🔴 Live Ration Review with Steve1989 in the chat

Jul 17, 2018
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Second time trying this live stream thing. I hope it goes as well as the first one.
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  • “Sorry about my bird in the backgro-“ THATS WHAT SHE SAID “Close my door so my bird doesn’t squawk in your ear the whole ti-“ THATS WHAT SHE SAID “If I tried to bring him in here he’d bite me” THATS WHAT SHE SAID

    Theodoric ACTheodoric AC29 days ago
  • Id like to see some mre camping. Would luv to see the natural environment of mres lol.

    mosser 1989mosser 1989Month ago
  • ´german guy lol. he is danish not german.

    Rick SanchezRick Sanchez2 months ago
  • Another city yuppy screwing up a good cup of coffee by putting sugar in it. I hate to see Americans who think they were born in England or something and messes up coffee by putting cream and sugar in it. Hell, by the time they are done doctoring it up it isn't even coffee anymore. The same goes for all these hippee-ass yuppy Starbucks crapachino and cold coffee drinks. I grew up with real coffee like other countries that it comes from, and the way they drink it. You don't see Juan Valdez sitting on the side of a mountain drinking iced coffee. People can't leave well enough alone. Everything is too simple for them.

    xofc72xofc722 months ago
    • Your making assumptions there bud. Im about as country as they come. Each persons individual pallet is different and coffee is more of an acquired taste. Btw I've never had Starbucks before in my life. Especially at the time I'd filmed this. Since I filmed the tv show they had big jugs of Starbucks black coffee on set but that's it. Other than that I've never spent a dime on Starbucks I know that for sure.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 months ago
  • I love these videos!

    Travis BaileyTravis Bailey2 months ago
  • If air gets in bacteria gets in

    Zero ContentZero Content2 months ago
  • "without a further a do"

    MikeyMines GamingMikeyMines Gaming3 months ago
  • I don't know if you guys are old enough to have eaten C-Rations when they were relatively fresh, but I did, and I've had MRE's too. I'd take the old C-Rats any day. It wasn't a lot of food compared to MRE's, but it just tasted much better.

    William MWilliam M3 months ago
  • might be a bit late )))

    dV-artist DavidV.dV-artist DavidV.3 months ago
  • art work contest -Yeha! artist on duty. would like to participate.

    dV-artist DavidV.dV-artist DavidV.3 months ago
    • @Oldsmokey You as a second world war pilot with a chesterfield!?!? something likw that I imagine ... )

      dV-artist DavidV.dV-artist DavidV.3 months ago
    • I'm always game to trade some mres for some good art work.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey3 months ago
  • Wait.. why is there a #onechipchallenge hashtag lol

    sara katesara kate4 months ago
  • Awesome channel bro... I watch Steve and you a lot keep up the work man... pretty cool I know you only live couple miles away and haven't seen you since school.

    CR BlakeCR Blake7 months ago
    • I thought I answered this comment before but what's up Blake?

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey5 months ago
  • 11:41 I honestly thought that was Coca-Cola in that cup until you said it was coffee XD

    Dusk RaccoonDusk Raccoon9 months ago

    Sid ViciousSid Vicious10 months ago
  • This is weird, and nobody cares, but every time I fall asleep to youtube videos i always wake up to an Oldsmokey livestream and I am totally ok with it.

    Pee PasPee Pas11 months ago
  • I down!!

    Debbie drekieDebbie drekie11 months ago
  • Hi

    parrish pyroparrish pyro11 months ago
  • Love this chanel

    gold wolfgold wolf11 months ago
  • Fell asleep watching Impossible Whopper reviews and woke up to this. Edit: I woke up at 1:18:10 and pressed play to see WTF is going on, and it looks like I'm watching someone smoke really old cigarettes. How the fuck did I go from Impossible Whoppers to cigarettes?

    TheBennychinTheBennychin11 months ago
    • @Oldsmokey Lol yeah. I will say it is quite interesting to go from meat-free burgers to cigarettes. Much more exciting than falling asleep watching TV going from one typical show to just another typical show. Nice to meet you BTW.

      TheBennychinTheBennychin11 months ago
    • Haha that's good ol USkeys for ya. It's so weird we'll never know what is really going on.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey11 months ago
  • Haha! I feel you brother @2:08:00 .. I also eat shit so hot I can't see straight!

    Alex MesterAlex MesterYear ago
  • 1:58:00 It usually takes me a lot longer to experience the after effects!

    gurfongurfonYear ago
    • Depends on how bad it is really.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • Nice

    Nathan Thomas StickneyNathan Thomas StickneyYear ago
  • You’re awesome brother ! 2 oz water with coffee is a strong coffee. 4-6 oz water is regular coffee!

    Harry The TuxedoHarry The TuxedoYear ago
    • I love me a strong coffee haha.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • Nice

    Nathan Thomas StickneyNathan Thomas StickneyYear ago
  • Let's get this out on a tray!

    Chey CChey CYear ago
    • Nice.

      KaiokendrewKaiokendrew7 months ago
  • Checking in

    Mark PutnamMark PutnamYear ago
  • Hi

    Jayden ZamoraJayden Zamora2 years ago
  • I'll run down thursday its been hell since the 15th dropped my cell phone it busted in 1000 pieces and I don't have any of ur info written down so I thought id text u thru youtube later

    Press-the StarkeyPress-the Starkey2 years ago
  • Great live stream Smokey! Sorry for the late comment but it took a little while to watch the whole thing. Really enjoyed the ration reviews. A little of both old and new. I did not know you liked stuff that hot. I bet those Korean hot chicken ramen was just a light snack for you. Had a good laugh when you bit into the raw serrano pepper. I pickle jalapeno and serrano occasionally, plus i always have Thai bird's eye peppers on hand when i make stir fry. I think the hottest i have had are habanero's when i make the marinade for jerk chicken. Good stuff! I think i heard you say you will live again Saturday, but i have to work and will miss the stream again. Seems to be a habit for me lately. Hope to be here live one day!

    Traversing FoodTraversing Food2 years ago
    • Damn Smokey i did not know you have had that many surgeries. I guess i did not think being in one place for so long would be that uncomfortable. Thankfully i do not put in that many hours a day, but what did you do before You Tube? I do not think i have seen one of your videos where you mentioned it, but then again i have not seen them all. Maybe when i get more time i will start from the beginning!

      Traversing FoodTraversing Food2 years ago
    • +Traversing Food I wouldn't call myself a chilli head but some would. I'll do my best to help out man. I know how tough doing reviews is. I've had plenty of hard times filming. The crap condition I'm in the 3 hr stream tonight was really tough. I had to stand and sit probably 50 times. I had my left leg basically cut off and I'm still on crutches recovering from that. I'm 7 surgeries in and I'd say at least one or two more at some point. If I still did my previous job I couldn't have a channel. I worked 7 days a week 12 hrs a day but more like 13-14 in the work day. Hopefully you get time to film if you still feel like it.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
    • Yeah i knew you mentioned that you liked hot stuff but i did not know you were that serious. I enjoy hot stuff too but not too crazy hot. I usually get home from work around 10:00pm and when i checked my subs i saw i missed the stream by about 8 minutes, but geez 3 hours long. It sounds like everyone had a great time though i am going to start watching it after this. I do appreciate the help too. I thought i would have more time to do reviews but work is killing me this year so i will probably send you one. Just my way of saying thanks for the help. Hopefully i will catch you live again one day but for now i am going to watch this one. Cheers!

      Traversing FoodTraversing Food2 years ago
    • +Traversing Food No worries I'm going to try my best to do every Tuesday at around 8 or 8:30 and maybe one other day during the week if I can. As for the noodles challenge battle me and my son filmed of what you sent in. They do have some heat to them but probably only about a third of the pepper in this video. The video we filmed was good except for the sound. I tried using a microphone I even did numerous test shoots and thought it was good to go but after playback it was awful static and like a hiss in the background. I will film it again and until then I'll try to mention your channel when I can. I hope some people come from my channel to yours. I know how much it helps to have someone who's willing to help if they can. I jusat posted a 3 hr live stream. Over 400 people showed up while I was streaming. Not bad but the numbers were down a little from last stream. I think Steve helped the numbers out last one.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • you could generate alot more views if you did like the gun channel guys and had multiple reviewers in on your chats. watch mr. matt on monday evenings to see what I mean.

    traumajocktraumajock2 years ago
    • Oldsmokey yes. Also check out GhostTactical

      traumajocktraumajock2 years ago
    • +traumajock Is that the name of the channel? Mr.Matt ? I'm open for suggestions that's for sure. This is all very new to me.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • Nice... aka steve

    mick taylormick taylor2 years ago
    • +mick taylor Steves my dude.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
    • Great accent my review man

      mick taylormick taylor2 years ago
    • between smokey steve and kiwi dude and sticky and gundogz great reviews

      mick taylormick taylor2 years ago
    • Old smokey still smokin

      mick taylormick taylor2 years ago
  • Awesome! Nice! Great review. Very interesting too. I love you guys MRE / ration channels. I hope sometime one of you will locate a WW2 era Marshall Islands Navy ration. My father was at Operation Crossroads at Bikini in the 40 s and I want to see what they issued those guys to eat as they risked their health testing atom bombs on ships

    A KayfabeA Kayfabe2 years ago
    • +A Kayfabe As far as their mobile rations they would have had C and K rations but being Navy on a boat or on am island I'd say they ate mostly in field kitchens.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • Hey everyone I just wanted to hop on here and say thanks everyone for watching. Especially thanks to everyone who was kind enough to donate in the super chat. I was very humbled by the entire live stream. Thank you so much for supporting my channel.

    OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
    • @original fireman cancelled yes, a whole 48 people watching.. huge Internationally known celebrity..... Just...... Stop..... Stop talking!

      The T-Man ShowThe T-Man ShowYear ago
    • Oldsmokey that was crazy live streaming man hard to keep up on that you're a celebrity

      original fireman cancelledoriginal fireman cancelled2 years ago
    • blindside0187 Holy cow blindside0187. You didn't halft to do that. But I will definitely review that sucker. Your to kind I can't say thank you enough. I'm getting ready to start a live stream if you want to tune in.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
    • 23 by 8pm

      blindside0187blindside01872 years ago
    • Oldsmokey just bought u a ration should be there the 25th French cold weather

      blindside0187blindside01872 years ago
  • Great live stream video 👍

    Sam's World of RationsSam's World of Rations2 years ago
    • Thank ya Sam.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • Apologies I missed the live 😢👍

    Sam's World of RationsSam's World of Rations2 years ago
    • No worries I'm jusat glad you watched at all. Appreciate your view.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • Personally I'm not trying to tell you what to do. But have you ever considered jump cuts? I know this is live, and I will continue to like and subscribe. However, check out "Emmy made in Japan" she does great ration reviews with perfect editing. Just a thought. Much love man.

    adam burdtadam burdt2 years ago
    • Oldsmokey will do!

      adam burdtadam burdt2 years ago
    • +adam burdt Adam you need to watch my regular videos. You do of course understand that a live stream is unedited. My normal edited videos are good imo. Check out my corned beef hash review. It's probably my favorite film I've created to date. Also I've know Emmy fir a couple years now. She's actually reviewed a couple things I've sent her and I sent her a perfect 1992 corned beef hash that I'm sure she will eventually review. Type in Oldsmokey corned beef hash review if you want to check that video out or if you need I can get a link and post it to you.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • I love rewatching your live videos. Love listening to your voice, your accent it is awesome. Wait that was kind of creepy. Sorry. I love your videos!!

    MammaLammakiinMammaLammakiin2 years ago
    • Not creepy at all. I think that's am amazing compliment because I have had so much fun filming these live streams.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • goddamnit... missed it again...! d'ohh!!

    Flame WheelFlame Wheel2 years ago
    • +Steven Chadwick No worries. There will be more to come. I'm sure Steve will probably be at the next one as well.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • nice MRE man i wish i could do what u guys doing for youtube and everyone else

    Tj ChampionTj Champion2 years ago
    • T.J I believe if you have the passion for the ration anyone can review rations. I appreciate your watching and commenting. Don't forget to luke and subscribe if you haven't already. Thanks for watching.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • Sorry I missed the live video I wasn't feeling well so I was in bed, but amazing review as always!

    Jessica BaranchakJessica Baranchak2 years ago
    • Thank you Jessica. I hope you get to feeling better. Also don't forget to like and subscribe if you haven't already. Thanks for watching.... Later.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • In your steel cup, roast hazelnuts over stove then crush up. Pour in honey and when warm, melt in chocolate. Be nice spread on tank track crackers 😊

    C.James.CornwalllC.James.Cornwalll2 years ago
    • +C.James.Cornwalll That could be a fun experiment to try some time. The hazelnuts definitely need roasting that's for sure.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • Sweet idea with the livestreams smokey, too bad that its at a bad time for me (2 at night) Will see if i can stay up next time, let me know in advance when you are planning one.

    EisteeEistee2 years ago
    • +Eistee I might try to do a 6 pm or 12 am your time live stream on a Saturday if I have the house to myself.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • awesome review nothing like aB2 unit instant old coffee

    James DerynckJames Derynck2 years ago
    • Thanks James and you know it. I love the B units.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • I had just watched bt temple's review and then tuned into this live. Perfect evening.

    James OrtizJames Ortiz2 years ago
    • +James Ortiz Sounds like it wad good timing James. Thanks for tuning in.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • Didn’t get the notification! Sorry I missed it Smoke.😖

    Renee AllenRenee Allen2 years ago
    • Oldsmokey it’s cool. No worries. I didn’t get your early notification. I would have said I’d be there. If you don’t see me say something, hit Multimagnum up. He’s got my cell number. That’s why I said you need fb. You can dm people who you know would be there like me.

      Renee AllenRenee Allen2 years ago
    • Gotta love the new age USkeys. I know my reply is a week late but I've been going non stop since I turned the camera off last week. I traveled over 3k miles, had 2 appointments, plus cleanup and prep for filming, then packing for travel them unpacking, etc. Crazy last 8 days.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • I’ve never been hungrier for shitty food.

    Cody ColumbiaCody Columbia2 years ago
    • +Cody Columbia Haha that's awesome...... I think haha. Sorry for the week late reply. Don't forget to like and subscribe if you haven't already. Thanks for watching... Later.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • I've been waiting for this moment , now my life is complete!

    siemenstrafficsiemenstraffic2 years ago
    • +siemenstraffic Haha great comment. Sorry for the week late reply. Don't forget to like and subscribe if you haven't already. Thanks for watching.... Later.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • nice! ;)

    WALDMEISTER BREHM Arthur BrehmWALDMEISTER BREHM Arthur Brehm2 years ago
    • Thanks for checking it out Arthur. Sorry for the week late reply.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • I don't know why I didn't get notification I have your Bell on

    original fireman cancelledoriginal fireman cancelled2 years ago
    • Gotta love the new aged USkeys. I need to send you some of my hot wheels. I should have sent some with the accessories pack I sent you last time.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • sorry I missed your live show, I may do my next ration review live, I'd stream with my phone and watch the chat on my computer. now you are making me want a B unit can lol

    Kaylynn StrainKaylynn Strain2 years ago
  • you are doing a good job I love all you videos

    Daryl SpragueDaryl Sprague2 years ago
    • Thanks so much Daryl. Sorry for the week late reply. Don't forget to like and subscribe if you haven't already. Thanks for watching and commenting.... Later.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • Nice.

    Steve1989MREInfoSteve1989MREInfo2 years ago
    • Nice

      EddiespaghettiEddiespaghetti17 days ago
    • @steve1989mreinfo you would say that lol. God bless in Jesus Christ name

      Alfonso TapiaAlfonso Tapia24 days ago
    • Steve x old peanut butter

      Cody DarlingCody Darling3 months ago
    • Let's get this review out onto a tray!

      DonCorneliusDonCorneliusYear ago
    • Right off the bat

      ChrisChrisYear ago