How To Open Every Shellfish | Method Mastery | Epicurious

Apr 21, 2020
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Sharpen your tools and come to attention because class is in session! Join Mike Cruz, manager of Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Wholesale, as he details the best methods for cracking open and cleaning just about every variety of shellfish you might encounter in the kitchen. Not every crustacean and bivalve plays by the same rules, and learning the proper technique can elevate your seafood game to the next level. So, if you're ready to get cracking, Mike has you covered and then some.

00:00 Intro
00:53 Blue Crab
02:57 Soft-Shell Crab
03:49 Dungeness Crab
07:37 Maine Lobster
09:25 Cooked Maine Lobster
12:12 Crawfish
13:17 Langostino
14:22 American White Shrimp
15:14 Prawn
16:50 Sea Scallop
18:10 Duxbury Oyster
19:48 Baywater Sweet
21:08 PEI Mussel
22:06 Hard-Shell Clams
23:28 Soft-Shell Clam
25:02 Razor Clam
26:35 Geoduck
29:26 Cockle
30:08 Abalone
31:20 Conch
32:46 West Coast Sea Urchin
35:31 East Coast Sea Urchin

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How To Open Every Shellfish | Method Mastery | Epicurious

  • There is crawfish in the office, in the lockeroom, and in the bathroom. What oh no they're everywhere

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  • Him: Announces the name of the animal The editor: 🎺🎺

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  • Idk why this is on my recos Im allergic go shellfish 🤣

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  • So I licked a battery once. It tasted like copper and pain. Pro tip kids. Do not use your mouth to hold things when working on electronics.

    darthrex354darthrex3543 hours ago
  • 31:46 "sorta tap slightly" *LOUD BANGING ON SHELF NOISES*

    Itz_ ElyItz_ Ely3 hours ago
  • So nobody is gonna talk about how this man stabbed a lobster on camera? edit: grammar error

    PruCoPruCo4 hours ago
  • So you don't just smash them to bits?

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  • Thank you for these helpful tips!

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  • why am I watching this I haven’t cooked anything in my life

    EllieEllie8 hours ago
  • Some of these shellfish really be like locks and he be lockpicking every single one of them with no problem.

    Billy LiangBilly Liang9 hours ago
  • the way he sucked the crawfish... bruh lemme practice on him

    grim papigrim papi9 hours ago
  • the goeyduck or what ever it was called was very uncomfortable to watch... But otherwise everything else was great 😭🤣

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  • i love this man and all his knowledge

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  • 8:36 bruh it's still alive, that poor delicious thing!!

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  • 7:59 you want to kill it in the most humane way possible. *proceeds do go full ultra instinct using a knife on the lobster*

    Just a ForkJust a Fork11 hours ago
  • Crab factory

    HELIXXHELIXX11 hours ago
  • I'm not against this but i really think that the crustaseous should not be eated because there's not too much meat in their bodies (ignoring the bluecrab without the shell) and they evolved literally for not being eaten or be human food (only preys) and have their place in the sea and coasts not kitchens and tables Edit:if you don't like my idea you can ignore me but please don't let a coment saying "you should learn about food" this is one of my favorite channels of food

    Karlo MendozaKarlo Mendoza11 hours ago
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  • R.I.P Lobster

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  • Him: it taste like licking a battery. Me: I knew everyone has licked a battery. My mom:🤔👌 OK?

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  • I wach this when I'm depressed

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  • i bet he doesn't even have a stove at home. he eats everything raw

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  • For some reason I'm enjoying this

    Aaron BrunkauAaron Brunkau20 hours ago
  • I've only ever eaten small clams (and I've never prepared them myself). On the bigger ones, do you have to remove the organs or is it just preferred that way? Like are they just not tasty or is eating them unsafe?

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  • Abalone also known as Paua can be opened by hand... use your thumb to release it from the shell, it comes out clean and doesnt open the guts and yucky stuff, also the sack inside, if its white and creamy its edible, I dont like it but you can eat it haha this videos so over the top haha

    dyanni rossdyanni rossDay ago
    • Also the sea urchin, we call them kinas, can literally stab ta know into the shell snap it open in half, shake out the guts and then scrape out the roe haha

      dyanni rossdyanni rossDay ago
  • Killing lobster most human way as possible Host:trigered

    Ethan RaquemEthan RaquemDay ago
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  • Why do shellfish shells go red when they boil?

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  • Very unclean and not kosher to eat. But i loved the video and learning how each animal is prepared.

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