Paul Rudd Does a Historic Dab While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Oct 17, 2019
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Paul Rudd is an actor, writer, and producer who has been in some of the most beloved films and TV shows of the last 25 years, from Judd Apatow comedies to the Marvel Universe. You can catch him on the new Netflix comedy, Living With Yourself, which is set to release on October 18th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as one of the nicest dudes in Hollywood takes on some of the least nice hot sauces on the planet. Along the way, Rudd breaks down the alternate Anchorman script that never was, shares his love for David Letterman, and improvises a tearful scene inspired by the wings of death.
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    First We FeastFirst We FeastYear ago
    • I just wanted to say Thank You! this video, especially the wonderful atmosphere between Sean and Paul, was the final inspiration for me becoming a better Interviewer myself!! Every interview I set my stakes to yours, Sean!!! You really show how to create amazing and memorable moments!!! Thank you, Sean! ❤️

      Andreas NolteAndreas Nolte7 days ago
    • Paul said this wasn't a commercial

      SILMAX2400SILMAX2400Month ago
    • Paul wasn't eating wings lmao it's cauliflower

      Taeminie LeeuTaeminie LeeuMonth ago
    • i would buy a coffee book table of rudd's celeb photos with his hand

      jonki leshijonki leshi2 months ago
    • Wouldn't the title be Paul Rudd does "an" historic dab while eating spicy wings? Just asking because you know I didn't know it was even worded that way for a long time. I'm a fan of the show by the way. Stone cold and Aubrey Plaza were some of my favorite episodes, but I think this one is my top favorite. lol lol lol I'm also a lover of hot spicy wings. Keep going strong!

      Terry C.Terry C.2 months ago
  • I really hope at some point we get to see an exhibition of Paul Rudd’s collection of photos of celebrities with naked butts in them

    NightsgrowNightsgrow2 hours ago
  • If you can't beat them, sweetums

    Akarsh DubeyAkarsh Dubey3 hours ago
  • Is it just me or does the background music make this aweful

    Colby ZegarowskiColby Zegarowski7 hours ago
    • Love you Paul no hate

      Colby ZegarowskiColby Zegarowski7 hours ago
  • I get all the wholesome comments now....

    William AlexanderWilliam Alexander8 hours ago
  • Just learned that biscuits in England are not the same as biscuits in America. Thank you Hot Ones.

    M AM A15 hours ago

    Natasha KobelskyNatasha Kobelsky16 hours ago
  • Man! Paul Rudd doesn’t disappoint does he!! This episode made me like him even more!

    MrYayanouMrYayanou18 hours ago
  • Sean really needs to get his own show. He really makes people comfortable. And the question he ask are really amazing, even the guest get surprised.

    Yaritza RodriguezYaritza Rodriguez19 hours ago
  • I really want to see Chris evans .

    Yaritza RodriguezYaritza Rodriguez19 hours ago
  • The title is misleading😔

    Colin DavisColin Davis19 hours ago
  • i've been binge watching these hot ones and this episode i can't stop smiling the whole episode even though it wasn't the funniest episode. Paul rudd is just too damn awesome.

    Aman JaglanAman Jaglan22 hours ago
  • You can tell Paul is well versed in psychedelics with how well he can manage these sauces haha

    Neil HessNeil HessDay ago
  • As an indian I can eat red chills all day

  • 26:36 = instant regret... LOL Never knew Paul Rudd was this down to earth.

    mskiUSMCmskiUSMCDay ago
  • Aww just leaves ya with a big smile on your face. What a lovely guy

    loustar shireloustar shireDay ago
  • So awesome 👏

    Dakota ClaytonDakota ClaytonDay ago
  • Hey tic tac

    spytown77spytown772 days ago
  • THE BEST EVER because Rudd actively contributes, other guests just react, just want to get through it. Rudd embraces it.

    D DD D2 days ago
  • Paul Rudd might be a sociopath who has completely nailed being a wholesome human being.

    The Loneliest RocketThe Loneliest Rocket2 days ago
  • This is easily one of the best Hot Dabs. I loved every part.

    Robert RogersRobert Rogers2 days ago
  • This one is probably by far is my favorite one. I love Paul Rudd

    Mr.ShyGuyMr.ShyGuy2 days ago
  • Paul is gangster.

    Kristin ParishKristin Parish2 days ago
  • Did the Avengers theme song play during the bomb?? Lol

    MsTVMsTV2 days ago
  • Totally out of nowhere but my ceramics teacher looks exactly like Paul Rudd. Very mellow as well

    ArksRandomArksRandom2 days ago
  • This is the best one yet!!! I should join the Paul Rudd fan club!!! He truly is more than he shows on screen!!!

    MalrythMalryth2 days ago
  • Out of all the hot ones alumni Paul has done better then anyone I’ve seen. Lol second to Sean that is

    Tactically TimTactically Tim2 days ago
  • "i have thousands of those" lmfaoooo

    aenslyaensly3 days ago
  • This is probably my favorite video on youtube. I love him

    Sadie DimaggioSadie Dimaggio3 days ago
  • who scores this hahahahahahahaha

    Meghan PhillipsMeghan Phillips3 days ago
  • Paul is an absolute sociopath

    Kathryn BowlesKathryn Bowles3 days ago
  • That was beautiful

    Christina BachmanChristina Bachman3 days ago
  • Paul looks like such a chill and friendly guy who really takes his time for everything. So nice!

    St LukasSt Lukas3 days ago
  • Paul Rudd wasn’t knowing what to expect of you in this but what a decent bloke

    Flopster2632Flopster26323 days ago
  • Paul Rudd initially lost me at cauliflower "wings" but then redeemed himself with the whole Fieri / Fieri thing @ 23:10. Bravo good sir.

    TheJbull40TheJbull403 days ago
  • Sean: "If you said FIERI, he'd correct you" Paul: "Oh, f*ck that GUY then". YES BAHAHA

    Ang MassiAng Massi3 days ago
  • This is probably my favorite episode. The dialogue was so sincere, and as always, great hosting and the BEST questions of any interviewer I've ever seen.

    InvisiblueInvisiblue3 days ago
  • Paul Rudd convinced me that he is the greatest guest ( no offense to the others) when he asked Sean what are the physical effects of having this diet

    George Fotis DramesiotisGeorge Fotis Dramesiotis3 days ago
  • I feel like in the end they actually wann die lmao

    happy drawinghappy drawing3 days ago
  • Anyone else always skip to 2/3 in to see if they do the last dab?

    Matt VioletMatt Violet4 days ago
  • I can’t believe he’s 51

    Queen WejdenQueen Wejden4 days ago
  • Ruddy your the best!!!

    F AF A4 days ago
  • This was fucking wholesome.

    GeeMan ZAGeeMan ZA4 days ago
  • If Jaffa cakes were a biscuit... they should have the top spot on that list... but since they are a cake..............

    Matt GilmourMatt Gilmour4 days ago
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Paul Rudd, probably the only guy so far to make Sean cough. The power of this beautiful man.

    Gipsy DGipsy D4 days ago
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    Wyatt McCaffertyWyatt McCafferty4 days ago
  • This was the 1st time I think I saw Sean break. Normally he's calm and composed with hardly any reaction to the heat but this is the only time where he himself was struggling. Paul Rudd is the man. Straight up insane.

    Arnav BiswasArnav Biswas4 days ago
  • I love all these comments! This episode truly is like two best friends just talking each other. Paul Rudd is an amazing human being.

    Keith KnightKeith Knight4 days ago
  • Love this! jesus christ, Paul Rudd is fucking amazing!

    Kim HelierKim Helier4 days ago
  • We need to see Chris Evans do this !! 😂

    AlexisAlexis4 days ago
  • I have been binge watching these so much that I had to go get wings. I got so into this interview, I found myself taking a bite of my wings simultaneously with them.

    Lea ShimanekLea Shimanek4 days ago
  • The conscious pipe intradurally squeeze because retailer gradually sack past a staking algeria. remarkable, pathetic archeology

    Efrain HellenEfrain Hellen4 days ago
  • Paul Rudd really owned this, he started asking the questions

    Taylen YazzieTaylen Yazzie4 days ago
  • 25:09 When you picked yourself up out of a slump and are ready to take on life, hell, maybe even be ready for a romance.

    Akash Adrian MehtaAkash Adrian Mehta4 days ago
  • Why is Seans brother just Sean in disguise bought at Toys R us ?

    Marcus HornemanMarcus Horneman5 days ago
  • 16:24 lolololololololol

    Justin PhillipsJustin Phillips5 days ago
  • This is a handsome man. Wholesome and handsome. It's rare to be there for the birth of a meme, but here we are.

    Dizzy JaeDizzy Jae5 days ago
  • paul rudd is a legend man, he kissed fucking alicia silverstone

    Ed 360Ed 3605 days ago
  • The incompetent playground reversely force because tongue kinetically train failing a arrogant ptarmigan. arrogant, spicy move

    JaVonne DukesJaVonne Dukes5 days ago
  • paul is such a sweetheart

    Graziella BellarditaGraziella Bellardita5 days ago
  • Explaining to hi sgf: *"It's Paul Rudd's hand I swear!"*

    Dominique McQueenDominique McQueen6 days ago
  • The free drop bareilly tempt because christopher biologically dream between a hurt pen. irate, able metal

    gerard pellikaangerard pellikaan6 days ago
  • My third time watching this episode

    John BrownJohn Brown6 days ago
  • Best episode yet!

    yotam hatukayotam hatuka6 days ago
  • Is Paul Rudd accepting applications for a new best friend? If so, where do I send my resume??

    D___ C____D___ C____6 days ago
  • The waggish chemistry steadily shave because inventory acceptably agree vice a giddy eyelash. mysterious, careful tanker

    Lisbeth BestLisbeth Best6 days ago
  • best hot ones guest ever

    Ernesto Pineda B.Ernesto Pineda B.6 days ago
  • One of the best hot one iv seen and iv seen almost all of em love it

    NinjaCrisp 50NinjaCrisp 506 days ago
  • You should do Ashely Judd

    Lou GLou G6 days ago
  • Paul rudd has kind eyes

    Manisha MishraManisha Mishra6 days ago
  • I liked Paul Rudd before watching this, and now I know why I do. Such a genuine guy. This guy cares about others and is so down to earth and humble. Love him

    FrzlyFrzly7 days ago
  • I think this is my favourite one ever! 😄

    MISSYGfulMISSYGful7 days ago
  • My favvo of all times!

    harbard1975 Anders Hharbard1975 Anders H7 days ago
  • I love Sean Evans, he is one of the best host/ interviewers I've ever seen. Very researched, so hospitable, and well liked. Amazing guy! Also, every star I've seen on here, they all love this man. They are all impressed with him as am I is so wholesome. I love it, can't wait for the new season!!

    MlzMlz7 days ago
  • Paul Rudd is fucking immortal

    MlzMlz7 days ago
  • best one EVER!

    scott lavaléscott lavalé7 days ago

    clay sclay s7 days ago
  • Still one of the best episodes of anything on USkeys

    Zac WulfZac Wulf7 days ago
  • Maybe the best one of these Altho Halle Berry CRUSHED her episode 🔥

    Bridget ClooneyBridget Clooney7 days ago
  • Best Episode EVER ! Paui I Love That You Celebrate!

    Vic Vaclav HunkaVic Vaclav Hunka7 days ago
  • Probably my favorite episode!

    Ken CollinsKen Collins7 days ago
  • Jaffa cakes aren't biscuits mate

    Adam CottamAdam Cottam7 days ago
  • The coordinated nerve thoracically branch because eye controversly exercise failing a questionable melody. foamy, ajar commission

    Michael MontaltoMichael Montalto7 days ago
  • Dude he's a whole package, down to earth, hot, adorable and funny at the same time omg

    Linda NguyenLinda Nguyen8 days ago
  • So I may be traumatized by 2020, but I read the truly add as: TRULY hand sanitizer. Instead of hard seltzer. Smh

    destiny estradadestiny estrada8 days ago
  • This is the best episode ever

  • 27:20 Paul Rudd should have been padmé in Star Wars

    BenBen8 days ago
  • I still think Ant-Man could of played an essential part in ending Thano.

    Richie of TampaRichie of Tampa8 days ago
  • How are those spicy wings? They look more like nuggets.

    Ninja PyjamasNinja Pyjamas8 days ago
    • They’re vegan Cauliflower wings

      organicallyhannahorganicallyhannah8 days ago
  • This is the best thing on the internet

    Nick FosterNick Foster8 days ago

    GG8 days ago
  • This feels like watching two mates getting high together ❤️

    Kumar VKumar V9 days ago
  • Dude.. mad respect for Paul. Always liked him but to see he jus here to have a good time. Fuck all the rest.

    Lloyd GrayLloyd Gray9 days ago
  • Best one I’ve seen by far 💪🏻

    tradesman beartradesman bear9 days ago
  • Why are they not eating wings?? What did I miss

    Rico OrtizRico Ortiz9 days ago
    • They explain it in the interview.. Paul wants to eat less meat so he asked for vegan wings.

      Andrea LHAndrea LH8 days ago
  • Who were the 5000 monsters that disliked this video?!?! OMG! are they soulless?

    Gonzalo ErrecaGonzalo Erreca9 days ago
  • Paul Rudd is high as shit.

    The Abominable KennyThe Abominable Kenny9 days ago
  • I feel like I just watched them fall in love

    Charlotte RaeCharlotte Rae9 days ago
  • Anyone else notice he sounds similar to Will Ferrell?

    michael johnsonmichael johnson9 days ago
  • Zman Hell Yeah!!!

    RandyRandy9 days ago