1945 RAF Emergency Rations & 1900 British Perfectly Preserved Tin Review MRE Tasting Test

Sep 2, 2020
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A double feature - the first half is British Royal Air Force rations from 1945. The Emergency Flying Ration Type 3, and the Emergency Ration Type P. (This scene was filmed November 2018.) Then after these two rations another two tins are shown from a 1945 Compo (10 man) ration, and a Mess Tin Ration component (Which include some microscope shots making for an aimlessly colorful particle show of unknown non-living and some potentially living bacterial matter.) After these, we then take a look at a special sealed can from circa 1900, going back in time with something perfectly preserved and truly unforgettable. Finishing up with some long winded historical ramblings and a look at 120 + years in British Rations, including some incredibly old (and bloomed) chocolate . Come join me in this outrageous journey through history!

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  • That cig can hiss was worth waiting for!!!!

    SirWhiteCrayonSirWhiteCrayon2 hours ago
  • 25:25 omg where did you find them? I wish to taste one

    VooDoo Skull94VooDoo Skull946 hours ago
  • What a way to spend an afternoon eating old rancid food, meth, and smokes

    Jay LewJay Lew22 hours ago
  • the microscope interlude was a really nice touch

    luca lucaluca luca23 hours ago
  • 19:53 Meanwhile, in the intro sequence to a movie about some kind of plague...

    ComputersandJavaComputersandJavaDay ago
  • Love that "more cowbell" t-shirt , where did you get it from ?

    lysergic 303lysergic 303Day ago
  • nice

    ケイジケイジDay ago
  • ok

    Garuda BirdGaruda BirdDay ago
  • pau gasol

    Densio TVDensio TV2 days ago
  • cool tshirt anyway! More cowbells Bruce

    martin beranmartin beran2 days ago
  • Botulism.......nice!

    Michael HuntMichael Hunt2 days ago
  • No test of the benzedrine? 😭

    Bezahlter SystemtrollBezahlter Systemtroll2 days ago
  • I'm sitting in a big truck. Eating McVities digestive biscuits with sweetened condensed milk. Biscuits brown.

    Gulf RelayGulf Relay2 days ago
  • 39:25 the way that look I would throw it away everything decompose after a while....

    Timmeh BrownTimmeh Brown2 days ago
  • Find somebody that compliments you the way Steve compliments 120+ year old cigarettes

    BatteriBBatteriB3 days ago
  • What kind of stain did you use for those microscope shots?

    CurtisCurtis3 days ago
  • Navy blue

    afendi ujudafendi ujud3 days ago
  • That smells delicious...and a little bit rancid. 😆

    Jerome Pinkus Jr.Jerome Pinkus Jr.3 days ago
  • From a Canadian: British rations tasted like s**t.

    Bill FarleyBill Farley3 days ago
  • I want to watch you actually eat one of these some day.

    RomyOfLegendRomyOfLegend3 days ago
  • My Great-Grandfather was at the Defence of Ladysmith and I am told he and others resorted to eating rats. The combat was particularly close too.

    Metal00mMetal00m3 days ago
  • That hiss on those cigs best yet I heard...it sounded like a tornado to the past...Nice!!

    NovaDova84NovaDova843 days ago
  • "It Smells Delisious!........and a lil bit rancid" LMAO

    skyclimber7skyclimber73 days ago
  • А что он про СССР ничего не сказал? Упомянул Немцев, Японцев и Американцев, а остальные? 1945 год вроде.

    Wolf & Fox [ClickMyNick]Wolf & Fox [ClickMyNick]3 days ago
  • The energy tablets where probably some kinda stimulant. Narcotic?

    Matthew TaylorMatthew Taylor3 days ago
  • steve are you smoking in your room again

    bighookbighook3 days ago
  • Canned bread

    Cheez-it manCheez-it man3 days ago
  • You can totally see how the cigarette hits his brain I'd pay anything for just one of them

    MuR ChMuR Ch3 days ago
  • we need more brazilian rations !

    Sergio RodriguesSergio Rodrigues4 days ago
  • Send me those benzedrine tablets, I'll send back a _really_ extensive and thoroughly-written report on their effects. Send me a few of those cigs, too, I'll probably want them after the tabs.

    KevinKevin4 days ago
  • Love it

    Natural Beauty BlogNatural Beauty Blog4 days ago
  • Bunch of placebos, nice psychological help xD. Nice videos man!!.

    El Sendero GamerEl Sendero Gamer4 days ago
  • after eating too much junk Steve is alive so he can survive in any war, wouldn't die at least from hunger

    SelamiSelami4 days ago
  • You are just incredible Steve :)

    Lex EllisLex Ellis4 days ago
  • oh boy here we go eating another pile priceless artifacts

    Morsch MellowzMorsch Mellowz4 days ago
  • Will he eat the energy tab... For science purposes... Remember that movie wolf of wall street it might be stronger

    Sunsets horizon newclear orangeSunsets horizon newclear orange4 days ago
  • Is that charms Reginald why no my good man its Amphetamine

    Sunsets horizon newclear orangeSunsets horizon newclear orange4 days ago
  • 4:11 lol is that hash or something

    Mohammed IssamMohammed Issam5 days ago
  • Puff puff pass man

    daddyhennessy cannonburgdaddyhennessy cannonburg5 days ago
  • "Energy tablet" For when the pilots want to become one with the plane.

    m dm d5 days ago
  • Anyone that spends that kind of money on that shit is a dingbat, one man's opinion.

    Ravens BroodRavens Brood5 days ago
  • Puff puff pass man..

    Snatch BlockSnatch Block5 days ago
  • Wow thats a strange coincidence, 9:00 you mention Horlicks of slough, that exact factory has been derelict for a while and plans to turn it into apartments has just begun

    Andrew SmartAndrew Smart5 days ago
  • "Yeah that's rancid" _takes a _*_THIRD_*_ bite_

    J SilaJ Sila5 days ago
  • carlisle cumbria uk?

    AhJust MeAgainAhJust MeAgain5 days ago
  • knackkerd love it, sub time now lad.

    campbell smithcampbell smith5 days ago
  • Steve at the toilet farting...what age was that fart?

    Joseph PantolonJoseph Pantolon5 days ago
  • I can’t believe he ate that

    marcmc cvcmarcmc cvc5 days ago
  • Wtf kind of amazing did I just find here lol. "Oh wow that's rancid."... _takes another bite_

    AT SAT S5 days ago
  • I can hear chubbyemu mumbling "A man smoked 120 years old cigarette. How tf nothing happened to his kidney?"

    Phuoc NguyenPhuoc Nguyen5 days ago
  • Did we just get Psy-oped with those color slides??

    Armando 1 Pain OrtizArmando 1 Pain Ortiz5 days ago
  • Thanks for the acid trip 👍

    Jacob BradfordJacob Bradford5 days ago
  • 24:18 Steve's greatest hiss

    Dan MarDan Mar5 days ago
  • METH!

    aiman zainalaiman zainal6 days ago
  • "Oh yeah, that's rancid." *Takes another bite*

    S. FishS. Fish6 days ago
  • so wheres the cocain?

    Felipe Carvajal R.Felipe Carvajal R.6 days ago
  • How come it is possible to buy rations like these if they have amphetamine inside them? I’d think the government controls such substances even if they are inside an MRE

    ZelassinZelassin6 days ago
    • Those MRE's cost hundreds of dollars, and come from third party sellers. There isn't a great reason to control the selling of those old rations.

      Jace ZhuJace Zhu5 days ago
  • Dudes smoking red dead 2 cigs 😂

    Victor NavaVictor Nava6 days ago

    sonnychibasamurai1sonnychibasamurai16 days ago
  • 1:37 “June 45”

    Quiet kidQuiet kid6 days ago
  • where do you purchase these?

    94iamaranger94iamaranger6 days ago
  • My Grandad served in Malta and said they were eating dog biscuits at one point! Sounded awful - hungry, isolated and being bombed on daily. Thank you, Grandad. You all did us proud! Nice!

    Rian CreamerRian Creamer6 days ago
  • Love the shirt Steve!

    BmontyBmonty6 days ago
  • Dude has a stomach made of steel

    Anonymous OneAnonymous One6 days ago
  • Dude I'm kind of scared for you. It can't be healthy to eat that. If I were you, if you detected it being rancid, just have crumb if that.

    JustinJustin6 days ago
  • One can only imagine what steve's farts smell like

    Boris KirichanskyBoris Kirichansky6 days ago
  • Watching you eat a 120 year old beef...I count you as no less than a super human... You're weirdly amazing..✌️more power to your digestive system,man..

    WinterFuzz DivisoNWinterFuzz DivisoN6 days ago
  • Back in 1988/9 I worked at a navie supply depot. My boss loved to eat outdated rations.

    Kirk JonesKirk Jones6 days ago
  • ✌️🍻👍

    Frank ZappaFrank Zappa7 days ago
  • send me one cigarret and i smoke for you :D

    El UruguayoEl Uruguayo7 days ago
  • I like how everyone's got there main stream water proof bags and Steve's probably using a water proof bag from 1900

    Asher MokeAsher Moke7 days ago
  • each time steve smokes an old cigarette he feels the effect of phantom cigars

    『No Life』『No Life』7 days ago
  • So you can buy old amphetamine from MREs without DEA license, lol?

    xI777IxxI777Ix7 days ago
  • Ya it’s rancid and it’s making my throat swell Takes another bite

    carter merciercarter mercier7 days ago
  • I love how he said its rancid and then goes back for another bite.

    Fat NippleFat Nipple7 days ago
  • BOI I want one of those smokes lol They *T H I C C*

    Zilch ­Zilch ­7 days ago
  • 18:47 damn nice hash bro lol

    kingjappyjoe420kingjappyjoe4207 days ago
  • i love to see these old mre reviews

    OnlineCheatersExposedOnlineCheatersExposed7 days ago
  • yep, energy tablets, sounds like amphetamine to me

    OnlineCheatersExposedOnlineCheatersExposed7 days ago
  • Steve1989 BEST OF USkeys.

    skattergraphskattergraph7 days ago
  • I always forget how fucking chad Steve looks

    palmer Johnsonpalmer Johnson7 days ago

    Katherine FoilaKatherine Foila7 days ago
  • He looks like Troy Baker lmao

    JoshDreamsJoshDreams8 days ago
  • Tight, it has ww2 adderall.

    Ed WoodEd Wood8 days ago
  • Benzedrine is a schedule 2 drug! And here you are randomly buying it off people and showing us on youtube xD

    AdamAdam8 days ago
  • So what you're saying Steve, is that 1900's Rowntree chocolate smells like 21st century Hersheys

    Member?Member?8 days ago
  • Hey there Steve! Could you please tell me where you found the W.D.&H.O. WILLS cigarette tins?

    Zamfirescu CristianZamfirescu Cristian8 days ago
  • Como Steve consegue comida tão antiga O_O

    SilasgilSilasgil8 days ago
  • 43:min and no advertising man of the year !!!!

    Skyline RaverSkyline Raver8 days ago
  • 😁😁😁😁💖💖💖👍👍👍💛💙💚💚🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    crazy Trickscrazy Tricks8 days ago
  • Paimoonnnn

    Sourfox46 V2Sourfox46 V28 days ago
  • i'd smoke it

    Luiz PradoLuiz Prado8 days ago
  • Eat them.

    KarkKark8 days ago
  • I have what I believe to be a medical bag from the Vietnam war owned by some kind of general stated by the stamp on the bag

    chickonlover 234chickonlover 2348 days ago
  • 27:20 smokes 120! Year old Ciggys matey!

    ModernClassicComicsModernClassicComics8 days ago
  • How tf do soldiers afford MRE’s when they are like 200 $ 1945 people are crazy

    EvilmeteorEvilmeteor9 days ago
  • dude eats food that could potentially be holding the T-Virus and then draws the line at amphetamines lol

    Noah LemmonNoah Lemmon9 days ago
  • "its rancid" *eats more*

    Adrian DixsonAdrian Dixson9 days ago
  • 10:33 Yep, I was thinking it's what it was... Old school adderall haha. edit: damn, that is technically a controlled substance, isn't it?

    Paul JPaul J9 days ago
  • the Brits in Africa ate like kings compared to German rations

    Richard FryeRichard Frye9 days ago