Who's the Best at FAKING IT in the 2HYPE House?

May 21, 2020
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GAME 2 - Never Have I Ever: uskeys.net/watch/nrbVSRJ6M7g-video.html
GAME 3 - You've Got Crabs: uskeys.net/watch/BIFt2_QpAMs-video.html
GAME 4 - Funniest Accent Challenge Ever: uskeys.net/watch/mcZZjpB7Qxg-video.html
Game 5 - Funniest 5-Second Rule Game: uskeys.net/watch/HsqVCtcw65w-video.html
Game 6 - The Hardest Video Game Quiz Ever: uskeys.net/watch/boYYY63ii80-video.html
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  • I guess Jesser really was faking it

    Meaple007Meaple007Hour ago
  • Kris: Says he knew who the faker was. Also Kris: Didn't vote for the faker.

    Lance GulyashLance GulyashDay ago
  • James is a try hard

    Brodie EBrodie EDay ago
  • When jesser was the faker lol

    Bucket RuckusBucket RuckusDay ago
  • James is a fucking sweat

    Quinn KreiderQuinn Kreider3 days ago
  • Bro y’all need to keep doing these

    Fre3ze 11Fre3ze 113 days ago
  • Bro James is making me mad

    Oskar JohnsonOskar Johnson4 days ago
  • It’s literally whoever picks the category is the faker

    K3 The KidK3 The Kid4 days ago
  • Basically every time who ever got to pick the category was it

    Damndad1 YtDamndad1 Yt4 days ago
  • Yo can u do jack box push the button

    KingW 05KingW 054 days ago
  • 24:30 my Brain hurts now

    cash 2kcash 2k5 days ago
  • Jessi is racists bc he points at the black people bc it a horror movie

    Chris210 Yoboi ツChris210 Yoboi ツ5 days ago
  • everyone wearing socks Moochie : Nah we good fam

    GO Getters BasketBallGO Getters BasketBall5 days ago
  • That game is hard

  • That is hard

  • 15:07

    Trevor WilliamsTrevor Williams6 days ago
  • James needs to stfu

    Tyler GamesTyler Games6 days ago
  • 2:17

    Conner EwellConner Ewell6 days ago
  • 217

    Conner EwellConner Ewell6 days ago
  • 2:07

    Elijah MooreElijah Moore6 days ago
  • 26:15 🤣🤣🤣

    That kid from FinlandThat kid from Finland6 days ago
  • Pretend I said something funny about Mopi or Moochie or whatever

    R RobertsonR Robertson6 days ago
  • Yeah it legittt

    Amaar and Jabir GamingAmaar and Jabir Gaming6 days ago
  • 28:28 wtf is Kris doing😂😂

    Mahadev KrishnanMahadev Krishnan6 days ago
  • how tf do you download this game

    Jazheh XJazheh X6 days ago
    • It's a minigame in "the jackbox party pack 3" You can download pack 3 on xbox, playstation steam and other platforms

      deeenis Денисdeeenis Денис8 minutes ago
  • For the pet Jesse said 0

    Harihar RudiaHarihar Rudia7 days ago
  • the edit with big bird and jesser was awesome😂

    Bacon 1908Bacon 19087 days ago
  • 0:24 what is James looking at😂

    Demon ReactsDemon Reacts7 days ago
  • Cool

    Khrealm Fan pageKhrealm Fan page8 days ago
  • why are they all on their phones in the intro

    Lilly ZavalaLilly Zavala8 days ago
  • I was confused with mopi too I thought it said fights but it was actually flights @10:11

    DemoriaDemoria9 days ago
  • 39:23 mopi is literally crying 😮

    AsoniiAsonii9 days ago
  • please do a part 2 im DYING of laughter!!

    Tiddles The TortoiseTiddles The Tortoise9 days ago
  • It was pissing me off because it has to be a unanimous vote

    Shadow NitemareShadow Nitemare10 days ago
  • Jackbox is an insane game, I’ve been playing the series for years

    Shadow NitemareShadow Nitemare10 days ago
  • You guys should do spud

    SportsWeekly 11SportsWeekly 1110 days ago
  • This series is awesome

    Brody MeansBrody Means10 days ago
  • Who will win ?

    Toni IoppoloToni Ioppolo11 days ago
  • James couldn’t vote cause he has a android 😂😂

    MA4TaMA4Ta12 days ago
  • Is that game in the App Store and if it is what is it called?

    Matteo12u OfficialMatteo12u Official12 days ago
    • It's a minigame in "the jackbox party pack 3" You can buy pack 3 on xbox, playstation, steam and other platform I recommend you buy the other packs aswell, most of them are recommended good, my perfect Rankin of the packs is 5>3>4>6>2>1

      deeenis Денисdeeenis Денис6 minutes ago
  • Me: goes to the comment section First 20 comments: JIEDEL IS SUCH A TRY HARD

    Marv_bagley FanpageMarv_bagley Fanpage12 days ago
  • 36:33 keep your eyes on James. I know he is just scratching his ear then biting his nail but just jokes

    Catastrophe MasterpieceCatastrophe Masterpiece12 days ago
  • Beer pong for a game

    Kevin RiveraKevin Rivera12 days ago
  • What game are they playing

    Tuff AustinTuff Austin13 days ago
    • Fakin it, a minigame in "the jackbox party pack 3"

      deeenis Денисdeeenis Денис5 minutes ago
  • Wait it’s just whoever picks the category

    Nevan CremascoliNevan Cremascoli13 days ago
  • Mopi rly put the full metal alchemist season 2 theme song LMAOOO

    Owen SaderOwen Sader13 days ago
  • Please do a part 2

    Evan LumbrezerEvan Lumbrezer13 days ago
  • Where is cash

    Aiden HarrisonAiden Harrison13 days ago
  • How do I download it

    Archie MacleanArchie Maclean14 days ago
    • It's a minigame in "the jackbox party pack 3" You'll have to buy pack 3 if you want this game

      deeenis Денисdeeenis Денис4 minutes ago
  • James was pissing me off

    Ya Boi AidanYa Boi Aidan14 days ago
  • I love when they do this it makes me more happy and not bored 😌

    diablos_ merk_jrdiablos_ merk_jr14 days ago
  • Fun fact james was a frat in college

    Legacy SportsLegacy Sports14 days ago
  • Jesse is always taking

    Jaden ManningJaden Manning15 days ago
  • James reminds me of getting weird in front of everybody

    Jaden ManningJaden Manning15 days ago
  • what is the game called

    Uu WiajUu Wiaj15 days ago
    • Fakin it

      deeenis Денисdeeenis Денис4 minutes ago
  • 36:54 I love how I can see jiedel's phone

    GustavGustav16 days ago
  • Who else just hates james

    RNL LixRNL Lix16 days ago
  • Jesser lied at 24:34

    Shabd RaiShabd Rai16 days ago
  • At mopi

    Shabd RaiShabd Rai16 days ago
  • 19:04 that's an old school clip right there

    KorbinBlazeKorbinBlaze16 days ago
  • I hate jiedel sm

    Ryan BonocoreRyan Bonocore16 days ago
  • James pisses me off sm

    Ryan BonocoreRyan Bonocore16 days ago
  • goddamn james is annoying

    D KimzD Kimz16 days ago
  • This slowly got more intense by the rounds bruv

    UmculiUmculi17 days ago
  • Bruh when Jesse was the faker he put 0 for his pets one

    RPGamingRPGaming17 days ago
  • How do get this game

    Amulte HDAmulte HD17 days ago
  • Do everybody need to pay for the game

    Itz SwilixItz Swilix17 days ago
  • Is this even in the App Store 😭

    Jeremiah mosesJeremiah moses17 days ago
    • No, it's a minigame in the jackbox party pack 3

      deeenis Денисdeeenis Денис2 minutes ago
  • Is this game on the app store😭😂

    A•l•e•x Re4ctsA•l•e•x Re4cts18 days ago
    • No, it's a minigame in the jackbox party pack 3

      deeenis Денисdeeenis Денис2 minutes ago
  • I can’t find the game in the app store

    Anias F.Anias F.18 days ago
    • It's not an app, it's a minigame in "the jackbox party pack 3"

      deeenis Денисdeeenis ДенисMinute ago
  • Bro when Jesse said I’m the faker I died

    Seth AlbersSeth Albers18 days ago
  • 32:38 james be glitching in real life

    Mika MZMika MZ18 days ago
  • 38:20 wtf kris

    Halfcourt ProductionsHalfcourt Productions19 days ago
  • Jesser comments😂

    Syn GSyn G19 days ago
  • 24:08 how did they not get jesse he has Humphrey

    • Humphrey dead

      fire godfire god18 days ago
  • Do part 2 of this

    Vincenzo RotunnoVincenzo Rotunno20 days ago
  • Hi

  • I don’t know why but I hate James

    Jaymes LiknesJaymes Liknes20 days ago
  • jed

    guiterson sainvilguiterson sainvil20 days ago
  • No one likes James Jesse got him into 2 hype

    Godxcreations 1234Godxcreations 123420 days ago