Last 60 Minutes of Being on Death Row

Sep 8, 2020
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You've been waiting for this moment for years, and now that it's here, you just wish you had a little more time. In today's dark new death row video we are counting down the last 60 minutes of a death row inmates life, all the way up to their execution. What is the actual process that has to happen for an execution to take place? Check out the intense final 60 minutes of a death row prisoners life.
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All videos are based on publicly available information unless otherwise noted.

  • Wow. That was so very moving. I hope he's still alive, for his dad's sake.

    Tricia WTricia W14 hours ago
  • I would rather die than sit in jail and slowly rot

    Carlos VegaCarlos VegaDay ago
  • Death penalty is the best penalty

    FelipeFelipeDay ago
  • Obviously he was guilty. But I can't help to wonder if money and race played a factor to his execution being stayed.

    Chinwe AjallaChinwe AjallaDay ago
    • If anything fortunate, they usually don’t ask to take them off of death row.

      MaddyMaddyDay ago
    • No evident, if he was guilty he was guilty. smh.

      MaddyMaddyDay ago
  • If I had this narrator I would’ve passed every English class

    ScrNocksScrNocks2 days ago
  • ... I don't think he should have been free from death row. But at least his father’s okay.

    In Squad We TrustIn Squad We Trust2 days ago
  • Sigh, an unfortunate ending

    Jesiah HubbsJesiah Hubbs2 days ago
  • This story is about Bart Whitaker I saw this on Forensic Files and he deserved the death penalty.

    Adriana LadsonAdriana Ladson3 days ago
  • Wow. I understand the need for justice, but if the only living victim wants the criminal to live, I think that is appropriate.

    musicartguy1musicartguy13 days ago
  • Who do u guys think is better the infographics show or bright side

    million 1000000 and billion 1000000000million 1000000 and billion 10000000003 days ago
  • Here before 1 mil views

    Kar Arm GamingKar Arm Gaming4 days ago
  • Why does this sound so real :/

    Blue RoseBlue Rose4 days ago
  • Indeed your(our) parents are most forgiving angels we have got on earth 🔥

    atharv bhosaleatharv bhosale4 days ago
  • I’d rather die then spend the rest of my life in prison

    Patrick MPatrick M4 days ago
  • I've heard this story from Merc before, I was like this sounds so familiar

    Lyla MallariLyla Mallari4 days ago
  • sounds bit like a rap song

    Dai NguyenDai Nguyen4 days ago
  • You're gonna call the guy who threw his last meal in a CO's face? That's exactly what I would have done. They purposefully drive you mad. Can't blame the guy for that. Blame the guards for their actions and decisions

    Axton NelsonAxton Nelson4 days ago
  • s̃h̃ẽ s̃ãỹ w̃h̃ãt̃ ỹõũ k̃ñõw̃ ãb̃õũt̃ l̃õṽẽ

    YFL DABOiiGAhNgV0Lgz➐YFL DABOiiGAhNgV0Lgz➐5 days ago
  • He was a psychopath, but he felt bad for what he did, so I guess he's not a bad guy. I don't think I'd ever want to be friends with him tho.

    Keith FenningKeith Fenning6 days ago
  • More plot twists than the sw sequals

    Mc BeandonMc Beandon6 days ago
  • Where can i find the music used for this ?

    TYBankoz_TYBankoz_6 days ago
  • bogus - i thought they were gonna show him die

    davewestdavewest8 days ago
  • no

    leapleap8 days ago
  • This is a true story, but Governor Abbott had Thomas Whitaker Baker’s sentence commuted to life without the possibility of parole with 40 minutes to go.

    Bryan NorrisBryan Norris9 days ago
  • I would just do a plank for a hour make it feel like an eternity

    Lily BlueLily Blue9 days ago
  • What did he do I don't understand what he says??

    SkyGreatArtSkyGreatArt10 days ago
    • I understand now don't worry

      SkyGreatArtSkyGreatArt10 days ago
  • Is this fake? Like if it is

    theinteldoge ctheinteldoge c11 days ago
  • Did anybody else notice pi at 8:40

    David MickelsonDavid Mickelson11 days ago
  • Sorry, but this video is more disturbing than the fact that the delinquent has to die in minutes, and sad enough that people are still being executed in the US in 2020.

    Fender StratocasterFender Stratocaster11 days ago
  • What's The Music?

    louielouie95louielouie9511 days ago
  • What's The Music?

    louielouie95louielouie9511 days ago
  • Way too many ads..

    Saba MimSaba Mim11 days ago
  • Tik tok no one thought of the app?

    Filip KopieckiFilip Kopiecki12 days ago
  • Jesus that was brutal...

    Red PandaRed Panda12 days ago
  • “tiktok tiktok” was tiktok your drugs? ?-? edit: this was a joke no offense person

    musk 23musk 2312 days ago
    • Its fine

      Cung RoCung Ro12 days ago
  • how many times have you posted the same video about death row

    J00k17J00k1712 days ago
  • I'm not sure how I got here

    cashlost 2cashlost 212 days ago
  • I was unfortunately in jail before. Never prison. From what I am told prison is slightly better due to programs and more things to do.. That said, I feel like a death sentence is getting off easy. It's over in a few minutes. Where a life sentence is suffrage day after day and minute after minute. Time moves ridiculously slow while incarcerated.. These murderers and rapists should get life and be on 23&1 for the whole bid. Just my 2 cents. But I'd take death over 5 or more years

    Andrew StevensAndrew Stevens13 days ago
  • I went to high school with the sister of the get away driver of the killer

    Adam MartinAdam Martin13 days ago
  • It's like waiting for a school test to start that you didn't know about and didn't study for, but a bit more extreme.

    Sergej NadaždinSergej Nadaždin13 days ago
  • I don't think anyone deserves to sentenced to death. Mistakes are mistakes and no matter how bad there is always room for forgiveness. In the moment it might seem like it but u can forgive, it's as they say. "Theres no use in crying over spilled milk"

  • two ads within 2 or less minutes unfair

    Nbf NbfNbf Nbf13 days ago
  • If he didn’t escape for 2 years I honestly don’t think he would’ve got the death penalty which was kinda over the line I think for this case

    Daniel HuiDaniel Hui13 days ago
  • His dad looks like Ryan Renolds

    Lucas MortonLucas Morton13 days ago
  • POS

    amopotatoamopotato13 days ago
  • This is so disturbing

    Siddarth NairSiddarth Nair14 days ago
  • I might be the smartest person or maybe somebody else said this but if you want to die without nobody noticing is that if you hold your breath for a while till you die

    Memes cure coronavirusMemes cure coronavirus15 days ago
  • Nextflix should really make a series about this

    father of twofather of two15 days ago
  • I’m so happy for him ... I think

    Jamall WellsJamall Wells15 days ago
  • Is this true?? I'm still asking even tho someone commented its true

    Xxgamer GamergirlxXXxgamer GamergirlxX15 days ago
    • It is

      TYBankoz_TYBankoz_6 days ago
    • It’s not bro

      Matthew's 2nd ChannelMatthew's 2nd Channel12 days ago
  • Crazy to think the last 60 mins of death row is only 5 times longer than this video

    Dillon KirtonDillon Kirton15 days ago
  • I think death row is horrible, no matter the crime people deserve to live. Even if it means rotting in prison.

    Ever LastingEver Lasting15 days ago
  • And atleast I dident die... go check out some other videos ;D!!!

    bmorris1117bmorris111716 days ago
  • This is insane!!! Hopefully, in 5 years I have a million!!

    StudyZenStudyZen16 days ago
  • This is insane!!! Hopefully, in 5 years I have a million!!

    StudyZenStudyZen16 days ago
  • Dad with belt: *I CAN DO IT BETTER*

    Thunder BoiThunder Boi16 days ago
  • The moms low key a babe here

    MultiSanchez1995MultiSanchez199516 days ago
  • bruh after he deoesnt die he sues his dad

    Jayden VasquezJayden Vasquez16 days ago
  • Why so many commercials

    littleb242littleb24216 days ago
  • there is one imposter among us

    Soul PozeckSoul Pozeck16 days ago
  • Please stop using your platform for an anti-capital punishment agenda. Did he commit the crime? Was life taken? Obviously yes. Could he have stopped the plan? Was he aware of the possible consequences beforehand? Also obviously yes. Victims' lives are ended but their murderers get to keep living their natural lives. All other issues/ sentimemtalities besides these clear facts are irrelevant. Commutation is not justice.

    James DavenportJames Davenport16 days ago
  • Its terrifying to consider how incompetent our government/justice system is and yet people still think they think they can reliably determine a person's guilt with someone's life on the line.

    ButterBallButterBall17 days ago
    • In my country its bad as well, where i live murderers get a minimun sentence of 30 years. They always get out in a few years

      TYBankoz_TYBankoz_6 days ago
  • The man that is talking gives me Joe from“ You” vibes💯

    Rolanda EdwardsRolanda Edwards17 days ago
  • nice, now i have 48 minutes left

    Nate LuxtonNate Luxton17 days ago
  • Sentence commuted. Being white in Texas helps?

    Chris ReichChris Reich17 days ago
  • I oppose death penalty, but I would not mind if that guy would have been killed.

    Julian Hans HalbeisenJulian Hans Halbeisen17 days ago
  • You’re making me think I did all this stuff

    Johncas416Johncas41617 days ago
  • the ending was bad

    Maitreya KanitkarMaitreya Kanitkar17 days ago
  • that was disappointing ngl

    Jay The Gacha GirlJay The Gacha Girl17 days ago
  • If my son murdered his enemy, I would fight for his life. But if he murdered our family for money, he’s no longer my son. If this is true, the father is holding on to a deranged lie.

    RussianSpyRussianSpy17 days ago
  • This just made me think about how many deaths were inside jobs

    GoonzGoonz17 days ago
    • Hey there bud, lemme tell you about this woman called Hillary Clinton real quick...

      TriumphForksTriumphForks17 days ago
  • Thanks for taking away 10 more minutes of my last hour ;(

    mrduckypersonmrduckyperson17 days ago
  • Happy ending?

    NatamNatam18 days ago
  • Spoiled rich brat...i doubt he's changed. He's just using his father as a tool. And life in prison does not always mean life there's appeals commuted sentences etc

    Manuel AguilarManuel Aguilar18 days ago
  • The Infographics Show really needs to learn to not switch from such deep and depressing topics to upbeat music so suddenly.

    mav0mav0mav0mav018 days ago
  • I’d prefer to die then be in prison for life

    Conor FosterConor Foster18 days ago
  • Never forgive someone who hasn't asked for forgiveness.

    The WolfThe Wolf18 days ago
  • So much suspense!!! The only thing is that I was pretty sure he wasn't gonna die because then how could he tell the story?

    VadidasVadidas18 days ago
  • Who else had very MIXED EMOTIONS about this

    Jessica o_f22Jessica o_f2218 days ago
  • Im cring

    Nikodem ZabinskiNikodem Zabinski18 days ago
  • When you double dip the nachos:

    BrickByBrick CubingBrickByBrick Cubing18 days ago
  • Death sentence is better than life sentence

    CoolJeremyswagdudeCoolJeremyswagdude18 days ago
  • 2:53 if you know you know (hint-bat)

    STEALTHY zzzSTEALTHY zzz18 days ago
  • Im crying .

    Aizat ARAizat AR18 days ago
  • dang, the death penalty really is cruel

    Julia DJulia D18 days ago
  • So is he really dead bc My dad will take the cars

    Arli AgustinArli Agustin19 days ago
  • I don't think anyone deserves to die.

    TyJoIsACowardTyJoIsACoward19 days ago
    • R//pist?

      AnNyEoNgHaSeYoAnNyEoNgHaSeYo19 days ago
  • I like info

    ChickenHobo 84ChickenHobo 8419 days ago
  • Wow they took the last 60mins and compressed it down to 12:52! As far as feeling sympathy for the cons convicted and sentenced to death I catch myself and just think of the victims of their heinous acts. I'm also a convicted armed robber. Most would think I'd be against capital punishment but actually I think it's a great tool for prosecutors and society. And from my experience in CDCR a lot of cons feel the same way.

    thomas nikkolathomas nikkola19 days ago
  • About to be executed by electric chair: Any last words? Me: Hold my hand

    Henry Leonard VanDeBoomHenry Leonard VanDeBoom19 days ago
    • 😂

      Green snakeGreen snakeDay ago
  • This made me want to go give my mom a hug

    Julian CejaJulian Ceja19 days ago
  • This video made my heart beat way too fast.

    The King of AntarcticaThe King of Antarctica19 days ago
  • I thought Mexico wouldn't extradite anyone who was facing the death penalty?

    Matt EvansMatt Evans19 days ago
  • حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل ربنا يهدينا جميعاً

    عبدالرحمن جمال Abdulrhman Gamalعبدالرحمن جمال Abdulrhman Gamal19 days ago
  • My last meal would be whatever Nikocado Avocado eats because I won't have to worry about getting fat because I'm about to die anyway.

    Naud van DalenNaud van Dalen19 days ago
  • Amazing what a little money and privilege will get you

    MoshJunkie426MoshJunkie42619 days ago
  • My kids before I take them to get shoots at the doctor

    WhyDidIPickTheName?WhyDidIPickTheName?19 days ago
  • I hate this guy

    X_ AT25_XX_ AT25_X19 days ago
  • His father was the 3rd imposter

    A Different Kind Of VlogerA Different Kind Of Vloger19 days ago
  • Killing someone for killing someone

    Yin LiYin Li19 days ago