Logic - Aquarius III

Jul 28, 2020
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Listen to No Pressure: logic.lnk.to/NoPressure
Logic - Aquarius III (Official Music Video)
Director: Justin Fleischer/JT Clemente
DP: JT Clemente
Producer: Justin Fleischer
Produced by Logic, 6ix, Gravez, and 2forwOyNE
#NoPressure #Logic

  • fcking legend

    kataa aakataa aa27 minutes ago
  • That effect of Logic looking all slowed down but still in time with the lyrics is a filming technique. When filming this he would of bn doing it at double speed. Then in editing you slow it down, it’s really cool.

    Alpha SquadAlpha Squad57 minutes ago
  • This gave me hectic goosebumps, great words

    Joshua WatsonJoshua Watson58 minutes ago
  • Farewell 🤝

    10 subs without videos Babe?10 subs without videos Babe?Hour ago
  • Why bro why are u retiring Plz don't do that

    Rashi KapoorRashi KapoorHour ago
  • While obsessing about Christina

    Alyssa BarrAlyssa BarrHour ago
  • uskeys.net/watch/H3JrdCtB7Rk-video.html

    Mike ClarkMike Clark2 hours ago
  • You can only like if you came from deji❤

    vBxsnia AUvBxsnia AU2 hours ago
  • We will miss u bro

    Lando PlaysLando Plays2 hours ago
  • soo wanna hate..why????...Hey now, I like IT!!!!

    Jerimiah MusicJerimiah Music4 hours ago
  • He raps super fast just make a slow mo video so the lyrics almost fit the video. Mind blown!

    Lewis FruscianteLewis Frusciante4 hours ago
  • Mans always dressing like a Daytona 500 driver

    James RodriguezJames Rodriguez4 hours ago
  • Always liked this dude. I'm gonna miss him but glad he's moving forward in life. Thanks for all the jams.

    bashort1bashort15 hours ago
  • Does ANYONE know where I can find Ray Angry's Piano lick? And what sample is the "these days" background vocals.

    Ernie RosasErnie Rosas6 hours ago
  • What sample did they use other than the "OCD"? What are the vocals?

    Ernie RosasErnie Rosas6 hours ago
  • thank you Logic you're an inspiration

    Blue Door Media ChannelBlue Door Media Channel7 hours ago
  • I Love This Damn Song!!!!!!!!!!

    Ryoung 42Ryoung 427 hours ago
  • Let’s hope “No Pressure (Deluxe” will exist. ✌️

    ItsRCKItsRCK8 hours ago
  • Your not the fastest rapper after all That girl with the inhaler kicked your 👑 off

    MooniiDay :DMooniiDay :D8 hours ago
  • Old logic video vibes😂

    DEDSEC XDEDSEC X9 hours ago
  • Too bad Logic more white than black... He's aging poorly.

    duckyzzzduckyzzz9 hours ago
    • Damnnn chill 💀

      psychedpsyched7 hours ago
  • Retire when streams going up

    starfeyze musicstarfeyze music9 hours ago
  • Another monotonous trash song from an actually good rapper. It doesnt makes sense to me

    Im LegendIm Legend9 hours ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    DJ Shawty SwagDJ Shawty Swag9 hours ago
  • Lit 🔥 AsF 🔥🔥🔥

    DJ Shawty SwagDJ Shawty Swag9 hours ago
  • Not gonna lie but his outfit looks like the bugstars outfit from gta

    EViiLDevil 86EViiLDevil 869 hours ago
  • What a dope way to retire

    djef ardeurdjef ardeur10 hours ago
  • Logic is Gone 💩🔥💩🔥💩🔥💩🔥💩🔥💩🔥💩🔥

    Edgar HurtadoEdgar Hurtado10 hours ago
  • Love you, brother. Wish you and the family the best

    DevilDogDevilDog10 hours ago
  • In my opinion its unfortunate how his music took a downturn around 2015, the 2010-2013 era was something to behold. One of my favorites ever, surreal he's retiring. Grew up with the man damn near

    wockwock11 hours ago
  • Thats my zodiac sign ♒️

    nafi alfrednafi alfred12 hours ago
  • Damn why this year and not next, its whatever live your life 😂

    JayツJayツ12 hours ago
  • Guys, what is better logic or pasito for a beginner?😃

    Lil Nali CharlieLil Nali Charlie12 hours ago
  • Sweet🎶✌️💟💜💚

    Michelle VMichelle V12 hours ago
  • January all day

  • Like off the back..

    Loria BarkerLoria Barker14 hours ago
  • Ohhh loves his honesty and swag

    The_taste Of_217The_taste Of_21714 hours ago
  • Yup yup yup

    XoF MaNXoF MaN15 hours ago
  • Yo, WHAT IS THAT SAMPLE?! This best song hard man

    Trey KittTrey Kitt15 hours ago
  • Greatest rapper alive

    RetroConceptRetroConcept16 hours ago
  • I’m pretty sure he’s eighter walking slowly cause there’s no way it’s slo mo, his mouth moving with the song, or he could be in slo mo and just rapping it 10x faster

    RetroConceptRetroConcept16 hours ago
  • Ok, jumpsuit is the move now😁

    Houston MiguelHouston Miguel17 hours ago
  • all i can say right now is: GG, logic.

    Red M&MRed M&M17 hours ago
  • Luv this dude!

    Marc JacksonMarc Jackson18 hours ago
  • Love Logic

    Vik RamVik Ram18 hours ago
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      Tune NationTune Nation18 hours ago
  • Logic is proud that he ended his career with an incredible album. He's happy and it's time to be a great father now.

    Beckett PapaBeckett Papa19 hours ago
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      Tune NationTune Nation18 hours ago
  • logic

    E2GMQE2GMQ19 hours ago
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      Tune NationTune Nation18 hours ago
  • uskeys.net/watch/3hrvdUaVdYQ-video.html 🚀🛸

    Kai DunhillKai Dunhill19 hours ago
  • Everyday is a good day according to what you focusing on , it's realistic

    Songa MustafaSonga Mustafa19 hours ago
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      Tune NationTune Nation18 hours ago
  • Aquarius 3 is one of the best fucking songs logic has ever made!!!!

    Ashley WednesdayAshley Wednesday19 hours ago
    • Agreed 🔥🔥🔥, this album reminded me why he was my fav artist during highschool. If you have the time fam could I please get you to check out my music 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾.

      Ny'GealNy'Geal17 hours ago
  • Thank you for everything Logic. You changed the game and will continue to change it in retirement.

    Ariyan ShuvoAriyan Shuvo20 hours ago
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      Tune NationTune Nation18 hours ago
  • Making every day magical.

    Ariyan ShuvoAriyan Shuvo20 hours ago
  • He's biracial

    the80hthe80h20 hours ago
  • он строитель или сантехник?

    Руслан ГеляРуслан Геля20 hours ago
  • Awe this is so good

    Musa SibiyaMusa Sibiya21 hour ago
  • Really unbelievable to see he would be retiring before em at just 30

  • I hope Eminem,logic & NF made song together

    Chrizna SapotraChrizna Sapotra23 hours ago
  • Understanding in ur shoes, but ur one of my favorite rappers and it’s hard to see u do this

    G ZG ZDay ago
  • Got me thinking about 2015/2016 logic 😢😭

    Jay TesfayeJay TesfayeDay ago
  • You won’t stay in retirement long. The world needs a little Logic. Congratulations on the new baby!

    ClowToTheFaceClowToTheFaceDay ago
  • Tomorrow everybody will know who's the best rapper in the world and that's you logic

    Merc MorshedMerc MorshedDay ago
  • cris's song xD

    Andrea VoloAndrea VoloDay ago
  • Logic I hope you have a good life man 💫

    Isaac MartinezIsaac MartinezDay ago
  • This gave me goosebumps/chills. When you mean what you say it transcends to different dimensions. The realest!

    CB WinningCB WinningDay ago
  • Long way since young Sinatra

    NickelgooseNickelgooseDay ago
  • and that concludes the incredible true story of Bobby Bryson Hall 🙏🏿❤

    Naz JonesNaz JonesDay ago
  • Gospel of Thomas

    islandcowboyz GARAGEislandcowboyz GARAGEDay ago
  • god. damn. this is smooth

    Michael HarrisMichael HarrisDay ago
  • time lapses be like

    Ethan MooreEthan MooreDay ago
  • That Leo Bear Bar was crazy

    Otniel AponteOtniel AponteDay ago
  • Really wish this track was longer or at least the instrumental was.

    Savage TSavage TDay ago
  • I remember hearing about this rapper named young sinatra back in 2011, been with the rattpack ever since🔥❤

    Grimistic MusicGrimistic MusicDay ago
  • Hell of a goodbye from one of the best lyricists

    William NicholasWilliam NicholasDay ago
  • Oh shit

    Adam TraceyAdam TraceyDay ago
  • Chill rap is the best@

    it's Terryit's TerryDay ago
  • 1.75 speed is pretty close to real time for how fast he had to mouth or rap this for the video like WHAT THE FUCK

    RahmenRahmenDay ago
  • Thank you for the 10 years of wonderful flows and deep cuts sir. You’ve gotten a lot of people through tough times. Myself included

    TyreekTyreekDay ago
  • When your wife’s boyfriend lets you have an Oreo before bed.


    Dwoodz 2GDwoodz 2GDay ago
  • God bless you and your family Logic. May God light your path and give you courage everyday. Thank you for your music, blessed to be a witness. Praying for all your dreams and goals.

    Adam AmaroAdam AmaroDay ago
  • Thank you

    Favour EhigheluaFavour EhigheluaDay ago
  • When the video editor doesn't know how to sync video with audio.

    Syntrix ProductionsSyntrix ProductionsDay ago
  • how the fuck did they do this video?

    Federico FrutosFederico FrutosDay ago
  • When you watch this in 2x he Walks in normal pace but does this means he doubletime on set

    mirco kleinmirco kleinDay ago
  • I thought you quit dog

    TetrafazeTetrafazeDay ago
  • logic is wack

    Edwin CamposEdwin CamposDay ago
    • Edwin Campos and yet, here you are 🤦🏾‍♂️

      SKD_ CascadeSKD_ CascadeDay ago
  • IDGAF, Logic cold asf

    Wwe RollinsWwe RollinsDay ago
  • This is Logic's 4:44

  • I like that up to this point everyone was on the Logic hate train, then when he drops his final project when retiring, now people all gonna miss him 😂😂

    • Fax

      anna croninanna cronin5 hours ago
  • I miss old school hip hop being a thing. You made it a thing by bringing your own style to it. Love you forever + always.

    dulce Apoddulce ApodDay ago
  • Who else is after watching degi's video

    Jasneet SinghJasneet SinghDay ago
  • Everytime I try to give him a chance or listen, it disappoints me. He just doesn’t do it for me.

    Skamz BRIMSkamz BRIMDay ago
    • Then don’t listen

      RetroConceptRetroConcept16 hours ago

    Emmanuel AlexanderEmmanuel AlexanderDay ago
  • Nobody talks about the fact that the video's in slow motion and they've calculated how fast he has to rap to get his lips to fit the song?

    H4NTAH4NTADay ago
  • Oh man, I never heard a logic song before. This was not a good first impression, and there won't be a second.

    Matty JuradoMatty JuradoDay ago
    • Lmao then don't listen, first time u hear him and its his retirement track lol 👌👎

      Skyler LoveSkyler LoveDay ago
  • x2 speed is normal O.o

    Luke AnthonyLuke AnthonyDay ago
  • Asif he has retired 😕 mad respect for the music tho ❤️

    ToxicBtwToxicBtwDay ago
  • murder it, rip it up, no never givin up round the almanac Yeah, I'm all of that, fall back, like September again baskn like carol kill her husband again, like rogue, fucking with wolverine, storms brewing next to Xavier, maybe just X all of that...kinda had to steal half the rap. YELP all 5s, cause robins round 31 flavors to add destinations on all the maps. had to do it one more time

    Mason GourleyMason GourleyDay ago
  • Aquarius ||||

    Brandon BurgessBrandon BurgessDay ago
  • Rattpack till my pulse flat.

    JioushJioushDay ago