2015 Spanish Individual Combat Ration 24 Hour Set MRE Review Marathon Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test

Aug 28, 2017
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This is a 24hr set of Spanish Armed Forces Combat Rations. Truly some of the best MRE's currently produced in the world. Check out this marathon video & see for yourself the absolute quality in food.
Huge thanks to MREmountain for giving me such a great deal on these rations! To buy this ration and many others, here is his shop:
For a much shorter and more concise review of these same rations, check out RC Gusto's review here! uskeys.net/watch/LUdEnbrN-k4-video.html
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you enjoyed this one, as I certainly did making it!
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  • I always wonder if the ones lacking a spoon/fork/spork/chopsticks, are issued a mess kit, with "silverware"?

    BrownEyedMama3BrownEyedMama38 hours ago
  • The sausage is spiced with smoked paprika powder. It a delicious spice

    Bert SaforBert SaforDay ago
  • These MRE’s weren’t eaten...they were INHALED!

    MrFreedomandlibertyMrFreedomandliberty2 days ago
  • He always speaks so proper reviewing these 😂

    Dallin HutchinsonDallin Hutchinson4 days ago
  • Great Chanel idea

    Innerspace RaceInnerspace Race5 days ago
  • 💓 You think you're BETTER THAN ME!!? 😜

    Heinz KruppsHeinz Krupps6 days ago
  • European field rations are usually better. Probably have something to do with their relatively small size armed forces and peace. They can spend some of their defense budget on morale.

    Zhubo TangZhubo Tang7 days ago
  • No coffee?

    Steven GuySteven Guy7 days ago
  • It's almost too pretty to eat. I'm still gonna eat it.....lmao

    Faith GobbleFaith Gobble8 days ago
  • 이번 영상은 보기만해도 더 배고파지는 영상이네.

    임길산임길산9 days ago
  • esta bueno los calamares y el potaje gallego 😁

    intexintex9 days ago
  • 😁👍

    intexintex9 days ago
  • i LOVE the membrillo thing

    val gutiérrezval gutiérrez10 days ago
  • Se ha puesto de grana y oro, jejeje....

    6666ferox66666666ferox666610 days ago
  • "That's lit."™️

    Dake TownsendDake Townsend11 days ago
  • 3:36 "im still gonna eat it" has been your motto

    Travis BishopTravis Bishop12 days ago
  • Squid?! Holy!

    Proud Straight White Christian ConservativeProud Straight White Christian Conservative13 days ago
  • 14 biscuits and no jam no peanut butter wtf.

    tersse btersse b16 days ago
  • That squid dish is most likely equivalent to a Filipino dish called Adobong Pusit. You’ll probably like it haha.

    TenSishTenSish17 days ago
  • You could tell he had a killer arm workout😂😂 that or Parkinson’s

    Heath McleodHeath Mcleod19 days ago
  • Algún coño me puede explicar el ángel de chocolate?

    kaiokendokaiokendo19 days ago
  • Steve’s GF: “big spoon or little spoon tonight?” Steve: “MRE spoon”

    3197319719 days ago
  • Aquilo é feijoada

    beatriz pereirabeatriz pereira19 days ago
  • You can order the squid and other seafood from La Tienda. Com that seafood comes from the same place the stew came from Galicia. (Gaa-lee-see-a) lol.olive oil and garlic in the ink. That stew should have chorizo sausage. My ancestral home food. The paprika is smokey. The pork is pork belly. That is not spinach. It is kale or turnip leaves.

    Teri RosaTeri Rosa20 days ago
  • 14:04

    Francisco CejaFrancisco Ceja21 day ago
  • this has got to be the nicest ratio you have ever tried - lunch in particular looks amazing

    wafflesnfalafel1wafflesnfalafel122 days ago
  • This is decent quality but one of the shittier breakfasts you've shown lol

    Jason PaytonJason Payton22 days ago
  • Looks a great ration, but for me no coffee or tea is weird...and the other two meals could have done with some kind of biscuit, cracker or even shelf-stable bread for all that juice...not to mention that the pate would be great on a cracker...seems strange just scoffing it from a tin...

    RealityHurtsTooMuchRealityHurtsTooMuch23 days ago
    • The biscuits come apart, so the tins gont crush them. One pack for each dinner/lunch ration.

      J. B.J. B.Day ago
  • Hi there from Spain uskeys.net/watch/hpwIJVt_5L0-video.html that's tocino (www.google.com/search?q=tocino&rlz=1C1AVFC_enES905ES905&sxsrf=ALeKk000sfvxkxo1a-V_mD5LqG87NR3eKg:1598657530903&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=rIUNdDSNNmeiGM%252CCFk91TZ-XYNfcM%252C%252Fm%252F0h0xm&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kRTx0RJYU2HRFfyiNIxgXhpE8WCGA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjIxfyxh7_rAhVYbysKHQXCAxkQ_B16BAgGEAM#imgrc=rIUNdDSNNmeiGM)

    El BuenoEl Bueno25 days ago
  • This is 25x better in quality and quantity than the American MRE! It's got real meat, real fruit, real proteins, and real grains! Makes for a better meal.

    Rommel CruzRommel Cruz26 days ago
  • Rations for adults

    TNAROHfanTNAROHfan26 days ago
  • Got to remember Spain stop

    Wendell JourdanWendell Jourdan27 days ago
  • Squid in ink 🤢🤮

    lowkey righteouslowkey righteous29 days ago
  • I've long thought that US MREs should have a small pouch of hand sanitizer and a disposable tooth brush.

    Patrick MolinPatrick MolinMonth ago
  • i wonder how it would taste if u mixed the squid with the chicken broth and the bean and pork thing.

    Jay1002Jay1002Month ago
  • Id shave some chocolate curls into the evap milk/ biscuits. Looks great!

    Michael RyanMichael RyanMonth ago
  • As a young Hispanic man prepping to go into service (2 years away) , I can say I’m very proud of my people and what imma be eatin 😎

    ShahShahMonth ago
  • I use to always be in the mood for foodie food...until I was altered...👌🏼💯✔

    The WorstThe WorstMonth ago
  • 10:42 Oh god no !

    GreenTeaGreenTeaMonth ago
  • We have gun Jesus (forgotten weapons) We have AK Jesus ( Brandon Herrera) Now we have MRE Jesus

    BigSiegeTimeBigSiegeTimeMonth ago
  • I love your "Los pollos hermanos" shirt!!!

    Lupita KrugerLupita KrugerMonth ago
  • That wasn't sand in the squid. Lol

    Mark BrittellMark BrittellMonth ago
  • mommy what's for dinner.MRE get use to it with trump's in office.

    Zero CoolZero CoolMonth ago
  • The spoon and glass sounds like a xylophone. Love your videos.

  • No bread? Come on.

    proud405proud405Month ago
  • I wish he woulda put the meatballs straight into his soup

    VhalkinVhalkinMonth ago
  • I thought more Looking like taco Bell is completely different than I thought is

    moviesmoviesMonth ago
  • That toothbrush looks like a tampon.

    Laura KLaura KMonth ago
  • wow he really liked the crackers lol

    Noja8787Noja8787Month ago
  • Wtf it's all just cured meat and wine.

    Tom HTom HMonth ago
  • I worked in a Spanish Bistro as a sous chef for years, I know every single dish he is having and i can say, they look nearly identical to the restaurant quality.

    David ArchillaDavid ArchillaMonth ago
  • Looks like a modernized C ration.

    1337penguinman1337penguinmanMonth ago
  • 25:50 the gum steve. Steve. THE GUM. STEVE THE GUM!

    James IyerJames IyerMonth ago
  • Wow you have to be so healthy.

    Angela st. cernyAngela st. cernyMonth ago
  • Met a Marine Sniper last week. Spent two hours asking his favorite MRRs

    Jeffrey LJeffrey LMonth ago
  • Who's watching Steve using hand sanitizer during covid?

    Timothy BurbankTimothy BurbankMonth ago
  • I've beaten anorexia thanks to you steve

    Perfume of TwilightPerfume of TwilightMonth ago
  • Oral rehydration salts??? Is that like Gatorade??

    Miss MollyMiss MollyMonth ago
  • 15:16 WIPE THAT CAN. There are little black granules of who knows what along the edge groove.

    Joueuse JoyeuseJoueuse JoyeuseMonth ago
  • Joy starting at 2:42.

    Joueuse JoyeuseJoueuse JoyeuseMonth ago
  • 2:13 Free replay :)

    Eddie QualonEddie QualonMonth ago
  • :>

    paul cpaul cMonth ago
  • 15:10 “that’s lit🔥”

    CletusJ2KCletusJ2KMonth ago
  • Squid?! *Steve, you betrayed us Splatoon Inklings!*

    Bammer2001Bammer2001Month ago
  • You lift bro? Lol

    zachzach2 months ago
  • Squids: develops ink to defend itself Steve: it tastes like a garlic ocean

    Los VampirosLos Vampiros2 months ago
  • 20:56 "The only bit of sugar" The isotonic powder has sugar as the first ingredient, so probably a lot of it, and the stew has both glucose and an unspecified sugar added.

    inakilbssinakilbss2 months ago
  • Girlfriend: firt Steve: Nice hiss

    MaverickMaverick2 months ago
  • You had me at "condensed milk."

    Dean CoronadoDean Coronado2 months ago
  • I would rather have these MREs rather then getting cooked meals from Gordon Ramsey.

    AnastasiusAnastasius2 months ago
  • That's very satisfying....

    Cookie SplitterCookie Splitter2 months ago
  • “I’m still gonna eat it” Lmao

    Kayla RuffiniKayla Ruffini2 months ago
  • That's the first time I've seen a toothbrush included in an MRE.

    bosandaros ASMRbosandaros ASMR2 months ago
  • I love your shirt "los pollos hermanos" the chicken brothers jajaja

    Lupita KrugerLupita Kruger2 months ago
  • @14:03 STEVE really needs to score a gig opening for YANNI

    layzer80layzer802 months ago
  • day 7 of lockdown round 2, im glad i found you

    Duyen NDuyen N2 months ago
  • Squid in Black Ink ration to keep Americans from trading....

    RGC2005RGC20052 months ago

    Anthony Loves BootyAnthony Loves Booty2 months ago
  • 15:08 LIT

    SkollTVSkollTV2 months ago
  • That's a lot of toothpaste on that brush

    report clickbaitreport clickbait2 months ago
  • Nice “los pollos hermonos” shirt

  • That squid🤢

    Mr PerpetualMr Perpetual2 months ago
  • Oral rehydration salts it's got what plants crave!

    Luke KleindlLuke Kleindl2 months ago
  • Me when I bump into the person I’m stalking and pretend that it’s just a coincidence 17:08

    T RT R2 months ago
  • When you realize that all these year watching Steve has been watching muckbang and amsr

    Alexander NajyAlexander Najy2 months ago
  • Steve: “I wonder if like, when the squid dies, its tentacles kinda retract into its body ...” The rest of the seafood-eating world: 😳😆😂🤣

    Tina StaggTina Stagg2 months ago
  • I love Steve, but his knowledge of calamari at this time was so deeply clueless it was kind of adorable.

    Tina StaggTina Stagg2 months ago
  • I'd never guess that a military ration will be indistinguishable from tourist cans bought at a supermarket. I mean, this is what a lot of people, who do not have the time to cook themselves and the money to eat out daily, consume as main courses privately. The squids would be iffy in my country (Poland), but the rest looks very decent.

    Bendak StarkillerBendak Starkiller2 months ago
  • Am I the only one who watches to this shit for hours lmao

    boss babyboss baby2 months ago
  • Canned squids 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

    BrodyRichard263BrodyRichard2632 months ago
  • Lights espot stove Steve: "That's lit"

    Riley SimmonsRiley Simmons2 months ago
  • Idk why but i find the just satisfying for sum reason

    AnOnYmOuS TVAnOnYmOuS TV2 months ago
  • I wish Condor would give me that.

    wirikuta14wirikuta142 months ago
  • damn that is scrumptious fine dining right there

    Vin ceVin ce2 months ago
  • Нельзя разогревать пищу в консервной банке ! Банка изнутри покрыта антиоксидантной пленкой,и при нагреве она проникает в продукт,и затем в твой организм !!!

    ВладимирВладимир2 months ago
  • Steve needs to cut an MRE spoon album.

    J.A. BarnsJ.A. Barns2 months ago
  • Spoon tapping is ASMR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BlackJackBlackJack2 months ago
  • 0:55 "it's got electrolytes" It's what plants crave LOL

    Spencer MatthewsSpencer Matthews2 months ago
  • Steve: *lights espit stove* Steve: That's lit.

    AsparagusVideoAsparagusVideo2 months ago
  • Hahaha.. Steve- chocolate bar- looks so nice you nelly couldn't eat it.. small pause... steve- Im still going to eat it thow!!!..

    Raymond BakkerRaymond Bakker3 months ago