Funny Sebastian Bails Tik Tok Pranks 2020 - Try Not To Laugh Watching Sebastian Bails TikToks

May 17, 2020
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Get ready to laugh with another funny Tik Tok Pranks video brought to you by GO FUNNY! featuring the best Sebastian Tik Tok prank videos. Be sure to stay tuned and watch the whole video and post a Timestamp with your favorite Sebastian Bails Funny Tik Tok pranks 2020 video in the comments section below. You're definitely not going to want to skip this one. In fact we dare you to try to make it through this entire video without smiling or laughing at all!
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  • Bruh I can sit without moving my leg

    fanny depazfanny depaz49 minutes ago
  • Anyway’s please don’t swear

    taryn002taryn00258 minutes ago

    taryn002taryn002Hour ago
  • its so funny 😂😂😂

    Ruby AsdaniRuby AsdaniHour ago
  • Wow

    JoJo WrightJoJo WrightHour ago
  • Every night before bed I watch his and hers tik tok pranks

    Katie CourtneyKatie Courtney2 hours ago
  • Lol

    Katerina ErbayKaterina Erbay2 hours ago
  • Ewwww snot 5:58

    Krystal GreenKrystal Green4 hours ago
  • I love Go Funny

    Krystal GreenKrystal Green4 hours ago
  • 100:000000:0000

    Krystal GreenKrystal Green4 hours ago
  • I literally realized he has a nail polish black nail polish 5:34

    Krystal GreenKrystal Green4 hours ago
  • 0:03 THE SLAM THOOOO🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Natalie The StarNatalie The Star8 hours ago
  • Ok when did the superglue pranks if I was his girlfriend then I would breakup with HIM on the stop. Thats just really rude. I don't think hr would like it

    Kaylee SmithKaylee Smith9 hours ago
  • Their scrpited

    Trish AmidalaTrish Amidala9 hours ago
  • 12:12 she sounds like a chicken XD

    FrøgFrøg10 hours ago
  • the first one I watched my like ok then I see the tv come in like HELLO SEBASTIAN I LOVE YOUR HAIR LET ME CUT IT TO OUT IT ON GOT TO CLOSE OOP I TOTALLY DID THAT ON ACCIDENT SORRY

    Duckworth TVDuckworth TV10 hours ago
  • Hi dont let anyone call u not prtty

    Savahna CainSavahna Cain13 hours ago
  • Tbh i hate laurene now shes just so mean

    Supergirl LeonidisSupergirl Leonidis13 hours ago
  • Ok the one where he put super glue in her lip gloss... that was just rude.

    Camryn WeichelCamryn Weichel14 hours ago
  • hey dets not cull bicos you girl frinds not goid so don preng like you do like dis mets sen ok!

    Muhd SaifulMuhd Saiful17 hours ago
  • they are the meaist colpple ever

    Kate McdanielKate Mcdaniel20 hours ago
  • if you are a fan of sebastian like

    Rahanna HardyRahanna Hardy20 hours ago

    Monty BearMonty Bear22 hours ago

      Mai ShoebMai Shoeb20 minutes ago
  • They are literally the worst tikokers in tik tok

    Yuwi DizonYuwi Dizon23 hours ago
  • Wait right Lauren smashed his phone what did he use for doing a video -3-

    aiesha dominique arrezaaiesha dominique arreza23 hours ago
  • Hahahhahaha it’s so funny when she was breaking his phone

    Liznicol VizcainoLiznicol VizcainoDay ago
  • Why is he orange.. 👉🏼👈🏼 👉🏼 👈🏼 👉🏼👈🏼

    Scared_Crøisšãnt Yes.Scared_Crøisšãnt Yes.Day ago
  • Sebastian is so mean to his gf I mean why would he glue her air pods in her ear

    gacha lingacha linDay ago
  • 11:00 I’m laughing bc this is making me laugh so don’t DIslike

    Rebecca is back Cutest GirlRebecca is back Cutest GirlDay ago
  • Xxffssfd The stand

    Lisa AshtonLisa AshtonDay ago
  • he is being so mean to his gf ;/

    natalie willisnatalie willisDay ago
  • What dose the fox say The guy: woof Me:idiot it’s a tiktok bruh

    Diyana JafariDiyana JafariDay ago
  • Sebastian is so stupid he’s the worst why does he keep on doing that to his girlfriend I feel bad for her

    Tonya DeMartinisTonya DeMartinisDay ago
  • Bruh

    Siar RaufiSiar RaufiDay ago
  • How many how many times do you don't like your favorite thing to do is lose stuff like what you do but watch what she put the quarter on her face she's actually bleed into her death will you come here pretty soon she's bleeding like I'm pretty sure they have five but I'm pretty Ben-Hur my lipgloss is sparkly and is really popping hers is so ugly but I love you are you doing I am in to watch all of you happy because I only watch a videos like two times and now it's the three times and I'm not going to watch all over again please watch my videos to see what you say hahaha it's just a joke you just got pranked that's why me and my sister are so cool I'm so I'm so cool follow my rules I can not lose wants me and to I do what I do actin a fool I'm just too cool Lonnie

    michael reedmichael reedDay ago
  • Sebastian is such a loser

    Stuti SehdevStuti SehdevDay ago
  • Did i hear it right?? Did he just say that Loren Gray is a queen!!?? Umm.... Boiii Charli is a queen!!

    itz__Naja #itz__Naja #Day ago
    • Yeah

      Mariyah DaCostaMariyah DaCosta9 hours ago
  • prank

    Emma OughtibridgeEmma OughtibridgeDay ago
  • Hello 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Lean FLean FDay ago
  • Not to be bad but your gf is fatter

    Xin Lei HeeXin Lei HeeDay ago
  • Ew

    James BallJames BallDay ago
  • Omg Sebastian don't need to say i don't I don't know

    Piper VenessPiper VenessDay ago
  • Sebastian is soooo mean

    Tamanna HameedTamanna HameedDay ago
  • Your hair don't put candy or other stuff in your hair

    Shaira Jane OngShaira Jane Ong2 days ago
  • My name is Daisy

    Daisy AguilarDaisy Aguilar2 days ago
  • i didn’t laugh.

    KeepYourselfAlive robloxKeepYourselfAlive roblox2 days ago
  • the juice land on me

    CheapPastriesCheapPastries2 days ago
  • That's bad for a boyfriend

    Victoria Sasha MenesesVictoria Sasha Meneses2 days ago
  • who else is watching this because school closes for Covid19? like this!

    Viral VidsViral Vids2 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    Charlene BrazellCharlene Brazell2 days ago
  • Omg who throws there boyfriends phone in the sewer?? Like if you wouldn't I wouldn't.

    Michelle SingerMichelle Singer2 days ago
  • he didn't sit in a chair without moving his legs when he sat on the chair he picked up his legs and that's moving your legs so he didn't sit in his chair without moving his legs. Like if you agree with me.

    Michelle SingerMichelle Singer2 days ago
  • He spelled great wrong

    Lacey ParkerLacey Parker2 days ago
  • dude I hate your your girlfriend is so CUTE that's so rude

    Minahil RazaMinahil Raza2 days ago
  • Can we try everything you did at home because I really really really really want to try all of the things you did and here I’m gonna kill you what I really want to do of your tricks just like you did your girlfriend your baby I want to glue my sisters her lips to gather that would be so fun watching her

    Jasmin AltaiiJasmin Altaii2 days ago
  • just i dont feel like thoes pranks he does on his girl friend are funny its not like i hate him but if my boyfriend does that i will break up with him bc this pranks are not funny at all ;-;

    Pøøffÿ.LüPøøffÿ.Lü2 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Elijah JosephElijah Joseph2 days ago
  • Sebastian remember when your girlfriend put your phone in the sewer then for revenge put her laptop in the sewer love for sebastian hate to luaren

    Fabian Boullon VIDEOSFabian Boullon VIDEOS2 days ago
  • 🍊 Enough said

    Lorena RLorena R2 days ago
  • Jajajjajajajajjajajajajajajajajaa xD

    sara takatasara takata2 days ago
  • ahhahahahahhhha

    letty fdletty fd2 days ago
  • Stupid laren

    Sonia NunezSonia Nunez3 days ago
  • I think u should breack up srry

    NhuVy FuntimeNhuVy Funtime3 days ago
  • The ice water thing dose not work because I tried it and it didn't work

    Wendy CarchiWendy Carchi3 days ago
  • Hc

    Jshon SobersJshon Sobers3 days ago
  • Useful huh

    Aarifah SadullaAarifah Sadulla3 days ago
  • 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

    Salome WaqailitiSalome Waqailiti3 days ago
  • 1:01 girlfriend picking nose :I

    a l i s aa l i s a3 days ago
  • I like the way he spells Great,*Grat.

    MineCrafting_with_ JënñýMineCrafting_with_ Jënñý3 days ago
    • لمب ليم لس

      Mohsen ShammanMohsen Shamman2 days ago
  • Aaz

    Levana Van dijkLevana Van dijk3 days ago
  • Lol 🤣😂

    salina s.salina s.3 days ago
  • XDdDdDdDdDdDdDdDdDdDdDdDdDdDdDdDdDd

    Rokeya RahmanRokeya Rahman3 days ago
  • this aint funny

    zvonko čudezvonko čude3 days ago
  • You should brake up with your girlfriend she is crazy she keeps braking your phone😤😤😠😠 don’t stay with her🙅🏿Flip her🤬

    Lili QuijanoLili Quijano3 days ago
  • 0:18 made me laugh till I cried 😂

    Eva and Ava BarbieEva and Ava Barbie3 days ago
  • He never stuck the coin

    Taughtcleric05 05Taughtcleric05 053 days ago
  • 😊😎😝😜😛🤠😟😛😊☺️ d. D. Z zEC. -D. CD d. D s

    Claire WaltonClaire Walton4 days ago
  • this is so funny 🤣🤣🤣

    Eva DivaEva Diva4 days ago
  • You hit her your mean

    Laura Martin-MorganLaura Martin-Morgan4 days ago
  • She was not on TikTok

    Nesrin Acar UlubayNesrin Acar Ulubay4 days ago
    • I mean tiktoc

      Nesrin Acar UlubayNesrin Acar Ulubay4 days ago