The videos I never uploaded... until now

Jan 14, 2019
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And NOW you see why I didn't upload... lol. Here are some clips of old 2018 videos that never made it. Ooh honey, there's more too. My computer is full and thicc. New 2019 videos coming soon, but thanks for watching this one. Check out some info down below:
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  • Liza: 2018 was a year Corona: YOU SURE?

    claire vanorsowclaire vanorsow15 hours ago
  • You're crazy, but, I can't not love you 🤣🤣🤣

    renoldo watsonrenoldo watsonDay ago
  • liza you can dance.......

    gigi moixgigi moix2 days ago
  • ily

    Annija BlumbergaAnnija Blumberga2 days ago
  • What the heck is your phone case

    Olivia ColemanOlivia Coleman3 days ago
  • Oh no.....

    Evie BassEvie Bass4 days ago
  • I cant stop laughing🤣🤣5:40

    It's. SimoIt's. Simo5 days ago
  • 3:00 😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😄😄😄😄😄😄😆😆😆😄😆😆😆😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣 😏😌🙂😉😌 me too tho.

    Malin Greaney-StasiakMalin Greaney-Stasiak5 days ago
  • 6:10-6:16 my favorite part!! 🤣🤣🤣

    Amber NicoleAmber Nicole9 days ago
  • Liza your dance made it to Korea. 0:57 is a youtube trend dance in korea now because of a korean idol.

    Katelyn PoagKatelyn Poag10 days ago
  • she says 2018 was a year..... just wait till 2020 😶

    Ben DorseyBen Dorsey12 days ago
  • bro THE PHONE CASE! im dead XD

    Andria FriddleAndria Friddle12 days ago
  • 5:15 is the moment I heard Doofenshmirtz in Liza. I'm Sorry. Love you and your vids tho *insert hart emodji*

    Ph4tosPh4tos14 days ago
  • It toke me awhile to notice her fridge is huge

    Emely OlivoEmely Olivo14 days ago
  • No words just 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    What's cooking Cheryl?What's cooking Cheryl?15 days ago
  • 2:39 editing 🔥

    spartans willspartans will16 days ago
  • You have a foba

    Kiarah Hall GuilloryKiarah Hall Guillory16 days ago
  • aha he ho ha past liza have you seen 2020 aha SAVE ME

    MoonMoon16 days ago
  • She thinks that 2018 is hard..... GIRL JUST WANT 🥴

    Charlee CroftsCharlee Crofts17 days ago
  • You can't tell if the brussel sprouts are expired if you cook em. -Liza Koshy, 2019.

    XxKakyoin NoriakixXXxKakyoin NoriakixX17 days ago
  • Liza: “People will never see these videos” Me: *lies*

    George QuallsGeorge Qualls17 days ago
  • So she trypophobic¿. . . WELCOME TO THE GANG GURRLLL!. . . .

    Emma MiaEmma Mia18 days ago
  • Me

    Verenda MooreVerenda Moore21 day ago
  • Did anybody else think that her self realization at first was that she looked like ketchup and mustard??? 😂

    Téa LambertTéa Lambert21 day ago
  • AY YO MOuth noises bother me (:

    Weirdo oWeirdo o23 days ago
  • Bless you

    Paisli HamandPaisli Hamand25 days ago
  • I’m here in 2020

    Cheyenne CrazyCheyenne Crazy26 days ago
  • oh trust me Liza... 2020 will be a year

    Ella RaineElla Raine26 days ago
  • It’s OK😅😂🤣🤣🤣

    Alexis SturgeonAlexis Sturgeon27 days ago
  • Whos here 2030

    Mason BelangerMason Belanger27 days ago
  • Liza: 2018 was a year Me: you think 2018 was a year? Try 2020

    AbbyAbby29 days ago
  • That lil sneeze there n the beginning could take people over the edge now in 2020! God DAMN.

    Curtis IsaccCurtis Isacc29 days ago
  • Yas yassss YAS

    Katelyn VotelKatelyn VotelMonth ago
  • 3:49 haha

    mynameislianamynameislianaMonth ago
  • Omg I have a fare of holes to I have goosebumps now

    Sister squadSister squadMonth ago
  • lol

    Keira TuckerKeira TuckerMonth ago
  • Little does she know...about 2020

    Lily MaeLily MaeMonth ago
  • Not me binging lizas videos at 1am for nostalgia and serotonin-

    belle_editsbelle_editsMonth ago
  • Liza: 2018 waaaaas a year.... Us in 2020: am I a joke to you?

    Jude RussellJude RussellMonth ago
  • ITS WORKING 😂😂😂😂😂

    Aubrey SmithAubrey SmithMonth ago
  • Nobody; Liza: I just wanna be an inchworm Me: ME TOO

    Elizabeth YeboahElizabeth YeboahMonth ago
  • Liza, get some help at 3 am. ur awesome, but wierd.

    Anneke StuutAnneke StuutMonth ago
  • I just realized that cup she was holding said “Aries”

    Teacup_707 Idk anythingTeacup_707 Idk anythingMonth ago
  • Liza plzzzzzzzzzzzz post these vids they're so funny

    Victory AbibangVictory AbibangMonth ago
  • Omg she actually ruined HOUSTON TEXAS BABY!!!

    amy bolderamy bolderMonth ago
  • we love you no matter what you post ❤️😘

    Lucy EngmanLucy EngmanMonth ago
  • Haha who’s here in 2022?

    Nieyomi AdamsNieyomi AdamsMonth ago
  • 0:13 fly Liza

    Lee MuñozLee MuñozMonth ago
  • Aalright im gonna line the *weird noises*

    Francisco IbarraFrancisco IbarraMonth ago
  • "Looks like i meditate and take my vitamins everyday"😂😂😂

    beany lalalalalabeany lalalalalaMonth ago
  • Liza is what we all need rn sis got me wheezing 😂❤️

    beany lalalalalabeany lalalalalaMonth ago
  • The moment when u realize she is in the same place from her blueper video of 2020, just diferent amiriiight

    Brody MoranBrody MoranMonth ago
  • Other peoples break downs: I JUST WANNA DIE. I HATE LIFE Lucas break down: I look like ketchup and musterd.... I jUsT wAnNa Be An InChWoRm

    alyssa reaalyssa reaMonth ago
  • Whats her phone case designe of...

    alyssa reaalyssa reaMonth ago
  • her phone case is still the same from liza on demand but a diff color I'm dead ed1t- 2:57 where she shows the case

    Siana FernandezSiana FernandezMonth ago
  • Me

    Popular GirlPopular GirlMonth ago
  • "2018 was a year"...........then there's 2020

    Joellen WeimerskirchJoellen WeimerskirchMonth ago
  • It's been a whole ass year since this video came out but let me tell y'all 2020 got me feeling like I had five birthdays because it felt like I've died five times. Here's to 2021 where we can all, hopefully, nip happily!

    KaticlysticKaticlysticMonth ago
  • bless you

    Charlotte CowanCharlotte CowanMonth ago
  • 1:57 Liza why you look simular as @SSSNIPER WOLF

    mobile legendmobile legendMonth ago
  • Who’s here in 2021😂😂

    ?•Forever•??•Forever•?Month ago
  • 3:05 the phone case thou 😪🔥

    My life is ShiteuMy life is ShiteuMonth ago
  • "If you start out perfect, you have nothing to work for." Dis gon be my senior quote

    how many subcribers can i get with no videoshow many subcribers can i get with no videosMonth ago
  • Lizzzza gurl your soo bootiful!!!

    Milkii melonMilkii melonMonth ago
  • Omg me

    Frost BiteFrost BiteMonth ago
  • i saw her phone case and just wow

    ghizlane jawharighizlane jawhariMonth ago
  • Omg I laughed so hard at the intro

    Endergon The DragonEndergon The DragonMonth ago
  • Mr

    Endergon The DragonEndergon The DragonMonth ago
  • Liza has anyone told you you have the cuties laugh. Sorry for my spelling 🙍

    Sandra CruzSandra CruzMonth ago
  • look at lizas phone screen lol

    QueeenofVidsQueeenofVidsMonth ago
  • "*all she wants to do is love-and be loved*" same tho liza...*me ✌️*

    Ruby ParishRuby ParishMonth ago
  • 2018 was a year? Girl wait until 2020!

    Siobhan SturdevantSiobhan SturdevantMonth ago
  • “ I would love to ram my body into a wall and end up at a train station “ -Liza Koshy ... yes

    Juliana AmaralJuliana AmaralMonth ago

    Yiping WangYiping WangMonth ago
  • The holes pic needs a trigger warning....goosebumps...eeekk

    BajanBeautyBajanBeautyMonth ago
  • I love your fears 😈

    hongmei Renhongmei RenMonth ago
  • 0:12 This genuinely scared me

    Magnificent MarEMagnificent MarEMonth ago
  • My question is in the 1st video at 3am how does she have makeup on did she wake up and put her makeup on and just started filming

    The PainterThe PainterMonth ago
  • Iloveyou! 😘😍

    Justhine MarieJusthine MarieMonth ago
  • Who's here after corona ended and all schools are open and trump is dead 🙃😂😂

    qeti uznaqeti uznaMonth ago
  • Am I the 30,000 comment?

    chloe tchloe tMonth ago
  • Who misses old Lizza?😖

    Dark AngelDark AngelMonth ago
  • In here at 2020 😷🙈

    shoya's left armshoya's left armMonth ago
  • The 2020 video of liza was the remake of this

    maliha torsamaliha torsaMonth ago
  • PSA: never drink water while watching liza’s videos There may or may not be water all over my bed now

    Lucine GodelekyanLucine GodelekyanMonth ago

    jenna leesjenna leesMonth ago
  • Aesthetic Liza : " It was 3 am when I recorded this video and I had a little self-realization" Liza on that vide: " I look like ketchup and mustard right now"

    Livia XavierLivia XavierMonth ago
  • 1 year later... CoRoNaViRuS

    Hi YouHi YouMonth ago
  • I. Am. In 2020

    gabriela clarkgabriela clarkMonth ago
  • Ah yes.

    TooManyAccountsLolTooManyAccountsLolMonth ago
  • Oh liza has trypophobia like me

    Lémøñ LèmøñLémøñ LèmøñMonth ago
  • Damn she is so funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Savindya SewminiSavindya SewminiMonth ago
  • Am I the only one who noticed her phone case 🤣at 3:30

    NONENONEMonth ago
  • Dare Liza, I miss your videos a lot for example Liza on demand and wednesdays with Liza why did u go and plus I miss u and David a lot. I don't know what to say right now cause every time I watch the videos I cry.... like what :( :( :( WHY WHY WHY.......... I'm full with emotions right now...... LIZA

    Vani BalroopVani Balroop2 months ago
  • I hate having *loud banana chewing asmr* attention deficit disorder girl me too

    LuciamariaLuciamaria2 months ago
  • Im here again❤️ more views than her subscriber😍

    nympha jovennympha joven2 months ago
  • 4:52 😂

    Cat TellyCat Telly2 months ago
  • liza! keep going no matter anyone says, they're a 2 your a fricken 100000000000000000000000000000000 everyone loves you ( weather they show it or not ) your an inspiration to 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 gillian people. Much love from Australia! ❤❤❤❤👍👍👍😊😊😊

    Lacey 99Lacey 992 months ago
  • EVERYONE, needs a Liza in thier life!!!

    Daisy RodriguezDaisy Rodriguez2 months ago
  • Some of the videos with Liza dancing in her living room weren’t uploaded until 2020! 😳

    Sophia BrooksSophia Brooks2 months ago