NEW SNIPER RIFLE + 200 PLAYER LOBBIES + GRAU/MP5 NERF!!! (Warzone Season 4.5 Update)

Jun 30, 2020
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  • He gets upset about having to play 15 games in multi i dont have multiplayer so i had yo play plunder

    Abraham GuzmanAbraham Guzman11 days ago
  • That smile though

    Mr.morningstarMr.morningstarMonth ago
  • Took him 2 hrs

    Wolf8600Wolf8600Month ago
  • More commercials please !!!!!

    Simon -Simon -2 months ago
  • You should have used the ax 50

    Donovan BroadwayDonovan Broadway2 months ago
  • How

    Whitney CurielWhitney Curiel3 months ago
  • Have not quickscoped in cod in years and I got this sniper in 3 hours. Somehow managed to pull off a 20 kill game by only quick scoping the entire time. Also this was on remote not a keyboard and mouse

    CrazyBoss5CrazyBoss53 months ago
  • Hey man how many mbps do you get and is 20-30mbps good enough to play warzone

    Nathan ThornhillNathan Thornhill3 months ago
  • Kmk

    ZekkZekk3 months ago
  • play the game to see how the grau and mp5 are stop asking

    InFamous FPInFamous FP3 months ago
  • i de la live et et va placé en vie de ma

    Zinkze 1Zinkze 13 months ago
  • Took me 5 hours of grinding with the kar98 to unlock it. Then took adavantage of dou le xp for a few days spread of xp grinding to completely level.

    PulseRevolutionPulseRevolution3 months ago
    • @Wolf8600 do it and find out

      PulseRevolutionPulseRevolutionMonth ago
    • How

      Wolf8600Wolf8600Month ago
  • Hes saying somthing bad i loovvve you nooaahhh

    Anthony the banana soldierAnthony the banana soldier3 months ago
  • This streams good and all, but that skyrim duplication vid hits different

    Legion-2Legion-23 months ago
  • Thats a 3 by 3

    Gameing with GuyGameing with Guy3 months ago
  • He still uses them steelseries Siberia’s tho 👀

    Wavyyy.e _Wavyyy.e _3 months ago
  • You don't need a scope for the quick scopes btw

    william millerwilliam miller3 months ago
  • Man I miss warzone.

    Parth KohaleParth Kohale3 months ago
  • I didn't watch it live and find it was hilarious you didn't switch to a meta gun after the 3 quick scopes and just own lobbies 😂

    Christopher Rodriguez, PA-CChristopher Rodriguez, PA-C3 months ago
    • Tthethththtstssf x Greece’s Greece’s prois bably p

      AG27AG273 months ago
  • I did the challenge is worth it

    Antcru 6292Antcru 62923 months ago
  • Imagine having to use marksmen rifles for quickscopes

    Austin DagleyAustin Dagley3 months ago
    • You can and I did

      Nic DuncanNic Duncan3 months ago
  • If you’re using it for medium range, the explosive rounds are OP! You still have the suppressor & the long barrel to help counter the range/velocity drop

    Cody LutesCody Lutes3 months ago
  • He’s really pay 2 win

    Joel FloresJoel Flores3 months ago
  • 3:34:30 i thought he was talking about the guys voice (laughed a bit to much)

    RAGINGuerrilla LiveRAGINGuerrilla Live3 months ago
  • 1:59:14 u were in blazt lobby and i think bobbypoff too

    Brandon EsquiviasBrandon Esquivias3 months ago

    Wer ZytonWer Zyton3 months ago
    • If you want team gameplay other than squads you have to have the full game

      Nic DuncanNic Duncan3 months ago
    • Yes.. I was so upset

      Nic DuncanNic Duncan3 months ago
  • that's what really sucks about video games and balancing issues, because the AX50 and the beret are both 50 caliber sniper rifles with similar length barrels, yet the Barrett drops off way faster than the AX50 does explain?

    Bonn sinBonn sin3 months ago

    Lyndsey H.Lyndsey H.3 months ago
  • 57:01 lmao

    NedwuttNedwutt3 months ago
  • Actually the 200 players sucks because you have to have a team of 4. Most people dont chat as a squad

    Scout 714Scout 7143 months ago
  • Why do they always need to nerf shit, like what is wrong with the grau just being a really good gun. Oh well

    brandon fennimorebrandon fennimore4 months ago
    • @Brandon Esquivias I mean yeah but it seems like once a gun is OP nobody can accept the fact that it's just a really good gun. The sig 556 which is the grau in real life is a gem of an assault rifle

      brandon fennimorebrandon fennimore3 months ago
    • stfu it was op

      Brandon EsquiviasBrandon Esquivias3 months ago
  • 🚫 🧢 my MW has been downloading for 2 days 😭😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😫

    HacksawzHacksawz4 months ago
  • You can snipe them out of tanks now (shot a guy out of a tank and he say hacks)

    Kingryeeye King rye eyeKingryeeye King rye eye4 months ago
  • despite what these games tell you, the Barrett M85A1 is NOT a sniper rifle. the Barrett was designed to destroy IEDs.

    Logan JenkinsLogan Jenkins4 months ago
  • Dude literally screamed "I LOVE YOU NOAHHHHHHHH" Noahj: I think he was saying something bad 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣

    PAIN333PAIN3334 months ago
    • Dude same amount emojis as the other one and the same emojis as well as the comment

      Godzilla dreamerGodzilla dreamer3 months ago
    • The most blatant form of comment stealing

      N00bgamerguy KING OF N00BSN00bgamerguy KING OF N00BS4 months ago
  • Lol Noah cant understand anybody unless there from the states with clear English. Haha funny as hell. I think it's really hes just not paying attention. The guy was saying he loves you in your first warzone game. He was taking kinda crazy at first though. But nothing bad I dont think

    Dustin ReeceDustin Reece4 months ago
  • That sniper has to be for vehicles. No way its for actually killing people lol

    Cody OwingsCody Owings4 months ago
  • Bunker 11 !!!!!!! You can open the 2nd door ...with 8 digit code in season four....can you make a video on that.

    Rhylee WoodsRhylee Woods4 months ago
  • What human asked for another SEMI AUTO sniper?? Smh

    Jordan HolmlundJordan Holmlund4 months ago
    • @Angel Garibay I haven't even used it yet tbh lol but I've seen some nice clips of it so we'll see

      Jordan HolmlundJordan Holmlund4 months ago
    • Jordan Holmlund Aye bro ur just mad that ur dying constantly by that sniper

      Angel GaribayAngel Garibay4 months ago
  • 3:33:35

    Danger waveDanger wave4 months ago
    • His teamate loves avoiding people

      Danger waveDanger wave4 months ago

    ChiefChief4 months ago

    Chris ReidChris Reid4 months ago
    • With bullet penetration and damage against scorestreaks, not base damage. That was his argument

      Nic DuncanNic Duncan3 months ago
  • You realize u can just keep getting kills in thw same game lol. Its like obsidian. U get 6 quickscopes in a game it counts as 2. 🤦‍♂️

    Matty LongjohnsonMatty Longjohnson4 months ago
    • Brandon Esquivias they changed how it works then. Yes i can read, ive done other challenges for guns in single games before

      Matty LongjohnsonMatty Longjohnson3 months ago
    • no its get 3 kills in a single game can u not read

      Brandon EsquiviasBrandon Esquivias3 months ago
  • Looking for people to play bo4 with! Hit me up!

    Official FitCrazeOfficial FitCraze4 months ago
  • Rumble did it quick for me

    Thisand ThatThisand That4 months ago
  • Why was the grau nerfed are you kidding me

    BrongBrong4 months ago
    • @Corgi the Camper no hes prolly bad at the game and needs the grau

      Brandon EsquiviasBrandon Esquivias3 months ago
    • It's broken u are a sweat that loves to use it XD

      Corgi the CamperCorgi the Camper4 months ago
  • Noob

    YT clipz YtYT clipz Yt4 months ago
  • 43:21 😂😂

    Uncle SamUncle Sam4 months ago
  • 2:34:47 he do be needing a cleanse tho

    AhdvisorAhdvisor4 months ago
  • Big hyped for the stream today Noah’s helped me through some stuff with how funny the streams are

    Loren SchellhaseLoren Schellhase4 months ago
  • Ohh my god he said they spoke Brazilian Wtf, in Brazil the don't speak brazilian, the speak portuguese. What a shame Noah, what...a...shame.

    Ramiro NoguerRamiro Noguer4 months ago
  • All my homies subbed to NoahJ456

    Aiden SterlingAiden Sterling4 months ago
  • He's using it as a normal sniper when it meant as a anti vehicle /anti shield sniper

    Chris BakerChris Baker4 months ago
  • I’m so bad at this game 😂

    Dev PatelDev Patel4 months ago
  • The MP5 is still amazing. It’s range got nerfed but that’s not what needed to be nerfed as they nerfed the range many times. Grau is still good as well

    Kyle TrudeauKyle Trudeau4 months ago
  • I just woke up Straight to you I went

    Tairyn ThompsonTairyn Thompson4 months ago
  • search for the word albert sings des pasito

    marjhane marcianomarjhane marciano4 months ago
  • The gulag with the sniper and an 8 year old, was the best part of this stream.

    Arthur DrawdyArthur Drawdy4 months ago
    • @Wilson Granda timestamp pls lol I watched like 3 of his gulags I didn't see it 😞

      Boston BluesBoston Blues4 months ago
    • I got it

      Wilson GrandaWilson Granda4 months ago
    • Arthur Drawdy timestamp plz

      Wilson GrandaWilson Granda4 months ago
  • Did he go third person for a second while parachuting?

    Mason CookMason Cook4 months ago
    • R2 L2 or whatever triggers are on xbone

      Boston BluesBoston Blues4 months ago
    • You can do that, push button to look around you

      Chris BakerChris Baker4 months ago
  • He plays to Much video games ITS A HYENA NOT A LEOPARD OR JAGUAR

  • Yo bro Noah’s second game on with legion he had futives the dude who got nuke in snd was in his game lmao without him realising

    Delta Foxtrot19Delta Foxtrot194 months ago
    • Brandon Esquivias fffffffffff fffffffffff ftf ftf ffffffffff ftf ffffffffff ftf fff ftf ffffff f ffff ftf fffffffffffffffffffffff ftf ffff FF fffffffffffffffff ffff ff ffff ffff fffff ffff f ffff f ffff

      1013 Turner1013 Turner3 months ago
    • @Delta Foxtrot19 I saw one single under dash not a dash dash so timestamp

      Godzilla dreamerGodzilla dreamer3 months ago
    • Godzilla dreamer in the feed

      Delta Foxtrot19Delta Foxtrot193 months ago
    • he was in blazt lobby one of the games

      Brandon EsquiviasBrandon Esquivias3 months ago
    • He didn't and if so where does he show up

      Godzilla dreamerGodzilla dreamer3 months ago
  • you should play games with THump if hes down, hes pretty funny and you guys work decently together it seems

    Luigimon53Luigimon534 months ago
  • i’m 155 and been for a week lol

    Owen RidgewayOwen Ridgeway4 months ago
  • I need me that hyena pack

    Clown_killa202Clown_killa2024 months ago
  • Noah i was here when it was live what is your brightness on please tell me

    Vortetx_-Vortetx_-4 months ago
  • I miss seeing quickscope lobbies 💔

    Clown_killa202Clown_killa2024 months ago
  • I'm not gonna lie the update is actually sick !!!

    1K Subs With No videos1K Subs With No videos4 months ago
    • Is team ruble gone?

      Wer ZytonWer Zyton3 months ago
  • Brasil aqui😎

    Neto CamachoNeto Camacho4 months ago
  • Fortnite > Warzone

    Michael KonstantinouMichael Konstantinou4 months ago
  • Got it up to level 30 and tried it out on multiplayer it one shots. I gave it a shot on plunder and it one shot headshot as well as one shot armor off in torso. This sniper will change the meta.

    JLCJLC4 months ago
    • Holy shit

      Kaea BarbarichKaea Barbarich3 months ago
    • That’s if you have explosive rounds, then it will one shot... headshots without explosive won’t kill sometimes

      Soviet DoggoSoviet Doggo3 months ago
    • TheKid Pyro not after the sniper nerfs, plus the hdr is not semi auto

      JLCJLC4 months ago
    • JLC HDR does the same

      TheKid PyroTheKid Pyro4 months ago
  • Dude literally screamed "I LOVE YOU NOAHHHHHHHH" Noahj: I think he was saying something bad 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣

    59xjrevlimiter59xjrevlimiter4 months ago
    • wilson granda 43:20

      DaNkUs MeLaNkUsDaNkUs MeLaNkUs4 months ago
    • @Wilson Granda like 41-45 minutes somewhere there

      59xjrevlimiter59xjrevlimiter4 months ago
    • 59xjrevlimiter timestamp plz

      Wilson GrandaWilson Granda4 months ago
  • I'm not gonna be excited to play warzone if snipers are gonna be buffed... Like they're already fuckin strong as is. I've been one shot with full plates by the HDR and the Kar98

    PlatinumWolf327PlatinumWolf3274 months ago
    • PlatinumWolf327 Nobody cares

      ThanosThanos4 months ago
  • Why are they updates so big 😭

    zombiewarrior341zombiewarrior3414 months ago
  • Everyone asleep rn lmao

    Ramen IsArtRamen IsArt4 months ago
    • I almost fell asleep lmao

      SycoツSycoツ4 months ago
  • How get doggo? Me want doggo 😂

    SilverSilver4 months ago
    • BlueEagle Gaming thanks! Although I had to delete coz of the 500 gigabyte updates XD

      SilverSilver3 months ago
    • no doggo for u

      Jayvion CovingtonJayvion Covington4 months ago
    • You need to get it from operator bundles in the store or from the battle pass if its in there

      BlueEagle GamingBlueEagle Gaming4 months ago
  • last time i came this early i had to pay child support

    owendoggerowendogger4 months ago
    • noice

      Mr TibbzzMr Tibbzz4 months ago
  • So... The barret is trash, thats very sad :(

    X Slayer 34X Slayer 344 months ago
    • Totallynotyou No thanks

      X Slayer 34X Slayer 344 months ago
    • It's not you gotta try it out yourself

      TotallynotyouTotallynotyou4 months ago
  • good video keep yet up bro!

    Epicgamer4gEpicgamer4g4 months ago
  • what do you guys think of the new update

    Jxck_wyxttJxck_wyxtt4 months ago
    • @1 to 5 doing up grease shit yh sorry 😅

      Jxck_wyxttJxck_wyxtt4 months ago
    • Jxck_wyxtt that doesn’t fix the time to kill

      1 to 5 doing up grease1 to 5 doing up grease4 months ago
    • @1 to 5 doing up grease cant you just not turn of skill based matchmaking ?

      Jxck_wyxttJxck_wyxtt4 months ago
    • @ELLZMCG uh true

      Jxck_wyxttJxck_wyxtt4 months ago
    • @59xjrevlimiter oof😂

      Jxck_wyxttJxck_wyxtt4 months ago
  • Grau/MP5 nerf? Why?

    Flat EarthFlat Earth4 months ago
    • Because everyone is using them no recoil, hardly and damage drop off and if your facing against a sniper the grau beats it

      foxygaming 819foxygaming 8194 months ago
    • They’re op as hell

      Mohammed KhanMohammed Khan4 months ago

    highguy supaflyhighguy supafly4 months ago
  • I have a feeling he did it early to avoid dumbass stream snipers and i dont blame him

    Ayo EmmanuelAyo Emmanuel4 months ago
  • Wow im The 7th comment of Them all

    mussy 756mussy 7564 months ago
  • would you mind subscribing!

    WZ Ex2WZ Ex24 months ago
  • Love you Noah💯💯

    Vincent vazquez v.Real503Vincent vazquez v.Real5034 months ago
  • That’s actually crazy

    Carlos_cj72Carlos_cj724 months ago
    • Ok Carlos

      roastedroasted2 months ago
  • Third comment 😀

    trevean rhodestrevean rhodes4 months ago
  • Lol

    Tayra CamTayra Cam4 months ago
  • No comments :(

    Martynas DanevičiusMartynas Danevičius4 months ago