6 Times Kendall Couldn't Avoid the Drama | KUWTK | E!

May 18, 2020
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Whether she's upset about Caitlyn's tell-all book or bickering with Kylie over fashion, Kendall always keeps it real. Keep up with the "KUWTK" star!
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6 Times Kendall Couldn't Avoid the Drama | KUWTK | E!

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  • 3:09 Kylie's voice sounds so different here :o

    Sofia MejiaSofia Mejia11 days ago
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    Leta CunninghamLeta Cunningham13 days ago
  • Kendall the best

    alexalex15 days ago
  • Kendall is the least DrAmAtIc

    Angelina RoqueAngelina Roque20 days ago
  • -You literally get to learn how to do a doughnut legally... -Ok come on Kylie lets go 😄😄😄😄

    hichem otaihichem otai22 days ago
  • Hold on since Caitlyn is now a women do Kylie and Kendall still call her dad

    Rubi MendozaRubi Mendoza24 days ago
  • Omg 6 times, dude thats a very small number

    yaya williamsyaya williams24 days ago
  • Kendall is a massive mood

    Madison AndersenMadison Andersen25 days ago
  • Kendall is a mood

    Adriana GomezAdriana Gomez26 days ago
  • Rob is so poor it’s hilarious. They need to cut his dead weight out already

    Miss SpellMiss Spell27 days ago
  • i find it sooo annoying how everyone decided to favourite kendall while bringing all the other sisters down. kendall has most definitely had plastic surgeries - nose job, lip fillers, cheek fillers; you name it. why does plastic surgery make a person less than? why does wearing makeup make a person less than? be happy for people's success rather than tear them down.

    annabelannabelMonth ago
  • Idk if this is a popular opinion or not but Kendal is the prettiest of the kardashian/jenners

    Casey TreatCasey TreatMonth ago
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    Felipa HernándezFelipa HernándezMonth ago
  • Just here looking at the big bowl of watermelons 😆😆

    Tena MačekTena MačekMonth ago
  • Why does Kendall Jenner act like she’s such an independent hard-working model. If it wasn’t for Kim and her mom she wouldn’t not be the model we know today. I remember in season 7, Kim took Kendall to runway training and she was acting so childish and then says that Kim is so selfish that she’s forcing her to choose modelling when should do something else better. She may be ‘hardworking’ now but she needs to stop saying that her family did not help her in her modelling.

    Yasin I.Yasin I.Month ago
  • Ok but like kris looked soooo much like Kim in the first clip!

    Francesca JohnsonFrancesca JohnsonMonth ago
  • 2400!!!

    nicocola1nicocola1Month ago
  • Typical Scorpio: Unproblematic but if there’s a drama, there is a valid reason.

    PinkDragonKittyPinkDragonKittyMonth ago
  • She's boring but in a good way and spicey when needed will always find her the good looking one outta the bunch !!

    Above3Beyond123Above3Beyond123Month ago

  • Who the hell eats all the produce and cookies that are present in every kitchen segment?

    KOR ShortKOR ShortMonth ago
  • Kendall, Khloe, and Kourtney are my favs

    Just KaijxnzJust KaijxnzMonth ago
  • I have a feeling Rob is the troublemaker of the fam.....

    AdorablePooch302AdorablePooch302Month ago
  • They put makeup on their hands?? Lol caitlyn and the manly voice 🤣

    AkixAkixMonth ago
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    abby fabby fMonth ago
  • Kendall and Kylie fighting at 1:40 minutes Captions: [Applause] [Music]

    ParakashthaParakashthaMonth ago
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    Amanda MALCOLMAmanda MALCOLMMonth ago
  • kendall is the one i think is being in drama but doesnt want to be in it.

    Sophia HaooSophia HaooMonth ago
  • She’s an open book, straightforward and real.

    Georgina Paterson BarnesGeorgina Paterson BarnesMonth ago
  • Lol, Kris is a control freak and she just upset someone spilled the beans

    Olivia OarOlivia OarMonth ago
  • i died when kendall called her dad bro

    Geordie RussellGeordie RussellMonth ago
  • i love how they have their own language ‘bible’ omggg

    leillanii xleillanii xMonth ago
  • I Love Kendall, just it

    Lu BuenoLu BuenoMonth ago
  • This family is more dysfunctional than first thought.

    Keith KantorczykKeith KantorczykMonth ago
  • Kendall is such an Aries Moon. Always standing her ground, speaking her truth, loud and proud. I love it.

    Ton Bich HienTon Bich HienMonth ago
  • She, he.....wasnt it their father?

    Marcus-Aerilius MaximusMarcus-Aerilius MaximusMonth ago
  • I think Kendall is the only one who has a natural glow up like not much plastic surgery

    Simplyyx BrynnSimplyyx Brynn2 months ago
  • this is why she's my favorite. she doesn't get mad for stupid reasons like "copying outfits or christmas decorations." kendall gets angry at things that are worth getting angry at.

    Colleen JenningsColleen Jennings2 months ago
  • The fact that when Kendall gets into drama its for an actual reason is why she is the realest one

    Hiba NizamiHiba Nizami2 months ago
  • What more can I ask for.

    Vittavas AjcharerkVittavas Ajcharerk2 months ago
  • that's so weirdo

    Trân Chung ThểTrân Chung Thể2 months ago
  • why can't they stop misgendering kaitlyn?

    David SesmeroDavid Sesmero2 months ago
  • 6 times Kendall WAS the drama

    ShindlersFistShindlersFist2 months ago
  • Who has a bowl of watermelons....?!?

    MELCYandJULCYMELCYandJULCY2 months ago
    • Rich People.

      Dana MüllerDana Müller2 months ago
  • Kendall staring at herself in the mirror while fighting with her dad

    Jaym HerrJaym Herr2 months ago
  • I agree with Kris on Caitlyn's journey. Yeah, Caitlyn could've stuck to her journey instead of making the whole Kardashian Jenner family look so bad. She infact raised the kids. I mean, c'mon I love Caitlyn but...

    HexogonHexogon2 months ago
  • ❤ her eyebrows especially when she's not wearing make-up.

    lady__biskitlady__biskit2 months ago
  • Nobody: ... Kris Jenner: A whole bowl of watermelons.

    Latonya FisherLatonya Fisher2 months ago
  • I get kris point in a way but also if any happens to be true it would ruin her image. There are things that don’t make sense though but only try and God know

    MyLifeLongFight 101MyLifeLongFight 1012 months ago
  • I love how Kendall respects her dads pronouns!💖🥰

    Madilyn CandelarioMadilyn Candelario2 months ago
  • Kylie looks like a alien in the gold dress here

    SelenaSelena2 months ago
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    Gonzalo MullerGonzalo Muller2 months ago
  • I like how brave and straightforward kendall is. She's not afraid to tell what she really thinks or feel about that person. I love her 😍

    Katiee LinKatiee Lin2 months ago
  • I know almost everyone in this family has had some type of plastic surgery but I think Kendall, Kourtney and Rob look almost the same!

    Barbara402 Tate48Barbara402 Tate482 months ago
    • Rob did one kourtney did one too

      rifty_. cx on Instagramrifty_. cx on Instagram2 months ago
    • Only kendal hasn't done plastic surgery

      rifty_. cx on Instagramrifty_. cx on Instagram2 months ago
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    Alexandra RiveraAlexandra Rivera2 months ago
  • Honestly they just act like other sisters but people don’t know that because they show it all in a show.

    sanaiyah caldwellsanaiyah caldwell2 months ago
  • also kendall is 100% the highest paid model because of her name and her family...otherwise she wouldn't be bc we all know homegirl cant pose to save her life.

    Yacceni Castelan-FloresYacceni Castelan-Flores2 months ago
  • Also, does Kylie know what "touché" means? 2:06 Kylie basically agrees to Kendall calling her the biggest f*in b*tch :'D I'm dead.. these people..

    ArisJanoskianArisJanoskian2 months ago
  • 1:12 anybody talking about the amount of watermellons on the table? Who will eat all of that? :'D

    ArisJanoskianArisJanoskian2 months ago
  • “What PEN?”- rob is iconic😂

    Aang _15Aang _152 months ago
  • the way they’re painting Kileys hands 😃 1:23

    Xime GuillenXime Guillen3 months ago
  • Am I the only one who feels Kendall is really unreasonable 💩

    MissMstar1MissMstar13 months ago
  • Rob: "you moron!".

    s ss s3 months ago
  • Some people have fruit bowl’s but Kris just casually has a bowl of watermelons 😂

    John DoeJohn Doe3 months ago
  • Uggh. Kendall again.

    Lipika IyerLipika Iyer3 months ago
  • any one else wondering why they have so many watermelons

    baby faced.baby faced.3 months ago
  • “That’s the first time you’ve bought me a present your whole life” ...ok? Shouldnt it mean more then? But ok..💀

    Nayeli SaenzNayeli Saenz3 months ago
  • I feel like Kendall is the most “normal” out of them. I really don’t like Kylie 🥴

    Avery ThompsonAvery Thompson3 months ago
  • “The Kardashians”

    Monica LomaxMonica Lomax3 months ago
  • if kendall wasnt a jenner, she wouldnt have been so famous but shes pretty so yea

    Monica Yuki VernazzaMonica Yuki Vernazza3 months ago
  • And your gran kids will find out your family consuming children

    NelRon 80NelRon 803 months ago
  • No more adrenochrome

    NelRon 80NelRon 803 months ago
  • Idk why i clicked on this, but i just learned i had kendal kim and kyle mixed up

    Jimins lost JamsJimins lost Jams3 months ago
  • so we just finna ignore the UNBLENDED jawline contour on kylie?

    Ariana MeyerAriana Meyer3 months ago
  • the editor seriously needs to stop editing the whit in their eyes on the thumbnail

    Maya MilewskiMaya Milewski3 months ago
  • Why do they have so many watermelons

    Mariah SmithMariah Smith3 months ago
  • Is it just me but I always keep imagining how like Kim’s daughter North when she’s older will she be like Kim and be like the new Kardashian’s with Chloe’s daughter or will she be with her own sisters in the future and Kim will be then kris !? Lol 😂

    •B E A R T E A ••B E A R T E A •3 months ago
  • kendall is the most straight forward of the bunch tho

    Jocelyn OscarJocelyn Oscar3 months ago
  • tbh Kendall is my fav. I just think she gets it

    frannie leefrannie lee3 months ago
  • hi im the 1,000 comment :)

    Maria CubileMaria Cubile3 months ago
  • we hate her

    Mona LisaMona Lisa3 months ago
    • No, you hate her, WE love her (Kendal)

      Cenia WCenia W11 days ago
  • Kylie looks like she was enjoying the Rob gift drama

    Dorcas KundishoraDorcas Kundishora3 months ago
    • That's how siblings are. Lol 🤣😆😆

      TooCuteNoir B.TooCuteNoir B.3 months ago
  • Kylie and Khloe look so botched!

    Tasnuba Tasnim JenyTasnuba Tasnim Jeny3 months ago
  • How tf are Kendall and Kylie the same size where they can just share dresses?

    Jeremy JennerJeremy Jenner3 months ago
  • Kendall is mature thab her sisters.

    Ananya DeAnanya De3 months ago
  • "she needs to sort out her priorities". - Ronald Weasley

    Katsuki BokugoKatsuki Bokugo3 months ago
  • Dude in the thumbnail where Kendall is wearing the blonde wig I thought she was Cersei Lannister

    YulieYulie3 months ago
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    Abbie NikolAbbie Nikol3 months ago
  • Kylie is just so rude, can never share :|||

    Shubhangi GuptaShubhangi Gupta3 months ago
  • Kendall is honestly the brattiest of the bunch. I served her once and she was the rudest person I've ever met.

    Se BroSe Bro3 months ago
  • She tries to act soo bob marley, but really she cardi B

    Nibs SeanNibs Sean3 months ago
  • Its always moms that keep therecdaughters away from there fathers then make the daughters fight eachother & hate eachoth her but it might be karmic price to pay for kris cheating on kims dad kortneys dad .thats why the father gsve them the kardashian Curse of guys getting in with them so the guys lives get messed up

    Marisa McbeMarisa Mcbe3 months ago
  • Kendall’s a brat

    Molly SmithMolly Smith3 months ago
  • That's because she's a Scorpio ♏

    scorpio babescorpio babe3 months ago
  • Kylie so fuckin messy lol

    Jaysia shanksJaysia shanks3 months ago
  • 2:47 is a huge mistake.... A huge

    kareena nandakareena nanda3 months ago
  • Kendall is actually the nicest . Kylie is actually is selfish.

    Meliza MorenaMeliza Morena3 months ago
    • There goes Kylie again choosing her friends over Kendall ugh

      Mira on the wallMira on the wall3 months ago
  • Unpopular opinion: Kylie is the most toxic one of them

    • Lemon Drop •• Lemon Drop •3 months ago
    • i think she was pretty toxic before, but after she had stormi, she grew and changed a lot. it is perceptible how much she improved

      Maria Eduarda ChadadMaria Eduarda ChadadMonth ago
    • @Blackpink In my area Good point.

      Borntobelucky 02Borntobelucky 02Month ago
    • Yes, since she was a kid she was a brat.

      Borntobelucky 02Borntobelucky 02Month ago
    • Kylie iis good:0, u should check her channel and actually know her^^, dont just judge immediate in one sided stories

      PastelplierPastelplier2 months ago
    • I honestly think kourtney is, her kids are the worst. Kylie basically changed herself because she felt insecure. Kourtney is always dissing Kim

      Blackpink In my areaBlackpink In my area2 months ago