6 Times Kendall Couldn't Avoid the Drama | KUWTK | E!

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Whether she's upset about Caitlyn's tell-all book or bickering with Kylie over fashion, Kendall always keeps it real. Keep up with the "KUWTK" star!
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6 Times Kendall Couldn't Avoid the Drama | KUWTK | E!

  • Yes it's kinda true that Kim got them where they are right now. What's inappropriate is that some of you are calling kenny out saying that she became successful in the shadow of her family. I mean come on, she worked for the title y'all

    dark empressdark empress12 hours ago
  • geil: mein Vater / meine Mutter ist schon besetzt! (occupied) - von meiner Schwester - ach, wie schlimm! Kylie ist so dumm. Anstatt jede Chance zu nutzen, die Eltern noch lebend zu sehen.

    Meike PetersMeike Peters13 hours ago
  • They all are clones except kendall

    Sierra CurtierSierra Curtier20 hours ago
  • 3:40 why Kylie look so excited tho??

    Lakshitha Sivapriya DiwakarLakshitha Sivapriya Diwakar23 hours ago
  • I like kendall but i dont when she is with Harry Styles

    A Alejandra G GuerraA Alejandra G GuerraDay ago
  • i feel like kendall is the one who didn't really ask for any of this and would totally have a normal job if she could

    lilly janelilly janeDay ago
  • All of these were stupid except the book thing. 😂

    Sydney JonesSydney Jones2 days ago
  • I just really thought she's odd and the weird one turns out she's just like me among my siblings 😳✨

    Jennevieve Mae DoromalJennevieve Mae Doromal3 days ago
  • 2:55

    Mansi BadoleMansi Badole3 days ago
  • She’s the least crazy

    Charlotte ChenCharlotte Chen5 days ago
  • i love how kendall literally have like 7?watermelons in her kitchen 😂

    choisan hoechoisan hoe5 days ago
  • I hate that they talk negatively about blac chyna....like a 16 year old named kylie jenner did not break up Chyna's family. Stop it!

    Melody PerryMelody Perry5 days ago
  • Kourtney, Khloe, and Kendall are my absolute favorites.

    Jamison ReeseJamison Reese5 days ago
  • Yo

    Aware OfThyAware OfThy7 days ago
  • "If you have a problem with them,, you RAISED them"!! Trueeeeee

    Fatima HadidFatima Hadid9 days ago
  • Kendall is so beautiful and perfect in every single way.

    Sheriff HouseSheriff House10 days ago
  • Kendall is never there but when she’s mad....we all better watch out

    Angelina NguyenAngelina Nguyen10 days ago
  • Mom not dad

    Emma cooperEmma cooper11 days ago
  • I'm so like her must be a scorpion thing lol

    Na nasiNa nasi12 days ago
  • Me being straight forward Sorry 😞 By the way small youtuber here please support me thank you.

    Emmz universeEmmz universe12 days ago
  • 1:12 the random bowl of watermelons

    kayleigh tarrantkayleigh tarrant13 days ago
  • I didn’t know there dad was trans?!

    Quirky MusicGirl127Quirky MusicGirl12713 days ago
  • Omg hahaha Kendall looks like a cute baby dinosaur in the right pic from the thumbnail😂❣️

    Elena RomeroElena Romero14 days ago
  • kendall is definitely the least problematic

    Alyssalove ManningAlyssalove Manning15 days ago
  • Khloe is the best, kylie is the worst one let's be real here

    molly pmolly p15 days ago
    • lol...khloe???????

      Nii Ayi OkineNii Ayi Okine12 days ago
  • 5.35 5.44 rattle

    Will RossWill Ross16 days ago
  • Te Wehe care off

    Will RossWill Ross16 days ago
  • Rob: you're hilarious, buy yourself you moron! Omg😂

    itslaneyaitslaneya19 days ago
  • Beacuse she is true Scorpio ✌🏼

    mehroze khanmehroze khan21 day ago
  • idk but i kinda like kendall more than the other jenner and kardashian

    marianmarian21 day ago
  • I can barely afford fruit. They got a fruit bowl of MELONS

    BrianaLoveWBrianaLoveW21 day ago
  • They’re all just so uneducated and talk too slow for me; I can’t believe they PAID for their education when public school would’ve brought them the same results, if not better because they would’ve been exposed to real world situations 😭 if the world ever ends, they’re phuckeddddd

    LilorangyLilorangy22 days ago
    • i have mine on 1.5 speed because of how slow they all talk 😂

      Adrienne JacobsonAdrienne Jacobson22 days ago
  • Its so freaking annoying when they just dont put which episodes. Does anyone know which episode it is at 1.36

    Alis SaraAlis Sara23 days ago
  • send me the link bro SEND ME THE LINK! - kendall jenner

    Tea SpillTea Spill24 days ago
  • I like how she’s more of a bruh girl than anyone else in the family

    It’s just ShaneIt’s just Shane26 days ago
  • She has her times

    Celebrity ContentCelebrity Content26 days ago
  • main point- they are kinda....spoiled....just a bit thooo

    C Jack.25C Jack.2527 days ago
  • Kendall honestly looks the most natural in the family

    Daniel LouisDaniel Louis27 days ago
  • Dang her true Scorpio popped out.

    TrevorTheCapricorn .TrevorTheCapricorn .28 days ago
  • My love Kenny ❤️

    Evil DeadEvil Dead28 days ago
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  • let’s be honest kylie didn’t want kendall to wear the dress bc she looked better then her HAHAHA

    C GC G28 days ago
    • @C G lmao, ikr?

      •mOcHi••mOcHi•9 days ago
    • You must not have any sisters

      Bryn SBryn S13 days ago
    • Aanya Oberoi that didn’t even make sense but ok😭

      C GC G19 days ago
    • @C G she actually did and she just wants to make her name for herself otherwise people like you would think that she didn't

      Aanya OberoiAanya Oberoi20 days ago
  • ur name is so decieving like dude it aint full episodes

    I do be called Sadie thoI do be called Sadie tho29 days ago
  • This whole video I feel like Kylie is just being really immature and selfish, like she seems so eager when there's drama but she can't let Kendall borrow one dress/

    seoyoung leeseoyoung lee29 days ago
  • kendall is the annoying one out of them

    i cared luminali cared luminal29 days ago
  • 1:12 okay but one of the best things about this video was the *huge* bowl of watermelons.

    stephsteph29 days ago
  • 1:12 is everyone just going to ignore the “fruit bowl” of watermelon

    Hadassah BrowneHadassah BrowneMonth ago
    • it's so watermelon

      Ismael Ojeda DomínguezIsmael Ojeda Domínguez2 days ago
  • I agree with kendall on the book iys not drama its the truth you got beef with khloe but you raised her since 5yrs old so if you tgink there is a problem with her. You raised her

    Elisabeth FanfanElisabeth FanfanMonth ago
  • “Kim your gonna die”- I’m dead

    Lailany CoopersonLailany CoopersonMonth ago
  • Why in the first scene does Kris have so many water melons???

    Ivy BrandIvy BrandMonth ago
  • idk what rob is doing with his life

    jt afolabijt afolabiMonth ago
  • Cancel this family.

    K 8509K 8509Month ago
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    Harry ConstantineHarry ConstantineMonth ago
  • if your last name is kardashian or jenner it is a fact that your life will be riddled with drama and there’s no way to avoid it

    Katie LawlerKatie LawlerMonth ago
  • why she keeps calling caitlyn “dad”??? thats so transphobic

    Ignacio GonzalezIgnacio GonzalezMonth ago
  • I love her but being a Jenner didn’t make her have to work harder 😬🥴

    alicia stringeralicia stringerMonth ago
  • I love how they say “bible”

    osei familyosei familyMonth ago
  • kendall is my fave

    Kurt LimKurt LimMonth ago
  • She gifted to Rob an Ipad, an Apple Pencil and a Keyboard... My parents gift me a cupcake 😂

    itzyelaynitzyelaynMonth ago
    • Lol 😂

      Avocado TeaAvocado Tea20 days ago
  • Its not yours after you give it .. smh 😂 😂

    Niveditha KannadaguliNiveditha KannadaguliMonth ago
  • Kendall’s a Virgo there’s a reason why she’s the civiled one & not extra .

    Cocoo SimmonsCocoo SimmonsMonth ago
    • With an aries moon

      Kary AndreaKary AndreaMonth ago
  • 1:12 thats a lot of Watermelons..

    RianaRianaMonth ago
  • Y does khloe mouth always looks weird

    Sherika DawkinsSherika DawkinsMonth ago
  • 😊

    Hind Bu DebsHind Bu DebsMonth ago
  • Kendall as a scorpio

    Sam SreyninSam SreyninMonth ago
  • i feel bad for kendall tho when kylie wouldn’t let her wear the brown dress. it’s literally a dress. i don’t think kendall would maliciously ruin kylies dress. idk, when my sister needs to wear something of mine i always let her because i know she won’t ruin it. idk maybe they’re just different.

    Adrienne JacobsonAdrienne JacobsonMonth ago
  • she’s literally like Dixie damelio always the underdog and quiet

    Jalissa Renee’Jalissa Renee’Month ago
    • ew no dixie is like her. kendal walked so that dixie could run

      Valeria RomoValeria Romo11 days ago
    • adrianna um. Sorry but if you didn’t like what I said you could’ve kept your comment to yourself thx 😺 .

      Jalissa Renee’Jalissa Renee’Month ago
    • Jalissa Queen ew leave Dixie out of this

      daydreamndaydreamnMonth ago
  • Everyone: Living for the drama Me: DANG That's A lot of watermelons (From the first clip)

    Madi DennisMadi DennisMonth ago
    • Omg that was the first thing I thought! 😂 I even watched it again and thought maybe it's for Decoration

      Daan JrDaan JrMonth ago
  • Kylie and Kendall fights made more sense than Kim and Kourtney's.. Just sayin

    Pan DUHHPan DUHHMonth ago
  • I just noticed a bowl of watermelons

    Sara KaziSara KaziMonth ago
  • Kendall and Khloé are my favorites

    M KM KMonth ago
  • Imagine having all those sisters like ....... omg hell all families I know that are mostly women and it’s just dad and or one brother the only guy , they’re always arguing disagree like forever

    Ely GEly GMonth ago
  • they have a bowl of watermelons, i-

    kïra da bestt !kïra da bestt !Month ago

    OwenvlogsOwenvlogsMonth ago
  • I think she was in the right

    Amelia EstevesAmelia EstevesMonth ago
  • They NEEEDDD to put keeping up with the kardashians on Netflix

    Hanalea CabandaHanalea CabandaMonth ago
    • They did. Last June 1 2020

      Arem GieArem Gie27 days ago
  • 1:12 they. have.a.bowl.of.watermelons. that says it all

    Frazz RoseFrazz RoseMonth ago
  • What’s the Kardashian’s? I’ve been living under a rock

    LilCherryBunLilCherryBunMonth ago
  • Now I call Abood

    El3crtrixEl3crtrixMonth ago
  • Can I Have A Watermelon Please ?

    Andrea FerrerAndrea FerrerMonth ago