Jennifer Aniston hosts Ellen show | Ellen DeGeneres | Will Ferrell | Selena Gomez | Ellen 2020

Feb 9, 2020
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Ellen show: The one featuring Jennifer Aniston as the host, Ellen 2020 (full episode)
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  • "Everyone is coming back for Ellen's 12 days of give away's" Me: * Laughs in GLOBAL PANDEMIC*

    Josie JayJosie Jay2 hours ago
  • but ellen is alwz great...

    Md RimonMd Rimon2 days ago
  • 1:14 Nice work

    Daisy SandersonDaisy Sanderson2 days ago
  • Love Jennifer in this role. Move over Ellen . Theres a new chick on the block...

    Carole ConelyCarole Conely3 days ago
  • I love Jennifer Aniston #jenniferaniston

    Maria Sol FernandezMaria Sol Fernandez4 days ago
  • Why not just make her the permanent host? Is anyone else finding Ellen's shtick a little old?

    lflagrlflagr7 days ago
  • When Ellen packs it in ... Jennifer Aniston should get the slot

    Ethan GentlesEthan Gentles8 days ago
  • All of Hollywood are Adrenochrome Addicts 💉🍕

    Sam RSam R8 days ago
  • Pls do keep posting Ellen's show here

    Yashaswini GowdaYashaswini Gowda11 days ago
    • Sure I'll try regardless I might get copyright claims so... 😅👍🏻

      Vedant GiteVedant Gite11 days ago
  • She-'s wonderfull. Our eternal Rachel

    Nátila FernandesNátila Fernandes11 days ago
  • you are the cutest and the sweetest! I really do want to meet you Jennifer. 😩🤗😍

    Sharish monique EstebanSharish monique Esteban12 days ago
  • Selena looks like a doll🥺❤️

    Chandler BingChandler Bing13 days ago
  • She is freaking incredible. Such charisma. So classy!

    Cesar NoriegaCesar Noriega14 days ago
  • Very entertaining show.....juz loved it

    Neha NehaNeha Neha15 days ago
  • Where can i watch full episodes of the ellen show? Any idea anyone ?

    Neha NehaNeha Neha15 days ago
  • Watching it to learn English....

    Neha NehaNeha Neha15 days ago
  • Hey, this shit isn’t very funny anymore, Jen. Poor taste 🤮

    ThoughtCriminalThoughtCriminal15 days ago
  • I'd rather watch Jen Aniston host a show than Ellen

    JonesyJonesy16 days ago
  • She's amazing

    Regina PimentaRegina Pimenta18 days ago
  • That audience will squeal and scream at absolutely anything! If there's a silence of more than 1 second they all start screaming. What's wrong with them?

    Hoo WammiHoo Wammi18 days ago
  • Omg that comment she made was kinda strange to say. They really do tell u the truth in plain sight!!! 😲🤔 she literally said ellen was on the run from the law and she wasnt even kidding, guess wats happening to her now?? Shes on house arrest! 😯

    Rein 32Rein 3219 days ago
    • mop loop no pno vou fyi fyi

      Donna HsuDonna Hsu4 days ago
    • I generally make fun of myself before someone else... it’s a self defense mechanism.

      ThoughtCriminalThoughtCriminal15 days ago
    • This entire show was satirical, but boarder line disturbing. Ellen looks stressed out 🤨

      ThoughtCriminalThoughtCriminal15 days ago
  • selena looks different

    vaidehi navgharevaidehi navghare19 days ago
  • Ellen please I love you

    Lady SowahLady Sowah21 day ago
  • They all take adrena CHROME. Disgusting

    Truth Seeker Unapologetic-ChristianTruth Seeker Unapologetic-Christian22 days ago
  • Best Ellen Show ever!

    Jane SimmonsJane Simmons25 days ago
  • Whoa !! Brad !! Did you ever make a HUGE mistake!!!!

    bonnie jonesbonnie jones26 days ago
  • This show is about sharing sometin goodness to peoples.. Great .. And JA is really nice host.. 😍😍💪💪👍

    Rizmax 78Rizmax 7828 days ago
  • Jen is the sweetest person in the whole damn world I love her so much 🥺

    GabiGabi28 days ago
  • why is no one talking about how jen was reading and at the same time singing good as hell

    budebude29 days ago
  • I really like her. She's so beautiful and kind ! Very popular all over the world.

    Natalie TaiNatalie TaiMonth ago
  • I saw Jen Aniston, and clicked the like button

    Hannah MarieHannah MarieMonth ago
  • i need to hug her omds

    Rosa CruzRosa CruzMonth ago

    Nehal GuptaNehal GuptaMonth ago
  • I always love her. I am his die heart fan in the world i love her..🔥❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👑👑🌟🌟🌟❤❤❤❤

    Dipson sherpaDipson sherpaMonth ago
  • l love Jen

    Zigo Afro Dance TvZigo Afro Dance TvMonth ago
  • I.

    Tamika JohnsonTamika JohnsonMonth ago
  • Beautiful Dzenifer

    no nameno nameMonth ago
  • she did a great job!

    Lázaro MuradLázaro MuradMonth ago
  • He should dress up like an elf

    Manci MesterManci MesterMonth ago
  • Its sooo obvious Selena is a super fan of Jennifer Aniston... I'm a fan of both 🥰😘

    Wash Your Hands ffs!!Wash Your Hands ffs!!Month ago
  • 100th comment! Whoop!😂❤

    Ciara JacksonCiara JacksonMonth ago
  • 100th comment whoop!😂❤

    Ciara JacksonCiara JacksonMonth ago
  • The girl who says her favorite friend is Ross definitely has a serial killer potential

    Shizheng TieShizheng TieMonth ago
  • She is so beautiful and sweet

    edna quagraineedna quagraineMonth ago
  • Grinding nemo 😂😂🤣🤣

    Shah Alam AnsariShah Alam AnsariMonth ago
  • 💗

    Jami HJami HMonth ago
  • 8th september 2003, almost 3 months before my birthday, on 11 december

    Joshua WeeJoshua WeeMonth ago
  • jen: says one sentence crowd: WOOOOOOOO

    Elena LeeElena LeeMonth ago
  • I love you Jennifer and Ellen..... Muahhhhhh

    Venus CastroVenus CastroMonth ago
  • This game in the end is so cruel 😂🙈

    KristinaKristinaMonth ago
  • on which channel can i watch

  • Just famous enough to do this show

    Su SiddSu SiddMonth ago
  • Spray tan city...a bunch of whites wanting to be black...

    Su SiddSu SiddMonth ago
  • ✔👌📶

    Takis LagosTakis LagosMonth ago
  • Thank you for uploading :))

    Villa RentalVilla RentalMonth ago
  • I love how Selena just wanted to talk about friends then Jen started talking about her CD then Selena is like “aw man”

    Rhianna AlexisRhianna AlexisMonth ago
  • She's extraordinarily simple and well mannered.

    Lourdes GonzalesLourdes GonzalesMonth ago
    • r

      Tamika JohnsonTamika JohnsonMonth ago
  • The one where Rachel hosts The Ellen Show... 😂🤪👑

    Ellen LawlorEllen Lawlor2 months ago
  • Amazing awesome day.

    Jevouney IrelandJevouney Ireland2 months ago
  • Aww Selena looks so sweet and shy 27:06

    KopiteKopite2 months ago
  • I have always loved jen jen!!! Shes My favorite actress.

    Twisted LeeTwisted Lee2 months ago
  • Who were those 2 people she pointed out in the audience at 36:20?

    Nathan MacomberNathan Macomber2 months ago
  • She should have a show. I currently don't have a fav talk show host. But I would.

    Chutney KingChutney King2 months ago
  • Love Jennifer Aniston. Great choice Ellen! Wish I could see show in person.

    Liz FischerLiz Fischer2 months ago
  • I love the welcome cheers to Jennifer.. We love you gorgeous lady & you're good at everything you do 💓💓

    Evelastar FavourEvelastar Favour2 months ago
  • I don’t know why my wife picked me, but it’s her burden to bear 🤣🤣🤣

    Janet AkpaJanet Akpa2 months ago
  • its so cute how selena was still starstruck by jen

    haya ahmedhaya ahmed2 months ago
  • i love this and her

    haya ahmedhaya ahmed2 months ago
  • Thank you for sharinggg!!

    Fanny IngabireFanny Ingabire2 months ago
  • I wish you Ms. Anniston the very best, but you've got a long way to go when it comes to listening before you interupt as well as staying on track with the subject your talking about. Aain the very best to you Ms. Anniston. With the light of truth & love

    Toni ToniToni Toni2 months ago
  • I like Jennifer looks very friendly. Im here new friend sending love to you.

    Chef KwatogChef Kwatog2 months ago
  • Jeniffer Aniston looks to young- she would be 34

    Angled InAngled In3 months ago
  • At 26:13 Will's interview ends and Jennifer promotes his movie but doesn't say good bye to him on camera and doesn't thank him for being on the show. LOL

    Dude ManDude Man3 months ago
    • Maybe she's nervous.

      Amanda TijerinaAmanda Tijerina6 days ago
  • I have Grinding Nemo on DVD. But, I didn't know that the narrator's voice was Sherri Linguini (aka Ellen). Interesting.

    Dude ManDude Man3 months ago
  • I love Jennifer aniston She is my favorite actor in Holly Wood 🌺

    SamiraSamira3 months ago
  • I'm sorry, I love Jennifer and Will, but this was BORING! I thought Selena would save it, but, Noooooo! Maybe that's why there aren't any men in the audience.

    scott sillenscott sillen3 months ago
  • 13:17 That's call KURUNGAN AYAM GOCEK SIAP from Bali

    Architect Ayu SulastriniArchitect Ayu Sulastrini3 months ago
  • Why most of Ellen show crowd are women ? Is that because she is a lesbian?

    holdthelockholdthelock3 months ago
    • its just who gets tikets and stuff what does her audience have to do with her sexuality its majority women because thats her main audience most women watch talk show

      tyssa maciastyssa macias3 months ago
  • Love her fashion style. Class act

    NananananannanaNananananannana3 months ago
    • Never seen a class act...

      tom gitom gi2 months ago
  • one of the best Ellen shows ever. Thanks Jen and Ellen. Lili Kiki your best friend from France. Merci.

    Linda ThalmanLinda Thalman3 months ago
  • smart ellen are a gifted person

    dewi ganuelasdewi ganuelas3 months ago
  • I never watched the show Friends because I felt it didn't relate to me. But, I became a fan of Jennifer Aniston when I heard a "so called comedian" bully her in his act. I once had the misfortune of meeting that jerk in person. I hate that guy and I hated his "jokes" about her. Right then I began to follow her career and I learned she is fantastic. I never see that "so called comedian" around these days. Maybe someone has "put him out to pasture". It certainly would be appropriate.

    Robin RedbreastRobin Redbreast3 months ago
    • I recommend u couz its my go to watch series and u ll never get bored and i m in crazy love with jenny and selena too since childhood just wish to meet her in person and be her close friend like selena is to her♥️

      Rohit PatelRohit Patel20 days ago
    • Robin Redbreast I recommend friends it’s hilarious

      Tala MajedTala Majed3 months ago
  • I love how the people on the couch start screaming bc they were startled and then they continue to scream bc they realize it's Jennifer :D

    ABC DEFABC DEF3 months ago
    • True😂😂

      Vedant GiteVedant Gite3 months ago
  • Just sad how Covid completely changed everything.

    Ron CRon C3 months ago
  • I think this was one of my fav show with another host absent from Ellen! I love Jennifer A. Great choice Ellen! Love you!

    Jennifer MorganJennifer Morgan3 months ago
  • Jennifer is gorgeous.And she was amazing on friends!🧡

    Tia RobertTia Robert3 months ago
  • She Looks amazing!

    Sabina CaySabina Cay3 months ago
    • Amaaaaazing

      tom gitom gi2 months ago
  • I enjoy pop culture, however celebrities praising and telling each other how wonderful they are is peculiar...doctors, police, nurses, etc. do not greet each other with such self praise.

    Bailey DieselBailey Diesel3 months ago
    • Bailey Diesel she’s just a fan I’d die if I met many actors or actresses especially Jennifer aniston

      Tala MajedTala Majed3 months ago
  • She needs her own show, she's so amazing

    Donata NiemannDonata Niemann3 months ago
    • She is too famous

      Alex KanyimaAlex KanyimaMonth ago
    • Cool good one girl.

      Jevouney IrelandJevouney Ireland2 months ago
    • Amaaaazing

      tom gitom gi2 months ago
    • so amazing....

      tom gitom gi2 months ago
    • Donata Niemann IKK I died watching this 😭💀

      Tala MajedTala Majed3 months ago
  • The crowd can't stop cheering 😍

    Akhin SanjuAkhin Sanju3 months ago
  • I love her

    Aries Rainbow ChildAries Rainbow Child3 months ago
    • She loves you, too

      tom gitom gi2 months ago
  • 10:30 RIP Ears xDD

    Andreasbreakdown92Andreasbreakdown923 months ago
  • Thank you soooo much for this!!!!! Can u post where RDJ hosts Ellen show?

    Aditi KulkarniAditi Kulkarni3 months ago
    • @Vedant Gite thxxx

      Aditi KulkarniAditi Kulkarni3 months ago
    • Will do it soon!!

      Vedant GiteVedant Gite3 months ago
  • Jen aniston never fails to amaze me by her talent and beauty even if shes already 51 yrs old🥰🥰🥰❤️

    Kristelle Marie AntiguaKristelle Marie Antigua3 months ago
  • She's literally the sweetest person in the world. Wish I'd got the chance to meet her and hug her. I need it so badly. 🥺❤

    InbarInbar3 months ago
    • Me tooooo❤️❤️❤️🙃🙃

      Netty NutsNetty Nuts19 days ago
    • I dont think she share your feeling and opinion ! Specialy those sathanic Alien gay ,

      01yala01yala2 months ago
    • And she’s waiting for your hugs...get a life, believe in yourself and stop watching all that crap

      tom gitom gi2 months ago
    • I am sure that she wants to meet you, too. She is for sure the sweetest person ....

      tom gitom gi2 months ago
    • Me too❤

      Vikram SinghVikram Singh3 months ago
  • Better than Ellen

    Lana TormašLana Tormaš3 months ago
    • Equal

      Tala MajedTala Majed3 months ago
    • She is classy

      Belin RomeroBelin Romero3 months ago
    • Oh no don't go that far ellen will always be the queen of that talk show

      paris mahoneparis mahone3 months ago
  • Thanks for uploading!!!

    ena piojoena piojo3 months ago
  • Thanks for uploading this

    Beysha knowlesBeysha knowles3 months ago
  • Thank you so much for uploading this special episode. I live in Germany and usually don’t get to see the entire show. THANK YOU!! Jen is the BEST.

    Stephie318Stephie3184 months ago
  • Thanks a million for posting this full episode of The Ellen Show!!! Will you be posting more full episodes herr on USkeys?

    Jordan ShepetofskyJordan Shepetofsky4 months ago
    • @Vedant Gite Wow!! Thank you so much!! 😀

      Jordan ShepetofskyJordan Shepetofsky4 months ago
    • Yaa probably

      Vedant GiteVedant Gite4 months ago