Our First Mystery Guest | Dinner With The D'Amelios

Nov 16, 2020
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For our first guest on Dinner with the D'Amelio's, we have... wait... we can't tell you that, we didn't even know who was coming. Make sure you watch to see who joined us for dinner in the first episode of our new series, Dinner With the D'Amelios.
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  • *gw gk ngerti apa yg mereka omongin* ...

    Risma AlmiraRisma AlmiraMinute ago
  • The chef actually said that he put the snail in on purpose, cause he wanted to see their reaction. I am not saying i support Charli or her content, but the backlash she's getting is stupid. Come no she's 16 years old and getting actual death threats from grown ass people.

    sarah ksarah k3 minutes ago
  • Dixie: throwing up Charli: dO wE hAvE aNy DiNo NuGgEtS

    Emilie MerrillEmilie Merrill4 minutes ago
  • can someone please tell me what the video is about:) that would be very helpful

    Lewis LehnerLewis Lehner4 minutes ago
  • Dixie and Charlie are very rude. They don't have any manners. Weird to see how privileged they act.

    LindsyLindsy6 minutes ago
  • Not trying to be mean but those two girls need to learn some table manners. Dixie especially, she is 19 and is acting like a 5 year old. I'm sorry but people like this don't deserve to be famous. Both of them are clearly spoiled brats. They don't seem to appreciate the chefs handwork at all. I would consider myself so lucky if I was just able to sit and have such a nice looking dinner with my family. I would appreciate it and be on my best behavior specially in front of the camera. They don't even act like they come from a good family. Like omg I'm sorry to say this but who raised you Charli and Dixie, did ur parents not teach you table manners or how to be polite. There's people out there who don't have any food and you guys out here acting like this with all the delicious food in front of you. I really wanted to support Chari and Dixie but after seeing this video i have zero respect for them. For goodness sake grow up both of you!! And the parents, please discipline your children. if I acted like the way Dixie did my mom would have slapped the crap out of me. I came to the conclusion these two are spoiled brats who clearly don't appreciate anything and they most definitely don't need other young girls looking up to them and following their example. Also Dixie flicking the food around like that was so disrespectful.

    Anna AndersonAnna Anderson7 minutes ago
  • noah is too good for dixie... she just has that idgaf attitude all the time and doesn’t seem like she’s gonna do anything with herself. he deserves more sorry.

    chey mchey m11 minutes ago
  • First and last....charli looked upset when snakes did the outro

    Vanessa MurrayVanessa Murray20 minutes ago
  • i still think they do it for money because like that they are very rich for the money of course ne but in the end i'll go straight to the point the girls' face was not so nice James as he didn't want to get involved in it he didn't want to comment on anything so he giggled Dixie and Charli could at least have cut it off the food is so good imagine the poor chef when seeing the reaction of the girls good I think Charli didn’t need to do this like commenting on fame it makes her lose followers

    Srta. MarisSrta. Maris21 minute ago
  • Hi

    nikiniki25 minutes ago
  • “do we have any dino nuggets?”

    Bunny SparkleBunny Sparkle25 minutes ago
  • Also what a fucking insult is the fact that there doing this series and actually inviting people to their home and exposing people and theirselves to COVID 19 like, we don't have video chat or zoom? Like I haven't seen my cousins and family in a year! But they think just because they're famous, and they need video content that they can do this? That's pure BS TO ME! honestly there apart of the reason we still have COVID be smarter people!

    Amanda noleAmanda nole28 minutes ago
  • So we're numbers or we're people to you Charli why you're talking about even numbers, then you see us as numbers you have 100 million

    Ximena MorenoXimena Moreno28 minutes ago
  • james you wereb great

    Zaina FatimaZaina Fatima29 minutes ago
  • dixie is so over dramatic the reaction towards the chefs hard work is very unpolite if she has such a problem with his food why doesn't she cook it by herself i mean she eats her own boogers and mucous so whats wrong with a snail i wish that snail was dixie and someone would throw her away

    Zaina FatimaZaina Fatima30 minutes ago

    Zoey LyonsZoey Lyons31 minute ago
  • You can’t even lie James carried the whole thing and at least had the manners to shout out the chef in the end and include him Edit: spelling error

    The Warrior Cat HashtagThe Warrior Cat Hashtag31 minute ago
  • That fact that during a pandemic they thought A list celebrities where going to risk there lives or anyone else's to hang out with two 16 year old tic tokers and have dinner with there average ass family is mind boggling to me lmao like they said Taylor Swift or Jessica Alba? BITCH they don't know you? Am sorry y'all it's just funny to me that these stupid people think there THAT famous and honesty they really don't deserve all this fame.

    Amanda noleAmanda nole33 minutes ago
  • Do we have any Dino nuggets

    Try hard YaTry hard Ya36 minutes ago
  • Jesus Christ loves you all so much please repent and turn to Him!

    craftycrafter all your needscraftycrafter all your needs37 minutes ago
  • Jesus loves you guys

    craftycrafter all your needscraftycrafter all your needs37 minutes ago
  • James Charles is sooo beautiful without make up!!

    Payal BoejharatPayal Boejharat37 minutes ago
  • Subbing and following james charles rn my respect for him 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

    0xNathx00xNathx038 minutes ago
  • "Our first mystery guest | Dinner with the d'amelio" more like "Babysitting two disrespectful, Mannerless girls"

    Tulip Gohain DuttaTulip Gohain Dutta41 minute ago
  • One word that describes it: "CRINGE"

    haps fnhaps fn42 minutes ago
  • Charli needs to stop! She thinks her followers are just numbers, and loves none for sure.

    Tulip Gohain DuttaTulip Gohain Dutta43 minutes ago
  • I finally watched this after seeing all the drama around this and I feel everyone is being dramatic. I understand why people were so upset but it wasn’t as ill mannered as I was expecting it to be.

    Jade GatewoodJade Gatewood48 minutes ago
  • This family spoiled

    Minou MirsalariMinou Mirsalari48 minutes ago
  • Soy la única que ablo español oay alguien más 👁️❤️👁️👇

  • 12:40 dixie is seriously drunk to do that

    Tulip Gohain DuttaTulip Gohain Dutta49 minutes ago
  • What a laugh with dixie lol

    kevin tobonkevin tobon53 minutes ago
  • ??

    Bia MariaBia Maria53 minutes ago
  • k mal corrigen asus hijas

    angeli roboxangeli robox54 minutes ago
  • Degradación social hasta el nivel más nefasto wn

    Kevin RamírezKevin Ramírez59 minutes ago
  • I feel James Charles. Feel sad that he needed to have dinner with "over dramatic" dixie who wasn't behaving. Oh my god, her sitting posture and outfits and conversations and weird behavior. I think she was possessed.

    Tulip Gohain DuttaTulip Gohain DuttaHour ago
  • *speaking about even numbers.....

    Faith VillasorFaith VillasorHour ago
  • omg like i can't believe that Noah would acctually kiss her after that

    sakeena zaara muradsakeena zaara muradHour ago
  • You guys are the best family I have ever seen

    Shahd SolimanShahd SolimanHour ago
  • dude that's so true about dixie but not bing able to ate the snail but being able to eat her snot

    sakeena zaara muradsakeena zaara muradHour ago
  • that is SO embarrassing...these girls have no manners omg

    evaevaHour ago
  • How unrespectful

    Kimberly MontanezKimberly MontanezHour ago
  • Why y’all call her Dixie Well her real name is Charlie sister

    Face2 FaceFace2 FaceHour ago
  • 15:03 thank me later

    Sama AshrafSama AshrafHour ago
  • Why are y'all hating on a 16 year old???? She's 16!

    Ren_x_OrionRen_x_OrionHour ago
  • “Being in the cover of vogue was the best moment of my life” Me: goes search it up “vogue Portugal” 🤦🏼‍♀️

    Matii BellyMatii BellyHour ago
  • when cringe is filmed professionally

    KismuBeatsKismuBeatsHour ago
  • Am I only one who find how pretty annoying guessing the guest

    Sama AshrafSama AshrafHour ago
  • It seemed to me a total impudence on the part of Charlie's sister and her sister was exaggerated I do not know if she wanted to attract attention or it was just that she disgusted but not to reach that extreme, it is a shame they are an unfluencer being a spoiled girls. My respects to James, he behaved like a true flower with respect to first and foremost.

    Brenda GalarzaBrenda GalarzaHour ago
  • Where is the part she picked her nose and ate it lmao?

    Logan BoyesLogan BoyesHour ago
  • I don't think the chef was on the joke like she said on her ig live. Charli needs to learn respect

    Adrian MathewAdrian MathewHour ago
  • Esa no es la Charli que conozco

    Sara vargasSara vargasHour ago
  • when charli damelio said "i just thought it was just a number" he was just humbling himself huh

    [ Hagx Chanz ] 14[ Hagx Chanz ] 14Hour ago
  • What a horrible family

    Mariana VillegasMariana VillegasHour ago
  • I can’t believe this video got so hyped up on Twitter.. her throwing up was like the smallest bit to this whole video..

    Joshua WheelerJoshua WheelerHour ago
  • I mean I am so on your guys side like people are editing the vid making Charlie and Dixie look bad when it was just Charlie saying imagine getting a 100 million after a million and Dixie did not like snail they wanted a reaction out of her like stop people it’s rude!!🙂🙃

    Mackenzie SamwaysMackenzie SamwaysHour ago
  • I felt bad for James, he was talking

    Nabilah RasidNabilah RasidHour ago
  • After watching this vid makes me not even want to be famous the internet needs to stop being software

    Bugga BooBugga BooHour ago
  • Quien le pone caracoles a la paella? PD soy de española

    Daura HormigoDaura HormigoHour ago
  • “Thank you so much” said Charlie

    Bugga BooBugga BooHour ago
  • It’s a SHOW not a USkeys video peeps

    Bugga BooBugga BooHour ago
  • The level of disrespect is IMMACULATE

    Rachel KoontzRachel KoontzHour ago
  • The pink girl is so stupid🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢

    • Athenea •• Athenea •2 hours ago
    • You are to

      CloudX WolfCloudX WolfHour ago
  • Dixie is so immature for her age it’s crazy

    88tazler8888tazler882 hours ago
    • @CloudX Wolf i have a life, weeb. she is immature, all she does is whine

      88tazler8888tazler8827 minutes ago
    • Ummmmm go get a life

      CloudX WolfCloudX WolfHour ago
  • 🦕Do We HaVe AnY DiNo nUgGeTs🦕

    Joyx_ 333Joyx_ 3332 hours ago
  • Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew

    FlackaWackaFlackaWacka2 hours ago
  • I'ts so wrong

    Paolinha LimaPaolinha Lima2 hours ago
    • What?

      CloudX WolfCloudX WolfHour ago
  • Fake paella!

    Pabs FPVPabs FPV2 hours ago
  • I hope Gordon cooked the food for them and see if dixie going to throw up.

    annaanna2 hours ago
  • Everyone of them are camera and media hogs. Chasing the dollar and fame. To each their own.

    Mike ReedMike Reed2 hours ago
  • so rude...

    Lovro PlečkoLovro Plečko2 hours ago
    • @Lovro Plečko you didn't even listen to what I said smh. Some people can't make it to a trash can.

      CloudX WolfCloudX WolfHour ago
    • @CloudX Wolf dixie should’ve say “excuse me, i’ll be back” like her mom told her “omg excuse urself”... charli was making stupid faces the whole night. like wtf

      Lovro PlečkoLovro PlečkoHour ago
    • Oh don't take it like that. Dixie just throws up sometimes so stop

      CloudX WolfCloudX WolfHour ago
  • Bro we eat snails for Christmas in France and it’s not nasty lmao that makes me so mad it’s childish

    dow dodow do2 hours ago
    • She wasn't saying it was nasty she just threw up and some people throw up alot

      CloudX WolfCloudX WolfHour ago
  • Dixie:so this our first home cooked meal since last November D’m mom mind:wow u just-Oh wow

    Gooo JzaGooo Jza3 hours ago
  • James. If your so picky whats your favorite food? Charli. Chicken nuggets😕 Dixie. AND MAC AND CHEESE charli. I LOVE MAC AND CHEESE 🧀 😋

    Brandon DossBrandon Doss3 hours ago
  • Alguien vino por el chisme? Xdxd

    julia studiosjulia studios3 hours ago
  • Más asco dan ellos como familia, 0 respeto por el chef 🤢🤢🤢

    Zarko Rodríguez PeñaZarko Rodríguez Peña3 hours ago
  • Why was there so much food spilled on the table?? like animals were eating there and not humans wtf....

    TheTenchiiTheTenchii3 hours ago
  • ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Mega KusumawardhaniMega Kusumawardhani3 hours ago
  • So nobody is going to talk about when Charli said “Do we have any Dino nuggets?”

    crazykenna16crazykenna163 hours ago
    • Ikn

      Genesis RenovatorsGenesis Renovators3 hours ago
  • 🙄🙄🙄

    Chelsea AmaliaChelsea Amalia3 hours ago
  • “Thought is was gonna be someone bug and famous” yeah ok not likes there just James Charles with 10+ million subscribers and a whole store that worships him just chillin at the end of your table

    FrogFrog3 hours ago
  • James Charles is the only one not being rude shows you how terrible the parents really are GO TO HELL!

    Tadiwa JavangweTadiwa Javangwe3 hours ago
  • i wish this family could get canceled so rude

    Tadiwa JavangweTadiwa Javangwe3 hours ago
  • I think people forget that these are still young girls. I'm not down with any snails ether. At least they keep it real and are not fake about it. They just remind me of a normal family having dinner like any other. I really don't see what the big deal is here.😂

    I like to commentI like to comment3 hours ago

    Ryn PerRyn Per4 hours ago
  • El único comentario en español el que estabas buscando xd

    《Cʜᴀʀʟɪᴇ ᴄʜᴀɴ》UwU《Cʜᴀʀʟɪᴇ ᴄʜᴀɴ》UwU4 hours ago
  • Emma chamberlain pls

    alec cutealec cute4 hours ago
  • I feel like these people except James are so caught up with fame and wealth. I know James has been in a few troubles in his past years of USkeys but he's honestly grown so much and mature while these people... you literally can see the difference between a rookie and someone who's been in the social media platforms for years.

    SonyaSonya4 hours ago
  • James was so Nice always ...

    Oriana Mendoza BernayOriana Mendoza Bernay4 hours ago
  • Dad be trying to hit on james haha 😅😂 just joking around

    Joel LeonJoel Leon4 hours ago
  • Yeah James said it ( most likely the last ever episode of dinner with the D’Amelios )

    NekoNeko4 hours ago
  • This makes ace family kinda more respectful 😂...

    sakura hoorasakura hoora4 hours ago
  • Dixie looke at face 👼☺

    Joel LeonJoel Leon4 hours ago
  • i did'nt know that d'amelios don't have manners

    jonathan ngundujonathan ngundu4 hours ago
  • i love james charles but girll.... charli is a brat idc what her 99 buyed followers say and who does their family think they are the kardashians?

    imabadbichucant killmeimabadbichucant killme4 hours ago
  • I wish my parents were proud of me too just like their parents are 😞

    Ruil FernsRuil Ferns4 hours ago
  • I like how everyone is not saying their fav food just complaining

    Gamecracker X3Gamecracker X34 hours ago
  • Dixie is very ungrateful here like atleast you are eating something, many people aren't it's just a snail. Just be grateful you have something to eat and respect the Chef. I wouldn't even wonder if that Chef poisons you.

    Garfield the Fat CatGarfield the Fat Cat4 hours ago
  • I feel bad for the chef

    Chan QueenaChan Queena4 hours ago
  • you can really tell the difference with the damelio family and the lopez family i mean the lopez family love all there kids the dameilio family only love charli

    crazy familycrazy family4 hours ago
  • Charli: "You have been snappy all day today switch your attitude" bruh I swear

    Soapy BryantSoapy Bryant4 hours ago