Behind the Scenes of Girlfriend Reviews: The Million Subscriber Special

Jul 30, 2020
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YOU GUYS WE DID IT. One Million freaking Subscribers. In celebration we are going behind the scenes and taking you on a house tour of our $75,000,000 Los Angeles mansion.
Also, today we launch our NEW MERCH LINE! Enjoy :)
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  • Can we get "should you beat the shit out of your boyfriend in street fighter 5?"

    The RatThe Rat49 minutes ago
  • Well done at 6:47 adding Three dog night when Zodiac was mentioned.

    Shaun CaseyShaun Casey54 minutes ago
  • I’ve seen how the sausage gets made...

    RumbleFishRumbleFish57 minutes ago
  • I'm one of your subscribers. That makes me one-in-a-million!

    Gregory DarkGregory DarkHour ago
  • Wow things really worked out for the two of you, after looking quite bad when he quit his job. Really happy for you guys, your happiness is so infectious I can't stop smiling while watching this video. Keep doing great work. And wish you all the best.

    PrateekPrateek2 hours ago
  • move out east fr, you can get a mcmansion in arkansas fo what you're paying is that shithole california

    Doc_HawkDoc_Hawk4 hours ago
  • Soon. "Wife Reviews."

    Marvelous MehMarvelous Meh4 hours ago
  • this is very wholesome

    Isaac NavedoIsaac Navedo4 hours ago
  • these are the kind of ppl that im happy to support. Just nice ppl :)

    vayahoovayahoo4 hours ago
  • 10:06 All the video talking about his editing skills and I can't believe he let her hanging like this 😂😂😂

    aola wiliaola wili5 hours ago
  • when the babies comin

    Ian AndrewsIan Andrews6 hours ago
  • Why do you two have separate beds??

    Mojojojo jaxMojojojo jax6 hours ago
  • When Shelby said putting up her Squarespace website was "Super easy," I automatically added "barely and inconvenience," without even thinking about it. Ryan George has damaged my mind forever, bless his soul.

    A Random Internet UserA Random Internet User7 hours ago
  • Every time Matt complements Shelby, she looks like she is going to turn into a puddle!

    Joshua WalkerJoshua Walker7 hours ago
    • Petition for Shelby to sing Baka Mitai

      aola wiliaola wili5 hours ago
  • I have literally watched every single one of your videos... some of them multiple times! I really enjoyed this peek behind the curtain. Thank you for sharing with us, and keep making these amazing videos!

    Aisakow1Aisakow18 hours ago
  • "..... and one Animorphs book." You guys are the best, you sound exactly like me, lol

    Amanda HuddlestonAmanda Huddleston8 hours ago
  • Matt honestly looked like he was gonna cry

    Crunchy lemonsCrunchy lemons8 hours ago
  • They like Akira! Nice.

    Krlos_Official OGKrlos_Official OG10 hours ago
  • Wholesome content, keep it up.

    Gergely FaragóGergely Faragó11 hours ago
  • Congrats to both of you. You both deserve it and hope you have many more years of success.

    turkoidturkoid11 hours ago
  • You two are both amazing and I'm happy you've managed to turn this channel into your full time gig. Now get me my Ghost of Tsushima girlfriend review!

    Cory MCory M11 hours ago
  • Been here since 59k

    ili xdili xd12 hours ago
  • Your fridge has a built-in water dispenser? Definitely rich.

    dysomniumdysomnium13 hours ago
  • You guys should play Torchlight II together! Me and my bf play it at nights and it's just so damn fun

    LauritiLauriti14 hours ago
  • I started watching since the beginning of this channel with my GF and now she's my EX as you hit 1 million. Oof bittersweet. Good job guys I love the content and im definitely staying around for you too!!

    PapiJr408PapiJr40814 hours ago
  • what yall do is so smart and meticulous! we notice all the hard work yall put into your videos!

    dietherdesudietherdesu14 hours ago
  • what a pair u 2 make =] ; stay awesome

    CYI3ERPUNKCYI3ERPUNK14 hours ago
  • Congrats you deserve it 😊

    Jon Carpenter-smithJon Carpenter-smith14 hours ago
  • *Petition for Shelby to sing Baka Mitai*

    Durval LacerdaDurval Lacerda15 hours ago
  • After watching this video about your pre-youtuber life. I think you guys are pre-trained professional youtuber all your life. It is not just a fluke famous, it was planned to be. Happy with you guys for your hard work. Loved it.

    Opas InphumOpas Inphum15 hours ago
  • Woo!

    ShinraShinra15 hours ago
  • I found this a week ago because my boyfriend was showing me his new obsession with Sekiro, and I'm hooked. I need a Dragon Age Series Girlfriend Review ASAP

    LauritiLauriti15 hours ago
  • btw you need a haircut.

    madtrexxmadtrexx16 hours ago
  • of course its a dream come true. You get the money for doing nothing and all the morrons will click videos and pay money on patreon. Genius and stupid at the same time.

    madtrexxmadtrexx16 hours ago
  • when is wife reviews coming?

    Daniel Huertas GDaniel Huertas G16 hours ago
  • So who wrote Bass Guy?

    Nathan DavisNathan Davis17 hours ago
  • I like how Matt is nervous in front the camera.

    منتظر حسين جاسممنتظر حسين جاسم17 hours ago
  • Please Kingdom come deliverance!

    Jesus RodriguezJesus Rodriguez17 hours ago
  • When will it be Wife Reviews?

    B DavisB Davis18 hours ago
  • 6:12 I can't stop laughing at this

    Aldy PAldy P19 hours ago
  • congrats!!! you completely deserve 1 mil - enjoy the journey to 10 mill, im sure it wont take long

    BonkTheTambourine _BonkTheTambourine _19 hours ago
  • 4:44 It's my very first console game since I was born

    Aldy PAldy P19 hours ago
  • every videos from you two is just pure joy

    JishuJishu20 hours ago
  • I spy with my little eye a Toph Chibi

    Bidz KhattabBidz Khattab20 hours ago
  • Damn he like peanut butter, you’re jelly! And y’all getting this bread together! Lol

    Jxmmy JamesJxmmy James20 hours ago
  • You guys are so humble that's so amazing be like that

  • I love you guys and this channel Gives me tears of joy :) :)

    Dylan FyfeDylan Fyfe21 hour ago
  • I've watched this 4 times

    Litfish LitfishLitfish Litfish21 hour ago
  • What does a property manager do?

    OnionKing1789OnionKing178921 hour ago
  • Can we talk about Shelby's goddamn vocal range, jeez

    Will KhannaWill Khanna22 hours ago
  • Is it just me or does Matt look like a tired Alan Ruck.

    Dael Munn-TyrrellDael Munn-Tyrrell23 hours ago
  • "We have a suprise for you..." please be engaged please be engaged please be engage- "We have merch!" Well I guess that's kinda nice too

    miko foinmiko foin23 hours ago
  • Congrats on reaching million subs, well deserved! What microphones and microphone stands are you using?

    SimplexPLSimplexPL23 hours ago
  • You guys are the freaking best, so much love for what's going on here, so awesome!!

    Beau H.Beau H.23 hours ago
  • Get married already!!! Love to see you guys’ amazing chemistry, keep up the good work!

    Zhang AllenZhang Allen23 hours ago
  • What an example of cohesiveness, & teamwork !!!...

    Shahbaz Singh GorayaShahbaz Singh GorayaDay ago
    • Ok how the hell are you both so cute? You just have such a nice NORMAL vibe and it's so refreshing.

      miko foinmiko foin23 hours ago
  • 9:05 I smell a Shadow Of The Colossus GFR

    Nameless NPCNameless NPCDay ago
  • still waiting on the day for Girlfriend Reviews : DOAX3 Fortune / Scarlet, with VR

    Jeremy KJeremy KDay ago
  • 8:10 I’m pretty sure in the top left is the guy who holds the world record on bowser’s big bean burrito

    Isaac DelarosaIsaac DelarosaDay ago
  • All I can say is your channel is total relationship goals for me.

    Red Bearded TitanRed Bearded TitanDay ago