Bella Thorne Reveals Her Skincare Routine in a Video, Fans Are Horrified

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Bella Thorne showed her skincare routine in a video and people are horrified.

[Bella Thorne]
[Susan Yara]
[Kenna Whitnell]
[Using lemon for skin care]
[Exfoliating under the eyes]

  • There's nothing horrifying about this routine?

    Gordy ScapesGordy Scapes11 hours ago
  • Bella: ⁿᵃᵗᵘʳᵃˡ ⁱˢ ᵍᵒᵒᵈ ᶠᵒʳ ʸᵒᵘ Poisonous snakes:🌚

    面倒臭い面倒臭い2 days ago
  • I honestly use water or wipes. It works 😬

    Alisha PlaysRobloxAlisha PlaysRoblox4 days ago
  • as a person who breaks out every single time i use one of those mass marketed "anti acne" or "anti aging" skincare products, i'm down with the natural solutions. i also have to exfoliate all the time. oh no, oils and honey. *horror intensifies* at least it's not freaking blood.

    Rory TriscuitRory Triscuit4 days ago
  • I don't know who she is, I'm old... But you know what I do to my skin? Wash it. With normal soap...

    DaemlichesStueckDaemlichesStueck5 days ago
  • Ok but people use to bath in dirty ponds and rivers back in the old old days. Do we want to go back to that? Or are we gonna stop being sensitive little babies 😕 people do stuff for themselves, let people live, learn and change. You cant fix someones mistake if they cant learn it for themselves. *edit Where were all thess dermatologists at when bella needed them? Why do people suddenly have a college degree in dermatology when someone posts their ways. It could be all natural if she got it all for herself yes. But maybe it does help her skin. People are different. So is their skin.

    Grace HillGrace Hill5 days ago
  • nobody apart from Hyram is horrified

    Leah PayneLeah Payne7 days ago
  • I dont care if my skin can glow like hers am using it

    PlumplumqueenPlumplumqueen7 days ago
  • like bruh, oMg iM hOrRiFiEd

    Deepshikha SharmaDeepshikha Sharma8 days ago
  • its her own skin its up to her , and is up to you too follow that she doesn’t force you to follow her routine tho why so mad its not that big deal

    Vivian AliciaVivian Alicia8 days ago
  • Honestly I love her skincare routine, it looks so refreshing.

    Riache SarahRiache Sarah10 days ago
  • Hyram has taught me so much 👏

    Stars and RainbowsStars and Rainbows13 days ago
  • Hyram is pretty much the only person who is horrified

    Natalie VeatchNatalie Veatch14 days ago
  • Susan Yara who claimed that she’s better than a board-certified dermatologist? Ugh

    adieadie14 days ago
  • as long as it’s not hurting u or someone u care about, mind yo own business

    maggie lastnamemaggie lastname14 days ago
  • I rlly want to get ur mercy but it’s super expensive so could u plz lower the price a bit🥺 or I can’t get any

    Becky BeachBecky Beach15 days ago
  • Natural isn’t always good and chemicals aren’t always bad

    •I’m Trash ツ•I’m Trash ツ16 days ago
  • The thing is, her skin is very unique which is why I don’t think she should tell people to do her routine. In the next year her routine could be completely different. Always just listen to experts. If you need dermatology help go to a dermatologist, or again, go to experts channels and take advice from them

    merilemerile17 days ago
  • 1:31 wait a minute, Bella Thorne is making a skincare line....? what

    M AliM Ali18 days ago
  • The "chemicals" in scrubs and washes change the pH of ur skin she u stop using them ur skin goes back to the way it was.

    Skylar JaxxSkylar Jaxx19 days ago
  • Remember dr never want you to go organic or natural .. she probably has her own skin care products that’s why she’s so against it.

    Gloria AmadaGloria Amada20 days ago
  • “is your skin reliant on that product?” *yes, actually, if I don’t wanna look like a walking pepperoni pizza*

    Xx ElleGaming xXXx ElleGaming xX20 days ago
  • I get people that think the whole “all natural” thing isn’t as hyped as it needs to be, and, heck, my parents have a friend who ONLY uses all natural stuff and dosnt vaccinate or anything, so I get where they’re coming from. But... “horrified”? That’s extreme. That’s very extreme. If this is what works for her, let her do it. She’s not pushing this on other people, either. She’s just saying she does it. It’s really not that bad.

    FyreForce 1600FyreForce 160021 day ago
  • Lemon isn't great for your skin but it's not *horrifying*. I'm not sure why people were so mad.

    Waffles DeathWaffles Death22 days ago
  • The only thing I will say is that she is telling others to do the same, people saying “it’s her routine not yours” don’t realize how she is telling others to go “all natural”

    Bridget Eastman - Class of 2025Bridget Eastman - Class of 202523 days ago
  • “Horrified” I thought that she was gunna rub a brick on her face or sum

    annika hoppannika hopp24 days ago
  • poisonous mushrooms are all-natural. Does that mean they aren't harmful to us?

    Janice LAMJanice LAM24 days ago
  • smh i dont understand the issue.. xd

    Megan BellMegan Bell24 days ago
  • I think if she puts 'dangerous chemical' in her words, it would be fine.

    Ain QistinaAin Qistina25 days ago
  • I always use a homemade scrup made of honey, lemon, brown sugar, and coconut oil. It's lovely.

    Aurora WilleachurfaceAurora Willeachurface25 days ago
  • she’s just doing her skincare routine. why people being overdramatic about this?

    Kayla LynnKayla Lynn25 days ago
  • I wouldn’t call her video horrifying 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Kaliyah MarballieKaliyah Marballie26 days ago
  • We all have different types of skin and let's just respect that. I'm actually more appalled by the people who had overreacted negatively.

    Stephanie LimStephanie Lim27 days ago
  • the fact i got a trump ad 🤢🤢

    Maya v.vMaya v.v27 days ago
  • I suffered from really terrible acne all over my face and it was enflamed and painful. My skin is really sensitive too and I've tried various skin products, such as Clean and Clear, (which was really harsh on my skin). Nothing worked and I thought I'd be stuck with acne forever. Until last year, when my mum and I were on holiday in Cyprus for a week and found this shop called Olive Spa. I tried out their anti acne face cream while still on holiday and my skin started clearing up, combined with using sulphur soap to wash my face. Now I have really clear skin!

    Sharnai GayleSharnai Gayle27 days ago
  • "most people had negative reactions to Bella's skincare routine" AGDHSJSN what?!

    writer starkswriter starks28 days ago
  • Who’s cares what she puts on her face it’s her LIFE!!!

    vivian smithvivian smith28 days ago
  • Guys it’s not that deep it’s honey as long as it’s organic then who cares.

    Kennedy Broadus.Kennedy Broadus.28 days ago
  • It’s not horrifying It’s just what works for her and if you don’t agree with it so be it you don’t have to agree or promote it. just let her do what works for her.

    Kelsey WilsonKelsey Wilson29 days ago
  • There’s nothing wrong with what she’s saying people are crazy blowing up

    wearesupernovas •wearesupernovas •29 days ago
  • People have different skincare routines and they work different so u can’t really say anything.

    Janiece ThomasJaniece Thomas29 days ago
  • I got a skin care ad 😳

    Hello My name isHello My name isMonth ago
  • what’s so “horrific” about this...

    MiyoriMiyoriMonth ago
  • her skin looks great so why are people pressed. if it works for her it works. she didn’t ask for people’s opinions

    Aislinn HessAislinn HessMonth ago
  • my mom uses dawn dish soap so

    Aislinn HessAislinn HessMonth ago
  • Leave her alone

    XxtrouvaillixXXxtrouvaillixXMonth ago
  • I just use face scrub...and i don't wear cover up or any of that makeup on face... I'll stick to that.

    Ari AmoreAri AmoreMonth ago
  • Smh...🚶🏿‍♀️

    Tina MatamelaTina MatamelaMonth ago
  • She put like honey and lemons on her skin that isn't that scary

    Fiona PiazzaFiona PiazzaMonth ago
  • Out of everything Bella has done, this really isn’t her biggest scandal 😂

    Alessia CottrellAlessia CottrellMonth ago
  • the ppl mad probably don’t have clear skin

    •oofie woofie••oofie woofie•Month ago
  • Bruh y is everyone so pressed

    Thick FactsThick FactsMonth ago
  • water do be the best skincare tho. Speaking from experience.

    Newt ScamanderNewt ScamanderMonth ago
  • Umm does anyone else feel like people overreacted

    Ally AngelAlly AngelMonth ago
  • Me using only water

    iiSunxlightiiSunxlightMonth ago
  • I see nothing wrong with her skincare what?

    Ariana MilanAriana MilanMonth ago
  • idk about that dermatologist i LOVE vitamin e oil it really helped clear up my acne and dry skin and it makes you glow

    Caspar HelmCaspar HelmMonth ago
  • Everyone has different things that work for THEIR skin. Just because something seems strange doesn’t mean it’s bad. Lemon can be irritating especially if you have sensitive skin but if this works for her than let her have that. Skincare is very unique to each person.

    Lexi RoseLexi RoseMonth ago
  • What's so wrong with natural ingredients you don't know if they had chemicals or not the only that is horrifying is how rude and shameful people have gotten in this world im ashamed.

    Snøwy gachaSnøwy gachaMonth ago
  • bruv y’all had me thinking she did some real crazy shi.

    Ashley W.Ashley W.Month ago
  • Y’all if it works for her, it works for her. If it’s not your cup of tea, don’t do it.💀

    Ordinary_ AlienOrdinary_ AlienMonth ago
  • Dermatologist: chemicals aren’t bad. Ppl just want to scare you with that word Also her: weird chemicals & stuff

    Rose GrahamRose GrahamMonth ago
  • wow so ridiculous... i myself used all natural ingredient sometimes... it didn't hurt u a bit...

    Martin XavierMartin XavierMonth ago
  • But its true that lemon harms your skin and antioxidants are better if you eat them

    Sarah DerouicheSarah DerouicheMonth ago
  • I've used all-natural routines and they've made my face glow and my acne nearly disappear! I love Bella's routine and it's very close to mine.

    Sarah DerouicheSarah DerouicheMonth ago
  • i had no idea what to expect, seeing as this is a video on skincare. someone who prefers 100% natural ingredients? not really that horrific

    Akasha WilliamsAkasha WilliamsMonth ago
  • Why do they even care it's HER FACE. If she puts stuffs on her skin will that harm their face? Also if they're complaining that someone might "follow" Bella's skincare routine that's their choice and fault for not researching enough and believing everything they see. And clearly their skin is different from hers.

    Alexis UbaldoAlexis UbaldoMonth ago
  • Lord, "horrified?" Its honey yall. Just leave the girl alone.

    Roblox Myths Get InvestigatedRoblox Myths Get InvestigatedMonth ago
  • It's not that bad but spreading misinformation isn't good. She has no idea what she's talking about and then gives others tips for their routine? Also, def not buying her products 😅

    XoxoXoxoMonth ago
  • Her skincare routine sounds like breakfast

    Rezi MaizaRezi MaizaMonth ago
  • Bella Thorn: *stays calm* Haters: KWBSHFWKNEVVSBSV

    EMEMMonth ago
  • Natural isn't better lol, the only beneficial thing she uses is honey. Never use lemon or coconut oil on your face, please!

    karokaroMonth ago
  • I DON’T understand why everyone is getting mad with her, i understand the way she means she doesn’t use moisturizer or anything because her face is sensitive and if she uses any it’s probably going to make her face irritated and even more dry than it already is. My skin is just like that so if she wants to do what she wants with HER body and HER face she can. its better than risking her face to be worse than it already is.

    cronchylimescronchylimesMonth ago
  • Like they've said "different things work for different skin types" they need to stop they act like they are living with her skin

    Gloria M.Gloria M.Month ago
  • Like her skin looks fine 💀

    Gloria M.Gloria M.Month ago
  • Sooooo people do know that a lot of people use natural products for skin care routine?

    Elia SanchezElia SanchezMonth ago
  • I need to watch susan yara now because I got get my skin condition right.

    TheRatt96TheRatt96Month ago
  • Shocking. I'm shocked.

    Dena ADena AMonth ago
  • It's not that disturbing-

    Denise DiaconuDenise DiaconuMonth ago
  • Bruh ppl need to chill out like why do y’all even care abt wut products she uses or her opinions smh 🤦‍♀️

    Wania AhmedWania AhmedMonth ago