The Los Angeles Clippers Might ACTUALLY Be Cursed ...

Sep 13, 2020
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#KawhiLeonard #PaulGeorge #Clippers
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  • Check out my latest article on the Lakers!!!

    Yung MustardYung Mustard14 days ago
    • Welp!.......ahhhhhh I guess your last video won't age well.....ijs

      DUN Guttah cityDUN Guttah city12 days ago
    • @Jerry10 Boston Leonard was NOT doubled in games 1,2,3,4 & 5. He was actually bullying his way into the paint and shooting '8 jumpers! If you're Denver, you can't allow that.

      Dj The ShooterDj The Shooter13 days ago
    • I just want to say you actually know what you talking about. Like seriously. I’m tired of people saying Kawaii what you going to do. Like wtf it’s just him and Paul George vs the whole nuggets. Kawhi is being double team every time he touched a ball. 2 v 7 out there.

      Jerry10 BostonJerry10 Boston13 days ago
    • Leonard is the only Clippa to win anything or even get to a conference final. Double-team Leonard, don't rotate off George, play your game and Da Clippas are done!

      Dj The ShooterDj The Shooter14 days ago
    • I like how u put it.💯

      yOGI jONEZyOGI jONEZ14 days ago
  • "5 more points than me and i didn't even play" 🤣🤣🤣

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy8 days ago
  • Jokers defense is a joke compared to ADs

    Maurice BurnettMaurice Burnett8 days ago
  • I'm not shocked 😐 nuggets are more well rounded.

    soiung toiuesoiung toiue9 days ago
    • You are right! The Clippers are cursed! 😈😂🤣

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy8 days ago
  • false

    dcoog anmldcoog anml10 days ago
  • they lost on game 7 lol

    ninoo caragninoo carag11 days ago
    • Move the Clippers to OKC.

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue9 days ago
  • Yup. Cursed until they move back to San Diego. Fucking Donald Sterling. Burn in hell Donald. SD never forgot.

    Prince.Osiris111Prince.Osiris11111 days ago
  • Fax Mustard Trez Harrell is garbage

    Rip Stan LeeRip Stan Lee11 days ago
    • People put too much stock in PG13. Including Leonard. Paul has shown us over his career he does not step up in big games.

      dcoog anmldcoog anml10 days ago
  • Ahh, you’ve figured it out !!!

    Dana kalebDana kaleb11 days ago
  • The clippers are gonna try to trade Leonard and pg13

    winnerizzy football7winnerizzy football711 days ago
  • Best player in the league my ass

    kostantinos adamkostantinos adam11 days ago
  • A few days later... They lost the series. So, they probably are.

    marvininermarvininer11 days ago
    • 💀

      geo valgeo val10 days ago
  • The curse is legit

    Hugo MartinezHugo Martinez11 days ago
  • this guy jinxed it

    DanaSSGDanaSSG12 days ago
  • This video sounds like it was made today 💀 😂

  • The Clipper Curse Is Alive And Well Alright...

    Bryan RicoBryan Rico12 days ago
  • Clippers blew a 3-1 lead. 104-89

    noor mohamednoor mohamed12 days ago
  • This aged well in 2 days

    Koja VukovicKoja Vukovic12 days ago
  • You are right! The Clippers are cursed! 😈😂🤣

    ancientadrian 51ancientadrian 5112 days ago
  • Whatever can go wrong with the Clippers will go wrong.

    arrownoirarrownoir12 days ago
  • Move the Clippers to OKC.

    SupylocoSupyloco12 days ago
  • “Best player in the world”. 0 points in the 4th quarter in a game 7. Image the media if that was Lebron. 👋🏻

    GioGio12 days ago
    • No need to imagine. Just look at the 2011 Finals against the Mavs

      No NameNo Name10 days ago
  • People put too much stock in PG13. Including Leonard. Paul has shown us over his career he does not step up in big games.

    Maurice BuckleyMaurice Buckley12 days ago
  • Haha, just the clippers being the clippers.

    James McCreeryJames McCreery12 days ago
  • Well tonight Harrell had 20 points, 7/10 FG, and only 1 TO. Which lead the team. Kawhi, had 2nd high in points with 14 points, 6/22 FG. Amazing.

    Joshua FordJoshua Ford12 days ago
    • Don't forget George shumpert with that amazing performance 10 points on 4/16 testing out the side of the backboard.

      TheallmightyZTheallmightyZ12 days ago
  • We might NOT actually not give AF... DENVER IN 7 WAIT WHAT... DENVER VS LAKERS WCF...

    KRS AfoaKRS Afoa12 days ago
  • The nuggets upset the clippers lol

    R.I.P KobeR.I.P Kobe12 days ago
  • Who here after the clippers blew a 3-1?

    BookOfDizzyBookOfDizzy12 days ago
  • Last time I was this late I didn’t comment

    Bobby shmurdas HatBobby shmurdas Hat12 days ago
  • our only hope is Joakim Noah

    Andyy DaBarberAndyy DaBarber12 days ago
  • It’s hard to see Kawhi let himself lose in game 7 but you never know. It’s a matter of one game, Nuggets have a serious chance of winning.

    Buckets of EpicnessBuckets of Epicness12 days ago
    • Dang 6/22 and 4/16 in game 7 from both stars. I honestly expected it from George shumpert seeing his game 7 history but the claw couldn't hit anything even when the nuggets weren't scoring in the 4th the clippers still couldn't score.

      TheallmightyZTheallmightyZ12 days ago
    • Kawhi looked passive out there in the third and fourth like he didn't even care

      Joe LJoe L12 days ago
  • Without referees Clippers have no chance. Tonight its gonna be like in 2002 game 6 Kings vs Lakers.

    Jovica StojkovicJovica Stojkovic12 days ago
  • “Energized Kevon Looney”😭😭

    Rockout DeezoRockout Deezo12 days ago

    egghead37ableegghead37able12 days ago
  • 🤪

    2020 XD ➊2020 XD ➊12 days ago
  • “But they’ll turn it on when it gets to the playoffs...”

    DQuakeDQuake12 days ago

    Money Making SaceMoney Making Sace12 days ago
    • YESSIRRR!!!

      Yung MustardYung Mustard12 days ago
  • Doc rivers is overrated🤷‍♂️

    Pi JoPi Jo12 days ago
  • I stopped my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    James RobertJames Robert13 days ago
  • Beverly Morris an others need to stop with the antics

    Leston AustinLeston Austin13 days ago
  • Not cursed,,,but bad coach,

    Tolentino LapasaranTolentino Lapasaran13 days ago
  • i think those dirty moves break moral of Clippers when you need to play dirty and you are better it goes under skin.. otherwise can say Clippers are better and whell Claw is beast/...i blame Doc for those dirty moves and Zubac was not so bad vs Jokic so he is not like issue

    Mrki MrkicMrki Mrkic13 days ago
  • why dont they play Noah??? anyone notice his last season highlights

    YaBoyEli0YaBoyEli013 days ago
  • Patrick beverly is pure fucken trash

    Jorge LuisJorge Luis13 days ago
  • yeah cursed with the nba being rigged

    Goldie ChopzGoldie Chopz13 days ago
  • 3:20 that hair line tho

    James ChuJames Chu13 days ago
  • Better to play the game. You are the garbage

    alvin quisaoalvin quisao13 days ago
  • Problem with the Clippers is LOAD MANAGEMENT! Kawhi joins the wrong L.A. team lol. Let’s go Denver I want to see Skip Bayless reaction if the Nuggets win game 7.

    Paulo AustriaPaulo Austria13 days ago
  • Jokic is good but better then AD u smoking

    Bigg DaveBigg Dave13 days ago
  • Doc is so overated as a coach idk why he is so hyped up

    MjMj13 days ago
  • I dont owe anybody anymore with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Nicholas J. MillerNicholas J. Miller13 days ago
  • If you are reading this comment: ✨BE BLESSED!!! 💕BE BLESSED!!! ❤️BE BLESSED!!! 🌈BE BLESSED!! 💫

    B3BL3SSD B3BL3SSDB3BL3SSD B3BL3SSD13 days ago
  • Lou and trezz been doodoo

    James RJames R13 days ago
  • jorums mansion

    XW-32zXW-32z13 days ago
  • If the clippers win, I can’t wait for pat bev vs. rondo

    sean domosean domo13 days ago
    • Well...

      Matthew BarteMatthew Barte12 days ago
  • Not as cursed as the rockets

    davidpwns12davidpwns1213 days ago
  • He’s a racist

    This Old NewThis Old New13 days ago
  • You’re not giving nearly enough credit to the Denver Nuggets and the coaching schemes that have neutralized the Clippers. The reality is the Clippers are built to beat the Lakers not the Nuggets.

    Ross JNRoss JN13 days ago
  • They are not cursed. Doc is just overrated.

    Selassie DavidsSelassie Davids13 days ago
  • To be fair other than Kawhi who on the roster has championship/finals experience? They’ve only been together a season where injuries have been regular, so there’s no chemistry , it’s crazy how many people thought they’d win it easily, they still might win the chip, but they don’t look as good as the Lakers or either East teams at the moment, no matter how awesome Kawhi is.

    Sir AnkSir Ank13 days ago
  • Let’s Get Negative Baby🤣 Nuggets in 7🤞🏾

    ivanzlolivanzlol13 days ago
  • How much u bet no adjustments made

    tfizzle56tfizzle5613 days ago
  • What stfu they ain’t cursed all they fake youtubers capping

    MOhamed The Finesse KId SiidiMOhamed The Finesse KId Siidi13 days ago
  • if y'all don't believe in this nonsense then it will go away

    KingUman30KingUman3013 days ago
  • I think Pop was right, Kawhis not a good leader. He needs to realize that he can stroll through the reg season, and he can stroll into a wcf and still be awesome, but the rest of the guys need some pacing.

    Tobías ChaparroTobías Chaparro13 days ago
    • Kawhi was a good leader as a Raptor.

      TheODLawson23TheODLawson2313 days ago
  • The Clippers don’t play as a team and it’s starting to show.

    Thony _Thony _13 days ago
  • Imagine if Kawhi had chosen Denver instead of Clippers 😳. Championships for years

    Jorge CJorge C13 days ago
  • Or the Nuggets could just be really good 🤷‍♂️

    Jorge CJorge C13 days ago
  • I no longer need my 9-5 thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    John PicardJohn Picard13 days ago
  • Jokic is shooting under 50% against Zubac

    Roc ThaIceRoc ThaIce13 days ago
  • The clippers are fraud ! overrated AF ! Jokic ain't better than AD man , anyway 💜💛 gat business to take care of

    Kevin massomaKevin massoma13 days ago
  • *The Clippers should move Montrezl Harrell to PF, it’s his true position and can play better on that position. Put Zubac on the starting lineup and it would look like this* : PG - Patrick Beverley SG - Paul George SF - Kawhi Leonard PF - Montrezl Harrell C - Ivica Zubac

    V CoolV Cool13 days ago
    • With this starting lineup, the Clippers will play better

      V CoolV Cool13 days ago
  • San Diego just sits back and enjoys it all.

    Prince DevittPrince Devitt13 days ago
  • You don't know how good the Nuggets are. That's why they exceed your expectations. Doesn't surprise me one bit. Nuggets should have won against Jazz in 5 really when it comes to both teams playing their full potential.

    Grover WilliamsGrover Williams13 days ago
  • Not cursed at all...

    Grover WilliamsGrover Williams13 days ago
  • The clippers are fraudulent. The whole year they haven’t played up to their potential with excuses at every corner. Now they’re expected to play up to expectation in the playoffs? They’re being exposed by Denver.

    Manny PelayoManny Pelayo13 days ago
  • Clippers has been exposed. They are still overrated and media hype. Nuggets are legit

    Curtiss SmithCurtiss Smith13 days ago
  • Paul george about to show his true colors and get this dub for Denver

    boricuaboss3boricuaboss313 days ago
    • @Matthew Barte paul's skills spreads like the wild fires of california

      boricuaboss3boricuaboss312 days ago
    • LMAO Not only did Paul George got the dub for denver but Kawhi too, they were the MVP 10-38 from the field combined

      Matthew BarteMatthew Barte12 days ago
  • I was not surprised. Nuggets in game 2 led from the sec the game started.

    Romansapien MRomansapien M13 days ago
  • I still don’t see what everybody saw about this Clippers team earlier on. Yes, on paper it sounds good but people are acting like it’s normal to win a championship in the first year of a newly formed team. This Clippers team reminds me of the 2010 Miami team after LeBron had just got there. Deeply flawed with serious chemistry issues. Oh and it’s time to start talking about if Doc Rivers is an overrated coach.

    Lex BoogieLex Boogie13 days ago
    • Kawhi did it with Raptors

      Native2458Native245813 days ago
  • "...Dese guys..."

    JonBernard41JonBernard4113 days ago
  • lol. I have a feeling this video won't age well either.

    Contel BradfordContel Bradford13 days ago
  • Bron is laughing somewhere rn

    TitlebreakerTitlebreaker13 days ago
  • The 2020 Clippers look like the 2019 Boston Celtics.

    Ifeanyi AkunnaIfeanyi Akunna13 days ago
  • If y’all start saying kawhi ain’t have help...

    Shadow FlameShadow Flame13 days ago
  • That Jordan beat is hard af

    Jarjar BinksJarjar Binks13 days ago
  • Every player on that team except Kawhi do nothing but talk shit and all of them are playing like shit except Kawhi 😂😂😂

    gamepoison85gamepoison8513 days ago
  • I like how people are hyping up the clippers like a deep team but struggles both 1st and 2nd round

    rfpcharrfpchar13 days ago
  • So Giannis isn’t a big man???

    Ramon Perez FlaquerRamon Perez Flaquer13 days ago
  • 🤪

    geo valgeo val13 days ago
  • I heard Kawhi "Leave it out on the floor" from his latest interview. That is what he said before leaving Toronto. :D :D

    Just BreakJust Break13 days ago
  • Nuggets this season same happen in utah

    BatmanYT DeBatmanYT De13 days ago
  • LeBron and lakers are just better

    Ryan PowersRyan Powers13 days ago
  • Haha Haha lake show all day

  • Clips suck don't deserve to be in c.f..

  • Screw u n ur ads

    spade polsspade pols13 days ago
  • Jokic gets destroyed every time vs AD fym

    show*n*telligenceshow*n*telligence13 days ago
  • Sweet lou became chicken wing lou

    ivanivan14 days ago
  • Go Denver!

    Gezza 77Gezza 7714 days ago
  • Cursed? Please give us a break.

    rodolphe rejouisrodolphe rejouis14 days ago