Yung Bleu feat. Drake - You're Mines Still (Lyric Video)

Oct 15, 2020
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Yung Bleu and Drake "You're Mines Still" Single Out Now!”
“You’re Mines Still” Lyrics By Yung Bleu ft. Drake
If i ever
Made you angry girl
Just know that it gets better with time (time)
They say time heals
She can’t see her life without me she so blind still Fuck that nigga you can tell him that your mines
still And she don’t wanna go to sleep she angry
Lately she been noticing he ain’t me
I wish that we can change places Don’t want no new new faces She got my heartbeat racing They
say time heals
Don’t go build no life without me cause your mines still And I don’t wanna go unless you make me
[Drake Verse]
Pretty face, pretty tempted
But pretty taught me ugly lessons
Pretty had me giving more than I was getting
So if pretty don’t come with something well then I dead it Shame to tell my friends how much I do
for you
Cause they know that you would never do the same for me
I wasn't looking for your secrets they just came to me
And they contradicted everything you claim to be
I took you to the club and you hugged on somebody that I know And I know them type of hugs
Same shit I do to women when I know I used to fuck
And I know they with they nigga but they never brought it up
I’m down these days
Down to do better cause you know I done enough
You should lay it down we’ll talk about it when you up
But she don’t wanna go to sleep she angry
[Yung Bleu]
Lately she been noticing he ain’t me
I wish that we can change places
Don’t want no new new faces
She got my heartbeat racing
They say time heals don’t go build no life without me Cause you mines still
And I don’t wanna go unless you make me Down on my knees hoping you take me Better tell that
nigga you mine
Heard you been tryna tie the knot
Girl tell me you lying
Let me beat that pussy up one more time Let me beat that pussy up one more time I know that
you fiend for this.
I know that you did not forget
So don’t go to sleep
And she don’t wanna go to sleep she angry Lately she been noticing he ain’t me
I wish that we can change places Don’t want no new new faces She got my heartbeat racing They
say time heals
Don’t go build no life without me
Cause you mines still
And I don’t wanna go unless you make me Lately I've been gone, I'm feeling crazy
I’m from the bricks we gotta
Whole lotta bricks you gotta
Whole lots tricks and I wanna see what you do with them
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