May 19, 2020
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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

  • 1v1 me I'm 12 year old vista

    Jor CorJor CorHour ago
  • Jessica is such a L

    5k Subs With no videos challenge5k Subs With no videos challenge2 days ago
  • Who else misses denise in his vids 😔❤❤

    Seilah SaucedaSeilah Sauceda2 days ago
  • I feel bad for Bosley he looked so scared and sad when Brandon woke him up

    RJZ productionsRJZ productions6 days ago
  • Wait he doesn't pay jackie?

    yee myee m8 days ago
  • Jackie pissed 😡 😡 😡 😡 thoooooo

    Damian CastroDamian Castro8 days ago
  • Is Jessica married

    Mairsa AmirMairsa Amir10 days ago
  • යකඩ හා දූවිලි සහිත මෙම සමුළුව හරහා ඔහු ගමන් කළේ තරමක් තෙතමනය සහිත වාතය සහ රථවාහන හා සයිරන් වල ශබ්දය හරහා සිමෙන්ති දූවිලි හා කුණු වූ කුණු සුවඳ හරහා ලිවර්පූල් පාරට සහ ඉහළ වීදිය දෙසට ය

    Dorthy GibbsDorthy Gibbs11 days ago
  • 8:23 anthony definitly didnt look behind

    BanditBandit12 days ago
  • jesica suck

    Rishi 2125Rishi 212515 days ago
  • poor jackie

    Destinee MiddletonDestinee Middleton16 days ago
  • Jackie wanted that purse so bad then Jessica took it it made me so sad to see that she didn’t get to take it home. But her face when she took it she was looking up like her eyes were tery 😭🥺😢☹️

    Stacy DunningStacy Dunning17 days ago
  • I liked because I want to see Sherman's belly pics

    Ochi DiazOchi Diaz20 days ago
  • 😂😂Brawadis your just like *confused face* Faze...Rug 🤣🤣

    Daboss King25Daboss King2521 day ago
  • Anthony tho in the beginning lol

    chris virhuezchris virhuez21 day ago
  • Any thoughts

    Fatima alrubaieFatima alrubaie21 day ago
    • You mean anythony

      Fatima alrubaieFatima alrubaie21 day ago
  • Jackie

    Fatima alrubaieFatima alrubaie21 day ago
  • Who els laugh at Sherman when he was getting it tho low its at 1:18 😆😆😆😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😢😫🥺🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Giselle TejedaGiselle Tejeda22 days ago
  • Jessica

    Astha PatelAstha Patel25 days ago
  • I subbed where tf my belly pics

    Yt Zombie slayer 8Yt Zombie slayer 825 days ago
  • the whole comment section is about Jessica taking the purse from Jackie

    Jackie RamosJackie Ramos25 days ago
  • Everyone is talking abt how jakie wanted the purse but me just trynna figure out whoe recording EDITED: nvm 8:52 she saterted to talk and i reconized her voice its katlyn sorry if i spelled her nsme wrong

    Mia ValdezMia Valdez26 days ago
  • Anthony

    paradox _ownerxparadox _ownerx26 days ago
  • jacky

    lucia baralelucia barale26 days ago
  • You deserve Jackie alotttt😭😭😭

    dayanna Scottdayanna Scott27 days ago
  • Freakin Anthony twerkin

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin Skywalker28 days ago
  • anthony

    Thomas SileoThomas Sileo28 days ago
  • 10:51 i think jess took the bag because maybe she thought she touched the box first (i know she the bag to jackie now, love em all)

    Fuzzy loveBitsFuzzy loveBitsMonth ago
  • Great video and God bless everyone who reads this comment.🤗🏀💜

    Christina ProticChristina ProticMonth ago
  • Stop having your ugly ass girlfriend Jackie In the video

    Marco RodriguezMarco RodriguezMonth ago
  • Jessica 😍😍😍

    Noah LeeNoah LeeMonth ago
  • Jessica low key a freak, talking about Brandon looking at her booty lol then @13:03 how she fixes her boobs to get all on Brandon's face. @13:07 brandon looks at her tits. Brandon ask her "do you want your BIG prize" meaning cock. Jessica says "yea" Brandon says he gonna need her to do him a favor. Jessica thinks sexual and makes this face expression @13:11 there is always sexual chemistry between them two but more from Jessica the lil freak

    Tyrone GriffinTyrone GriffinMonth ago
  • Guys jessica just got married spread some positivity around her

    Amardeep KaurAmardeep KaurMonth ago
  • Bro fuck brawadis that is mess up like fuck u fuck u fuck u that’s not fair

  • Anthony cheated he looked

  • Andddddd That means I will not watch your videos for a month because I Raged Out peace out :)

    javier garciajavier garciaMonth ago
  • And As A Matter of fact she staying silent. (plus this is not a hate comment I am just saying)

    javier garciajavier garciaMonth ago
  • Poor Jackie She really but really wanted that purse and Jessica with the most good luck proceeds to take it...…….. weird huh

    javier garciajavier garciaMonth ago
  • not feeling jessica shes a lil petty

    Amanda LexAmanda LexMonth ago
  • I really dont like jessica she uses her cousins for fame no wonder Brian dont put her in videos 😑

  • I don’t really like Jessica now that she took Jackie’s Purse that makes me mad

    Samantha TierstenSamantha TierstenMonth ago
  • Jessica should be in more videos

    Samantha TierstenSamantha TierstenMonth ago
  • Can y'all be quiet with "I feel so bad for Jackie she really wanted that purse and Jessica took it from her" First,She was playing by the rules it's not her fault so stop hating...Second She gives it back a few days later you can see it in other videos...And third don't be rude and hate on Jessica cause she was nice and gave it back cause she knows Jackie really wanted it!😐

    w i l d f l x w r rw i l d f l x w r rMonth ago
  • Did anyone else realise that Anthony had a gucci box yet Brandon never put it in one of the box's.

    ThomasThomasMonth ago
  • 😘

    Sopha ariasSopha ariasMonth ago
  • I feel so sorry for jackie 💔💔💔💔👜👜👜

    Arrie NarineArrie NarineMonth ago
  • Jessica

    Muneer .AMuneer .AMonth ago
  • Also when Anthony won the mac chrome book he was nos surprised because when they turned around he was looking at the pink box but who cares it OK

    Vanessa Chavez_805Vanessa Chavez_805Month ago
  • Jessica, dude you broke my heart back there. Jackie if I had an extra purse I wouldn’t hesitate to give it to you, yet you keep it smile during the video which shows the type of person you are. Jessica,hun, I love u but that was so fucking messed up Who agrees?

    J FloresJ FloresMonth ago
  • Anthony: There's a reason why I'm overweight....😂😂

    TheGreatestMatt #1TheGreatestMatt #1Month ago
  • Straight up says 999k views

    Rafael ChagollaRafael ChagollaMonth ago
  • Jackie got the purse guys chill 😭

    WetReeWetReeMonth ago
  • 1:15 😭

    WetReeWetReeMonth ago
  • 999k views, lmaoo

    Bxpe xBxpe xMonth ago
  • 8:07 brawadis gets offended when kaylen says ew 😂

    Roberto SevillaRoberto SevillaMonth ago
  • Jessica

  • Awwww poor Jackie she really wanted the purse and Jessica greedly just snaches it out of Jackie's stack Jessica should have been nice and said Jackie could keep it but she didn't :(

    Evelyn HerreraEvelyn HerreraMonth ago
  • You already gave Jackie that purse, Saw that video

    Diane Joy MicarsosDiane Joy MicarsosMonth ago
  • Damn all y’all talking mad shit about Jessica imagine if she sees the comments ooo helll naaa😂😅

    Faith_blessed 1Faith_blessed 1Month ago
  • Not sure why Brandon tried to make it more ... I don’t know... interesting or funny... because it wasn’t. Not sure why that last spin was even an option. Jackie won the purse fair and square. If I was Jessica I would have given Jackie back the purse.

    Tricia RagabTricia RagabMonth ago
  • Jessica could’ve bought herself a purse with the money :) Jackie didn’t get mad when she took the purse tho. Stay wokeeee

    Ximena GuzmanXimena GuzmanMonth ago
  • I can’t believe that I’m saying this but this video really had one of the worst endings to it or maybe the most worst ending Brawadis could ever have in his videos that Jackie definitely got robbed by Jessica at the end of the game which shouldn’t even happen at all!

    JoseOscar FloresJoseOscar FloresMonth ago
  • Aw Jackie wanted that purse 🥺 Jessica really took it😿

    Jenalyse GonzalezJenalyse GonzalezMonth ago
  • Poor Jackie!! 😢😢😢

    Haley’s WorldHaley’s WorldMonth ago
  • I demand Jessica gives Jackie back that purse 😭

    Edith PeraltaEdith PeraltaMonth ago
  • A browadis rug was planning to prank you next week

    Rico MarmolejoRico MarmolejoMonth ago
  • Before the video ended Anthony cheated on the laptop 💻 Look back on him he can see that he was cheating

    Kaydeliz MartinezKaydeliz MartinezMonth ago
  • Y’all are so pressed it’s a challenge have y’all seen the video when Jessica Gabe it back NO I don’t think so

    AcelxsAcelxsMonth ago
    • The video hadn't come out by then

  • Da dawggy

  • Who saw that Anthony saw the Mac book

    Christian AlmerazChristian AlmerazMonth ago
  • Who else remembers when Anthony was mad skinny

    Allan DeleonAllan DeleonMonth ago
  • not cool jessica, POS PAF😝

    Rudolph YahyaRudolph YahyaMonth ago
  • Im pressing charges on Anthony cuz he threw a ball at me 10:58

    Jager BoppJager BoppMonth ago
  • :( I want a MacBook!!

  • uhh if that's what I get for subscribing then I will just unsubscribe

    Olivia JeremyOlivia JeremyMonth ago
  • Thought it was a giveaway at first then seen title 😂😂

    Anna CarrilloAnna CarrilloMonth ago
  • Jessica was low key greedy

    Li MaLi MaMonth ago
  • spoil jackieeee‼️

    KlawBeatzKlawBeatzMonth ago
  • 6:44 Anthony Mouthing "You B*tch" To Jessica When He Seen What She Got 🤣

    Oasis Chino VOasis Chino VMonth ago
  • 10:57 10:58

    ExzimityゕゑフExzimityゕゑフMonth ago