Halsey - A Conversation About Bipolar Disorder (Artist Spotlight Stories)

May 21, 2020
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In this installment of Artist Spotlight Stories, Halsey and licensed therapist Dr. Snehi Kapur explore mental health and bipolar disorder in an intimate one-on-one conversation. Directed by Liza Mandelup and produced by USkeys Music, the film gives an exclusive glimpse into Halsey’s inner world and personal journey, while offering insight on broader issues surrounding mental health.

For more information please visit Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance's website: www.dbsalliance.org/

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) is a leading national organization focusing on mood disorders including depression and bipolar disorder. Globally, DBSA can help with resources and information.

  • My dad has this it’s not good thing to have

    SkylierFNaFgacha LifeSkylierFNaFgacha Life4 hours ago
  • Es en serio me aburo aburridooo😴😴😴😧😧😩😩

    araceli flores floresaraceli flores flores7 hours ago
  • Every single word of this is so so much needed💗💗💗

    C. PhalguniC. Phalguni13 hours ago
  • The interviewer is drop dead gorgeous, damn.

    deadsoondeadsoon16 hours ago
  • Does anyone know if she takes medication? She talks about therapy but I haven't ever heard mention of meds.

    Madeleine's KitchenMadeleine's Kitchen16 hours ago
  • Halsey im so PROUD of U not many celebrities would b soooo open about this. Ur truly a blessing.💕

    Kristine BlankenshipKristine Blankenship17 hours ago
  • I also suffered through depression and i'm glad to say that cause it changed me bit So don't die struggle for your existence things are going to be ok

    Medicine LoverMedicine Lover18 hours ago
  • Good Stuff. I bless you with joy, peace, love and abundance in your life. I bless your YT Channel and all that follow you.

    Happy TexanHappy TexanDay ago
  • I've been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 1&2. It's a hell of a road to travel. We go from up to down, from down to up. And never come to a middle. Sometimes Manic, Down to Depression even the thought of Suicide and as well as actually Attempting it To completing it. Known as The Unknown Silent killer Within. Bipolar Disorder Does exist. But it goes undiagnosed for Years.

    Berlinda GriegoBerlinda GriegoDay ago
  • I don't like the person Halsey is sitting next to.

    Rana FARana FADay ago
  • your camera man sucks asss

    Rana FARana FADay ago
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    Amanda WilsonAmanda WilsonDay ago
  • what a strong woman

    Johanna Chappuis MusicJohanna Chappuis MusicDay ago
  • 할시 사랑해요 ♥

    혜선혜선Day ago
  • OMG. i can really relate to this. ♥ Thank you for being so brave.

    Rene' WalkerRene' WalkerDay ago
  • The anchor is an indian

    M.prathiksha MuraliM.prathiksha MuraliDay ago
  • You have a sore throat but you have a very unique voice that's why you are my favourite singer 💖💖

    Aastha ThapaAastha Thapa2 days ago
  • what causes bipolar disorder ? The answer is : pregnant women drinking Coca_Cola

    rubo cimusrubo cimus2 days ago
  • That's what we call talking therapy it helps to overcome the pain & it relieves ,, Dr nes

    Dane ManeDane Mane2 days ago
  • I thought Halsey was Jin from BTS for a sec

    Nghia TruongNghia Truong2 days ago
  • Why did people “dislike” this video? I think it’s excellent. Keep the conversation going. I have respect for Halsey.

    Jeana BarbietoJeana Barbieto2 days ago
  • My fav artist

    Emmanuela ZizhouEmmanuela Zizhou2 days ago
  • 할지 당신은 너무 멋지고 강한 사람이예요. 한국에서 응원할께요~♡

    쁘잉뿌잉쁘잉뿌잉2 days ago
  • Her singing is making me alive.........

    Noor raniNoor rani3 days ago
  • Halsey 💜🌈

  • An I the only guy who listen to Halsey music and like studying Mental Health

    0we So Entertainment0we So Entertainment3 days ago
  • I have bipolar disorder and I know exactly what the disease is

    Reza BakhtiariReza Bakhtiari3 days ago
  • This is educational. Honestly I alway try to be understanding, but you can't be understanding unless someone is willing to explain or at least talk about it. So I am very appreciative of this video although it probably doesn't cover more than a scratch of all that is actually happening when a person struggles with a mental illness. Still I always felt that one of the reasons people struggle with such illnesses so much is because there seems to be a taboo surrounding the topic and nobody dares to sit down and simply talks about it. So I thank you for doing exactly that and I hope that more people will look at this clip and discover a new way of thinking and perceiving.

    Kalina StoychevaKalina Stoycheva3 days ago
  • I understand u and what ur going true I've been suffering wit mental health issues my whole life its hard somedays u don't even wanna get outta bed I get u I have nothing but love for u ♥️ the struggle is real u are a beautiful strong girl keep shining bright my girl 👌💯❤️

    Gracieann craddenGracieann cradden3 days ago
  • My son was diagnosed recently after years of depression and crazy, irresponsible,, out of character behaviour. It’s wonderful now to know why. He’s on medication but I’d say it’s ‘dulled’ his personality. This video was really useful but I wish they’d spoken about medication.

    Lucy JonesLucy Jones3 days ago
  • DemonsWrath 808DemonsWrath 8083 days ago
  • I am so jealous and happy at the same time.. people around you said sorry after they knew about your situation.

    Lorraine Ann RebadullaLorraine Ann Rebadulla3 days ago
  • Radha Krishna ka bhajan

    Tena NagarTena Nagar4 days ago
  • ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    daniel batista ferreiradaniel batista ferreira5 days ago
  • halsey annem hani %11 türktün altyazı yok sdjdfs

    HopelessHopeless6 days ago
  • The way Dr. Kapur looks at Halsey😙

    Alpha womanAlpha woman6 days ago
  • Foi daí que surgiu cenário da boca rosa?

    Raquel CândidoRaquel Cândido6 days ago
  • I don't think I moved or breathed this whole video.

    swathi Maddiswathi Maddi6 days ago
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    ARMY wanna b singerARMY wanna b singer6 days ago
  • I totally understand the post album depression, I compose albums once every 2 months and I feel so empty if I don’t immediately get a new idea for the next album concept. But without songwriting as an outlet I think I’d be in a far far lower place....managing bipolar disorder is knowing when your in a certain side like mania, depression or dysphoria and learning what you need to accommodate yourself.

    Ken Kraken attackKen Kraken attack7 days ago
  • Thank you Halsey for speaking out

    ahsho lohayahsho lohay7 days ago
  • Thank you Halsey... I think I'm bipolar too... I'm getting tested for it right now. I'm so scared, when I'm depressed I want to kill myself or drown myself in the lake. I wish I could meet you and be your friend, no one understands me the way that you do...

    Sammie JoeSammie Joe7 days ago
  • Kanye West has bipolar disorder

    epic10epic107 days ago
  • reminds me of Black Box tv show about the bipolar neurologist. it has a moment when the main character is in love with her mania due to being the most creative there, but her therapist asks something along the lines "do you want to be talented or normal?". Normal there was closer to being alive because manic episodes were life-threatening. it really stuck with me, that question. It's hard to choose life over the "art" you are capable of in mania stage, if you define yourself by that art. but that's sometimes what you have to do to get better.

    tru etru e7 days ago
  • Thank you for sharing. There’s nothing to be afraid of in accepting yourself..although, like you said it is a process. I also think it also helps to educate other people who are around you and important to you. We all tend to shy away from topics like this and other people are not aware. For the longest time, You get so confused as what you did to make them so mad at you or why one day they are good and the next they are depressed. I was so unaware and un compassionate about this and took it as a personal attack. I blamed myself that it was me, and I wasn’t good enough. It hurts a relationship but I never really understood it. After having to go through a relationship where all I felt lost on the other person’s emotion...I wish videos like this came out back then to inform me. You have to learn to understand that sometimes it is not because of you and it is a condition. This world is not black and white, it’s colorful with all kinds of variations. It is important for us to know and be more informed...not only for the person who has the condition..but for people like me, who have no clue in dealing with it. I realize now, that many people suffer from a lot of things we do not know. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. In the end, we are all human...this is all human, and we need to learn about it to accept ourselves and function.

    Oak SuwanphanichOak Suwanphanich7 days ago
  • I listened to manic and by clementine I thought... oh yah... Halsey is my people. Bi polar a hell and I LOVE it. ITS A WORK ART! YOU ARE A GODDESS!

    BiPolar Flat EarthBiPolar Flat Earth8 days ago
  • She's looking like Sherlock

    Farheen IslamFarheen Islam8 days ago
  • O homem mais inteligente que passou pela terra falou, "não julgue as pessoas para não serem julgados na mesma medida", talvez muitos a julgaram nos momentos em que ela não estava bem, mas Deus sabe do fardo de cada um, e da dificuldade de cada um, e não podemos julgar ninguém exatamente por isso, por que podemos ser um dia julgados por Deus e ele irá falar pra nós, mas você queria pessoas perfeitas mesmo sendo tão imperfeito? Não julguemos a ninguém, por que seremos hipócritas em querer achar que somos perfeitos em um mundo tão imperfeito, espero que a Halsey encontre o caminho da paz e que Deus a guie no bom caminho e ajude ela a carregar o fardo e os desafios do dia-a-dia, e que ela saiba que todos somos imperfeitos e temos nosso fardo pra carregar, não tente ser perfeita por causa das pessoas.

    Boss BossBoss Boss8 days ago
  • Every day is dejavu for children from these countries (as our education is the most brutal) 🇷🇺🇺🇦🇯🇵🇰🇷 7.00 Get up 8.30 - 21.00 Learn 22.00 Sleep And again Question: about what disorders you are even talking about?

    ДекораторДекоратор8 days ago
  • This touched me and i lover her even more♥️ she knows that this might help and it really deeply does .. poor this world , now it has to carry my all love and feeings to her , hope universe could hadle my feelings 🌝😛

    ʀᴀᴠᴀ ,ʀᴀᴠᴀ ,8 days ago
  • 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

    A RA R8 days ago
  • Thank you, beautiful stranger.

    jay allbrightjay allbright8 days ago
  • Rest in Peace, Steve Cash.

    Roger GonzalezRoger Gonzalez9 days ago
  • Everyone who reads this you are not alone with it and please stay strong there are people who love you ♥️

    ninozh_ 27ninozh_ 279 days ago
  • Bts miss Halsey.. Especially jimin miss Halsey..

    liza Gegawinliza Gegawin9 days ago
  • i didnt know this about Halsey,but u are amazing talented and the mind its so powerful.Thank you for sharing your story.

    annalyen gutierrezannalyen gutierrez9 days ago
  • Other people when someone gets diagnosed with a mental illness: oh, I'm sorry My family when I got diagnosed with a mental illness: you're a monster Halsey's music inspired me to be who I am, and it helps calm me in my uncontrollable state. I hope I could still be a light to people and they would stop seeing me as a monster, but rather, as the angel I wanted to be

    Mara RomillaMara Romilla10 days ago
    • @S C YOU'RE SO STRONG SWEETHEART! I'm sorry that you had to go through all that. But never forget that mental illness isn't something to be scared of or something to shy away from. It can happen to anyone. So please seek proper medical help. And confide in people who truly love you and whom you trust. Try to ignore people who talk bad about you. YOU MATTER, YOUR EXISTENCE MATTERS!✊ Forever sending love and prayers your way!❤️ MORE POWER TO YOU

      Ayesha SiddiqaAyesha Siddiqa21 hour ago
    • @Mara Romilla I'm sorry for all that you had to go through. But you're a beautiful and strong person! And never forget: YOU'RE AN ANGEL! Forever sending love and prayers your way sweety! STAY STRONG! MORE POWER TO YOU

      Ayesha SiddiqaAyesha Siddiqa21 hour ago
    • I know how you feel. I haven't been diagnosed with anything but I have a old school macedonian family. Witnessed my parents going thru domestic violence and mother crying so much from it it was so sad to witness a helpless mother being hit on the head by her husband and here I was a little girl crying aswell. Trying to like heal her or stop the situation. Feeling helpless myself. And would have felt anxiety, been afraid all that. And as an adult now my mother just forgets all that. And we aren't close anymore. We live together yet she gives me silent treatment that lasts up to like 7 months. Even more. And through out everything in my life including this treatment I developed anxiety and have had panic attacks. And my sister said the worst thing in the entire world bascially a monster but even worse. She told my mum once that I can kill them in their sleep and they called the cops on me because I was so angry at my mum because the silent treatment was getting to me. Yet nobody in my family wanted to see my side. Or tell mum off. It's all swept under the rug. I'm bascially the scapegoat of the family. Anyway i wish I never heard my sister say that. Because I started to fear myself and get that thought in my mind like what if she's right. Even though I know she's not. It's that panic state , the fear. The trauma of it. Families cam do mkre harm than good sometimes :( keep believing in yourself. We know our selves best. Nobody knows us more. Like Billie eilish says in her song "If they knew what they said would fo straight to my head what would they say instead".

      S CS C4 days ago
  • Halsey is the biggest Loser who used BTS to become famous

    Lidha MohamedLidha Mohamed10 days ago
  • your boots are gorgeous

    NotSenile95NotSenile9510 days ago
  • I have bipolar disorder. It's so difficult sometimes but i am very inspired by your story and many things you said resonated with me. Thank you

    HotshocolateHotshocolate10 days ago
  • 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🔪💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🤬😱🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Kim NamjoonKim Namjoon10 days ago
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    Kim NamjoonKim Namjoon10 days ago
  • 💩💩👻💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

    Kim NamjoonKim Namjoon10 days ago
  • I did a react video because this was so good.

    Jen Talks Books and BipolarJen Talks Books and Bipolar11 days ago
  • Thank you 🎗

    Jen Talks Books and BipolarJen Talks Books and Bipolar11 days ago
  • how do i know if i have bipolar disorder and what are the symptoms

    z on the ranch p_er 2.0z on the ranch p_er 2.011 days ago
    • z on the ranch p_er 2.0 Even if you had all the symptoms it’s not something someone can diagnose themselves, if you wanna see the symptoms you can google it. The only way to diagnose it though is with a therapist.

      Sasha RSasha R9 days ago
  • i am a huge fan and i love you so much you are truly a role modle

    z on the ranch p_er 2.0z on the ranch p_er 2.011 days ago
  • Thank you so much for this! I received my diagnosis when I was 25 and at the time there were no public figures speaking about it, and certainly no one else I knew. Hearing you speak about forgiving your manic self brought many emotions for me. I’m so grateful that young folks growing up today don’t have to feel so alone and strange. Maybe someday it will be seen as an emotional Ability instead of a disorder. Thank you so much!

    n slingern slinger11 days ago
  • I'm too st..pid to suggests, trying hear suggests.

    Andrzej WesołowskiAndrzej Wesołowski11 days ago
  • I know it's not important but the psychologist is so beautiful!

    ExpressYoSelfExpressYoSelf11 days ago
  • She is so beautiful inside and out

    KayKay12 days ago
  • People being there for you when you suffer mental illness is just a Smith lie you can tell to people who didn't endure that. No one but you yourself alone in this journey to save y to get better

    Blue skyBlue sky12 days ago
  • I already see her as a bts band member

    ZarinZarin13 days ago
  • I hate it, its so much fun.

    Andy BAndy B13 days ago
  • I have Bipolar since I was 8 years old. I loved Halsey's music because it made sense to me, it's weird but I felt like she understood me... I looked up that she was bipolar, It's good to know I am not alone and what I feel is real. Alot of people say what they said to her I don't look like it and when I am manic I attract so much love and suddenly when my mood changes I lose all of my friends and its like this lone journey of constant change .

    Mr XMr X13 days ago
  • Thank you. It took me 12 years to get a diagnosis. Mania is also one of my biggest problem areas. But you give me so much hope. Thank you, thank you, thank you🖤

    Julie Pitts-HartJulie Pitts-Hart14 days ago
  • Oi

    analuiza gamesanaluiza games14 days ago
  • You are so inspiring Halsey 💜 I got diagnosed with Bipolar when I was 16 but then re diagnosed with BPD, I can so relate although they are both different things but have similar certain elements. Your music gives me strength so express myself more and not be ashamed of my feelings. Thank you for your amazing music.

    Ali SaurusAli Saurus14 days ago
  • I love this I have BD too and I totally relate

    Pineapple FrogPineapple Frog14 days ago