embiid is the kid who always start fights but get away with them

    Lionel Messi2Lionel Messi211 days ago
  • I love listening to everyone like Embiids is in most of these just not being an aggressor

    blane Krakowskiblane Krakowski12 days ago
  • I like the part where the whistle goes BEEP BEEP BEEP

    Jose BoiJose Boi12 days ago
  • I hate u

    Abed The goatAbed The goat12 days ago
  • Looking back at this Shaq bullied that nigga bruh 😂😂💀

    Ayub YusufAyub Yusuf12 days ago

    Emir KaanEmir Kaan12 days ago

    Shante HicksShante Hicks12 days ago
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    Jefferson SpicoliJefferson Spicoli13 days ago
  • I Love Ben Simmon's Reaction When Embiid Is Having A Fight With Karl Anthony Towns

    Gow_561 PlayzGow_561 Playz13 days ago
  • Mike Scott act like they need him

    jacob gaming 22jacob gaming 2213 days ago
  • This video releases my stress

    荷馬辛普森荷馬辛普森13 days ago
  • 2:42 R.i.p camera man

    Juicyjuicy CuhJuicyjuicy Cuh13 days ago
  • You mess with Shaq, you get the smack.

    A JA J13 days ago
  • Why 76sers didnt join a boxing club instead?

    Omar OvaloOmar Ovalo13 days ago
  • Revised: Why Always Me (76ers) 😅😅😅

    andry Aandry A13 days ago
  • Embiid is a gangster

    Jp GutierrezJp Gutierrez14 days ago
  • Embiid is such a bitch, he gets pushed like 20 feet by someone he needs to look down to see

    Jimmy Kimmel But blackfaceJimmy Kimmel But blackface14 days ago
  • Here’s a better title: 76ers fighting every team in the league!

    Glizzy iOSGlizzy iOS14 days ago
  • 6:10 shaq slapped the breakfast out of him

    King SeanKing Sean14 days ago
  • i like the punch of rajon rondo to chris paul ahahahaha.. i like it..

    debenict sambranodebenict sambrano14 days ago
  • Ben simmons tried to get the rear naked on Kat lol

    The True BallerThe True Baller15 days ago
  • 3:23 Look at that jajaja. Referee can't move a shit.

    MiSaBeMiSaBe15 days ago
  • 5:43 is me on the comfy left rite there 🤭

    Mahbub saiteMahbub saite15 days ago
  • 1:10 this one's my favorite

    AkoSiBirdieeAkoSiBirdiee15 days ago
  • i wonder how tired ben simmons is of breaking up fights😭

    kimaya morgankimaya morgan15 days ago
  • fuxking GS D.Green

    킹자이언트킹자이언트16 days ago
  • Karl Anthony thought he was in a boxing ring tap out 🤣🤣

    Saint CsmSaint Csm17 days ago
  • lol marquise was praying to jesus when he saw serge's hand

    KalimKalim17 days ago
  • Who was Draymond huggin on lol

    Jim St.RomainJim St.Romain17 days ago
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    Steven DeanSteven Dean17 days ago
  • 6:10 really said “i like Yo cut G

    ahmed mustafaahmed mustafa17 days ago
  • Simmons should been ejected no argument

    Errol EbiriErrol Ebiri17 days ago
  • What a slap was that 6:11

    Khalid da SilvaKhalid da Silva17 days ago
  • 3:01 bruh giannis just standing there doing nothing😂☠

    jeipee banzonjeipee banzon18 days ago
  • Isso a globo nao mostra

    Claudio HuenriqueClaudio Huenrique18 days ago
  • at 4 48 you see draymond clapping

    Nathan JuarezNathan Juarez18 days ago
  • Talk about clickbait. Wow

    Sohaib memorize surah KhanSohaib memorize surah Khan18 days ago
  • embid vs all :D

    Oğuzhan AYDINOğuzhan AYDIN18 days ago
  • Embiid for the win

    Harvey JerseysTVHarvey JerseysTV18 days ago
  • everybody gangster till steven adams walks up to you

    Kade Perez-SaoleleKade Perez-Saolele19 days ago
  • These fools start shit but don’t expect a reaction. They’re clowns.

    VictorVictor19 days ago
  • Its so sad to see embiid being blamed on alot of nba fights

    Just ReactJust React19 days ago
  • Iba talaga ang galing m mr.bupalo james.lakas m mangalabaw.

    Carlo OnaCarlo Ona20 days ago
  • the camera guy is funny he goes in the fight and puts the camera up like😹😹😹😂😭💀

    kk20 days ago
  • Ibaka very scared of james johnson🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Janchel BalabaJanchel Balaba20 days ago
  • Shaq

    Himasai EswarawakaHimasai Eswarawaka20 days ago
  • 2:41 that poor little Asian guy lmao

    EnigmaUNKNEnigmaUNKN21 day ago
  • It’s funny to watch the refs try t break apart a fight between two guys that are way over 6’0

    bleachbleach21 day ago
  • 0:24 gotta respect Boston’s score

    RaZe_QuakeRaZe_Quake21 day ago

    Angela VictorinoAngela Victorino21 day ago
  • everybody notices when chriss and dunzhenz fighting Draymond green is claping on the back🤣

    KåNêkî KûnKåNêkî Kûn21 day ago
  • 2:50 draymond clapping wow

    Euan CuayzonEuan Cuayzon22 days ago
  • 2:48 Que aplaude Green??? que chabon salame jajaajajja

    Diego AlmadaDiego Almada22 days ago
  • malice at the palace

    masters coopermasters cooper22 days ago
  • dont forget everybody was holding towns embid is a baby

    Βασίλης ΜέρτογλουΒασίλης Μέρτογλου22 days ago
  • Psalms 33:20 Our soul waiteth for the LORD: he is our help and our shield.

  • More on hugs!! 😂

    Amre PlaysAmre Plays23 days ago
  • Omg when Rondo hits Chris Paul was cool

    Eliceira AguilarEliceira Aguilar24 days ago
  • It was funny when Ingram ran and threw that punch

    swizzy 1894swizzy 189424 days ago
  • 俠客打架感覺最恐怖

    sksk wopsksk wop24 days ago
  • How about Australia And Philippines

    Scoth ShannonScoth Shannon25 days ago
  • What is with embiid and fights

    Cake Man ALCCake Man ALC26 days ago
  • K

    snjzz38snjzz3826 days ago
  • 5:04 who would’ve thought they’d be in the same studio together lol

    snjzz38snjzz3826 days ago