I Tested Viral TikTok Food Hacks To See If They Work

May 23, 2020
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Which recipe was your favorite???
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I had so much fun #Trying all of these #Viral #TikTok Recipes! I cant believe how well many of them worked. I might have to cook food this way in the future. We made an egg sandwich using only one pan, a delicious whipped coffee that only takes a few ingredients, and fluffy pancakes
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  • Do you guys use TikTok??? You can follow me on TikTok: @RosannaPansino! Would you like to see more TikTok recipes??? 😊❤️

    Rosanna PansinoRosanna PansinoMonth ago
    • Rosanna Pansino yes more pls UwU

      Sabina YasminSabina Yasmin3 days ago
    • Yes please

      Amanda PlantAmanda Plant5 days ago
    • I would ♥️ to see more TikTok recipes!♥️😍

      Loren LaskoLoren Lasko14 days ago
    • Rosanna Pansino jpoin1⬇️

      Mandie LloydMandie Lloyd19 days ago
    • You should check out my coworker @ceoofpastawater on TikTok for some authentic healthy Italian dishes that you may have never tried before! He is a really good chef.

      GirlOf92GirlOf9219 days ago
  • OMG i just realised.... who else thinks she sound like ELLEN DEGENERES????

    It’z SuhailaIt’z Suhaila9 hours ago
  • BANGS......

    Caroline MarvinCaroline Marvin12 hours ago
  • Are bags of self-raising flour not as widely available in America? You can get bags of self-raising in all grocery shops in UK

    Amber HarperAmber Harper14 hours ago
  • Rosanna how long did you mix the whipped coffee for??

    Sukhan JamshaidSukhan Jamshaid17 hours ago
  • Does anyone here that fart 10:32

    Peyton SotierPeyton Sotier19 hours ago
  • It’s called dalgona dude

    Zahra AliZahra Ali22 hours ago
  • Sometimes they put the recipe/measurements in the comments Ro so maybe be on the lookout if you try more recipes lol.

    Emily RamirezEmily RamirezDay ago
  • I love your hair💜💙

    C HoskinsC HoskinsDay ago
  • Michel: i thought you were gonna say make a baby Ro: omg michel..... I think we all know how to..OK moving on quickly

    KateKateDay ago
  • Rosanna’s gonna be the cutest Grandma and when she is she’ll have probably the best grandma cookies

    Maya KahlonMaya KahlonDay ago
  • You have to do it more fomier 😱

    Ayesha BegumAyesha BegumDay ago
  • She said "no time for glam" and she looks freaking gorgeous

    Katie Gray DayKatie Gray Day2 days ago
  • Omg it's been a while i am a big fun of you since when i am elementary🥺💖

    Vol DemortVol Demort2 days ago
  • She sounds like Sheldon's Meemaw from Young Sheldon 😂

    Sude KilicSude Kilic2 days ago
  • I honestly thought that when she was saying “ 3 2 1” I thought she was going to say happy new year after as a joke but um 😐 yea no

    Sibling Squad!Sibling Squad!3 days ago
  • My mom is going to try to make it

    Madiha MumtazMadiha Mumtaz3 days ago
  • 8:14 “Just do it like this...yea...Yea...YEA...oh ok😱😨😰” like omg her face i cracked up.

    Sibling Squad!Sibling Squad!3 days ago
  • This who thinks Ro is the best \/

    Charlei BrownCharlei Brown3 days ago
  • the coffee looked really good..

    emmersemmers3 days ago
  • 10:43 lolololol

    Hannah BHannah B3 days ago
  • Rosanna the most easiest way to separate the egg yolk is that just suck the yolk up with a plastic bottle so u don’t have to make ur hand dirty QvQ

    Sabina YasminSabina Yasmin3 days ago
  • It’s so hilarious because u was like shaking ur hand to show what ingredients u got for the whipped coffee u were shaking ur hand like a frickin dinosaur 😂

    Sabina YasminSabina Yasmin3 days ago
  • YESSS finally someone else who doesn't eat bacon!!

    Ciara KatCiara Kat3 days ago
  • Ro can rock every hair style! I swear I look bald in a pony tail. 😂

    Ror’s RecipesRor’s Recipes4 days ago
  • Ro, you need an intro! 🤗

    Addie ChloeAddie Chloe4 days ago
  • Her hair in the thumbnail scared me I thought she cut it like that. It looks cute styled like that but it would be wierd permanent😂❤❤

    Maya CosbyMaya Cosby4 days ago

    Nell BlanchardNell Blanchard4 days ago
  • After you said hey guys it’s ro I said hey guys it’s anime girl lmfaooooo

    Shira NizriShira Nizri4 days ago
  • The chaotic energy in the video game me life at 12:34 Am

    KalebKaleb5 days ago
  • This video is very unorganized like the regulars usually are and I’m loving it

    KalebKaleb5 days ago
  • When Rod a grandma she would be the one to always say hi walking past and always baking food when you come over

    Sophie WintersSophie Winters5 days ago
  • I luv your voise its soooo....... Soft xox

    Emmy RobinsonEmmy Robinson5 days ago
  • You kinda sound like Candace Cameron Bure from Fuller House!

    Billie Eilish Fan!!!!Billie Eilish Fan!!!!5 days ago
  • I have never tried to make a rosanna recipe before but today I just tried that egg flip thing and it was so good. I used to many eggs and not enough bacon but man was it still super super good. Also used Hawaiian bread with it and that was soooo good.

    LivGeneralLivGeneral5 days ago
  • THE HAIR 😍😍😍

    Ariana changed my life ForeverAriana changed my life Forever6 days ago
  • Ro: no u need electricity Me: using a spoon to make this everyday

    Marziya Amir ShahMarziya Amir Shah6 days ago
  • Today i whipped whipped cream

    Brenda BromleyBrenda Bromley6 days ago
  • You can definitely tell she is hyper

    Jaionna VernatterJaionna Vernatter6 days ago
  • Ro: don’t touch it don’t eat it Me: YEA JUST EAT IT

    Alysa WangAlysa Wang6 days ago
  • Hi Rosana . You have lots of expressions and you are very funny. LOL ✌️

    Daniel KriveshkoDaniel Kriveshko6 days ago
  • two thumbs up and a knee😂😂😂

    Rachel CunninghamRachel Cunningham7 days ago
  • Her cheeks tho

    Eryn QuinainEryn Quinain7 days ago
  • Ro u should try to make pancake cereal

    Misty DeHoyosMisty DeHoyos7 days ago
  • she reminds me of DJ from fuller house

    Irene and ChrisIrene and Chris7 days ago
  • ro saying why am i doing this wth my hands a few seconds later her hands go →←↑↓↔︎↕︎↘︎↘︎⏐

    Yasmine BeliltyYasmine Belilty7 days ago
  • I did the whipped coffee by hand for ten minutes and it is a workout!

    שיר מוזסשיר מוזס7 days ago
  • I love Ro’s energy and shes so talentedAlso she looks so cute 😻👏🏼

    Dilara ADilara A8 days ago
  • Am I the only one who thinks she would look like Sia/Lady Gaga with that look. It's gorgeous either way

    _iambelle__iambelle_8 days ago
  • hi i think you should try makeing a rlly cool youtuber cake!

    Emily KeithEmily Keith8 days ago
  • Make soufflé pancakes!

    Omari LewisOmari Lewis8 days ago
  • 👁👄👁

    Sergio AlmaguerSergio Almaguer8 days ago
  • Anyone else from Greece that like "GIRL....that called FRAPPE"😂❤️☕

    Maria AvgoullaMaria Avgoulla8 days ago
  • 👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻 👚👕 👖👖

    Sophia ShineSophia Shine8 days ago
  • Try’s the whipped drink: Mmmm! This is so good! Me: The milk? You didn’t mix anything! Try’s the actual whipped part: Wow! Me: Okay, that’s it!

    Sophia ShineSophia Shine8 days ago
  • Watching people get excited over trends that come from other countries must be so interesting. I grew up with Dalgona, I didn't know it was so new.

    Unoriginal GuyUnoriginal Guy8 days ago
  • Please do more TikTok recipes.💕💕

    comstar101comstar1019 days ago
  • Nice hair lol

    Slime Time!Slime Time!9 days ago
  • Am I the only one that thinks that she looks like sara beauty corner in the thumbnail... Ok nvm

    Archie MaheshwariArchie Maheshwari9 days ago
  • ro is the best :) , shes literally so precious

    anaana9 days ago
  • “Don’t touch it just eat it!”😅😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Alaiha RajaAlaiha Raja9 days ago
  • Rosanna is so kind

    Bea ChanBea Chan9 days ago
  • can someone tell me if ur supposed to mix whipped coffee or not

    Adah G.S.Adah G.S.9 days ago
    • If you like the pure taste of coffee don't mic it... but if you like the taste of milk more mix it and the consistency will be good like better then regular coffe but not like whipped

      uniamuniam9 days ago
  • ro: " describing how close the pancakes are " || Me: that's how close i am to falling apart

    AlyxAlyx9 days ago
  • The flip of the egg sandwich slayed tho it was to perfect

    serine potatoserine potato9 days ago
  • The fact you have no mess on that black shirt is making me mad 😂

    Chase McmichaelChase Mcmichael9 days ago
  • Watching someone in their 30's try to relate to tiktok

    Joey MarcusJoey Marcus9 days ago
  • What are your jeans? I need them

    Jaida SimonJaida Simon10 days ago
  • I thought Molly was vegan??? Am I remembering that incorrectly???

    Meagan HollandMeagan Holland10 days ago
    • Oooooh okay.

      Meagan HollandMeagan Holland9 days ago
    • Oo yeah she is...but I think she vegan because she is lactose intolerant or maybe from some other reason idkk

      uniamuniam9 days ago
  • Hi ro it was my birthday yesterday plz.replyyyyyyy I'm 11😋😋

    duncan swannduncan swann10 days ago
    • I am not ro ..but happy birthday💖💖

      uniamuniam9 days ago
  • Your pancakes turned out so nice!! 🥞 I want to make them 😍

    Sarah WSarah W10 days ago
  • I don't like coffee bc when i was 4 i thought it was chocolate milk but it was cold coffee My moms coffee from that morning

    Avery AsselinAvery Asselin11 days ago
  • U remind me of DJ from full house

    Roger Taylor’s drumsRoger Taylor’s drums11 days ago
  • love you ro!

    Pradnyani Kausiky Nara YoginiPradnyani Kausiky Nara Yogini11 days ago
  • You know that in the whipped coffee you were supposed to mix it right?

    Samiyah GreeneSamiyah Greene11 days ago
  • girl coffee amuses me. we're gonna take a shot of coffee, sweetened and fancied up, then add that dolup to a gallon of sweetened milk as a topping. here i am brewing black espresso 9 shots at a time and storing it in a jug in the fridge so can just wake and chug however much i need. i don't know what 8 gulps ends up being but it's the normal doseage. every year around christmas time i get a tiny thing of eggnog coffee creamer and add a sploosh of that for shiggles, but yea. girl coffee amuses me.

    Blah BlahsenBlah Blahsen11 days ago
  • Oh she vibeing

    Joel SmithJoel Smith11 days ago
  • She never mixed the coffee

    Daniel CeballosDaniel Ceballos11 days ago
  • Hi

    Cherry Nova TapiaCherry Nova Tapia11 days ago
  • Love this video been watching ur videos for a long time I even have ur cool book #1

    Adalyn ArreolaAdalyn Arreola11 days ago