Kenzie Ziegler & Isaac Presley Break Up! #TeaTok Jaden Hossler Drops Angels and Demons!

May 19, 2020
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Today the boys & I joke around about the drama that's been circulating this past week. Don't take this to serious we just like to joke about sh*t. If you can't handle jokes go watch buzzfeed or something.
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  • It’s Isaak not isaac

    Sharon AdegbiteSharon Adegbite4 days ago
  • Who is here after josh and jadn left sway

    anita krishnaanita krishna8 days ago
  • After seeing josh say “I’m joking tony I’m sure she would spit on it” which is most fucking disgusting thing and disrespectful I don’t like you at all anymore

    Romy RoseRomy Rose8 days ago
  • 3:30 who is here after Jaden dies his hair black just like Quinton

    Mazvita ChigumbaMazvita Chigumba10 days ago
  • Why do you feel like everybody hates youu WHEN EVERYONE LOVES YOU (not as much as i do tho)

    marija saltirovskamarija saltirovska11 days ago
  • i dont hate yall i support yall

    Cielo ClickCielo Click11 days ago
  • 0:40 bryce said 🤪

    ariii 500ariii 50012 days ago
  • Jaden used my most used sentence The truth hurts😂 i literally day it to everyone

    El CoopzEl Coopz13 days ago
  • quick question why does Jaden have a lighter ~just asking not trying to be rude or anything ~

    Enhanced MonsterEnhanced Monster15 days ago
    • He does?

      Erinn NelsonErinn Nelson15 days ago
  • Who is here after they don’t live together anymore?? 😔 😕😟☹️😩😫😖😣😢😭 pls go back!!! I miss you guys together!!

    Bethelihem AlemayehuBethelihem Alemayehu16 days ago
  • jaden: no shirt josh: shirt bryce: hoodie so how’s the weather sway boys?

    fatima aldarmakifatima aldarmaki16 days ago
  • I don’t hate you I’m a big fan

    Rashid SaeedRashid Saeed16 days ago
  • Their hair looks like shit

    TheLeo GreatTheLeo Great20 days ago
  • Jaden: basically naked Josh: wearing a T-shirt and jeans Bryce: wearing a hoodie and jeans Me: how’s the weather in LA

    Khaliyah MartinKhaliyah Martin21 day ago
  • “that’s a lot of percents”

    Eva VideosEva Videos21 day ago
  • you guys said you have a weird sense of humor but i think it’s funny people are just overly sensitive 😂

    Cailyn CreanCailyn Crean21 day ago
  • No one: Some guy screaming in the back: Josh Jaden and Bryce casually talking like that’s normal: Me: 👁👄👁

    Nora mahaNora maha22 days ago
  • whos rewatching this one bc the latest one doesnt feel the same w/out bryce?

    jada wjada w22 days ago
  • “Jaden didn’t do that much” Jaden is probably the most liked sway member- (no hate tho lmao I love all of ‘em)

    Jiminie’s heartJiminie’s heart23 days ago
  • I've watched this like 20 times just to hear the "I love Quinton" part

    Aldria DouglasAldria Douglas23 days ago
  • did anyone notice they spelt Isaak wrong ??

    Disha SukhijaDisha Sukhija24 days ago
  • 2:50 you get the joke right 😂

    H10 MbH10 Mb25 days ago
  • Me looking at Bryce's nails like 👁️👄👁️

    STL Born and RaisedSTL Born and Raised25 days ago
  • Why did I use to like josh lmao well he is with nessa and they are cute and should always stay together

    Robloxisthebest _Robloxisthebest _25 days ago
  • they aint even let jaden talk

    Nelbi RodriguesNelbi Rodrigues26 days ago
  • Where’s the jail tea?

    Jasmine's LifeJasmine's Life26 days ago
  • Goddamit Im still waiting for another Teatok😔

    Sarah DerSarah Der26 days ago
  • no hate to these people because they seem like good people and like they said at 7:50 they really just are putting these things out in a good way where it’s not disrespectful. but anyway, the fact that it’s so normal for people to just talk bad or just “spill tea” about someone so easily on the internet and post it and make it a constant thing/series you do... it’s kind of weird. sometimes it seems like the only reason people get famous is because of the drama they create and then they go and complain about it. just seems like a toxic environment 😳

    emily korczykemily korczyk28 days ago
  • this is the most whitest thing I’ve ever seen-

    Janna LeenJanna Leen28 days ago
  • When Josh and Jaden left my heart was broken 😭😭😭😭 and then I read that there are not going to be doing more tea toks and I came to this video crying and saying: I can’t believe this is the las tea tok 😭😭😭😭😭 btw I love the sawy boyz and I miss them ❤️

    Alexia GumucioAlexia Gumucio29 days ago
  • NICOL🧠🧠🧠🧠🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤯🤯🤯🤯🙂🙂🙂🖕🖕🖕🖕🇸🇰🇸🇰🇸🇰🇸🇰

    Andrea RemiasovaAndrea RemiasovaMonth ago
  • #Tiktok

    Chloetot AparriChloetot AparriMonth ago
  • Tiktok

    Chloetot AparriChloetot AparriMonth ago
  • Tea tok is the only thing that keeps me entertained during Quarantine

    Simrat SamraSimrat SamraMonth ago
    • Same

      Rocenei ArceRocenei Arce29 days ago
  • Who is here after jaden and josh left the sway ?

    avanissglam’s tutorialsavanissglam’s tutorialsMonth ago
  • 2:23 .

    RidhiRidhiMonth ago

    RidhiRidhiMonth ago
  • 2:26 idk why but jaden looked so cute saying that

    RidhiRidhiMonth ago
  • Indiana and Blake would lowkey be cute 💖

    Guadalupe GarciaGuadalupe GarciaMonth ago
  • little did we know this was the last teatok lmao

    Serene JohnSerene JohnMonth ago
  • anyone else notice the way jaden watched the video with indiana

    alaina alexanderalaina alexanderMonth ago
  • What happening with griffin?

    Zoey ZoeyZoey ZoeyMonth ago
  • I feel like this is the last tea tok

    RedRoseGirl789RedRoseGirl789Month ago
  • Quick question: why is the link for the Still Softish merch still in the description? They already stopped selling it before this video 💀

    Kelsey HubbardKelsey HubbardMonth ago
  • Their is actually funny and I can't be convinced otherwise😂😂😂

    Aimee NyamburaAimee NyamburaMonth ago
  • Buddy spelt Isaaks name wrong lol (not hating, luv u guys

    Sofia MachabeliSofia MachabeliMonth ago
  • Fuck it like these guys anyway

    elise coxelise coxMonth ago
  • Idk why but I kinda have a crush on the sway boys.. 😳🦋😍

    stillbrow jamesstillbrow jamesMonth ago
  • are we just gonna ignore the fact that *guy dies in the back* and josh, jaden, and bryce just act like it’s casual and regular thing that happens 😭💀

    luv.phebe.luv.phebe.Month ago
  • Why do I always eel like Jaden is drunk

    Landry HewsLandry HewsMonth ago
  • Hiiio

    TheLucysophiaTheLucysophiaMonth ago
  • Why there are no Russian subtitles

    Валерия НаумоваВалерия НаумоваMonth ago
  • I love jxdn so fuckin much me and my sis was at the pool and out of the middel of noweher i scream my hearts comtose

    Kellie DensonKellie DensonMonth ago
  • I love your guy’s humor!!! it reminds me of my own and my familys!😂💀

    Jordan LaRocheJordan LaRocheMonth ago
  • Blake oh baloke 🤣

    Gabi TrimbleGabi TrimbleMonth ago
  • Unpopular opinion: Bryce IS THE BEST SWAY BOY, jadens second and the rest are ok but JOSH JUST FUCKING GETS ON MY NERVES

    Farwa NurFarwa NurMonth ago
  • Who’s here after josh and jaden left sway 😢

    CombxtCombxtMonth ago
  • no body that i saw: jaden: *talks* *screams in background* jaden: *continues to talk like theres nothing*

    iAvacodo _playziAvacodo _playzMonth ago
  • This was the last tea Tok they posted

    Shaylen BurkesShaylen BurkesMonth ago
  • istg can jaden just use a shirt •-•

    angelica crossangelica crossMonth ago
  • no, you have cool jokes. Bryce are you kidding? you are very cool, how can you not be loved?💓💓💓

    Sophia YakhtorovychSophia YakhtorovychMonth ago
  • No hate intended at all, but it's Isaak not Isaac ❤︎

    Anna SlocumAnna SlocumMonth ago
  • me watching this after josh and jaden leave knowing that its the last tea tok :(

    Ara SancherAra SancherMonth ago
  • Anyone realize how people were saying Bryce took the fall for Josh and went to jail for him and then like a week later josh and Jayden leave sway

    Sara SmithSara SmithMonth ago

    leah smithleah smithMonth ago
  • Who is here after watching bryces vid of Jaden and josh leaving

    Lily BeechLily BeechMonth ago
  • the first man gossip queen, the world is changing lol!

    Aminah NadeemAminah NadeemMonth ago
  • So I guess no more teatoks then? 🥺😔

    Karina QuinteroKarina QuinteroMonth ago
  • Let’s be real though, when you look as good as Jaden do you really need to have a shirt on?

    Marissa ScottMarissa ScottMonth ago
  • Love the the way someone was dying but they continued

    Bianca MejiaBianca MejiaMonth ago
  • They r my fav members of the sway house😩😍😍

    Toni DiasToni DiasMonth ago
    • same

      Lea JbsLea JbsMonth ago
  • Me: waiting for another tea tok because I’m bored during quarantine 👁👄👁 Also me: watching whatever is on my home page while eating a popsicle cause why not 👁👅👁

    Sad PotatoSad PotatoMonth ago
  • I love how people are getting murdered in the background

    haylee editshaylee editsMonth ago
  • Nobody: guy: dies in the background Josh,bryce and Jayden: casually continues talking

    ayesha zaheerayesha zaheerMonth ago
  • who’s here after bryce and jaden went to jail. 😂 i love them so no hate !

    ayesha zaheerayesha zaheerMonth ago
  • Jaden: “sorry I’m talking a lot” Hunny we want you to talk MORE

    ayesha zaheerayesha zaheerMonth ago

    ayesha zaheerayesha zaheerMonth ago
  • I guess no teatok today guys!!

    Allie MooneyhamAllie MooneyhamMonth ago
  • Jaden and Josh left sway to focus on thier career i dont think there will be any teaktoks anymore :(

    adrianna raeadrianna raeMonth ago
  • jaden is like too quiet but bryce and josh are likw:ahhhhhhhh owwww and partying 😂

    Malak BaradaMalak BaradaMonth ago