Kitchen Nightmares Uncensored - Season 5 Episode 5 - Full Episode

Apr 24, 2019
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Chef Ramsay stops by Barefoot Bob's, a beachfront restaurant in Massachusetts that's owned by a couple whose marriage is fraying.

  • did anyone see gordon lick the crystal ball? LOL 16:16

    PremiumHempPremiumHemp8 hours ago
  • Why’d he like the glass ball??

    Emma MillsEmma Mills12 hours ago
  • 16:15 ma man Gordon just licked dat crystal ball 😭

    fadefade17 hours ago
  • The psychic is cute. I don't care if she has weird beliefs.

    Just A Guy ProductionJust A Guy Production17 hours ago
  • Wow what a genuine great man. Lisa is an idiot.

    Danijela FDanijela F17 hours ago
  • Me- that doesn’t look so bad Gordon- disgusting bland Me- id still eat it Gordon- is that hair Me- nope

    Jonathan FortezJonathan Fortez18 hours ago
  • “Get me the hull outa here”

    America WeareAmerica Weare22 hours ago
  • Am I the only one that saw Gordon lick the palm reader's ball?

    Monkey senpai7Monkey senpai7Day ago
  • He licked the crystal ball😭

    Hailey MikeshHailey MikeshDay ago
  • Okay but he’s not like the other workers he’s really nice and actually admits things☺️ while Lisa be looking at her phone after her husband just got yelled at by Ramsey on how bad their restaurant 🙄

    CaTzCaTzDay ago

    Char TocquerChar TocquerDay ago
  • Why did this man taste the ball?🤩😍🥰

    Kalifornia SolKalifornia SolDay ago
  • Lisa's brother is a piece of shit an asshole

    Fillipos ArnarellisFillipos ArnarellisDay ago
  • His wife is such a Karen. 🙄

    T PriceT PriceDay ago
  • Hot wings near raw pork. That’s how pandemics can get started.

    A SA SDay ago
  • dont the owners delegate tasks like cleaning to staff

    SageSageDay ago
  • He come from a place where they think Scones are delicious, also a place place where they have Michelin Stars

    SageSageDay ago
  • LISA'S BROTHER IS AN ASS/ it's not even his RESTAURANT - who cares what he thinks?

    jp Scoobyjp Scooby2 days ago
  • After watching a lot of episodes, I feel like Marc is the only guy who can accept any criticism at all. He’s like the only guy who accepts his mistakes

    The HypershockThe Hypershock2 days ago
  • This lisa looks snake and a cheater all time on phone texting also

    ryuga emprorryuga empror2 days ago
  • Licks the crystal ball. That was damn funny lol

    All SPOOLED UPAll SPOOLED UP2 days ago
  • The lack of knowing their break even point was the scariest thing .

    Gary L. StreetGary L. Street2 days ago
  • He’s very stressed out and she doesn’t give two shits about Marc or the restaurant. Marc should kick her out the door. You could tell she’s cheating she’s on her phone like 24/7

    Alexandra HallAlexandra Hall2 days ago
  • They are still married.

    Therian13Therian132 days ago
  • I hope he married Jessica.

    Sarah PedroSarah Pedro3 days ago
  • Aaaaaaand that's E X A C T L Y why you don't marry a cute little blonde hooker. Men. Take note. Marry a strong woman who will work alongside you. Not just sit there and try to look pretty.

    Sarah PedroSarah Pedro3 days ago
  • Gordon just licked a crystal ball

    Billy ZBilly Z3 days ago
  • I have respect for the husband. He takes all criticism like a mature man and he is so devoted. Big respect for this dude. The stress probably blinded him of seeing the dirty kitchen, sincr he has to work all the time

    Aka AndreAka Andre3 days ago
  • Did Gordon really lick the crystal ball?! 🤦‍♀️😆

    Kita SKita S3 days ago
  • He's oblivious... she never wanted this. She wanted to quit after the first winter...

    Bronson PerichBronson Perich3 days ago
  • Everyone bashing the wife for cheating but nobody has evidence. Talk about how easy it is to start a witch hunt. And before anyone is crying me a river: I searched quite a while for anything and found nothing. In contrary, it appears they're still together and both of them fricked up the restaurant through lazyness, together.

    Deus ex vesaniaDeus ex vesania4 days ago
  • Did the wife ever put out for her husband??

    Bobbie HaydenBobbie Hayden4 days ago
  • Chef, crystal balls are not for licking. 🤣🤣🤣

    AbhothraAbhothra4 days ago
  • Gordon: * licks crystal ball * Gordon: BLAND

    Vita NursantonoVita Nursantono4 days ago
  • 20:46 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂shit

  • Scones are delicious, you stupid skank.

    yanalla ayanalla a5 days ago
  • Lol, the psychic reader got me :P Some may be good, but that lady didn't seem very confident or competent.

    brofenixbrofenix5 days ago
  • his wife is so goddamn useless and disgusting hope she gets bad luck for the rest of her life lol

    hi hihi hi5 days ago
  • who searched for Kitchen Nightmares Bypass to get to this episode?

    Joseph TJoseph T5 days ago
  • FYI Lisa had a dick

    dion loxtondion loxton6 days ago
  • Lisa should help her husband when it comes to cleaning, making food, serving food and other stuff in their restaurant. All she did was walking, sitting in the chair while looking at her phone and chatting someone.

    Johnny BravoJohnny Bravo6 days ago
  • Business is successful if all the people behind it is moving and striving to achieve something. You can't just sit there while chating someone while your colleagues are so working hard to earn money and save that business. I feel bad for Mark. I hope he found someone better that Lisa. I think that woman wants to live like a queen.

    Johnny BravoJohnny Bravo6 days ago
  • The wife literally doesn't give a flying fish, she's seems to be an absolutely vile human being. Clearly the brother is vile too, clearly runs in the family

    Bibi BajwaBibi Bajwa6 days ago
  • 14:44 you dont need to be qualified to answer a simple question or voice your opinion. If you did then social media wouldnt exist and the internet would be a shitshow.

    Joshua JenkinsJoshua Jenkins6 days ago
  • 0:52 Blurring his mouth but not beeping his voice? Pick a side, mate. You're making nobody happy right now.

    Salman AzamSalman Azam6 days ago
    • @SoLongSidekick 😶

      Salman AzamSalman Azam14 hours ago
    • @Salman Azam Hey, fuck you for making me feel bad for having a mean tone. That's your fault... somehow...

      SoLongSidekickSoLongSidekick3 days ago
    • @SoLongSidekick I see. Thanks for the explanation.

      Salman AzamSalman Azam3 days ago
    • Jesus christ use your brain. Audio and video are obviously recorded separately. This footage was recorded for TV so the mouth censoring is baked into the video. To make it uncensored for the internet they just use the original audio, whereas they obviously didn't have the unedited video. It's not hard to figure out.

      SoLongSidekickSoLongSidekick3 days ago
  • 16:15 Ramsay licks her crystal ball. LOL

    sun beaglesun beagle6 days ago
  • Lisa ermosa y hot

    Manuel LopezManuel Lopez7 days ago
  • All the owner wanted was his wife by his side. And everything falls in place.

    Palak GulatiPalak Gulati7 days ago
  • For all those wondering, based on her suspect behaviour in this episode, they appear to have divorced and she seems to have remarried in 2018 - see here, and the comments on the guestbook are particularly interesting!

    True BritTrue Brit7 days ago
  • Wow, this owner is very critical woth himself. First in a while compared to the rest in the series.

    stoagy mahalostoagy mahalo7 days ago
  • Lisa and her brother Are borh idiots.

    Danny AakjærDanny Aakjær7 days ago
  • even the staff is blatantly aware that Lisa is cheating on him

    Brennan SmithBrennan Smith7 days ago
  • It was obvious she was cheating, no spark in her eye towards Mark and plus she was texting her boyfriend during the show lol.

    truster racingtruster racing7 days ago
  • I knew the Point of Sale machine would upset the thieves. Like the brother ,they've been skimming for years, and all of a sudden game's over. Nothing like bringing in an account and a POS machine to screw everything up for the skimmers.

    Lucy GrayLucy Gray8 days ago
  • Yo Robby is a fucking scumbag

    Deanna WDeanna W8 days ago
  • Wait...he licked the crystal ball?

    Deanna WDeanna W8 days ago
  • Gross accents. Lisa's personality...ugh. "This is New England, that's what hurts." Lol

    Deanna WDeanna W8 days ago
  • 100% she's cheating on him. Poor bastard.

    ZoSoArtZoSoArt8 days ago
  • Lisa would bring any business down to the ground :) Her brother is great at it too :)

    Paweł SłomiakPaweł Słomiak8 days ago
  • 16:16 WHY DID HE LICK IT?!?!?!

    Travis BTravis B8 days ago
  • Did gordon lick that crystal ball 😳

    Jonny CarrJonny Carr8 days ago
  • Did he just lick the crystal ball?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 That's the best shit ever!!!

    SarebearSarebear8 days ago
  • Gordon: I'm a master chef IRL: Part time Detective

    Basic BenBasic Ben9 days ago
  • Ayooooooo going toe to toe with Gordon is funny . Which side of the bread is butter 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ty’anna pTy’anna p9 days ago
  • Also I love how he didn’t wanna shake his Bobby’s hand. Jesus!

    Annabelle RoseAnnabelle Rose9 days ago
  • I don’t believe they’re divorced they’re name on Facebook is Marc Cara Donna and Lisa Cara Donna and it lists they are still married, Marc doesn’t post but Lisa updated her profile pic back in like July so I’m pretty sure if they were divorced she would have taken it off. I wish he would have left her. I don’t trust her but it’s also not my life/marriage. Can’t tell anyone what to forgive or when to let go

    Annabelle RoseAnnabelle Rose9 days ago
  • How unprepared do you have to be to start a business and not have a budget???

    DC4DC49 days ago
  • wife radiates a big KAREN energy

    dr 6dr 610 days ago
  • I love it when he goes into the walk in fridge and find the hot mess make you not want to eat out😝😷

    Kellen PicouKellen Picou10 days ago
  • Damn give my man a break He working to hard To keep building as the Wife I Don't have respect for her Now she do be slackin

    Your local AhegaoYour local Ahegao10 days ago
  • RIGHT ON! it's uncensored.

    Blarson 12Blarson 1211 days ago
  • every episode i've ever watched they manage to make me at least slightly like everyone he's helping no matter how rude they are to him, because they are human, but Lisa is easily someone I'll never respect or like even remotely

    EthanEthan11 days ago
  • And has anyone thought that while watching something someone in the world is watching it too

    Firestarter159Firestarter15911 days ago
  • At 8:59 Lisa said :damn he’s observant it sounded a bit flirty don’t you think

    Firestarter159Firestarter15911 days ago
  • 22:40 - 24:20 ..and that's their guilty uh oh lower lip tell tell sign facial expressions of the two embezzlers caught while mentally rechecking their fool proof schemes, but GR knows

    ZipZaptdZipZaptd11 days ago
  • So no one gonna talk about how he licked the crystal ball😳😳😂😂 16:15

    Kevin GarciaKevin Garcia12 days ago
    • Ok

      aronaron9 days ago
  • That lazy bitch is cheating on that man he just don’t see it

    Werner GabrielWerner Gabriel12 days ago
  • Just love this guy! Always cracks me up. He licked the fucking crystal ball. Haha

    Ashwin Jacinth PaulAshwin Jacinth Paul12 days ago
  • That strange girl thats a divorce card and that was real they divorced Time ti travel and search for this girl to find my future girl

    Fakher XFakher X12 days ago
    • Oh I see, source?

      Deanna WDeanna W8 days ago
  • Mark seems like a really chill and cool dude. Props to him

    PolkaslacisPolkaslacis12 days ago
  • The way the bro acted as if he will have a good wording with Gordan, than in front of Gordan he a wuss hahahahhahaha scared sh!tless

    Marie Watch meMarie Watch me12 days ago
  • "Alright. I gotta leave for a few minutes, so don't look for me" That's the most cheatery sentence ever

    CerealKillerCerealKiller12 days ago
    • Agreed, plus nobody’s wife is on their phone that much either. She’s not a 16 year old girl

      All SPOOLED UPAll SPOOLED UP2 days ago
  • 16:16 Gordon: "Finally some good fucking food"

    Aslamnur FikriAslamnur Fikri13 days ago
  • hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    omaxis R.S.omaxis R.S.13 days ago
  • It's weird how his mouth was blurred, but his voice want bleeped when he swore

    ChiibitChiibit13 days ago
  • He did not just lick that ball😂😂😂😂

    Z NationZ Nation13 days ago
  • I feel so bad for Marc He’s a good man 😪

    Molida NakMolida Nak14 days ago
  • I suspect the wife and brother were spoiled children and you can always count in gordon to give someone a well needed reality check

    tonytigervarleytonytigervarley14 days ago
  • His wife is ghastly and sadly like far too many of today's women. Think everything is entitled to them and dont give a fuck about anything but their Hollywood looks and their damn phone

    tonytigervarleytonytigervarley14 days ago
  • i hate both women.

    lookinpoor 77lookinpoor 7714 days ago
  • Did Gordon just lick her crystal ball?? 😅😅😅

    Roxanne MontgomeryRoxanne Montgomery14 days ago
  • She’s a poor wife !!

    Tim LeeTim Lee14 days ago
  • Can anyone say, "substance abuse?" Yeah, we all know she was cheating, but she was always dropping crap, jittery, and the restaurant industry, as exposed by Anthony Bourdaine, is rife with every type of drug imaginable...mostly coke. That seems to fit perfectly for beach loving Lisa.

    Mellissa Boomer of the NightMellissa Boomer of the Night15 days ago
  • Bang the waitress she looks like emma stone

    NHL EaNHL Ea15 days ago
    • I agree. She does have an Emma Stone look about her. Just a chunkier version. So hot isn't she?

      Jay DeeJay Dee8 days ago
  • That barefoot bob bus looked like a lot of fun. A good morale boost.

    MacdongrMacdongr15 days ago
  • I love how the mouth of the curser is just blurred and the words are left alone.

    joydubyadeejoydubyadee15 days ago
  • The sound designer is on speed. Not even Indian Soap Operas have that many sound edits. WTF.

    Jyoti Prakash PandaJyoti Prakash Panda15 days ago
  • He deserves better.

    Lauren PedersonLauren Pederson15 days ago
  • I say it she getting pipe down with someone else that’s y she on the phone so much

    Mike BMike B16 days ago
    • Yessir, she is. She hot tho😂

      aronaron16 days ago
  • I like Jessica's personality

    Marcus EllisMarcus Ellis16 days ago