Piff the Magic Dragon on America's Got Talent | Magicians Got Talent

May 25, 2018
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Watch all the auditions and GOLDEN BUZZER performance of funny comedian Piff the magic dragon on America's Got Talent (AGT). What did you think of his magic audition? Was his card tricks the best? Let us know in the comments below...
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  • I like him but the kiss thing was a tad rapey to be honest

    S RS RHour ago
  • I don't like this ..I even saw his assistant change that toy chihuahua to real one .. !! perfect example of over confidence!

    Riri ChaanRiri Chaan6 hours ago
  • 25:14 you can see someone sneaking the background and change it 😂

    Big BossBig BossDay ago
  • By the last one you see how they chanched it

    Niall RiedwylNiall RiedwylDay ago
  • Plot twist:He is actually a Magic Dragon.

    Faris MaulanaFaris MaulanaDay ago
  • Good props create a great magic 🎩👌👏

    Bojan MagicBojan MagicDay ago
  • golden buzzer and a kiss from heidi at the same time. very impressive

    DarkDark2 days ago
  • 9:55

    DarkDark2 days ago
  • About the 24 mark the woman removes the metal box that was under the cannon I think they put mr piffles one the metal box bc the woman removed it

    propex 748propex 7482 days ago
  • Neil is an absolute stud for eating his sandwich!

    Matt ZeccardiMatt Zeccardi2 days ago
  • OK if anybody saw that black skin on that skin suit it was a person in the suit behind the cloth and he put the real dog behind the cloth. so people think it was actually real but really it’s not so sorry I don’t know what to say but dang

    Wangy PaulWangy Paul3 days ago
  • 25:16 ahahah bad trick did y see

    SPORT TVSPORT TV3 days ago
  • Piff getting the golden buzzard from Neil Patrick Harris himself. Damn, real recognize real.

    snoppdeng2snoppdeng24 days ago
  • Piff just did this to steal kisses from Heidi

    MetalFroggMetalFrogg4 days ago
  • 25:13 look behind of piff and enjoy the magic (Girl/boy change mr.piffels) 😀😀😀🤣

    R.K. GAMERR.K. GAMER5 days ago
  • Only cheap tricks in here. The best is the actor quality ;-)

    Translated MessTranslated Mess5 days ago
  • 12:55 when he said that it was obvious that he was "telling" howie that mr piffles was in that box

    louis rodriguezlouis rodriguez6 days ago
  • He just proved Magic isn't real

    WinelessWineless6 days ago
  • 25:13 see the dog come the right jajaj

    Kevin RamirezKevin Ramirez6 days ago
  • He hit the gold buzzer piff salutes fist bumps and high fives Heres a sandwich you earned it piff says WHY ARENT THERE MORE PEOPLE LIKE THIS!??!?!?!???!??!!

    Madalyn RogersMadalyn Rogers6 days ago

    Madalyn RogersMadalyn Rogers6 days ago
  • XDDDDDDDDD WHAT KING O NAME IS PIF?!?!??!?!?!????!?!

    Madalyn RogersMadalyn Rogers6 days ago
  • Is nobody going to talk about how for the rest of this man's life he can say that he's kissed Heidi Klum on the lips?

    Gaming HQGaming HQ6 days ago
    • The wrong lips tho

      Ricardo clementRicardo clementDay ago
  • Tom and Dan sent me here

    Tony VasquezTony Vasquez6 days ago
  • A man who’s skill is eating a sandwich just got golden buzzer

    James BakerJames Baker7 days ago
  • It is funny seeing nick cannon here

    Acez GamesAcez Games7 days ago
  • I saw a guy place piffiles

    Deku IzukuDeku Izuku7 days ago
  • Look clearly at 25:13 Fake Pif back

    Roaster UVRoaster UV7 days ago
  • 8:48 Does anyone know what he used to pull this off with? I'm looking to do something along the lines of this for a theatrical stage effect.

    Will SingletonWill Singleton7 days ago
  • Last trick is very easy

    Andrey ZorkinAndrey Zorkin8 days ago
  • He looks like he jumped out of the movie Shrek

    Omar ButtOmar Butt8 days ago
  • He is absolutely done with everyone and life

    Simon RileySimon Riley8 days ago
  • 25:12 how many of you saw the shadow?

    balaji hustlerbalaji hustler8 days ago
  • He's awesome

    Twiggy the lizardTwiggy the lizard8 days ago
  • 25:11 when you see the shadow of his assistant

    raven colladoraven collado8 days ago
  • The dog were in the chair all the tine

    Charles XavierCharles Xavier9 days ago
  • This guy should have his own show

    Megatristan547Megatristan54710 days ago
  • Busted! @25:13 watch the right side of the blanket. There's a black silhouette of a person the moved quickly and pulled the toy dog and replaced it with Mr. Piffles.

    Angelo de DiosAngelo de Dios10 days ago
  • Me watching this in 2020 realizing how corona virus started🦠

    VorTex SkyVorTex Sky10 days ago
  • 0:51 bestest smoooothest magic trick ever😂

    The HoodThe Hood10 days ago
  • The last one was really scuffed huh

    OtavioOtavio11 days ago
  • U see a worker on 25:12 behind him placing a dog too?

    Mr Anonym -Mr Anonym -11 days ago
  • Brits are the funniest

    Sparky The Magic PianoSparky The Magic Piano11 days ago
  • Believe me Literally you don't believe see 25:10 to 25:16 in 0.25x speed you can clearly see someone is exchanging that dog.😮😮

    Miyami HpMiyami Hp11 days ago
  • 25:13 u can see a person put the dog their

    MvHumbleTea11MvHumbleTea1111 days ago
  • I don't owe anybody anymore with the help of, *e z g o o d p a y .c o m*

    Kelsey DerightKelsey Deright12 days ago
  • I have mad respect for someone that can put all thought aside and just eat a sandwich someone hands them. It’s much like the refrigerator lunch thrives at work.

    Andrew SAndrew S12 days ago
  • wow mr piffles was great

    Leann ShingooseLeann Shingoose12 days ago
  • Hydee borderline skelebro mode

    lane _positive_vibesbodybuildinglane _positive_vibesbodybuilding12 days ago
  • Last trick trash

    Declan KeownDeclan Keown12 days ago
  • He sounds like Korg!

    Keiveen DizonKeiveen Dizon12 days ago
  • Piff: ( Puts dog's on line for 3 minutes of entertainment and extreme anxiety ) Americas Got Talent: "WHOOOOOO" Me: Seems legit.

    Umbro GamesUmbro Games12 days ago
  • He sounds so depressed its funny

    someone behind a screensomeone behind a screen13 days ago
  • He's like a magic hobo

    Partyrock 414Partyrock 41413 days ago
  • true crime daily

    nguyenthao truongvinh Channelnguyenthao truongvinh Channel13 days ago

    markmark13 days ago
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    Hkg TraderHkg Trader13 days ago
  • This bloke is very English. Both in himself and his humour.

    BearFlipsTableBearFlipsTable14 days ago
  • *golden buzzer gets activated* Janitors: “God dam-“

    CassetteTapeCassetteTape15 days ago
  • 10:13

    Lofi ‘Lofi ‘15 days ago
  • Howard face when he walks in for the first time? He was so sure he's gonna suck But he was awesome

    One Eye WillyOne Eye Willy15 days ago
  • 6:50 Dolars$!!!

    Juan Fernánez GiménezJuan Fernánez Giménez15 days ago
  • Darn i like him hes got style he got a free kiss well played man

    MavmallowMavmallow15 days ago
  • Say whatchu want i like this guy xD

    MavmallowMavmallow15 days ago
  • please help..!! uskeys.net/watch/b_9llp0QbmA-video.html

    Black BayouBlack Bayou16 days ago
  • At 25:10 u can see a shadow pass in the background fast switchero.

    BosyBosy16 days ago
  • Where do i get that unfoldable suitcase stand thing?

    PapphasePapphase16 days ago
  • I love Piff! Am I the only one who knows him from that Penn & Teller show 'Fool Us'?

    Raven PurpleRaven Purple16 days ago
  • 25:12 I literally don't know how i saw a guy behind him replacing chihuahua.

    Boris SimiBoris Simi16 days ago
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    EndTime ™EndTime ™16 days ago
  • only performance of AGT/BGT which made me laugh

    indie kiddoindie kiddo16 days ago
  • 25:00 who saw the man exchanging the dogs

    anirudh guptaanirudh gupta16 days ago
  • A mixture of magic, comedy, and office job energy. PERFECT 👌

    gaming and other crapgaming and other crap16 days ago
  • 25:12 spot the hand that replaces the dog

    Akshat BhattAkshat Bhatt16 days ago
  • Piff changed my life!! - maybe it's just the accent, or the confidence . . . but I am now a 'furry'.

    7 Acuna7 Acuna17 days ago
  • Wait isn't Howie germafobic?

    Dominic HesterDominic Hester17 days ago
  • 25:14 there is someone in the back switching the toy with the dog

    BaldskiBaldski17 days ago
  • 25:14 his trick got revealed.

    Putul BhowmickPutul Bhowmick17 days ago
  • NPH is a legend & you got him to eat ur sandwich!!!! Life goal achievement!!!!

    Puppy PuppingtonPuppy Puppington17 days ago
  • 25:13 Ops

    Ewerton MenezesEwerton Menezes17 days ago
  • I have yet to see anything in this guy. Piff isn't even original.

    William RoseWilliam Rose17 days ago
  • American entertainment

    Yannik LohleinYannik Lohlein18 days ago
  • On 25:12 I see man changing the dog

    Kamal RaiKamal Rai18 days ago
  • i love jow the camera angle showed the force lol

    Lino StellaLino Stella18 days ago
  • I swear this man needs a movie

    Marlon treyMarlon trey18 days ago
  • 3:08 that was too obvious. He didnt even take the one she chose!

    yirk1yirk118 days ago
  • 25:13 You can see the stage hand putting the dog behind the sheet. That's an illusion lost. :/

    SuperFunkyBSuperFunkyB18 days ago
  • He stole the ring😂

    CRYPTXCCRYPTXC18 days ago
  • When box no2 dropped and the lady stuck here heel in I NEARLY CHOKED ON MY FOOD so funny :')

    Lyam woodLyam wood19 days ago
    • @Andrew Melero Very confusing reaction considering you replied to my comment and said hello to me... little sad mate sorry you have to be that way but also lol.

      Lyam woodLyam wood18 days ago
    • pls frick off

      Andrew MeleroAndrew Melero18 days ago
    • @Andrew Melero Is that an American fast food? I've heard of it. Enjoy!

      Lyam woodLyam wood18 days ago
    • @Lyam wood hey i was having a cookout rn

      Andrew MeleroAndrew Melero18 days ago
    • @Andrew Melero Hi!

      Lyam woodLyam wood18 days ago
  • anyone else see the guy in black 25:12

    Danilo RakocevicDanilo Rakocevic19 days ago
  • He brings the perfect balance of comedy and magic into his routine, and it amazes me!

    Dalton MannDalton Mann19 days ago
  • He was actually on the UK version of Pen and Teller fool us and was just as good back then lol

    Mark DuxburyMark Duxbury19 days ago
  • 25:11 there was a guy you can barely see swapping the fake dog with the real one in between the sheet and the painting

    Lion LordLion Lord19 days ago
  • Too bad the camera blew the last trick with Mr. Piffles.

    TheIkaika777TheIkaika77719 days ago
  • A very good comedian and magician. I did see someone in the back grab the "drunk" Mr Piffles and put out the real one while he put a cloth in the way. whether this is his fault I don't know and no one really seemed to notice. 25:11

    PigglesProductionsPigglesProductions19 days ago
  • Well who doesn’t like a big nut Preach

    MouthMouth20 days ago
  • Laughing at the last one with the, ring you can see the guy behind the curtain swapping the dog 😂😂

    Iain youngIain young20 days ago
  • Did anyone else see the guy in 25:13 put the real dog there

    Valerie ContrerasValerie Contreras20 days ago
  • this is such gen z humor.

    StuffedPeepsStuffedPeeps20 days ago
  • 25:13 you can see them switch the dogs👀

    Roberth PucRoberth Puc21 day ago