Jun 29, 2020
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  • peach bomb look like rainbow 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🐼🐼🐼🐹🕊️🐹🕊️🐹🐀🐹🐷🐀🐹🐀😷🦆🦆🍅🐹

    Noorul IslamNoorul Islam17 hours ago
  • Here’s an idea for a slime! Because the bath bombs over activated the slime, try putting a bathbomb into glue!

    Q.T_CowsQ.T_Cows18 hours ago
  • The potato masher slime is Read more

    Don’t click UwUDon’t click UwU18 hours ago
  • *Guys so if u want a activator but u don’t have any type at you malls, buy a bath bomb + glue / Boom slime.*

    Cloudy ShaeCloudy Shae21 hour ago
  • 2:35 your ears are gonna be blessed 🥰

    Wixter AlexWixter AlexDay ago
  • Why’s re u wearing gloves

    Izzy TimeIzzy TimeDay ago
  • Me:enjoying the sizzle Tallisa talks* Me :AAAA

    Sophie GamingSophie GamingDay ago
  • Y'now what... I'm really waiting to get Covid-19

    MechaniCatMechaniCatDay ago
  • Who watching this during covid

    Alaylas WorldAlaylas WorldDay ago
  • What slime shop do you get the actual slime?? ( scam or real )

    Jxnny PlayzJxnny PlayzDay ago
  • Hey do u take dares? If u do (idk if u did this or not) try putting a bath bomb in glue and see if it makes slime!

    Axolotl AnimationsAxolotl AnimationsDay ago
  • Hey do you sell slimes?

    Zinni ZebraZinni Zebra2 days ago
  • how many gallons of glue did u use?

    Mona liza de mesaMona liza de mesa2 days ago
  • how do you make the top of the jelly slime so bubbley

    Life As MeLife As Me2 days ago
  • 4:27 what is that noise tho 😳

    Teagan SmithTeagan Smith2 days ago
  • Please tell me I'm not the only one who is absolutely trigged when anything overflows and you dont want it to

    Bluestar ThewarriorcatBluestar Thewarriorcat2 days ago
  • Did anyone bodice that when she was outside she had gloves but when she was inside she did Not???

    Ana-Lucia CAna-Lucia C2 days ago
  • Why are the huge bubble snow slimes satisfying?!?

    mangoKATplayzmangoKATplayz3 days ago
  • me when the jumbo ball asmr came one: oh my gaaawwwwddddd lmaooo 🤣

    Kelsey AntczakKelsey Antczak3 days ago
  • The fact........comment if u nodiced it Whalen it was the sunsets 🌅 slime

    Tron NadoTron Nado3 days ago
    • She said “like a GREENY color” bruh- it’s OrAnGe

      Tron NadoTron Nado3 days ago
  • If you a wondering why she was wearing globes during most of the video..it's because it was end her Proof:talisa has painted and long nails if you go to 9:05 of the video she has short nails not painted and very hair arms..

    Year 6 ClassYear 6 Class3 days ago
  • that second pigment hit me different 🥺🎇🎆✨✨

    Alexander Nun-yaAlexander Nun-ya4 days ago
  • While watching this, I got a scam slime ad saying “Making Jelly Cube Slime with Piping Bags By Ryomi Slime” yeah, like Ima fall for that.

    Shãdøw BreakęrShãdøw Breakęr4 days ago
  • I need the krabby patty formuler what's the jiggly slime recipe please

    Kamryn McNamaraKamryn McNamara5 days ago
  • I cringed when she dumped the bowl of sizzle-goo on the table..... **shiver** the horror... the MESS

    Kamryn McNamaraKamryn McNamara5 days ago
  • When I saw slime scoop it reminded me of the scooper from fnaf-

    Tokyoluvahh ʕ•ᴥ•ʔTokyoluvahh ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ5 days ago
  • 9:16 did anyone think that's not her arm for a second?

    denideni5 days ago
    • It’s slime obsidians arm

      Divya DiazDivya Diaz3 days ago
  • Who else thought the first slime was a peach

    bendy chanbendy chan6 days ago
  • The peach bath bomb was the best for me!

  • The person you collared with really doesn’t know how camera angles work and I mean can’t you edit it so I don’t have to turn my head every other hack I don’t blame u tho I blame the other person

    Robert CiottiRobert Ciotti7 days ago
  • 0:56 No one: Captions: *[Applause]*

    •Astrid's Stars••Astrid's Stars•7 days ago
  • Who else had a tubi tv ad

    KarysKarys7 days ago
  • This is so awesome

    Moonlight GachaMoonlight Gacha7 days ago
  • 3:00

    Poop Is ComingPoop Is Coming7 days ago
  • *For the ice cream one, I felt like I was just watching someone make Booza.*

    Saarika NoriSaarika Nori7 days ago
  • I love her voice

    Movies For FreeMovies For Free7 days ago
  • Everyone go look at the USkeys Channel Halal Family Fun

    Ayman AliAyman Ali8 days ago
  • Lol slime is expensive.

    Tanjina hassanTanjina hassan8 days ago
  • What the hell wow this is so cool what the hell

    Lesly MayorLesly Mayor8 days ago
  • Can you just pin this for no reason

    Darkhxarts YTDarkhxarts YT8 days ago
  • Im sooo bored 😑 ! UwUz Basic clear slime 1.blue 2.green 3.purple 4.orange 5.pink 6.red 7.magenta 1.fishbowl 2.glitter 3.jellycubes 4.springkles sorry that i wrong spell 5.clay 6.foambeeds sorry if i wrong spell 1.glossy 2.jiggly 3.sticky 4.your choice uwu What was yours? Mine was magenta glitter and glossy ^ w ^

    Im le girl :3Im le girl :39 days ago
  • 2:45 she did that with force

    Miwaka LemiMiwaka Lemi9 days ago
  • The camera being kinda sideways is making me kinda wanting to throw up

    Boba tea BubblesBoba tea Bubbles9 days ago
  • this is unrelated but what nail polish do you use

    medicinemedicine9 days ago
  • Bath bombs have baking soda in them and that is most likely the reason it got over activated because baking soda helps activate the slime

    {saige}{saige}9 days ago
  • It must be nice playing it’s like for a living 😐

    iisprinklesiisprinkles10 days ago
  • I would say the peach bath bomb was of but it was a bit disgusting when you started pouring it out.

    Auguste SiniavskajaAuguste Siniavskaja10 days ago
  • purple + orange= Instagram

    Hedgehog FanHedgehog Fan10 days ago
  • -is this how u do the thingy?-

    sad wormsad worm10 days ago
  • The jiggly slime and pigment is my dream slime I really want to know how to make it! :D Nice video btw!

    The great adventures of Acu and AyuThe great adventures of Acu and Ayu10 days ago
  • Talissa when you where playing with the fake snow slime why did you wear gloves

    Cousins 4VERCousins 4VER11 days ago
  • *Everyone:* *”Watching Video”* *Me:* *”Nice Nails”*

    Kitty KUKitty KU11 days ago
  • When the thumbnail slime kinda looked like mr beast ,-,

    Bloody InkblotBloody Inkblot11 days ago
  • why did you have to wear gloves when you did the jelly slime?

    Fridgen ChloeFridgen Chloe11 days ago
  • Fun fact that’s not really fun: since citric acid melts slime and sodium bicarbonate activates slime, it gets liquidy then hard (I’m not a nerd, just figured it out)

    UniKami UnicornUniKami Unicorn11 days ago
  • At first I thought you had a skin disease I was like: omg but I realized that it was a glove stupid me

    Eleonore ManginEleonore Mangin11 days ago
  • Where did she go? Like if your worried for her 👇

    Ava CamejoAva Camejo11 days ago
  • Why is she taking longer to post now???

    GabbygamergirlGabbygamergirl11 days ago
  • Add model magic with oil and contact solution

    Jen MillerJen Miller11 days ago
    • And can you add it in your next video. Also when are you gonna make a nother video?

      Jen MillerJen Miller11 days ago
    • It turns sooooooo good of a slime it is always a good slime

      Jen MillerJen Miller11 days ago
    • The idea i said turns into a butter slime and if it gets to hard add more oil and contact lens solution

      Jen MillerJen Miller11 days ago
  • that forceful pull doe 2:48

    puppie babypuppie baby11 days ago
  • Add cloud slime into clear i promise it makes a great affect

    Dempo GamingDempo Gaming11 days ago
  • you should try out snoop slimes

    kyleigh kangkyleigh kang11 days ago
  • Where is tal

    Alissa LukeAlissa Luke12 days ago
  • Guys she hasnt posted in a month...

    A Lost PotatoA Lost Potato12 days ago
  • Why do you need gloves?

    Calvin SmithCalvin Smith12 days ago
    • I think if they want to sell the slimes with COVID and stuff

      Tyler JohnsonTyler Johnson10 days ago
  • I wish she uploaded more 😒😩☹️

    Schleich Pettle photographySchleich Pettle photography12 days ago
  • Talisa where are you it’s been a month

    Avery’s VlogsAvery’s Vlogs12 days ago
  • On the second pigment mixing I could see purple red and orange ❤️🧡💜💜❤️🧡💜❤️🧡💜❤️💜🧡💕🧡

    Sara BabucaSara Babuca12 days ago
  • 0:46 Nobody: The subtitles: *[Applause]*

    Purple Bear Dream GamingPurple Bear Dream Gaming12 days ago
  • Does anyone else want her to do another reviewing slime shops?:(

    Camille 27BeckemeyerCamille 27Beckemeyer12 days ago
  • Are you okay? You haven’t posted in a while..just checking in!

    Samantha SarandisSamantha Sarandis12 days ago
  • I started watching you at 200k-ish subs so im really happy for your progress!

    starshipsstarships13 days ago
  • the big ball ASMR was amazing!

    Cassie RiveraCassie Rivera13 days ago
  • i love your videos

    XxLoCoAnImEwEeBxXXxLoCoAnImEwEeBxX13 days ago
  • This asmr is making me sleepy

    vanshika tandelvanshika tandel13 days ago
  • The sound of the water pouring into the orange pigment sounded like "p--" 😐

    Rania's RaNdOmStUfFRania's RaNdOmStUfF13 days ago
  • Why doesn’t she post?

    Lilly HutchinsLilly Hutchins13 days ago
  • I came here to see if she still on this slime shit and yup💀💀💀

    Naomi GarciaNaomi Garcia13 days ago
  • Bath bombs over activate the slime because it has a lot of baking soda

    lizcahill33lizcahill3313 days ago
  • 2:54 ultra violet blue From slime obsidian You can't change my Mind

    Brianne uwuBrianne uwu13 days ago
  • It's been 3 weeks why don't you post 😐

    Muminul MuhibMuminul Muhib13 days ago
  • Me who has exzema and is jealous

    Zahra HussainZahra Hussain13 days ago
  • 9:05 9:05 9:05 ur very welcome

    AlyAly13 days ago
    • Ooo thanks

      Zahra HussainZahra Hussain13 days ago
  • She needs to know how to keep up with a popular channel.

    Claudia JeffersonClaudia Jefferson13 days ago
  • Hi My name is Bella and I was wondering if you would review one of my mystery boxes you can contact me at MysterBellabox on etsy for more info but I would love it if you could!

    Leah DensonLeah Denson13 days ago
  • Is talissa ok she hasn’t posted I’m kinda worried

    Anna BetzabeAnna Betzabe13 days ago
    • me too

  • For all you James Charles lovers, reply if you're more Team James or Team Talisa. Just for fun, plz don't get mad, I love both of them.

    gwyneth frankgwyneth frank13 days ago
  • Am I the only one who hates bath bomes bc of all the little bubbles eww thinking about it makes me was to vomit 🤮 #trypophobia

    Lillian LaChanceLillian LaChance13 days ago
  • See you next week 4 weeks later

    Slyme CrazIbo1Slyme CrazIbo113 days ago
  • Why you mix the pigment with your hand

    Jesus OrtizJesus Ortiz13 days ago
  • Can I get a shout out

    Unicorn girls The bestUnicorn girls The best13 days ago
  • I love your videos

    Unicorn girls The bestUnicorn girls The best13 days ago
  • I remember you in my childhood I was 6 and 7 ;-;

    Antoinette Of the BaconsAntoinette Of the Bacons13 days ago
  • It has Ben 3 weeks why is she Not posting plzzzz post again

    Isabella jolonIsabella jolon13 days ago
  • on her scam slime videos i wish she would put the price lol

    -Poppy Studios--Poppy Studios-13 days ago
  • Wow Talisa, that’s SUPER COOL

    Myla LiaoMyla Liao13 days ago
  • These slimes are all SO COOOOL

    Myla LiaoMyla Liao13 days ago
  • I wish I could make slime like this

    ReniqueSD 184ReniqueSD 18414 days ago
  • The camera's messed up when she was playing with the big batches

    Galaxy • CookiesGalaxy • Cookies14 days ago
    • It’s cuz that’s not her

      William MurrayWilliam Murray14 days ago
  • I am fr india

    cooking ka tadkacooking ka tadka14 days ago
    • I love yr all slime recepies

      cooking ka tadkacooking ka tadka14 days ago