Building a PC... using only

Sep 25, 2019
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Since you guys loved our Amazon basics and Monoprice builds, we decided to get just a little more sketchy and attempt to build a PC using only parts we purchased from Strap in folks, because I can pretty much guarantee that everything WON’T go to plan.
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  • nine WHAT ??!

    niconicoHour ago
  • this is the only PC that i can say it's crappier than mine

    Boxy BuildsBoxy BuildsHour ago
  • Wow super nerd

    Christina KeleherChristina Keleher2 hours ago
  • I have fresh update for you - @t is doing big expansion whole over the world by paying local stores to sell and able to pick up goods immediately - more over managers have special 80 % discount code XPXJGJY to give clients to buy cheapest ever. Now next step is unable stores to sell their own items without charge - so look on your items on wish beacouse you can get stuff much cheaper then ever before - I hope it will help you save some $$$ Have a good one!

    Wish OfficialWish Official2 hours ago
  • Man I wish my camera man sounded like a low pitch demon

    BX AnimationsBX Animations2 hours ago
  • why this better than my pc which has i5 7900 and 1060 yet my pc doesn’t work properly and idk how to fix it

    TΦΜTΦΜ3 hours ago
  • If you’re not watching the video and just listening Linus kinda sounds like Michael Scott.

    KickCloudsKickClouds5 hours ago
  • Had to chuckle when I saw the price for the Peripherals as it immediately brought back memories of my TFC ( Team Fortress Classic ) Gaming Clan deciding to all pitch in birthday present money for a _bunch_ of cheap Keyboard ( I believe 4-5 ) so one of our Members, who kept regularly breaking his KBs due to acts of rage, could remain in the game while we were gathering in a LAN - Good times... good times =)

    DurahlDurahl8 hours ago
  • Nice to see the psu was wrong way round

    ElusiveCheatsElusiveCheats13 hours ago
  • My custom build $1500 PC is better than my Police Departments $3000 pre-built nightmare.

    CodeRed911CodeRed91113 hours ago
  • You do NOT want ring doorbell, get a skybell instead. Way better quality, no yearly fees.

    ColnandoColnando22 hours ago
  • I don't need that Ring what ever It Was called because we have Almost same kind of system in here in This Apartment

    SpaceRiderSpaceRider22 hours ago
  • They fill their packages with fentanyl and ship most of your stuff to other people. China will guarantee shipping on drugs and will repeatedly ship things until they make it through and use shippers like Wish to do it. Some packages will make it to the US and get delivered to a different state, you will a notice when your package is on the docks and when someone else gets your package lol.

    Hitz NKoffHitz NKoff22 hours ago
  • I'll bet you it goes fine, except you'll save $1000 ... I haven't had a single issue with Wish yet.

    ColnandoColnando23 hours ago
  • Clue was in the rack on the wall by the oven, where someone used the clips in the grid to spell out "L O L" 😂

    chris kapryschris kaprysDay ago
  • Feels weird seeing him without a beard.

    Legion PrimeLegion PrimeDay ago
  • Was it necessary to pitch down the sound when that 2nd person talked? it's dumb

    guky667guky667Day ago
  • I mean, at least you can get a refund?

    Freya HammarFreya HammarDay ago
  • I bought a 4th gen core i7 dell pc for $348 AUD. It's quite useful

    RandominaRandominaDay ago
    • Specs ?

      Tech OmgTech OmgDay ago
  • I i got a real ITEMS!!!

    AufaflyAufaflyDay ago
  • what did u expect from wish lol the chinese do knockoffs of fucking knockoffs lol and we idiots buy it!

    Darth EntityDarth EntityDay ago
  • Can you give that

    Little Indian GamerLittle Indian GamerDay ago
  • "Strap on, guys" - was that a wish joke?

    highvoltagefeathershighvoltagefeathersDay ago
  • The application was unable to start correctly (0x0000005). Click OK to close the application.

    Arslan BeastArslan BeastDay ago
  • Cant wait! i just bought all these parts for my next pc build!!!! Ill update you guys

    ImShodImShodDay ago
  • Still better than my computer

    KetchupKetchupDay ago
  • I have that mouse pad. Its great lol

    ctuley1ctuley1Day ago
  • You have to be Matthew James Bellamy (Muse lead sniger)

    Graeme GladmanGraeme GladmanDay ago
  • 12:42 what the fuck

    Gav ArtGav Art2 days ago
  • Wish doesnt sell pc cases. This is a misleading video

    JordanJordan2 days ago
  • fake vid bro

    Kai BucholzKai Bucholz2 days ago
  • "Strap on guys"

    Crayola EaterCrayola Eater2 days ago
  • why was that voice so low

    Goat 155Goat 1552 days ago
  • Me: That looks pretty good actually! LTT: This is horrible! Me: Horrible

    Alfie BurtonAlfie Burton2 days ago
  • can the guy with the demon voice never come back again plz

    Sticky_PSSticky_PS2 days ago
  • was posted on my birthday

    RuptasonRuptason2 days ago
  • 7 minutes into the video, whos that guy that he censored ?!?!

    iluvmypetiluvmypet2 days ago
  • Damn I only got a tv and a PlayStation :/

    STaDiixSTaDiix2 days ago
  • how much was everything in this video?

    Martin KirumbaMartin Kirumba2 days ago
  • *sigh*

    Armin BarootianArmin Barootian2 days ago
  • So i didnt understand, is the computer good?

    cripzyycripzyy2 days ago
  • Bruh my laptop is ever slower lol

    Mishael FelceMishael Felce2 days ago
  • I would love to watch a video of Linus drop kicking a wish computer

    3K OFA3K OFA2 days ago
  • Linus: what's with all the bubble wrap???? Me: well you see... It looks like crap with the wrap imagine how it looks without it. Yeah, like a mangled piece of gorboge

    3K OFA3K OFA2 days ago
  • when the monitor cost more than your setup

    CeyZeeCeyZee2 days ago
  • Considering all my PCs are dumpster dive origin, all of that is still better than my PCs

    Angel Lopez JrAngel Lopez Jr2 days ago
  • Why not use steam fps

    JoshuaJoshua2 days ago
  • Seeing a Wish ad right before seeing the video... Priceless

    dansboyydansboyy3 days ago
  • I paid $50 for an i5 4570 on eBay while Linus paid $50 for i3 2130. Looks like wish isn't as cheap as they say they are.

    SlySean44SlySean443 days ago
  • I got a wish ad.

    QuerkzyQuerkzy3 days ago
  • Bruhh I got an ad featuring Linus Tech Tips

    MexarlGMexarlG3 days ago
  • Wtf there is an aio for i3🤦

  • I got an ad for Wish on this video lol

    xExalteDx 76xExalteDx 763 days ago

    iReqretfuliReqretful3 days ago
  • How much is a rgb fan?

    james poopyjames poopy3 days ago
    • @Tech Omg normal fans

      james poopyjames poopy23 hours ago
    • What type heat sink it normal exhaust fans

      Tech OmgTech OmgDay ago
  • Why is the man in the corner a mystery

    ZROCKZROCK3 days ago
  • Finally! My PC is better than this Linus PC build for the first time!

    Yuuki - Games and Stuff.Yuuki - Games and Stuff.3 days ago
  • Very few things in this world make me sadder than the sound of that keyboard.

    Emma AndersonEmma Anderson3 days ago
  • i got an ad for honey that ltt was in and i thought it was part of the video

    ripmybraincellslolripmybraincellslol3 days ago
  • i got a wish ad

    UltrathemeusUltrathemeus3 days ago
  • Ashens did this video first

    nicevibesonlynicevibesonly3 days ago
    • Ashens is sick love his videos

      Tech OmgTech OmgDay ago
  • Linus, this video was awesome. Your reactions on the price are priceless. Keep up the good work and your great ideas!

    911Glokk911Glokk3 days ago
  • thats it? you try rocket leaque and give up after? really? all of those 20 minutes just for you to try rocket league? this is more dissapointing than the verges performance test

    BasilBasil4 days ago
  • I know nothing about building PCs, but this video was really interesting

    Charlotte RondaCharlotte Ronda4 days ago
  • 12:43 woa h

    Ivan TubeIvan Tube4 days ago
  • Friend: What is your GPU? Me: I bought a GTX 460 but they sent me a 1060 looking 1050 TI which also has VGA port!! Friend: WTF?

    Akın ÇiftçiAkın Çiftçi4 days ago
    • @3K OFA :DDD

      Akın ÇiftçiAkın Çiftçi2 days ago
    • Wow what a steal 😂😂😂

      3K OFA3K OFA2 days ago
  • The ad i got before this video was for wish

    jackson koenenjackson koenen4 days ago
  • 威士奇(Vaseky)! 何不試試驚駭固態硬碟?www

    徐子翔徐子翔4 days ago
  • You bought RAM from a Chinese selling conglomerate with a Russian company name and yet you seemed shocked that they used an unlicensed image? I'm more shocked they only used the one!

    Medieval Folk DanceMedieval Folk Dance4 days ago
  • This video explains why didn't sponsor him

    CasewonCasewon4 days ago
  • ran the game. So it works. Right?

    strange leestrange lee4 days ago
  • A H61 and an i3 2120 is what I'm running at the moment.

    strange leestrange lee4 days ago
  • Almost same cpu and motherboard! Mine is i3 2120.

    Rayanial :3Rayanial :34 days ago
  • only if I can afford a pc :'(

    Tristan SaludaresTristan Saludares4 days ago
  • I think the best use you'll get out of that machine is throwing it off a 10 story building.

    sirMAXXsirMAXX4 days ago
  • Still better than my laptop

    YTdante FanYTdante Fan4 days ago
  • i got 50$ for 16gb ddr3 hyperx

    Henry VoHenry Vo4 days ago
  • Whose here for twomad

    Ntk Eimer500patNtk Eimer500pat4 days ago
  • Oh god i got a 1050 ti that looks like that... its was like 60 bux some1 help it works fine tho... one of the fans sometimes slows down and its loud cuz of that but nothing else.

    Ameer HassanAmeer Hassan4 days ago
  • Everytime he reacted to the price it reminds me of my dad when I tell him how much my pc parts cost after I buy them 😂

    Quade SmithQuade Smith4 days ago