Kitchen Nightmares - Season 2 Episode 9 - Full Episode

Nov 20, 2019
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Chef Ramsay drops by Le Bistro, a French eatery in South Florida, and discovers that he and the head chef have similar culinary training backgrounds. However, the chef is in complete denial about the poor quality of his restaurant's food and service.

  • i get it now when people used to say “andy’s coming”

    coco chanelcoco chanelHour ago
  • This is what happens when a stubborn British meets a another stubborn British

    shreyansh pandeyshreyansh pandey16 hours ago
  • Andy beats the shit out of his wife.

    dftfujd dsrjdhdftfujd dsrjdh19 hours ago
  • In an UK Episode Gordon was joking about stupid Leather Walls, now he puts them in Florida with its humid and warm air....very well done CHEF!

    Gnack WatschnGnack Watschn19 hours ago
  • That is astonishing, the fool commits himself to change in the Last second and gets his Restaurant renovated for would I....stupid TV Show....

    Gnack WatschnGnack Watschn19 hours ago
  • One of the best Kitchen Nightmares EVER!

    4injustwetrust4injustwetrustDay ago
  • Where is Andy from i know they said British but i can get his accent sounds liverpool but then changes i don't know lol

    happy timeshappy timesDay ago
  • Pretty sure that wife gets beaten every night.

    Satyam DeySatyam Dey2 days ago
  • Perfect tandem to gordon 😂

    Pablo LorenasPablo Lorenas2 days ago
  • What a pathetic wife. She's been abused for too long.

    F Mar.F Mar.2 days ago

    Trudie BoshoffTrudie Boshoff2 days ago
  • His accent is so strange. The UK has lots of different accents but that isn't one of them. I really can't place it

    Carly BishopCarly Bishop2 days ago
  • What's the current status of le bistro?

    Prerita SheraPrerita Shera2 days ago
  • Does anyone believe this show is real?

    DarkKnghtZDarkKnghtZ2 days ago
  • Andy is a number one dick head

    Jatt's OpinionJatt's Opinion2 days ago
  • His pride is killing him

    valentina janssensvalentina janssens3 days ago
  • Anyone else getting a STRONG small peepee energy from Andy? lol. Like, I feel like he needs tweezers to jerk it.

    godonlyknows13godonlyknows134 days ago
  • Clearly a narcissist

    Tiago A.Tiago A.4 days ago
  • Hm

    Nebojsa DrikicNebojsa Drikic4 days ago
  • I dont know why but i love this programme

  • Andy got humbled a bit when they started cooking Gordon's menu. When he was like 'that one is more cooked than that one chef', prior to that he never would have called him chef... I think maybe the menu display made him realise first-hand Ramsay knows what he's doing or something.

    NickNick5 days ago
  • "I hate idiots". You must hate yourself then, pig.

    NickNick5 days ago
  • This woman is too good for this asshole.

    NickNick5 days ago
  • Classic episode. Arrogant chefs make the best viewing.

    NickNick5 days ago
  • As a summary, he opened a restaurant because he doesn't like to work for people like him.

    Samantha AbreuSamantha Abreu5 days ago
  • Is he from Boston or Bolton. I genuinely have no idea

    Willis _Willis _5 days ago
  • I’ll I hear are censored sounds

    Casual RabbitCasual Rabbit5 days ago
  • A surprise visit ??? Didn't Andy wonder what the cameras were doing there???

    jo egletonjo egleton5 days ago
  • I ate there before made me 🔫🔫🔫🔫

    Sandro FiliceSandro Filice6 days ago
  • Andy sounds like he is autistic

    Frogs PepeFrogs Pepe6 days ago
  • His victim mentality is exhausting 😑

    Rachel NicholsonRachel Nicholson6 days ago
  • Did he say I am in Florida not Mumbai @9:38 ??

    Palak GulatiPalak Gulati6 days ago
  • He looks like Simon combined with Gordon

    HLXDHLXD7 days ago
  • Love how Gordon says he’s “English” when he’s Scottish 😂😂 that’s okay Gordon just hurt us like that 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

    Laurie ElizabethLaurie Elizabeth7 days ago
  • This guy owner can be a great poker player lol

    Diskubre ChannelDiskubre Channel7 days ago
  • What a prick!!

    A CodeA Code8 days ago
  • Despite the happy ending, Andy did not deserve all that Gordon did. But it makes for decent television.

    RobberSoulRobberSoul8 days ago
  • “I hate idiots” Well that’s ironic

    Freddy FazbearFreddy Fazbear8 days ago
  • Andy is an asshole, I wouldn't work for him... 😡 😡 😡

    Hungirl69 CzHungirl69 Cz9 days ago
  • And this is why Gordon always gives people a hard time when thry give their training as experience.

    cody keanecody keane9 days ago
  • im going to cry when gordon dies

    Secure. Contain. Protect.Secure. Contain. Protect.9 days ago
  • Andy: I hate idiots Me: I hate myself too, Andy:I dont hate myself Me: you said you hate idiots...

    Isabelle IsaacIsabelle Isaac9 days ago
  • 4:41, so you basically said you hate yourself

    MemerboiMemerboi10 days ago
  • I am watching this at 5am and I have school tomorrow .......well today

    Aisha mohdAisha mohd10 days ago
  • 2020 anyone? Nobody? :')

    Eclipse Night TigerEclipse Night Tiger10 days ago
    • me

      Secure. Contain. Protect.Secure. Contain. Protect.9 days ago
  • 4:40 "I hate idiots" So you hate yourself?

    TM CrystalTM Crystal10 days ago
  • "This business hasn't worked for 9 years." "The food is really good."

    AndreAndre10 days ago
  • I really love chef Ramsay's honest and frank words. And how he handles the conversation

    Cherry BellsCherry Bells11 days ago
  • What a jerk

    Carole GibbsCarole Gibbs12 days ago
  • We all know the highlight of this episode. Its that dog in 1:44 for sure

    ZxphyrZxphyr12 days ago
  • When Ramsey finds a person like him now, thats a episode to watch

    2- torial YT2- torial YT12 days ago
  • She is a MILF! Old, and big Butt,!

    gooldii1gooldii113 days ago
  • I've got a drinking game everybody ! Drink a shot every time the word "snapper" comes up :) Trust me, you'll enjoy it !

    Lubomir ArabadzhievLubomir Arabadzhiev13 days ago
  • How can you be dedicated to your restaurant if you don't make it for the customers lol

    No Scream™No Scream™13 days ago
  • Andy is just insecure

    Grphs PGrphs P14 days ago
  • He is so abusive and demeaning. I hope the wife gets out of the relationship as soon as possible. If she loves him it doesn't matter, Love doesn't cover feeling like your wretched

    Hannah CroswellHannah Croswell14 days ago
  • It's like having to deal with a teen

    Jesse CharlesJesse Charles14 days ago
  • are we gonna talk about gordon ramsay gaslighting the hell out of people he coaches or just pretend he's the calm one

    HulmisHulmis14 days ago
  • Why do bad men always get the most nice women out there lol

    MauriMauri15 days ago
  • they way he told her ' if i we're you i'd stop right there . go away ' is clearly impling that if she continues, and does not go away from him, he's gonna smack the piss outta her. he has wife beater written all over his face.

    funky smokEEfunky smokEE15 days ago
  • That man had the balls to argue with Ramsay Bravest person I know

    arnav sinhaarnav sinha16 days ago
  • Gordon wearing crocs. What an absolute C H A D

    MowsMows16 days ago
  • this is why i'm scared to get married

    Emu WarriorEmu Warrior16 days ago
  • I caree for my customers ?!! Really ramsay ? You called one customer a dog 🤣

    Ganesh SinghGanesh Singh17 days ago
  • 1:20 best intro lol

    Ajax-ROBLOXAjax-ROBLOX18 days ago
  • it’s so good to always see the staff n restaurants taking a step forward for change 😍 it is definitely tough but they had the courage and the resilience to strive n aim better than before. nice one!

    shabir dhaifullahshabir dhaifullah18 days ago
  • Gordon: ‘here’s your ex wife who’s come to tell you where you got it wrong and really rub it in’

    Tom SpotleyTom Spotley19 days ago
  • That red was so off putting. You can't relax in a bright red room, it's too much.

    Mikka MankaMikka Manka20 days ago
  • Why is she even with him? Leave his miserable life.

    Test account MeowdfwcTest account Meowdfwc21 day ago
  • I hate when people tell Gordon who the fuck are you.. Guys get a reality check he is most richest nd he has his chain of restaurant so when u say u need to he owns the cookery world.... I love Gordon...

    Preeti SinghPreeti Singh21 day ago
  • the ringing reminds of The Witcher 3 game with the goat mission lol

    Robo75Robo7521 day ago
  • some people are just wankers

    MorgoMorgo21 day ago
  • Damn, 7pm and the Sun is still in the sky. At my country, 7pm is already dark

    Akif KarimAkif Karim22 days ago
  • Amazing how a single man can beat the shit out of someone, and at the same time help them learn.

    ArtC VladArtC Vlad22 days ago
  • 'love at first bite' not scripted at aaalll

    Cadog MacInnreachtaighCadog MacInnreachtaigh22 days ago
  • the post production team should get a pay rise with the sound effects every second lol

    PickledCheesePickledCheese23 days ago
  • we are both English both of us have studied in Paris and we both abuse a LOTTTT..

    VatsalVatsal23 days ago
  • im watching this shit at 3:17 in the morning. what is my life

    LauraLaura24 days ago
    • 12:12am lol

      Abdullah MultaniAbdullah Multani14 days ago

    Christopher HChristopher H24 days ago
  • Love at first bite -.-

    •Cookie Aesthetics••Cookie Aesthetics•24 days ago
  • An advise in front of others is an offense and insult!

    Mohamed ElmarzoukiMohamed Elmarzouki24 days ago
  • I am 110% to Ramsay but this new renovate decorated is i felt poor

    Puspan GurungPuspan Gurung25 days ago
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    bull coolbull cool25 days ago
  • Who else hates it when the narrator spoils the episode

    YSYS25 days ago
  • People be like: you're too dramatic Yeah but am I as dramatic as Kitchen nightmares ?

    ピカゾロドリゴピカゾロドリゴ25 days ago
  • Calling himself English. Embarrassment.

    Richie BhoyRichie Bhoy26 days ago
  • Andy really needs therapy

    이조이_거꾸로해도이JOY이조이_거꾸로해도이JOY26 days ago
  • I just realised that this is probably the only one episode of Kitchen Nightmares where Gordon doesn't visit the fridge and complain about poor quality of products.

    Wojciech PrzytułaWojciech Przytuła26 days ago
    • Look at the fridges full of vegs just behind the kitchen counters. Seem clean. Maybe no walk-in.

      cesare bacchellicesare bacchelli26 days ago
  • I'm so sorry for the wife she deserves so much better then this dictator idiot

    hello 123hello 12326 days ago
  • Andy seems like that type of guy who would say "Whatever" after insulting his mum

    pooc beipooc bei26 days ago
  • The guy is the typical bitch who thinks he is though, because no one has ever stood up to him

    Victor Latorre RomeroVictor Latorre Romero26 days ago
  • Why the fuck was this bollocks recommended to me, absolute pile of shit hosted by a wanker and watched by even bigger wankers

    Norbert ColonNorbert Colon26 days ago
  • Le bistro is a french word, and this word come from "bistra" in russian I dont know why I said this don't ask...

    Yohan SURAULTYohan SURAULT26 days ago
    • In mother Russia, you serve the bistra, comrad!

      Eric HawesEric Hawes15 days ago
    • Быстро (bistro) means 'fast'. In this case, fast service. There's also a difference between Russian and French service. The French would put everything up on the table, whilst the Russians would serve in rounds. Eventually, many countries decided to do it in rounds. (Not too sure whether the Russians were the first ones to serve food in rounds though.)

      Aram HassanAram Hassan20 days ago
  • That resto is lucky that my mom is not their costumer

    Muffin TimeMuffin Time27 days ago
  • Am I the only one that hates the new 'le bistro' sign?

    EmperosEmperos27 days ago
  • wow this guy is so defensive smh

    Zeru ApodZeru Apod28 days ago
  • Owner: The last thing i want to do is go work for some idiot Me: Does he think his employees want to?

    KluskerKlusker28 days ago
  • The wife is so retarded for tolerating that sort of treatment. How weak.

    Misty HohaiaMisty Hohaia28 days ago
  • At least when the cameras are there dont talk to your wife like a servant and belittle her so much ! Bite your tongue and save your words for when you go home if you dont like something she is doing. If she has some self respect and love for herself she would walk away.

    Peace of NaturePeace of Nature28 days ago
  • Can I please be hired as the cameraman for this show

    Riya and rahale EllenRiya and rahale Ellen28 days ago