Danielle Cohn's Dad Exposes Everything, Why The Maury Show Got Cancelled

Oct 28, 2019
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Danielle Cohn got into more trouble after her father revealed the truth about their family.

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  • why was this in my recommended?

    gaddes scottgaddes scott23 hours ago
  • I used to like danielle when she ws like 10-11 but know she just ugh

    Rasaki MakunRasaki Makun2 days ago
  • *i wIsH I wHeAR hEaThER*

    ʚ auvii ɞʚ auvii ɞ2 days ago
  • SO, Little white American girls are copying various forms of ethnic cultural traditional dance. It's disguised as "talent." But really, it's exploitation.

    Careful Black KeyCareful Black Key2 days ago
  • she does not look 13 she looks like a 1 or 16 year old

    Kyarah ZeigerKyarah Zeiger3 days ago
    • i meant to say a 15 or 16 year old not a 1 year old

      Kyarah ZeigerKyarah ZeigerDay ago
  • the girl and her mother are mad...

    Bina BinaBina Bina5 days ago
  • Isint Rosalie the girl that broke into the hype house

    Darleen PrietoDarleen Prieto7 days ago
  • honestly fame is not it

    whyareallthenamesgonwhyareallthenamesgon9 days ago
  • this should be on Dr. Phil

    b_heredia13b_heredia1310 days ago
  • I feel so bad for her dad he barely sees Danielle 😔 she’ll regret this

    Kamille JohnsonKamille Johnson12 days ago
  • I don't support Dani or anything but for the "therapist" to be like that is just rude

    Queen AloraQueen Alora12 days ago
  • I feel bad for him😭😭

    Dãlgønã CøffèéDãlgønã Cøffèé13 days ago
  • You’re saying her name wrong

    Supernxva_KikiSupernxva_Kiki13 days ago
  • Children act so grown now, I’d be terrified for her if I was her parent

    Taylor HowardTaylor Howard14 days ago
  • At least she has a dad some kids don’t..

    Ciara CoronadoCiara Coronado14 days ago
  • Is nobody talking about the Maury show

    Captain ObviousCaptain Obvious15 days ago
  • I thought she was older than charli but no she is younger than her Why I thought she is older than charli is because how she act and dressed

    Tropical sunsetTropical sunset15 days ago
  • Danis father deserves as much consent as danis mom, it’s his daughter too. I can’t believe there are people that still believe Danielle.

    Richelle and Ozzy TNSRichelle and Ozzy TNS15 days ago
  • Her mom is just milking her and once she isnt popular she is gonna just throw her away. Her poor father.

    Nobody CaresNobody Cares15 days ago
  • Maybe Danielle just doesn’t want to be around her dad,her step-mum or their kid even if they want to have contact with her and love her they can’t force her if she doesn’t like them anymore but I feel sorry for Danielle must be hard to deal with this

    PupxoxYTPupxoxYT15 days ago
  • It’s amazing anyone thought she was older than thirteen. She really looks extremely young, but with a lot of makeup and adult clothing.

    Dani AnnDani Ann16 days ago
  • she had like 10 boyfriends and is THIRTEEN like dude they've slept with a KID

    Kiara Tamara BlablKiara Tamara Blabl16 days ago
  • Her dad is a Karen

    Avakin FamilyAvakin Family16 days ago
  • The Maury show is dope who agrees

    Amber MotherwayAmber Motherway17 days ago
  • How tf is she 14 when 2 or 3 years passed and she was only 13 ?

    Maya AvocadoxxxMaya Avocadoxxx17 days ago
  • dans fans are crazy asf

    kiranica sitenkiranica siten17 days ago
  • *if dats my mother , she would have been slapped by my father*

    kiranica sitenkiranica siten17 days ago
  • Wait.... she said why did it take him 3 years to say something and she only lived with him until she was 10....so......she’s 13!!!!! 14 now

    I made banana milkeu out of ChimmyI made banana milkeu out of Chimmy17 days ago
  • All I have to say is that your only a child once .. never you try to speed that up .. I may not know what if feels like to minding myself but I'm getting there and rn I wish I could go bk to the starting of high school

    Jamar ScottJamar Scott18 days ago
  • *her "goals" and "decisions" is just the beginning*

    ¡¡¡Y /N!!!¡¡¡Y /N!!!18 days ago
  • Look at matti b

    Thatboiaroundthecorner BrokeThatboiaroundthecorner Broke18 days ago
  • Her mom brainwashed her. That’s all I gotta say.

    Jaslynn Donfack élèveJaslynn Donfack élève18 days ago
  • She needs to go on dr phil

    Breyana PancoastBreyana Pancoast18 days ago
  • I’m mean listen to their last name. It’s all a CON

    Cookie MonsterCookie Monster18 days ago
  • This girl needs to live with her father!! He clearly wants what's best for her. But then again I feel that this girl needs further help.

    lily nomielily nomie18 days ago
  • I feel so bad for the dad, the mom is getting her way so much to the point where the dad can’t do anything. You can see how he loves Danielle and wishes he could make her happy but not in this way. Danielle would’ve been so much happier with her father, he would’ve given her the childhood she hardly experienced, the life she never had, the advice she missed out on. Maybe she wouldn’t be as famous or famous at all but it would be nice to know that there’s a kid out there that was saved from fame.

    florist fairyflorist fairy18 days ago
  • Can we talk about ur animated character that does ur intro for you like what the heck 🤣😭🥴

    Angelina RakauskyAngelina Rakausky18 days ago
  • This is SO SAD!!! The world is CRAZY!!!

    Solveig KorneliussenSolveig Korneliussen19 days ago
  • All I can say is don’t take life for granted, and spend time with ones who love and worry about ur safety, and tbh now I’m glad I’m growing up with strict parents bc now I realize their strict bc they worry bout my safety

    Cassie Playz eclipseCassie Playz eclipse19 days ago
  • I'm afraid that she will end up like most child actors. I think the possibility of her ending up on drugs is not that far. Her mom pressures her everyone judges her boys take advantage of this child. She'll look back at her childhood as something horrible because it is

    Cloudy HeavensCloudy Heavens19 days ago
  • danielle cohn is so short ngl

    Gacha SpngebobGacha Spngebob19 days ago
  • This child truly does not understand what an absent father is. An absent father doesn't fight for partial custody.

    Jenna Peneueta-SnyderJenna Peneueta-Snyder20 days ago
  • Yikes. Big yikes.

    Jenna Peneueta-SnyderJenna Peneueta-Snyder20 days ago
  • The therapist was right thoooo

    anonanon21 day ago
    • And why is the bellydance girl in what seems like a very low cut shirt 😬

      anonanon21 day ago
  • I truly and honestly don’t think she is 13

    Browning Montana girlBrowning Montana girl21 day ago
  • Be careful who you have children with people.

    Alyssa MewAlyssa Mew23 days ago
  • I mean if the father love the KID so much, why he doesn't fight for full custody? I don't know if that is an option. I'm not from USA

    Michelle EnriquezMichelle Enriquez23 days ago
    • The US over favors mothers in custody cases here. And chances are he would lose what little he does have in favor of the mother.

      LunarSacramentLunarSacrament23 days ago
  • Danielle’s father message made me cry

    Exiani GExiani G24 days ago
  • She’s been 13 for like four years cmon now

    Letyzia EstradaLetyzia Estrada24 days ago
    • So just because you think she been 13 for years means that this doesn’t make you believe she’s not 16? Y’all fans are sad

      Life With TiaLife With Tia18 days ago
    • 4 years. Im pretty sure everyone said she was 12 in 2018 but ok?

      Scopez_YeetedZScopez_YeetedZ21 day ago
  • wait if she is rlly 15 then why doesnt she get a drivers test because you cant drive at 13

  • I actually feel super bad for dani...

    Kaitlynn SmithKaitlynn Smith25 days ago
  • I think her mom is just using her for the money you know what I mean

    emma fareaemma farea25 days ago
  • I dont think anyone should be judging her life when they know nothing abt it this information is all online no one knows would actually the real thing is

    FoxyCureFoxyCure26 days ago
  • I feel like wearing lingerie in front of my parents is illegal

    éloise beauchampéloise beauchamp27 days ago
  • Any ine else notice that if it was 2004 she would be 15??? Same age as me

    Vuruca SaltVuruca Salt27 days ago
  • Im not AT ALL supporting what Dani does but she does have a point with the bikini pics subject. Im not saying all, but some people would post a bikini pic if you got $10, 000 for it. Sadly, I would because as a child I would be able to buy whatever I wanted with that and probably buy lots of things to make my perfect bedroom

    Makayla MizulaMakayla Mizula29 days ago
  • Why is the word minor crossed out at 20:12

    Makayla MizulaMakayla Mizula29 days ago
  • I will place an "uwu" every time Danielle messes up: 1.uwu 2.uwu 3.uwu 4.uwu (pls remind me if something else happens)

    in my opinionin my opinion29 days ago
  • i'm 16 & im absolutely terrified of growing up . being a teenager & young is about having fun & living life . i think she acts way too grown for her age & her really should start being a role model & teaching her that what she's doing isn't ok .

    DaniUnderratedDaniUnderratedMonth ago
  • Danis father: tries reaching out for dani. Has to go online to reach out to her Dani- YOU NEVER TRY AND REACH OUT TO ME IN PERSON! YOU GO TO SOCIAL MEDIA INSTEAD!

    Yunq WxbberYunq WxbberMonth ago
  • I’m just gonna say this. No matter how much you think you know, you never know what’s going on behind the scenes. There’s 3 sides to every story, both people in the fight, and the truth. There’s no use in constantly hating. Society is messed up already just leave people be.

    • Laci Pepper •• Laci Pepper •Month ago
  • wow i don't have parents and danielle act like that with her parents ! im ... idk she's mean with her dad

    assaassaMonth ago
  • Gob bless her dad :(

    Peanelope PippinPeanelope PippinMonth ago
  • Well ill go back to her father's point- in which he said she'll learn when she has a daughter of her own. That's when she will get the reality check. Live and learn. Or if she is stocked by an older man, worse gets assaulted -- which is what every young person is thinking won't happen when adults know its a good chance in happening. We all think we are invisible when we are young. I'm an adult and my kids are young. Better believe reality check is going on. The world isn't a nice place. I hope she wakes up.

    genna carrgenna carrMonth ago
  • And that's the tea sis

    Cxxkie_ gachaCxxkie_ gachaMonth ago
  • nobody: the narrator: danielle con

    kayla's kornerkayla's kornerMonth ago
  • SHE IS 13 A KID, not an adult!

    smarty pantssmarty pantsMonth ago
  • You can hear Danielle was 13 when this vid was made somewhere in the beginning-

    Daisy XwXDaisy XwXMonth ago

    Michael MakodiMichael MakodiMonth ago
  • You have to be kidding me I share a birth date with danielle Cohn

    The united KingdomThe united KingdomMonth ago
  • if you ask me jennifer is using danielle for money

    mag veramag veraMonth ago
  • jen is definitely going to face the law in a bad way soon with mikey turning 18 and her not allowing danielle to see her father or let him approve of posts and ads she does

    invasion oftheillinvasion oftheillMonth ago
  • Who? And he got his job by mentioning her name? Woooooow. That right there illustarted her mom is alienating her dad.

    Neekityneek FamNeekityneek FamMonth ago
  • i luv these videos cause they are so long💖

    Fiu PiuFiu PiuMonth ago
  • Just imagine this all is set up how made would ppl be

    Caylee WrenCaylee WrenMonth ago
  • Bro just let her live literally you guys are doing wrong by getting into her life Jesus and I know how child support works and thats not how it does

    Andrea AvilaAndrea AvilaMonth ago
  • ~Her V.S. Us~ Danielle at age 13: **Dresses in lingerie and dates older guys** Most girls at age 13: **Playing Roblox and eating spicy foods**

    PøtåtøPøtåtøMonth ago
  • *Dr. Phil joined the chat*

    Blessing KaritaBlessing KaritaMonth ago
  • I agree Danielle is overly sexualized and has small amounts of talent, Rosa and belly dancing is not sexualized. Belly dancing is difficult to do and with practice can be made a proper career when older, and most wear more open clothes whilst they do it as tighter ones can make it difficult

    YoungOasisYoungOasisMonth ago
  • mikey is like 17 and even said he knows shes 13... hes gonna be 18 soon and when that happens hes gonna get arrested for dating a 13yo i-

    Addison LatherAddison LatherMonth ago