2019 MRE Beef Goulash Meal Ready to Eat Review US Ration Taste Testing

Aug 30, 2019
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Menu #22 Beef Goulash is the newest US MRE menu for 2019. This is a delicious new menu with no needed items like crackers or hot sauce added to it for improved taste & texture. A very classic style menu lineup, with sides that do well as individual stand alone items and not aiming at the more modern MRE approach of mixing multiple components together. An excellent upgrade to the previous year's Menu #22 - Asian Style Beef Strips w/ Vegetables. Which we take a look at that menu in this review at well right around the 12 minute mark. So stay tuned for that inside of this review as well - and see how this 2019 menu #22 is an absolute upgrade from the previous year's.
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Paul Buikema:

  • I thought he caught it on fire for a second

    dodgers doon1130dodgers doon113010 days ago
  • I have tried watching other people do MRE reviews but only Steve can do them justice, all the others are just hacks!!!

    Charles StephensCharles Stephens11 days ago
  • I’m surprised the cookies come in different cuts/shapes.

    Borderlands808Borderlands80812 days ago
  • Love shortbread biscuits.

    Proud Straight White Christian ConservativeProud Straight White Christian Conservative12 days ago
  • Unusual diet

    Roger WilliamsRoger Williams13 days ago
  • Got stuck in a blizzard for 6 days and had to eat MREs only had like 3 the entire time cause it took me so long to eat the damn things

    John AJohn A14 days ago
  • Soft diarrhea gulash

    Lt WolfeLt Wolfe16 days ago
  • Im gonna join just for the food

    Sebastian CruSebastian Cru24 days ago
  • A cop told me one time that food in the army is really bad but surprisingly it looks good it looks way better than anything served in jail i used to be a prison gaurd and ate prison food at work it was really gross

    awe Rubyawe Ruby24 days ago
  • In basic this was my favorite MRE

    Urich ReyesUrich Reyes27 days ago
  • Mom: Steve, supper is ready! Steve: WOW, nice hiss! Mom: What hiss you referring to? Steve: Nice, it has a rich and succulent flavor! Mom: Thanks hun! Steve: Lets dunk this into a dumpster! Mom: What?

    X-MenX-Men27 days ago
  • 🙂🤔👀👍💻👍🍲🥄😋

    Vladimir OrlovVladimir Orlov27 days ago
  • You look a bit like Vincent Van Gogh haha

    Amanda MAmanda M27 days ago
  • I read that as zapplesauce...

    SKJEAN3107SKJEAN310729 days ago
  • Idk if it's because it's 3 am or I've been watching this man for a long time but some reason this video just feels surreal

    FeelsFeelsMonth ago
  • Its not hard to make out the b group of vitamins

    Xeveniah DarkwindXeveniah DarkwindMonth ago
  • Shouldn't the cookies be called "Sugar Cookies, Patriotic Type 1" ? And MRE's with no coffee and now phasing out hot chocolate. No ranger mocha for Steve 😧

    James WoodsJames WoodsMonth ago
  • We’re can I but this container at ?

    BurgerKingBurgerKingMonth ago
  • 14:53 “ that's awful” 😂

    -junior--junior-Month ago
  • 🤔...That🍎applesauce looked like🍍pineapplesauce...👌🏼💯✔

    The WorstThe WorstMonth ago
  • Those bread sticks with the cheese and jalapeno spread is 👌👌

    gb godofwargb godofwarMonth ago
  • Seemed upset with no coffee 😂😅

    Nicolas OtecNicolas OtecMonth ago
  • i can just feel the wheat bread and the peanut butter sticking to the roof of my mouth

    Corey PalmerCorey PalmerMonth ago
  • The exploding peanut butter in near silence was very funny.

    Maximilian AvdeevMaximilian AvdeevMonth ago
  • 好吃👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    陳癸錄陳癸錄Month ago
  • your teeth are probably rotted out with all that nasty diarrhea you eat

    NJFireBuffNJFireBuffMonth ago
  • Spinach in goulash? Jesus.

    Jujube TutubeJujube TutubeMonth ago
  • 1:16

    Jujube TutubeJujube TutubeMonth ago
  • Do our soldiers eat the same apple sauce as first graders

    luna7446luna7446Month ago
  • I ate mre food 1 time & I liked it, it has various food in a pack👏 Where can I buy some MRE food for 2020? How $? I need a box for a month?

    Don JuanDon JuanMonth ago

    sanyik_a 007sanyik_a 007Month ago
  • No coffee! That's inconceivable!

    Paleo ConPaleo ConMonth ago
  • 4:33 Musical stir spoon and cup. LOL

    Kenny BentleyKenny BentleyMonth ago
  • Patriotic animal crackers...LOL

    Michael HoranMichael HoranMonth ago
  • 0:11 🤣

    Azraf Shahriar SamiAzraf Shahriar SamiMonth ago
  • I still consider an MRE better than school lunch

    Christian FelicianoChristian FelicianoMonth ago
  • Peanut butter just shot everywhere... 😂😂😂

    Kevin RhodesKevin RhodesMonth ago
  • We just might get freeze dried Big Mac's under Trump.....

    Ryan DanielRyan DanielMonth ago
    • babooshka boy because he loves McDonald’s and KFC...

      Ryan DanielRyan DanielMonth ago
    • Huh

      babooshka boybabooshka boyMonth ago
  • What ever happend to the candy ?

    Mark GitschelMark GitschelMonth ago

    Mark GitschelMark GitschelMonth ago
  • Your reviews are awesome on the military MRE menus Inspired me to order a case or two to have a safe to eat food source if covid resurges.. and makes it into the food supply.... God bless America and what she stands for

    Xeveniah DarkwindXeveniah DarkwindMonth ago
  • With what are they going to replace cocoa beverage powder?

    Si vis pacem para bellumSi vis pacem para bellum2 months ago
  • NO COFFEE!!!! As a veteran I am deeply offended by that.

    RGC2005RGC20052 months ago
  • That snack bread and the bread sticks with jalapeno cheese sauce we're what kept me going when we got MREs after hurricane Micheal

    Eryn BonameEryn Boname2 months ago
  • 10:29 lol

    Wilderness BeatsWilderness Beats2 months ago
  • Dude still lives in the 1980’s

    LuhJayGot RacksLuhJayGot Racks2 months ago
  • Plastic, insides and outside too.....

    Francisc SzakacsFrancisc Szakacs2 months ago
  • Steve: *Pulls pin on grenade* nice hiss

    Jason HouleJason Houle2 months ago
  • That applesauce looks like a lemon puree

    Ronin WilliamsRonin Williams2 months ago
  • Your commentary makes your videos. Gotta love all of the broken cookies.

    Kurt M.Kurt M.2 months ago
  • The sugar cookies are awsome

    th 71th 712 months ago
  • no coffee is sacrilege

    Shawn SwigartShawn Swigart2 months ago
  • the best MRE in the world )

    StanislavVilkovStanislavVilkov2 months ago
  • I just made a homemade mre that consists of 1 can of sweet corn 1 can of kidney beans 1 packet of tuna 1 can of condensed milk (sweetened) instant coffee powder based creamer 1 pack of beef bouillon crackers 2 snickers

    Simon ‘Ghost’ RileySimon ‘Ghost’ Riley2 months ago
  • Ok I was confusing goulash with stroganoff

    Mathy DonMathy Don2 months ago
  • Why is there a French translation? Is that in case we have a joint operation with Canadians?

    Mathy DonMathy Don2 months ago
  • *steve eats worms for survival* Nice

    Alaiddin Emre ÖzyurtAlaiddin Emre Özyurt2 months ago
  • “ oh yeah and the lemonade” 2 seconds later “ that’s awful, anyway” 😂

    coolness 8123coolness 81232 months ago
  • M R E Peanut butter taste good on everything the crackers the bread the wall

    adam gilliganadam gilligan2 months ago
  • Cool channel but who eats these for fun

    J WJ W2 months ago
  • Wait a minute.. No instant coffee type II? 'Let's 'frag' the CO!

    LexLex2 months ago
  • Imagine being the person responsible for selling the name "Zapplesauce" to a room full of very serious high ranking officers....

    RR2 months ago
    • Obviously it worked. ;)

      Scott DoubleyouScott DoubleyouMonth ago
  • Soldier actually eat these? How long do they last??

    Alexia HardwareAlexia Hardware2 months ago
  • I fixed a MRE dinner for my girlfriend. We've been married 28 years.

    Robert SorensonRobert Sorenson2 months ago
    • Girlfriend-married ??

      babooshka boybabooshka boyMonth ago
  • Legend has it Steve only shops for MRE’s he hasn’t been out to the grocery store since Nam

    BoostBoost2 months ago
  • Great. Let's hide everything Asian.

    Aaron PalmerAaron Palmer2 months ago
  • Zapplesauce is AMAZING, I dearly wish I could get more.

    Legman688Legman6882 months ago
  • Now for the patriotic sugar cookies. (We're an American band plays)

    Joshua's D SmallsJoshua's D Smalls3 months ago
  • Traditional recipe here uskeys.net/watch/nGYE0GX7L5c-video.html

    Petra HozleiterPetra Hozleiter3 months ago
  • Steve has become an unspoken meme.

    Scott Joplin.Scott Joplin.3 months ago
  • You have to do BEEF TACO the best menu

    Dub Lord ExoticsDub Lord Exotics3 months ago
  • Steve, I really enjoy your videos. I got into watching MREs videos, because I wanted to get a well rounded opinion.i wasn't in the military, I was a firefighter and EMT. And I am stockpiling MREs and dehydrated food. And ammo lol

    Gary TaylorGary Taylor3 months ago
  • What I like about you're channel is that you dont put annoying thumbnails of you're face. With mouth and eyes wide open.

    Mario ArteagaMario Arteaga3 months ago
  • You got 5 minutes to get that down your neck Ranger!

    Benjamin MortonBenjamin Morton3 months ago
  • You seem to be eating things in random order in the last couple of videos

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  • What the hell do you mean no coffee? Which damn communist general signed off on that?

    BABA3 months ago
  • I like the taste of vitamin b. It's very unique, tastes like flintstones vitamin chews, if you remember those as a kid.

    Richard SmithRichard Smith3 months ago
  • Those broken patriotic cookies are telling something about the country?

    pe1pmepe1pme3 months ago
  • Looks good. Но лучше банку тушенки. И пачку крекеров.

    Lohengrin OathLohengrin Oath3 months ago
  • No coffee, raspberry Kool-Aid, PB&J and applesauce? Are they recruiting pre-schoolers?

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  • 10:33 me after eating taco bell

    -MrClean-MrClean3 months ago
  • i love you steve

    Alina BlunkAlina Blunk3 months ago
  • when steve described the taste of vitamins I felt that

    mr. crap gamer 2mr. crap gamer 23 months ago
  • That ration is awful. Trump in a packet.

    Colin NewmanColin Newman3 months ago
  • HFCS in an applesauce for the military? Do people not know that shit actually disables your satiety and makes you eat more? Why the hell do you think they serve soda in fast food joints? That sludge belongs in a sewer pipe. People wonder why the U.S. is so fucking obese. :/

    Mike DriggsMike Driggs3 months ago
  • Want to see Indian MRE

    Abdul solemanAbdul soleman3 months ago
  • You open things as if you had

    BlopBlop3 months ago
  • What is that smoking at 3:00 Steve?! :) You vapin' over there?

    mercstermercster3 months ago
  • These are soooo good! Goulash ftw

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  • Please do the modern South African MRE

    Lil SxavageLil Sxavage3 months ago
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  • Imagine giving a ww2 soldier an mre that said “Asian style beef strips”? They would toss it on the ground and piss all over it.

    Better than YouBetter than You4 months ago
  • I guess that would be like a British ration without a cup of tea???

    Porch PiratePorch Pirate4 months ago
  • I have a Asian beef one.

    Mark OliverMark Oliver4 months ago
  • ?"patriotic sugar cookies" has got to be one of the dopiest sounding things. Like how insecure do you need to be ?

    Stone CodfishStone Codfish4 months ago
    • Stone Codfish ya well i guess you arent patriotic then!

      TMoe GamingTMoe Gaming4 months ago
  • Goulash rules! - Love from Hungary! :) The holy trinity: fat + onions + red paprika as base... Take no POWs! :)

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