Minecraft, But It's The World Record...

Mar 24, 2020
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Minecraft, But It's The World Record... My old record was beaten by IlluminaHD, so I had to come back and attempt to take the record back!
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This is a Minecraft World Record for Minecraft RANDOM SEED, glitches, on versions 1.9+.
Previous WR was 27:26 by IlluminaHD
Speedrun Leaderboards: www.speedrun.com/mc/full_game
Version: 1.14.4
Seed: -5343875517453442142
Difficulty: Normal

  • IlluminaHD broke my record only 6 days after I posted my last video.. this is my response... Probably my last speed run. This was fun though, and I got extremely lucky, so not sure I could ever beat it again if it's beaten! Inventory explanation: Thought I would explain this because a lot of people are mentioning my pickaxe and inventory. At around 5:10, the witch scares me and I drop a block of sand. I also switch to my pickaxe at the exact same time, so it disappears as a Minecraft glitch. It is still there in my 3 slot, it just appears to be gone. Then at around 5:46 I shift click my crafting bench into my hotbar. The first open slot is ACTUALLY my 8 slot. Although, it goes into my 3 slot because that appears to be the first open slot. Really, my pickaxe is in my 3 slot and my crafting bench is in my 8 slot. Then I shift gravel into my hotbar and it visually goes into my 8 slot, but actually stays in my inventory because my crafting bench is there. Then when I place the gravel it updates my inventory, the crafting bench is where it should be (so it places), and my pickaxe is back in my 3 slot. Confusing, but I'm fairly certain that is what happened. Just a weird Minecraft visual bug.

    DreamDream10 months ago
    • But you are the *speedrun master*! You can't stop!

      HytenHyten13 days ago
    • Dream pls don't quit speedrunning =(

      mdfjjfiofismdfjjfiofisMonth ago
    • I am a huge fan dream!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Athena BarnhillAthena BarnhillMonth ago
    • I died reading that

      Le'mon OOpLe'mon OOpMonth ago
    • @Kurwa falae br

      Tkey 2Tkey 22 months ago
  • for somw reason my screen keeps on saying 2 minutes so when i saw the video i thought it take him 2 minutes to speed run Minecraft qnd i was like impossible

    lily yanglily yangHour ago
  • Dwem and SlapNeck beating the box game while 4:00 am is beating them

  • I love how instead of sweating dream just talks with the boys when he’s speedrunning

    Liam GriffithsLiam Griffiths7 hours ago
  • Mom were leaving in 30 min Dream let me just beat MINECRAFT

    Crafting & GamingCrafting & Gaming9 hours ago
  • Mom: You have 30 more minutes and then come down for dinner Dream playing Minecraft: Watch me

    Funny Memes And FailsFunny Memes And Fails13 hours ago
  • yall remember that this is sponsored by........ SAPNAP *giggles*

    •Suri Reyes••Suri Reyes•16 hours ago
  • bruh did anyone else relised he place gravel and it turned into a crafting bench

    Maddie MillnerMaddie Millner20 hours ago
  • “Illumina beats wr for Minecraft” Dream: “hold my pickaxe”

    A LandA LandDay ago
  • You crazy dude

    Alaa vs Mhamad santina jarkassAlaa vs Mhamad santina jarkassDay ago

    SkunkeeyluveSkunkeeyluve2 days ago
  • when you get Diamonds! before Stone Age

    Chima OduozaChima Oduoza2 days ago
  • 5:08 XD dream accidentaly dropped his pickaxe and forgot about it 5:51 what the heck he just gets it back if u see he doesnt have it at first then when he gose to the game again he does he prob went all the way back to get it and edited

    ArctikTVArctikTV2 days ago
    • omg

      блятьблять2 days ago

      Jason MoonJason Moon2 days ago
  • Your the best dream

  • He doesn't have a lot of confidence, does he?

    Joseph BeauchesneJoseph Beauchesne3 days ago
  • When the first monster you kill is a blaze 👌

    Joseph BeauchesneJoseph Beauchesne3 days ago
  • Is it weird I’m watching this at 4:30am too?😭😂😴

    kraken Wavekraken Wave3 days ago
  • Про тебя в тик токе русскоязычные каналы снимают видео

    kir 109kir 1093 days ago
  • i just like how in the old versions with the right seed you could beat minecraft with 2 minutes

    ISzoxISzox3 days ago
  • Dreem wasnt 2 exited

    Alexander BurtchAlexander Burtch3 days ago
  • Did the one igloo at like 11:19 have the zombie villager dungeon

    Anders OlsenAnders Olsen4 days ago
    • @Jacob Fields not every one, sometimes its just carpet a red bed furnace and torch

      Anders OlsenAnders Olsen16 hours ago
    • there's a zombie villager under every igloo

      Jacob FieldsJacob Fields22 hours ago
  • I play in 6 render distance

    BLUE MINDBLUE MIND4 days ago
  • He left so much books what if looting

    Zakariya AbukarZakariya Abukar4 days ago
  • 14:12

    James Hubbard-FordJames Hubbard-Ford5 days ago
  • Everybody gangsta until you make armor and it says you have none

    radicalbagel 164radicalbagel 1646 days ago
  • I get less diamonds in hours than dream does in 4 minutes

    Threezy0Threezy06 days ago
  • We too got scared

    Sarala DaradeSarala Darade6 days ago
  • 5:54 he haved gravel in the hand.. and the game placed a crafting table

    Ace - & - AndreeaAce - & - Andreea6 days ago
  • @dream I think you meant to say "Glitchless" in your description

    JosHakamJosHakam6 days ago
  • 24:01 Did somebody noticed that when enderman hit dream, the armor suddenly shows in the bar

    Sankar Kumar SanaSankar Kumar Sana7 days ago
  • I was just about to fall asleep then he screamed yes at the end and it woke me up

    Henry BbrodieHenry Bbrodie7 days ago
  • 5:10 Sapnap dude, that made me jump so hard

    Maddie 1703_Maddie 1703_7 days ago

    AmIAJoke ToYou?AmIAJoke ToYou?8 days ago
  • nah nah nah u can beat him

    Saucy BCSaucy BC8 days ago
  • Dream literally says in every speed run is his last 🤣🤣🤣

    ThatOneYoutuberThatOneYoutuber8 days ago
  • when sapnap scared dream with his gasp i jumped too lol

    ZerraZerra9 days ago
  • asdsdasdsa

    Çınar DemirÇınar Demir9 days ago
  • meh irl: im not happy i just i watched alice in borderland its has GORE! and i hate THAT And it has BLOOD? woahhhhhhh

    Allana CalmaAllana Calma9 days ago
  • dream what is your real face

    Junrey BestesJunrey Bestes10 days ago
  • 2:41

    Im. InerfactionIm. Inerfaction10 days ago
  • *D* *R* *E* *A* *M*

    shark puppet the cheeseshark puppet the cheese10 days ago
  • When really good people get lucky

    Mathieu DesbiensMathieu Desbiens10 days ago
  • "I remember playing minecraft on the xbox 360, when it just came out, I played for hours" one word,S A M E

    Agustin MorgadeAgustin Morgade11 days ago
  • "dream speedrunning minecraft while sapnap tries distract him with small talk"

    SodiumTriphosphateSodiumTriphosphate11 days ago
  • I made a video meme of these speedruns since they are saying they are rigged ... if you watch it don't take it seriously

    toad dead memetoad dead meme11 days ago
  • Let’s not forget this speedrun was sponsored by SapNap

    Good NameGood Name11 days ago
  • 5:5 he's not lying!!!!!!

    Chloe ShepherdChloe Shepherd11 days ago
  • Did you notice dream got diamond staff before stone age that,s a real pro player.

    Sandeep RoySandeep Roy11 days ago
  • So no one is actually talking about the fact that when he placed the crafting table it made the gravel sound? I just thought that was weird.

    Billiam WanksBilliam Wanks12 days ago
  • when he went to the neather he don't have pants when he take first damage pants back is that lagging????

    Cho Thet Aung SoeCho Thet Aung Soe12 days ago
  • When dream said he heard gravel placing when he placed his crafting bench in the inventory he was holding gravel but it was a crafting bench in dreams hand

    Rocco CurnockRocco Curnock12 days ago

    xsmatixzxsmatixz12 days ago
  • 7:30

    hellshakedhellshaked12 days ago
  • bro that freakin witch scared me😭

    MÃVËÑ LØWMÃVËÑ LØW12 days ago
  • when youre at peace, a random big green guy came and blew up your houses ....

    Your Fam SlayingYour Fam Slaying13 days ago
  • 5:07 my body took a screenshot

    Christina MercadanteChristina Mercadante13 days ago
  • Me and Sapnap did the same thing we played Minecraft on the Xbox 360 for hours

    Nils PetersonNils Peterson13 days ago
  • Sap nap 1:58 haha sike u got the wrong number

    GrEaT 100%GrEaT 100%13 days ago
  • Sapnap watching dream speedrun: Thats so much wood, oh my God Sapnap trying to stop dream from speedrunning: "Its so big"

    Boopergoober HoomanstoniganitonBoopergoober Hoomanstoniganiton13 days ago
  • You are the luckyest man ever been

    Sina MiranzadeSina Miranzade13 days ago
  • Dream starts to hate 3 and 8...

    Hi LiamYueHi LiamYue13 days ago
  • bad sucks

    Larissa SemenyukLarissa Semenyuk14 days ago
  • you are the best at mincraft

    Larissa SemenyukLarissa Semenyuk14 days ago
  • Your such a pro player that I belive that if you start a survival or hardcore world series you will gain more subscribers GOOD LUCK DREAM

    Minhaj UddinMinhaj Uddin14 days ago
  • Dream play pubg confirm

    peroplayerperoplayer14 days ago
  • Did he really just drop his diamond pic Edit: nvm

    PeeK BeastyPeeK Beasty14 days ago
  • God I’m so bored I’m watching this nine months later

    Jason WutzlerJason Wutzler15 days ago
  • The spider actually jump scared me

    bubblebubble15 days ago
  • DREAM plz try to speedrun with controller

    Volt GhoSTVolt GhoST15 days ago
  • Me after 10 minutes: "Good, I've finally got some wood to build my first tools." Dream after 10 minutes: "So now that I have all the Blaze Rods I need, I can head to the Stronghold with all my diamond stuff."

    WaterbuffelNLWaterbuffelNL16 days ago
  • Dream :- beats minecraft in 30 mins Me in 30 mins :- finally finds a village to survive firt night

    Sufiyan PatelSufiyan Patel16 days ago
  • tell me this seed please

    Ron HooperRon Hooper16 days ago
  • this is the cicada 3031 song

    PonenikPonenik16 days ago

    Thecoolguy CharlieThecoolguy Charlie16 days ago
  • "Chances are this recording isnt going to go anywhere" Me: *You fool*

    The KidsThe Kids17 days ago
  • Plop

    FreeFaller GamesFreeFaller Games18 days ago

  • 5:11 scared me aswell I jumped so hard LOL

    AlinPVCAlinPVC18 days ago
  • Dream:never take risk Also Dream:ATTACKS PIGMAN

    Enes DoğanEnes Doğan18 days ago
  • who's here after AntVenom completely destroyed Dream with mathematics???

    xMedixMedi18 days ago
    • This is not that video,It was streamed on twitch.His other runs of 1.14 & 1.15 are verified.

      King HawkKing Hawk17 days ago
  • I literally have that exact same world

    Destruction ForeverDestruction Forever18 days ago
  • Yes dot quit speed runign

    Rana LolRana Lol18 days ago
  • How was 26 minutes the record

    Insert Name HereInsert Name Here18 days ago
  • U drop diamond pickaxe

    Kimy PlaysKimy Plays18 days ago
  • Sapnap:makes a joke Dream: DO I LOOK AMUSED

    Insert Name HereInsert Name Here19 days ago
  • He made the nether portal in 15 seconds WOW

    Panda TigerPanda Tiger19 days ago
  • Is it possible to have a god apple and a golden apple in the same chest?

    Berengere CasamayouBerengere Casamayou19 days ago
    • yes.......

      tqrstqrs16 days ago
  • Congrats Dream!

    TGR TrooperTGR Trooper20 days ago
  • That building a Nether Portal has me shookt.

    it'sya'boi MerkiSherkiit'sya'boi MerkiSherki21 day ago
    • I'm not a Minecraft player haha so for me it's hard haha

      it'sya'boi MerkiSherkiit'sya'boi MerkiSherki18 days ago
    • Its not that hard lul

      Enchanted Golden AppleEnchanted Golden Apple18 days ago
  • Imagine if Dream actually disconnected from the seed.

    Luke AlexanderLuke Alexander21 day ago
  • and realise he would've left that world

    stijnsolemestijnsoleme21 day ago
  • dreams speedruns are actually impressive because he wastes a lot of time and somehow succeeds

    DarkDrag_onDarkDrag_on21 day ago
  • Thank you dream for giving a shoutout to my dog

    astxrim27astxrim2721 day ago
  • When he set down the gravel and it turned into a crafting table I was like 😯

    Zoe Loves CorpseZoe Loves Corpse22 days ago
  • Bro you took out ur nine gravel, placed it and it turned into a crafting table, then you still had another crafting table and ur gravel!!

    QuentinQuentin22 days ago
    • Read the pinned comment

      Gnostic28Gnostic2821 day ago
  • Dream will u do a face reveal in 20.M ?

    xXNORAXxxXNORAXx23 days ago
  • "im sorry not all of us are speedrun experts" Dream: *laugh*

    OadbayOadbay24 days ago
  • you just sound like george not found

    Michael Vincent PerezMichael Vincent Perez24 days ago
  • Y'all am I the only 1 who actually flinched aka JUMPED when they saw the witch?😂

    Athena Grace BustriaAthena Grace Bustria24 days ago
  • SeemsSusMan

    Broccoli ManBroccoli Man24 days ago