DrDisrespect reacts to COD BLACK OPS COLD WAR EVENT

Aug 27, 2020
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What is COD spelled backwards?
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0:00 Intro
0:50 Cold war Event in Warzone
6:44 Black Ops Cold War Trailer React
9:13 Outro
10:38 End Credit Clip (When we playing DUOS DOC?)

  • - sound

  • That guitar solo is beautiful

    Edgar GLEdgar GL18 days ago
  • Some parts a muted

    星系星系24 days ago
  • This guy is insane lol in the best way 👍🏽💪🏽

    AbbsoluteAbbsoluteMonth ago
  • after playing the alpha we can tell they put more work to the easteregg and this event than the actuall game

    FlatChested BimboFlatChested BimboMonth ago
  • When u realise that cod is doc in backward

    LuciferLuciferMonth ago
  • Did he not know they were the ascension numbers

    BRedSox1220BRedSox1220Month ago
  • arrow

    Jean AlexisJean AlexisMonth ago
  • The time it took to find woods uggh

  • The audio is off 7:15 forward

    once onseonce onseMonth ago
  • The doc just triggered me when he said cold ops

    BÖ55_HÅMŽ4H _BÖ55_HÅMŽ4H _Month ago
  • Don’t bother playing doc You gonna be whining in Cold War anyways

    Justin MitchJustin MitchMonth ago
  • “When we playinc duos Duc” 😂🤣😆

    Wizzle DizzleWizzle DizzleMonth ago
  • telugu movies

    Q QQ QMonth ago
  • When he kissed the soda can the audio went out u no as they say the power of kiss

    Ag School kg2 videoAg School kg2 videoMonth ago

    BrugTvBrugTvMonth ago
  • DOC

    Mohamed AhmedMohamed AhmedMonth ago
  • The numbers

    Tatum BrownTatum BrownMonth ago
  • me: spells cod backwards and doesnt get it doc: *slaps me*

    EggEggMonth ago
  • Why did the sound cut off during the beta trailer?

    WoA MortisWoA MortisMonth ago
  • ok

    Akshay DalviAkshay DalviMonth ago
  • I never watch this guy and for me I think he just rages all the time he dies 😂

    Just a citizen of EarthJust a citizen of EarthMonth ago
  • who is this guy?

    Phoenix ChonkPhoenix ChonkMonth ago
  • His 80s vibes shall deserve the Doc his own operator on the new black ops Cold War game

    N0IR YTN0IR YTMonth ago
  • Yo DOC...the whole "members only" chat during your stream is kinda wack.

    ProphetZer0ProphetZer0Month ago
  • Let's hope he doesn't get banned from USkeys like twitch 😂

    twisted bunnytwisted bunnyMonth ago
    • He wouldn't

      GreeCeGreeCeMonth ago
  • Holographic sight wasn't even around back then....

    Mike ThorMike ThorMonth ago
  • It's so cool to me that Doc was in the exact position these devs currently are. Putting out one of the worlds biggest games into the public and being responsible for the maps they play, what an honour and what a talented guy Doc is!

    jonathan babichjonathan babichMonth ago
  • Moderator : "Whats the Different of US Dollars and China Yuan?" Activision : "I LIKE MONEY!"

    Dipa AbrahamDipa AbrahamMonth ago
  • Wut happened to the volume at one point

    mr mixsixaplixmr mixsixaplixMonth ago
  • Cod is asking for you to play it Doc. Cod backwards is DOC

    Wesley SimmonsWesley SimmonsMonth ago
  • I hope they remove the battlepass and bring back loot crates because for the people who aren’t able to get the game at launch they will miss a battlepass and lose potential game changing dlc weapons and then will have an unfair disvantage but with loot crates many would be able to get the dlc weapons no matter when they start the game

    DonavanDonavanMonth ago
    • No one wants loot crates, it just leaves it to luck if you get the weapon or not

      MrMooManMrMooManMonth ago
  • You have one of the cheesiest visual effects! up your game man!

    Soheil OliaeiSoheil OliaeiMonth ago
  • Oooooo aaaah looks like we getting some vintage Treyarch baby

    tierry raphaeltierry raphaelMonth ago
  • Is he playing this or watching it?

    Logan JohnsonLogan JohnsonMonth ago
  • Who else got a U.S. Amry add while watching this?

    Logan JohnsonLogan JohnsonMonth ago
  • half the video is him kissing the game fuel can

    creemcheemscreemcheemsMonth ago
  • u tall af

    Cheetah Army GamingCheetah Army GamingMonth ago
  • Is it just me or is the audio like cutting

    THADZTHADZMonth ago
    • @The, The and the thanks

      THADZTHADZMonth ago
    • I was like panicking thinking my phone was broken

      THADZTHADZMonth ago
    • He cutting it off so there’s no copyright

      The, The and theThe, The and theMonth ago
  • Your theme fits USkeys more than Twitch, Hope you enjoy your stay or visit

  • Reacts? He was probably in the Cold War

    AntAntMonth ago
  • I'm Vietnamese

    Dark Mobile TVDark Mobile TVMonth ago
  • I need some solid teammates/killers from Champions Club. 50wins here, legit player. GanjaKingB- PS4

    B HenzB HenzMonth ago
  • music soooooo loud

    playboifrannyplayboifrannyMonth ago
  • another COD game? feels like there is a new one every couple months

    takaa etakaa eMonth ago
  • Black ops out of nowhere

    RyeSeaBreRyeSeaBreMonth ago
  • Violence, Speed, Momentum all in one game! Hmm I'm not surprised

    Valorant RecapValorant RecapMonth ago
  • Can't tell if we're still in demoralization phase or normalization

    German RudGerman RudMonth ago
  • Dr Disrespect, you ant right bro....lol

    Streamy RumbleStreamy RumbleMonth ago
  • LongLiveTheDoc

    Jeremy TrevinoJeremy TrevinoMonth ago
  • He is back??

    Arnav BehariArnav BehariMonth ago
  • Yeah but .... *VIETNAM STILL BEAT US* 😂

    Sonny BillSonny BillMonth ago
  • No one compares to DOC. He delivers...every...single...day.

    Kimchi RoboticsKimchi RoboticsMonth ago
  • 6:50 COLD WAP

    xavier scianimanicoxavier scianimanicoMonth ago
  • Oh .. the vibe of modernized 80's

  • imagine being dumb pieces of liberal ++++ at twitch

    whitecrowg1whitecrowg1Month ago
  • this was soooooo fireeeeeee

    TraqzTraqzMonth ago
  • So great to have you back Doc! 🚨🚨🚨

    Bomber801SIBomber801SIMonth ago
  • Is what happens to America.

    xNICAxMaX1MuSxNICAxMaX1MuSMonth ago
  • Yo thats gonna be my late birthday present by a few days yea boy lets get that, thats epic

    Good VibezGood VibezMonth ago
  • Black Ops: Cold Zone Opps preview- Low key is really just explaining what Democrats having been doing to demoralize America through Hollywood, the music industry, Fake News, video games and much more. All lives matter...

    Gaseous ClayGaseous ClayMonth ago
  • Nobody: Read more

    Tea&CupcakesTea&CupcakesMonth ago
  • 9:18 20.000.000$ is not enough for the Doc!

    Van PollVan PollMonth ago
  • Of course fax it over 😂😂😂😂😂

    EasyIsHereEasyIsHereMonth ago
  • SHIMORO лучше играет

    Tamerlan TamerlanovTamerlan TamerlanovMonth ago
  • F for him never touching black ops 1 campaign

    Dr. FriedlanderDr. FriedlanderMonth ago
  • Big Apocalypse Now on that 1968 part

    John WigginsJohn WigginsMonth ago
  • 7:18 That looks like yegor from mw

  • I know you got a plan. Please make more music

    gaming Krandalgaming KrandalMonth ago
  • Doc we all love you!

    Iván ÁvilaIván ÁvilaMonth ago
  • Next video: Dr. DisRespect Rage Quit on CoD Black OPS Cold War.

    SAGiTTARiUS o4SAGiTTARiUS o4Month ago
  • I think mr adler is perpeus the spy

    meme stermeme sterMonth ago
  • Nón lá kìa! Có phải vn ko nhỉ

    Quang Thành PhạmQuang Thành PhạmMonth ago
  • Love watching with my wifes boyfriend

    Master RoshiMaster RoshiMonth ago
  • I didn’t feel to hyped of the Cold War trailer until I watched Docs reaction

    Toxic NapalmToxic NapalmMonth ago
  • Not a single bullet was shot on the cold war.

    SpetnazSpetnazMonth ago
  • 6x8, 37 inch vertical. You thought you had a chance! -dr disrespect

    Sonkun VandercusSonkun VandercusMonth ago

    Enochian MessengerEnochian MessengerMonth ago
  • TimTheTatMan is 10000000000X better at Content Creating.

    CPTRedBeardCPTRedBeardMonth ago
  • Yuri besmonov is so interesting look him up

    templar 2496templar 2496Month ago
  • First thing that came to my mind when the trailer showed up: “Rising Storm 2?”

    BIlly CrillBIlly CrillMonth ago
  • Dr Disrespect is a racist! Unsub! Lost all respect for you!

    Hann GiffordHann GiffordMonth ago
  • I am Spending My most of the time in "recording " , "Gameplay" , " editing" and "Uploading". all i need my brothers and friends support ❤

    r6Sh0cKwAvEr6Sh0cKwAvEMonth ago
  • Wen we plein does dok

    sohlefelixsohlefelixMonth ago
  • move the mouse 1/8 inch to the left, player rotates 110 degrees... remote server input vitrifaction, packet loss, reverting to last known location via taking remote control of system to correct it... playing campaign, ads and shoot three times... it happens instantly. playing on multiplayer with anti cheat, click ads and shoot three times... by the third click for the shoot input it starts to ads. anti-cheat... LAG.

    Arden NielsenArden NielsenMonth ago
  • 7:24 Product-placement LEVEL: *MAXED OUT!*

    360zm360zmMonth ago
  • Did this dude just say "what's woods?"

    Jay PandyaJay PandyaMonth ago
  • They got that rising storm Vietnam music the trailer , classic

    It’s RegularIt’s RegularMonth ago
  • Wait... so what happened with the law suits?

    33Month ago
  • Love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    Mohit Kumar GuptaMohit Kumar GuptaMonth ago
  • This guy is honestly in the top 10 weirdest people I’ve ever seen. Only reason I clicked on this.... 😂

    Justin SimmonsJustin SimmonsMonth ago
  • That was Beautiful 😌😌😌😌😌

    Tevin KiingTevin KiingMonth ago
  • The way he slides in a game that makes you lose momentum for doing so is annoying af lol

    JesuasGames NunezJesuasGames NunezMonth ago
  • Im confused as to what Happened

    John AkridgeJohn AkridgeMonth ago
  • Hes probably the one who made the Music foe the beginning of Dying Light

    John AkridgeJohn AkridgeMonth ago
  • Black zone cold ops gonna be sick

    Rice n BeansRice n BeansMonth ago
  • That ending was perfect 😅😅

    Leonardo MascorroLeonardo MascorroMonth ago
  • I like his moustaches

    carrot carrotcarrot carrotMonth ago
  • Well, at least it had Reagan and Blue Monday in it. Otherwise....meh. I'll skip it.

    XDS XDSXDS XDSMonth ago
  • Cold War actually looks dope af 🔥

    Alpha ΨΨAlpha ΨΨMonth ago