Veronica Wang Responds to Nikocado Avocado, Stephanie Soo Claps Back on IG

Jan 18, 2020
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Veronica Wang responds to the Nikocado Avocado drama and Stephanie Soo escalates the situation even further. This is part 2.
In the first part of the series, Stephanie Soo exposed Nikocado Avocado and he defended himself. Zach Choi also got involved and spoke his truth on the situation.
Part 1:
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  • The kettle is overflowing today! 🍵 Twitter: - IG: Update: We edited out Stephanie's fiancé's name. Thanks for pointing this out!

    SpillSpill5 months ago
    • your voice is making me sleep

      l Cartoon games ll Cartoon games lMonth ago
    • Spill more tea sis

      justin_ seaguljustin_ seagul3 months ago
    • LuluBee deadass💀

      AbbyAbby3 months ago
    • Pointing it out?? It should’ve never been included in the first place.

      LuluBeeLuluBee3 months ago

      cherry milkcherry milk4 months ago
  • Girl you ain’t got no kettle! That’s a whole lake!!✨😊💖

    M0cho turtolz_lxveM0cho turtolz_lxve2 days ago
  • I agree with Stephanie Soo stay strong we love you Stephanie Soo stay strong Barbie doll i love you stay strong ❤️❤️❤️

    thetwinsxGacha _thetwinsxGacha _4 days ago
  • y i find zach message so cute fr bcs he use ' :( ' emoji. 😭😭😭

    kim minkyukim minkyu6 days ago
  • do people that do likee screen recording and blah have a security feed-

    *Sxftie Blxir**Sxftie Blxir*7 days ago
  • I know this is off topic but Stephanie looks pretty in every picture

    Myah Lynn MorganMyah Lynn Morgan9 days ago
  • Ok but who makes merch out of a phrase that you were apparently hurt by smh🤦🏻‍♀️wouldn’t you wanna forget that

    Karla ManzurKarla Manzur10 days ago
  • Why don’t you make a podcast ! On Spotify ?

    Areej KhalfanAreej Khalfan11 days ago
  • This is miss up

    Christheminecraftlivestreamer ctvChristheminecraftlivestreamer ctv19 days ago
  • Me watching this while eating my spinach and egg burrito like : 👁️👃👁️ 👄. Waw

    MaRi MeLlOwMaRi MeLlOw24 days ago
  • "These are mukbang channels": 😐These guys should stick to mukbang

    Phantom's DomePhantom's Dome27 days ago
  • my brain is twisting😵 idk who the enemy is cuz its just twisting or something

    CatMasterLegendaryCatMasterLegendary29 days ago
  • At this point, I don’t even know who to believe.

    Mario The ThicccioMario The Thicccio29 days ago
  • I'm a fan of Stephanie and I'm also proud she stand up for herself

    SourBeegySourBeegyMonth ago
  • bruh she really called him out

    SymataraSymataraMonth ago
  • My dad was a emotional manipulator and nikado fits the bill perfectly. Shifting the blame. Making them feel in the wrong. Making himself the victim and slight insults to make their self esteem go down causing them to doubt themselves.

    Lucky The DogLucky The DogMonth ago
  • 🥰

    Stoneage RevoltStoneage RevoltMonth ago
  • 9:39 Anyone else see the text pop up to the bottom right of the screen

    Oreo Is lifeOreo Is lifeMonth ago
  • Guys, if you find his face or name, PLEASE, please keep it to yourself. It’s called PRIVACY.

    MelanieMelanieMonth ago
  • *if you zoom in closely, you’re alone in my kitchen, taking this picture.* I STILL GET THE CHILLS

    rin marbellarin marbellaMonth ago
  • 15:35 i've seen that place before

    k-pop lyricsk-pop lyricsMonth ago
    • Blackpink house ?

      Bored of LifeBored of Life13 days ago
  • I am glad that she stood up

    Anime goddess RichardAnime goddess RichardMonth ago
  • 3:03

    A FishA FishMonth ago
  • Girl you didn’t have to dig THAT deep he wanted his identity private

    Cole CooperCole CooperMonth ago
  • 17:40

    yuri_ DDLCyuri_ DDLCMonth ago
  • can we just appreciate that spills videos have no ads even though the videos are like 20 to 30 minutes long

    Tsermaa TomorbaatarTsermaa TomorbaatarMonth ago
    • Really? Mine have 2 to 3

      Lucky The DogLucky The DogMonth ago

    Phoebe Plank:pPhoebe Plank:pMonth ago
  • This is why you don't spill tea to people you collaborate with even if we're temporarily friends

    Puppy PawsPuppy PawsMonth ago
  • I think I was the only one here playing bloxburg while waching this-

    *Lil* *Linn* *plays**Lil* *Linn* *plays*Month ago
  • Nobody= Not even a soul= Me= ZACH HAS SUCH A CUTE CAT!!

    Eva BlessEva BlessMonth ago
    • 11:24 :3

      Eva BlessEva BlessMonth ago
  • I love your voice...

    x Grēēn Tēá xx Grēēn Tēá xMonth ago
  • I used to like him but the way he eats now is so nasty 🤮🤮

    dj. butterbiscutdj. butterbiscutMonth ago
  • I luv how you spill the tea with true facts (I actually don't know if it's true but-) and being nice at the same time

    Vanessa ZhaoVanessa ZhaoMonth ago
  • Ga ngerti gua , yang penting mah nntn makan :v

    Ryan Al-BarrRyan Al-BarrMonth ago
  • How can you plagiarize tags?

    HeyItsKELS!!!HeyItsKELS!!!Month ago
  • U realise if they just stopped none of this would have happened

    Sally KattaSally KattaMonth ago
  • 3:50? Was that a mistake o-o

    T r o u v i l l a XT r o u v i l l a XMonth ago
  • So now even mukbanger fight ? What world are we living in ...

    Kérancia NiceKérancia NiceMonth ago
  • Soo them!!

    Madam RabbitMadam RabbitMonth ago
  • Ive seen this type of behaviour, so attaching. I never like people like this,I avoid thwm

    Madam RabbitMadam RabbitMonth ago
  • Bruh the only thing I care about is the in and out

    Im YouIm YouMonth ago
  • Why are these people mental?

    Im YouIm YouMonth ago
  • Stephanie should get a restraining order if he doesn’t stop.

    Sf. AlmutawaSf. AlmutawaMonth ago
  • Good thing that zack isn't involved

    saver wolfsaver wolfMonth ago
  • Looking at all the times Nicocodo has blamed others , he looks like a very Big, Bad Baby who needs serious help😤

    Wonderful Dream LadyWonderful Dream LadyMonth ago
    • Yeah my dad was an emotional manipulator and he has the same behavior

      Lucky The DogLucky The DogMonth ago
  • I believe Stephanie period

    Tamara Ramirez Chavez (Student)Tamara Ramirez Chavez (Student)Month ago
  • Zach: i undertsannd that u dont wanna be in any of this but next time nick u know post privite convos you should speak with him and make shure he dosnt do it again ps: that was just a suggestion love u zach

  • Stef:I'm sorry that all those things happened to you but what I need to know is that if your goning to make a video of why u are scared of this person u leave the past out you could have just easily addressed what happened between u and Nick with no fustration of him if u know how he is then why would u make that video so intriguing knowing that the video will make him mad stef you are a precious soul but some stuff u keep to your self and if u want a positive road id advise you to convo with Nick stating that you two shall not spark or contact each other and if viewers don't like that it is ok ig it is for your safety

  • Sis got him together.

    renzo torresrenzo torresMonth ago
  • look i just wanna hear Zach Choi's voice

  • nothing to do with but i love that you make the subtitles small but big enough to see but not in anyones way

    child of godchild of godMonth ago
  • Ngl if Stepahine ever becomes a lawyer you best bet im hiring her

    Equent OnlineEquent OnlineMonth ago
  • 18:00

    kiya shimakiya shimaMonth ago
  • 😮

    Patitolife1 YouTuberPatitolife1 YouTuberMonth ago
  • *SPILL* the tea

    Gr3y KnifeGr3y KnifeMonth ago
  • So all of this happened because the food?😂

    Angel DubAngel DubMonth ago
  • I never liked Nike bc he gave me a weird vibe idk why now I do

    Serenity RSerenity RMonth ago
  • Lol I don’t even know these people *i just like tea*

    Your local clownYour local clownMonth ago
  • the tea spils

    sharvie mspsharvie mspMonth ago
  • It is really sad that he abuses his husband nick

    Potato WatermelonPotato WatermelonMonth ago
  • I’m waiting for Shane Dawson to make a series about this.

    BrianaBrianaMonth ago
  • Honestly y’all- before judging nick please watch his vid-

    • raspbxrry •• raspbxrry •Month ago
  • He's obsessed

    Lilly SchneiderLilly SchneiderMonth ago
  • All I got from this is that they are both really good at manipulation

    Radica FantasyRadica FantasyMonth ago
  • person: *inhales and exhales* nick: *im exposing you for breathing in front of me*

    SukimekiruSukimekiruMonth ago
  • honestly if you wanna fight Stephanie yall gotta be ready for evidence ngl, she has it all

    SukimekiruSukimekiruMonth ago
    • Tru

      Itsukii ༄Itsukii ༄Month ago
  • No One has even done a collab with him since

    MonsieurNerdMonsieurNerdMonth ago
  • Nick is a creep period.

    MedusaMedusaMonth ago
  • Veronica looks like she just cried

    Jakob 7Jakob 7Month ago
  • honestly, nick has problems

    madelynnmadelynnMonth ago
  • Nick must've went after her because she looks easy to manipulate. Yall narcissists need to learn the difference between being a nice person and being a weak person. Everyone has a fighter in them.

    Hannah WasHereHannah WasHereMonth ago
  • He's so annoying

    shamoya matthewsshamoya matthewsMonth ago
  • Nick = The dark side of the web you dont want to be on

    xRxsey _DevilxxRxsey _DevilxMonth ago
  • IK this is is IRRELEVANT----- 15:35 STEPHANIE SOO took a pic of herself on blackpink's House door UwU

    Siti SalmaSiti SalmaMonth ago
    • Siti Salma ayyy blink?

      10k subs with no video challenge10k subs with no video challengeMonth ago
  • Nickocado avacado is scary..... I wouldn’t want to be muckbang buddies with him either.....

    Jamie VolmutJamie VolmutMonth ago
  • Part 3?? Pleaseeee

    Trinity LeighTrinity LeighMonth ago
  • Ok but like Stephanie is so pretty who agrees lol

    ArtemisArtemisMonth ago
  • Hey gal whats le tea now?

    K KK KMonth ago
  • I’m confused I don’t know who to believe because I’m going back and forth between who I believe

    Ron WaclawskiRon WaclawskiMonth ago
  • I blame nick

    Fire ninja DragonFire ninja DragonMonth ago