We Had To Move Out...

Jun 28, 2020
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We Had To Move Out...
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  • Y tf was Nikita in the thumbnail 😂😂

    Tre KaeTre Kae14 hours ago
  • what's the point in making them free if shipping is $20

    Chyanne BraunChyanne BraunDay ago
  • The stupidest person in the hype house is Michel

    sonic the blue headhogsonic the blue headhog2 days ago
  • I’m like nick I have so many teddy bears and I still want more😊

    Denisse MerinoDenisse Merino3 days ago
  • Thomas’s face in every Video thing, 👁👄👁

    Red Rose24Red Rose243 days ago
  • Tayler: you don't keep your homies hair ? Weird... Like what? Lmfaoooo 😂😂

    JessicaaJessicaa3 days ago
  • pinnapple sause

    Lemma EmmaLemma Emma3 days ago
  • Ondreaz is 🔥

    Nadya ThalibNadya Thalib4 days ago
  • I love you mia

    Shaikha MullaShaikha Mulla5 days ago
  • Calvin acts like me at 4:41 lmfao

    Lola BeesonLola Beeson8 days ago
  • Chases handwriting I-

    Txla GTxla G8 days ago
  • Did anyone else notice that he did not say good morning everyone 😯

    Lilly PandaSLilly PandaS8 days ago
  • 0:07 i- chase does that?

    Dylan WilliamsDylan Williams8 days ago
  • 5:22 what the hell was he holding

    Michelle MutsanyaMichelle Mutsanya8 days ago
  • pineapple solder

    yadira aguilaryadira aguilar8 days ago
  • Hairy should be part of the hype house please

    gloriveth liscanogloriveth liscano8 days ago
  • Pineapple sauce

    Anais BhullarAnais Bhullar9 days ago
  • No one gonna talk about at 3:11 someone just runs across in the background. (I think it was ondreaz but it was fast so it was hard to tell)

    Kelsey ShortyKelsey Shorty9 days ago
  • Are we going to talk about the note chase sent 🖤💜💚😂

    VlogalexaVlogalexa9 days ago
  • I like how At the end of the video they say to comment something and like Nobody comments it

    Ondreaz_Lopez _Fan01Ondreaz_Lopez _Fan019 days ago
  • Tbh Nasra S most of all the titles are clickbait, all the videos are so random XDD

    Fiona RichardsonFiona Richardson10 days ago
  • My phone ↩️↪️↩️↪️

    Carmen SandersCarmen Sanders10 days ago
  • We need a house tour

    Tamira MTamira M10 days ago
  • is ryland gay?

    Deanna HenryDeanna Henry10 days ago
  • Lol

    Gabriel HernandezGabriel Hernandez11 days ago
  • Hahahah i love USkeys

    Gabriel HernandezGabriel Hernandez11 days ago
  • Hey Thomas since tik tok is shutting down you guys should come to likee

    Camrie WaltonCamrie Walton11 days ago
  • Pineapple sauce

    ayeza iqbalayeza iqbal11 days ago
  • I love Chase’s message😂

    LovelyLovely12 days ago
  • I will say you do look like Grayson Dolan but I will say he is more attractive

    the Queen of Halloweenthe Queen of Halloween12 days ago
  • I wish harry would join the hype house

    Leiy CartallaLeiy Cartalla14 days ago
  • Me and the nick are the same way we both love teddy bears even big ones and m medium ones and small ones LOL

    Dawn WomackDawn Womack14 days ago
  • And now tanner has corona

    Bitchy crackheadBitchy crackhead15 days ago
  • So nobody is gonna talk about 5:08 where it looks like nikita has a cigarette in her mouth????

    autumn's worldautumn's world15 days ago
    • I saw it

      ayeza iqbalayeza iqbal11 days ago
  • Pineapple sauce

    Jamie SlaughterJamie Slaughter16 days ago
  • I love chases handwriting

    Alice WillsonAlice Willson16 days ago
  • I don’t like Michale

    Meg GMeg G18 days ago
  • Pineapple sausage???

    Rose BenoitRose Benoit19 days ago
  • Your in the faze house

    Carl LorcaCarl Lorca19 days ago
  • hi

    lil lifelil life19 days ago
  • since when does chase wear glasses

    Katerina MedinaKaterina Medina19 days ago
  • One one: Thomas: 😲😮😧😦😯

    Zoe YoungZoe Young20 days ago
  • Where did that one guy get the love yourself hoodie with the butterfly’s from? 😂

    Kimberly HorseyKimberly Horsey20 days ago
  • Omg harry from “too hot to handle” ?!?!? I LOVE THAT SHOWWW

    Jenna PaganJenna Pagan20 days ago
  • look at nick 😍😂❤️

    Hxneyzz Michelle Aguayo vazquezHxneyzz Michelle Aguayo vazquez20 days ago
  • With all this is come. Fome

    Jaime Faulkner-LukeJaime Faulkner-Luke21 day ago
    • Hi what are you doing now

      Jaime Faulkner-LukeJaime Faulkner-Luke21 day ago
  • Los que no hablan español Jajajajaj

    Valentin ColomaValentin Coloma21 day ago
  • ".

    Mia xox MorrisonMia xox Morrison21 day ago
  • You guys should do a challenge first one to cuse get to sleep in the attic

    Jocelynn HollomanJocelynn Holloman21 day ago
  • i could hear dazed and confused by ruel in the backround when he was in the car with Tanner

    Melanie RodriguezMelanie Rodriguez21 day ago
  • by seeing harry in a lot of videos what if he is now apart of the hype house

    Olivia PaxtonOlivia Paxton21 day ago
  • I feel like this is the only click bait i like cause of thomas face😂 it’s not the same without his famous facial expression😂

    Avery O'BrienAvery O'Brien21 day ago
  • Pineapple sausage

  • im skinny

    MitchellGReactsMitchellGReacts22 days ago
  • buffalo-soldier

    Hineringa FalwasserHineringa Falwasser22 days ago
  • Thomas needs to have 1 hour vlogs-

    Madison CookMadison Cook22 days ago
  • Wow

    gabriele valentongabriele valenton22 days ago
  • White gummy

    Aaliyah RodriguezAaliyah Rodriguez22 days ago
  • 2:56 omg a Teddy bear OMG that was so cute

    Tiktok QueenTiktok Queen23 days ago
  • Love uu Thomas

    friends tubefriends tube23 days ago
  • Where do u find the teddy bear. I want one

    Umar ShahzadUmar Shahzad24 days ago
  • 2:57 why did this remind me of a kid and dad opening the big present on Christmas and the kid just gets excited If u need help Thomas is the dad And nick is the kid

    Nancy LamotheNancy Lamothe24 days ago
  • You should make merch of Mia betting the sh!t out of of Micheal

    Steve VenickSteve Venick24 days ago
  • Are we not gonna talk about chase's note!?!?

    Abby SmithAbby Smith25 days ago
  • "Pineapple sauce"

    Uziel RhymzUziel Rhymz25 days ago
  • "Buffalo Soldier"

    Uziel RhymzUziel Rhymz25 days ago
  • #FazeUp

    Haze -_-Haze -_-25 days ago
  • I love Thomas laugh 😂😂 and how you said I’m being replace

    Donatella CastilloDonatella Castillo27 days ago
  • buffalo soldier or pineapple sauce?

    Mikayla NunneleeMikayla Nunnelee27 days ago

    Ocean_X_ Asethetic!Ocean_X_ Asethetic!27 days ago
  • Pinaple sausage

    Samanta MartinezSamanta Martinez27 days ago
  • Me: AND THATS ON PERIDOD Know one.....

    Sunset_LaylaySunset_Laylay27 days ago
  • Pineapple sauce I think that’s what she said I don’t know this is hard to do at 1:00am

    CeannaCeanna28 days ago
  • Pineapple sause

    Anthony HoltAnthony Holt28 days ago
  • Pineapple sauce

    Leslie VelaLeslie Vela28 days ago
  • Now I know what the in Hollywood fix guy looks like😂

    Ondreaz_Lopez _Fan01Ondreaz_Lopez _Fan0128 days ago
  • Pineapple salsa

    angxl baddieangxl baddie28 days ago
  • Noo ones gonna talk about chases note... Just me alrighttt 😂

    iiiSimplyAvaiii YtiiiSimplyAvaiii Yt28 days ago
  • Pineapple solders

    Melanie DunnMelanie Dunn28 days ago
  • Their house actually looks like so much fun.

    Valerie RodriguezValerie Rodriguez29 days ago
  • Imagine being friends with Tanner fox 🤮

    Eli HymanEli Hyman29 days ago
  • 5:20 nick vapes *scared*

    leah Oronaleah Orona29 days ago
  • Pineapple sauce

    Kenyonne SummersKenyonne Summers29 days ago
  • I literally watched this entire video waiting for Nikitas part 🤦‍♀️

    Jarlin CastroJarlin Castro29 days ago
  • You guys should put a hole bunch of arcade games in somones room to prank then!

    Bella RoszellBella Roszell29 days ago
  • I’m not gonna lie I really like Ondreaz new hair cut Oh and buffalo something I’m sorry I can’t hear the last part

    Mariana GarciaMariana GarciaMonth ago
  • The camera was shaking so much it kinda made me feel sick! Anyone else?

    Chloe BoucherChloe BoucherMonth ago
  • Paper is literally on drugs in all of the videos

    Supreme MasterSupreme MasterMonth ago
  • Make longer videos

    LowRiderJacobb27 0LowRiderJacobb27 0Month ago
  • The first time ive seen tonick in forever

    シCutiedemon_playzシCutiedemon_playzMonth ago
  • Everyone: knows title is clickbait! Me: watches it anyway

    Suzanne PerneySuzanne PerneyMonth ago
  • 1:53 #tonick

    Nadine AlostaNadine AlostaMonth ago
  • 👁👄👁

    Julie BeckettJulie BeckettMonth ago
  • Please hold the camera properly it is shakingggg

    Jazel NicolasJazel NicolasMonth ago
  • Pineapple sauce

    Victoria PerezVictoria PerezMonth ago
  • Hi

    Braddison.fp_amy CarcamoBraddison.fp_amy CarcamoMonth ago
  • Any one else hear the rule song dazed and confused at 1:26to the people that know his music?

    Ava AppleAva AppleMonth ago
  • What about the neighbors at the night they just wake up on the boys screaming

    Crystal_ SunsetzCrystal_ SunsetzMonth ago
  • No one: . Abustoly no one. . Thomas with his mouth open in every video 😂

    Jazmine HaleJazmine HaleMonth ago
  • ok like if you agree. Thomas should fill tonys room with pictures of nick and then fill nicks room with pics of tony

    Skye EllemSkye EllemMonth ago