James Charles Uses Makeup to Turn Us into Triplets! featuring Charli D’Amelio | Dixie D’Amelio

Jul 29, 2020
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Hi guys! As you may have seen in our Sisters Beauty Battle video with James Charles last week, Charli and I partnered with Morphe on a new line called Morphe 2!! In this video, Charli and I talk with James about life while he gives us a makeover with all the products in the Morphe 2 collection that is officially available starting Thursday, July 30th.
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Don’t forget to use my code DIXIE for 10% off Morphe 2 and all other Morphe products!
Sign up for updates: www.morphe.com/pages/morphe-2-signup
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Special thanks to Louis for your support on filming!!
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  • Charlie is adorableee

    Kalanii AmiotonuKalanii Amiotonu14 minutes ago
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  • U r all so annoying

    somi tuansomi tuan44 minutes ago
  • all the time I felt like charli was left out, i know she’s always quiet and she was focused on her makeup but I felt like she was left out, Dixie and James were just talking and laughing at each other ignoring charli, next time just don’t bring her if you’re not giving the same attention to both

    Ana MonteroAna Montero46 minutes ago
  • I love how James knows every single name of each make up

    Super SlimeSuper Slime54 minutes ago
  • I feel like big USkeysrs who do collabs never social distance lol

    Phoebe ShalomPhoebe ShalomHour ago

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    Trinity Bruss-FallsTrinity Bruss-FallsHour ago
  • Dexie is beautiful and when shes done with makeup she looks so so so so so beautiful😍😍❤❤❤❤

    Leona GarciaLeona GarciaHour ago
  • You see how Charli had struggles to say nice things about Dixie but when she was saying bad things about Dixie, she started right away and didn’t even hesitate at all. Like wtf! I wouldn’t talk bad about my sister if I was famous. Whatever that’s going on between me and my sister, that’s between us. But I wouldn’t expose her on social media.

    Savannah TorresSavannah TorresHour ago
  • what’s the shade of lip oil charli used

    Pamela EconomakisPamela EconomakisHour ago
  • James with his ‘oh my god here we go again’ when they start arguing 🤣🤣 12:21

    Rina DubeyRina DubeyHour ago
  • Is it safe for you to use eyelash glue on magnetic lashes . In other words what if you run out of the magnetic eyeliner and you only have regular eyelash glue .

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  • 7:02 Charlie just can’t let her sister get a compliment

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  • Why do they look al the same like there sisters and brothers irl

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  • Dixie is so freaking pretty omg 😍

    Chammie YarleeChammie Yarlee2 hours ago
  • I still feel like Dixie needs some more attention like Charli it’s not fair to see people give more attention to charli than Dixie such as her parents

    honeyxtaeiihoneyxtaeii2 hours ago
  • omg yessss queens and kings-

  • why does it look like james and dixies kid would be charli? is it just meeEee?? don't forget me panz shu shu shu. shu shu shu

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  • I feel like Charlie was 3rd wheeling the whole time

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  • Someone used too much FaceTune on James’s face in the thumbnail 😾

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  • Charli has the best one liners

    Zinny AZinny A3 hours ago
  • James: oh look you look so pretty. Charlie: (thinking he’s talking bout her) James: 👁➖👁 oh you too Charlie

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  • Wait this is one week old?!?!?! I 5hougjt they have done this before

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    Ines A.Ines A.4 hours ago
  • "Everyone is a mentor you're like five" I love dixie

    Sanjana VeggalamSanjana Veggalam4 hours ago
  • Not gonna lie, this is my first time watching the damelio’s off of TikTok and Charli is so quiet- but like in a really cute way and Dixie is so stunning!!

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  • In the thumbnail Charli looks like a man

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  • Oh it’s James dixie and dixies sister! (joke don’t attack me)

    Juliet TesorieroJuliet Tesoriero4 hours ago
  • *end of video* dixie: hope you enjoyed charli: bye sistersss james: say follow me com- dixie: do what you want 😂😂

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  • So much shade in this video if u peep

    Honey Tv vlogsHoney Tv vlogs6 hours ago
  • my friend CHARLI

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  • dose james charles do any stage makeup for actors in movies?

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