The Ending Of Interstellar Finally Explained

Mar 5, 2020
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Directed by Christopher Nolan, Interstellar is a fantastic tale of time, space, and love. But if you got a bit lost in the final act of the film, we wouldn’t blame you. So let’s do our best to walk through the bizarre, mind-bending ending of Interstellar.
Life on Earth isn't great in Interstellar. Massive dust storms are tearing up the planet, crops are failing, and soon, humanity will cease to exist. Looking for answers, NASA turns to the skies, hoping for some kind of insight.
As we learn at the beginning of the film, a group of 12 scientists traveled through a mysterious wormhole that appeared near Saturn, to see if the 12 planets on the other side could sustain human life. A few years later, the Endurance and its crew including Matthew McConaughey's Cooper and Anne Hathaway's Brand are going to visit the three most promising planets in the hopes of colonizing one. When they arrive on Dr. Mann's planet, the heroic scientist assures them his icy cold spot is the perfect place for humans to live.
Unfortunately, it's soon all revealed to be a ruse. Although each of the original 12 scientists knew their trip was one-way, Mann admits he never fully considered the possibility that his planet would be uninhabitable, and that he might die alone. Although he resisted the urge for years, he eventually falsified his survey data to coax another team to travel to his planet, intending to use the Endurance to escape.
At this point, Mann is so desperate to leave that he'll do anything, even kill. Paranoid that the Endurance crew won't go along with his plan once they learn what he's done, Mann attempts to kill Cooper so he can make his getaway.
Back on Earth, Cooper's now-grown children find themselves at odds. His daughter, Murph, played by Jessica Chastain, has realized the surface of our planet has become uninhabitable. So naturally, she's trying to persuade her brother, Tom, to bring his family to the secret NASA facility where she's been working on the gravitational equation that would allow humanity to escape into space en masse.
But despite Murph's warnings, Tom refuses to abandon the farmhouse where they grew up. After Cooper left them in their grandfather's care when they were children, never to be heard from again, Tom lost all faith in NASA's ability to help them. Keep watching the video to see the ending of Interstellar finally explained!
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Dr. Mann's plan | 0:15
Burning Tom's fields | 1:50
How to get to Edmunds' planet | 3:00
TARS, Cooper, and Gargantua | 4:32
Cooper's survival | 5:36
Murph in the black hole | 6:55
Who are 'they'? | 8:09
What's love got to do with it? | 9:35
What happens after? | 10:53
Cooper's final destination | 12:15
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  • Did you also find Interstellar confusing?

    LooperLooper9 months ago
    • Not really I actually went above of the movies confusion and kept adding theories

      Ghost JrobGhost JrobDay ago
    • I found it amazing

      Jerek BilbarJerek Bilbar3 days ago
    • It was easy

    • Umm...yea

      Meer exeMeer exe12 days ago
    • No

      wasim shaikhwasim shaikh12 days ago
  • Then Everything turns black and Leonardo DiCaprio wakes up and all of this is a dream. Haha

    Kimoy VlogsKimoy Vlogs6 hours ago
  • 21years long movie in Miller's planet :D

    preetesh sonipreetesh soni11 hours ago
  • I didn’t even understand this explanation. Lol. I’m too stupid to understand this movie

    all CAPSall CAPS22 hours ago
  • Shall we take a moment to thank the Casting director of this movie for finding the young Murph who looks like the adult Murph?

    BenBenDay ago
    • Anne Hathaway would have been a better fit tho

      Dani TDani THour ago
  • The only thing we all want to know is ...... did they really end up all on this planet or Brand will be alone for ever. They actually explain everything this video says ... in the movie lol

    Peter PetersonPeter PetersonDay ago
  • Guys im confused if humanity was dying on earth how did people from the future help them when they was supposed to be the last of the humans?

    aqib hussainaqib hussain2 days ago
    • @Tintop I have watched this movie about 8 times and it’s my favourite movie of all time but I missed the part of “they” being humans I always thought it was aliens helping them.

      aqib hussainaqib hussainDay ago
    • @Tintop yeah nah still don’t get it

      aqib hussainaqib hussainDay ago
    • they were not from the "future", time is relative. And the information that was needed was sent through gravity and in the movie they explained that gravity is independent from time. So they can send information from any point to any other point in time. You just need someone who receives and understands the message (Murphy in this case). It all has a hefty taste of the "travel back in time and kill your grandpa"-paradox, if that's what you mean. But in this case it's not time travel, it all happens at the same time but in different dimensions. After entering the black hole, Cooper is in the 3 dimensional shadow of a 4 dimensional cube (Tesseract) where he essentially can see (and interact with) every moment in time. Time has no meaning there. He just had to find the right moment to send his message.

      TintopTintopDay ago
  • 12:59 warmhole shouldn't be there like before right. Because 5th dimentional beings closed that after copper was succesfully brought back to our solar sytem. Then how he will be able to reach brand 🤔🤔

    RK ROHANRK ROHAN2 days ago
  • Looper, this is no time for caution

    Brute4rceBrute4rce2 days ago
  • Why does this movie need a tutorial is strange, it's a well explained film with enough details to fallow from the begining to the end?

    sebastien taylorsebastien taylor2 days ago
  • This movie made me think too much. Thinking about what will happen when earth is uninhabitable...

    BlobsBlobs2 days ago
  • at the end i realized that when brand took her helmet off, she tried to kill herself and when she took a breath in she realized that there was oxygen on edmunds’ planet and that was what they were looking for the whole time.

    Zoe ScottZoe Scott2 days ago
  • I'm just trying to see your explanation of the ending and im not even half way through the video and have experienced 4 ads or roughly 7 miller days -_____-

    Joshua StriffolinoJoshua Striffolino3 days ago
  • After entering the black hole, I always fall asleep...

    TheGuruGameTheGuruGame3 days ago
  • I didn't understand something... So the people who put the wormhole there and saved Cooper where the people that he finds when he wakes up, but how could they exist since they did those things before they born. they couldn't do those things if they weren't born. They couldn't have saved themselves.

    Sandra ViegasSandra Viegas3 days ago
  • I hate Murph she didn't do anything but got the clout instead of Cooper

    Light YagamiLight Yagami3 days ago
  • ridiculous, not even remotely believable movie

    Mark LlewellynMark Llewellyn3 days ago
  • Why tf ppl need endings explained??? Watch the damn movie carefully omg

    Carlos D SCarlos D S3 days ago
  • How many of you think that tenet is a sequel to interstellar

    my Micromaxmy Micromax3 days ago
  • I just finished this film man my word iv never experienced a movie like this in my life it's made me appreciate time so much

    CodyhumanCodyhuman3 days ago
  • anybody watched Tenet? is it good good?

    Yacov BYacov B3 days ago
  • Good thing I watched "dark" before this movie.. didn't take me time to understand loops and quantum mechanics

    Muhammad HamzaMuhammad Hamza4 days ago
  • Dude its an emotional movie tooo, that broke my heart 🥺

    Amandeep SharmaAmandeep Sharma4 days ago
  • can anyone tell how to use movies clip in video without getting copyright issue ??

    Akash NigamAkash Nigam4 days ago
  • Yes but, if it were humans to create a wormhole from the future to save humanity, how did they get to the future in the first place, considering that earth was near to its end? If they created the wormhole, this means humanity ALREADY survived and there was no point in creating the wormhole.

    baccy81baccy815 days ago
  • It's a lot easier to understand when there's not extremely loud background music 😂

    Logan D.R.Logan D.R.5 days ago
  • At first I thought "they" was God.

    JessTheBlackCatJessTheBlackCat5 days ago
  • 2001, A Space Odyssey did the same thing. I'm sure Nolan was affected from way back then :)

    MrFirstdance2000MrFirstdance20005 days ago
  • What an amazing movie?

    Faith Maree RobbinsFaith Maree Robbins5 days ago
  • I rewatched it again and found out that Edmund's is the one for human to truly live (Soil, Surface, and Water are available). And the funny thing is "TARS is durable af". More than 50 years of using and still work so well 🤣

    Owen SiwakornOwen Siwakorn6 days ago
  • What if this YT video alters the future path of a viewer who then unknowingly saves the planet from extinction by their future actions. And it will all be because they watched this video

    George ColemanGeorge Coleman6 days ago
  • Part that got me was when Murph said "I'm the age you were when you left, it'd be a good time for you to come home"

    Spencer CompsSpencer Comps6 days ago
  • Man this movie I awesome, one of the reasons that made me love the cosmos. Many people may not understand the ending but that's a great ending that'll make you want to have a great knowledge of the cosmos

    Gutierrez Sean CraigGutierrez Sean Craig7 days ago
  • I never thought a movie this complex could make me cry too

    Arnav YadavArnav Yadav8 days ago
  • Me after fully understanding what the movie has to give I am somewhat of a *scientist* myself

    Arnav YadavArnav Yadav8 days ago
  • Interstellar 2m

    Amia MairaAmia Maira8 days ago
  • I don't mean to be a wet blanket but gravity isn't a dimension

    Medo MannosMedo Mannos8 days ago
  • It’s defo a very deep film, and people will either love or hate it, cos it require an effort to think along.

    Andros RocchaAndros Roccha8 days ago
  • didn't consider the other interpretations?? lame. Cooper just had a death dream to the end.

    t0caiat0caia8 days ago
  • Hello Tars send us the quantum data so we could time travel and watch interstellar forever but only paying once

    Ray TainoRay Taino9 days ago
  • If all the time calculations are correct with this movie, an additional 12 years were added on for Cooper Station. He was about 35 when he left Earth and Murph 10. 2 years in cryogenics, 23 years on Miller’s Planet, then 51 years with the maneuver around the black hole. Perhaps those extra 12 years were tacked on by “them”, so he could arrive at the space station at the right time to see his now 99 year old daughter out of cryogenics to say goodbye to her. She lived that long on a diet of corn her entire life. Good for her!

    Jon StewartJon Stewart9 days ago
  • I thought this video would be explained the time Cooper entered the black hole up to the end was a death dream. He was screaming in pain entering it, then a cut to the burning crops, then he “wakes up” and enters the black hole ejecting the spacecraft, then all the magical stuff happens.

    Jon StewartJon Stewart9 days ago
  • Overrated director. And even more overrated movie.

    Abhiram MsdAbhiram Msd9 days ago
  • This movie is toooo fcknnnn much for me atm

    PaniflexPaniflex10 days ago
  • Couldn't he have given the quantum data to him before he had to leave

    Bucket FamBucket Fam10 days ago
  • Look up the akashic records. It is said to be a library, the ancients spoke of it.

    Multidimensional KnowledgeMultidimensional Knowledge10 days ago
  • but i have doubt . what if we aplly a paradox ie shakesphere paradox or hitler pardox , then who had made the wormhole. or is it like that the paradox cant be applied beacuse of the 5 diminsion or 7 diminsion . PLS CAN ANYONE CLEAR MY DOUBT if you understood what i mean

  • This movie made me have some crazy dreams. 🤯

    schuuta1schuuta110 days ago
  • god, when is interstellar 2 coming, this movie was honestly amazing, maybe even my favorite

    Boxable SocksBoxable Socks10 days ago
  • No one's even dared to talk to him inside that room. Not even a simple "Hi Grandpa". Only his daughter.

    PagSure BaPagSure Ba11 days ago
  • Ermm, why does it need explaining? And especially "finally"! The script wasn't written by a rocket scientist(excuse the pun). It was all pretty self explanatory. Make a video about anything nowadays 😅. Look out for my latest "The Emm at the end of the word Dim, finally explained" 🤣🤣

    Stabis HopStabis Hop11 days ago
  • Just posting this comment to emphasize myself that this is one of my all time favorites films.. ❤️

    Nirmal MenonNirmal Menon11 days ago
  • I just thought the brother/son’s role was rather pointless

    Isaac DempsterIsaac Dempster11 days ago
    • I mean it kept the daughter at the house

      Jacob SmithJacob Smith11 days ago
  • Me after the movie: Damn Ive spent only 2 hours for cooper's hundred years of living.

    Jake KimJake Kim12 days ago
  • WoooooW واااااااو

    Ali AhmadAli Ahmad12 days ago
  • Mysterious forces? They're future humans. I dunno why an explanation of the ending wouldn't include that part.

    jasonmoyerjasonmoyer12 days ago
  • This was the first movie i saw a youtube video to check my understanding and to meet few lose ends together....!!!!!! Physics always seemed creepy, this messed up my mind completely...!!!!! 😂😂😂

    Bikramjit SarbadhikaryBikramjit Sarbadhikary13 days ago
  • And the the older movie Contact, McConaughey is talking with Jodie Foster of the ethikal problem of travel in time...

    Olov AnderssonOlov Andersson13 days ago
  • OMG after watching the credits roll, I realized that I shot the cameraman's wedding in Hawaii

    Warren KawamotoWarren Kawamoto13 days ago
  • What happend to Tom ???????is he dead ?

    Tarık ErdemTarık Erdem14 days ago
  • I was still a kid when I first watched the movie... But I never forget the soundtrack and story, so when I heard the music a moment ago I came to search '' Interstellar'' and here I am, finally understanding its ending

    ConcealedConcealed14 days ago
  • Who are they? SPACE X?

    4k3el4k3el14 days ago
  • Title: ending explained Video: gives summary of entire movie

    RobuuRobuu14 days ago
    • TRUE

      Nature cannot be fooledNature cannot be fooled2 days ago
  • Rewatch the film right after watching The Departed for the first time. I must say Matt Damon plays a coward so damn well

    Đức Nguyễn ViệtĐức Nguyễn Việt14 days ago
  • Even us clones are confused

    CT- 6373CT- 637315 days ago
  • This movie is an epic of our generation rivaling storys like odyssey, and Titanic.

    PisaniProductionsPisaniProductions15 days ago
  • I believe cooper died the part when he leaves the 5th dimension tesseract and they find him then bring him to the odd space colony and he meets his daughter looks fake , it wasn't real he's dead

    SS007SS00715 days ago
  • But, who are the future humans? Does that mean that past present and future are continuously taking place in different galaxies?

    523_Anantha krishnan B523_Anantha krishnan B15 days ago
  • If you watched this movie in Gazillion space time, by the time you come back to earth, every single person on earth would have long gone including 1 day old baby you knew on earth.

    SilverNature MusicSilverNature Music16 days ago
  • I didnt knew that interstellar can cut onions

    John CarlsonJohn Carlson17 days ago
  • So if Alfred knew Plan A wasn't going to work, why did he send out Jason Bourne and the other 11 astronauts to explore the planets in the first place?

    Pauly DeePauly Dee17 days ago
    • @Pauly Dee i absolutely adore the dark night trilogy. Im also a fan of superhero movie but most of the time it's just same generic theme over and over again. the dark night trilogy is really different, its make hold my breath and think what will happen, because. But i do get why some people hates them and say that its not a batman movie, its just nolan movie.

      NitaaaNitaaa6 days ago
    • @Pauly Dee Ya, great actor and great movie

      Bangarang 1Bangarang 19 days ago
    • @Bangarang 1 I remember watching the trailer for Interstellar and they showed that small clip of Matthew McConaughey crying and I always wondered why? Now I do. And i felt his pain.

      Pauly DeePauly Dee9 days ago
    • @Nitaaa What do you think Of Nola's interpretation of the Batman mythos? Whenever I watch the Dark Knight it still gives me chills. I am amazed how Nolan elevated the superhero genre to such epic levels. The beginning bank heist sequence with the drum beats in the background is so amazing. Batman Begins is also extremely entertaining and well made. Thoughts?

      Pauly DeePauly Dee9 days ago
    • @Pauly Dee That scene gets me every time

      Bangarang 1Bangarang 112 days ago
  • I still Have a doubt. How 'they' brought cooper back from black hole

    Goutham VeluvaliGoutham Veluvali17 days ago
  • how did he get back to the floating colony from that worm whole's so-called dimensioned library?

    Arun KumarArun Kumar17 days ago
  • Did you also find Interstellar confusing?

    Tyler WickerhamTyler Wickerham17 days ago
  • Just watched this movie high and i loved it it was so deep

    xiTz BOSSxiTz BOSS17 days ago
  • even this summary gives me chills again. This movie was so intense! I needed a break after watching it, i was so...exhausted. Amazing movie

    Max BerlinMax Berlin18 days ago
  • I would love to thanks the scientists from all around the world who solve "such equations" for ensuring our survival on this tiny planet.

    Aniket kumarAniket kumar18 days ago
  • I Love this movie so much makes me want to learn physics and I DON'T like learning it

    R lalruatkimiR lalruatkimi18 days ago
  • The big issue with this great doesnt present salvation...he just went there,had a fight with mat damon,and came back..

    Bart VerfailleBart Verfaille19 days ago
  • So...TARS could transmit data from inside a Black hole? One SO massive with enough gravity to keep light from escaping?

    David BlumDavid Blum19 days ago
  • A mistake at the end. His daughter, now dying of old age, told him to go to that woman's planet so she wouldn't be alone. I had the impression he did make it there before dying.

    Hanno the PhoenicianHanno the Phoenician20 days ago
  • people that not understand and think its magic is stupid

    big bangbig bang20 days ago
  • This is even more confusing

    Ravishankar K MRavishankar K M20 days ago
  • Meanwhile tom's son Am i a joke to both of you...

    ubaidullah hussainiubaidullah hussaini21 day ago
  • this movie is AMAZING

    maubgt pizzamaubgt pizza21 day ago
  • background music, anyone please?

    George GiouvanakoglouGeorge Giouvanakoglou22 days ago
  • here's a fanatic about this film speaking but I think the script has a hole at the end. Muprh is clearly the most powerful person in that new world. Why then did she not order a mega mission to meet Brand and Cooper had to go half hidden? This didn't make sense to me

    Agapantos BandaAgapantos Banda22 days ago
  • This film has the best soundtrack I've ever heard

    michaelmichael22 days ago
  • This is my favorite movie of all time. Everytime I watch it I always learn something new about it.

    michaelmichael22 days ago
  • Just watched the movie and I'm here for explanation

    Sparsha siyaSparsha siya22 days ago
  • This was amazing to watch

    D _J15D _J1522 days ago
  • Wow

    Mike Ellis JrMike Ellis Jr22 days ago
  • Saw this movie and this movie blews my mind 🤯🤯 wide opened..

    Yaj.PennieYaj.Pennie22 days ago
  • Rewatched this movie last night. One of the few movies to bring tears to my eyes.

    Donut ToyDonut Toy23 days ago
  • This is really more of a summary than an explanation.....

    Valeria PalacioValeria Palacio24 days ago
  • Fiction!

    M HM H24 days ago
  • I really don't know why, but everytime I watch even a little part of this movie, I always end up crying. It has such an important meaning in my life since I first watched it on 2014 and it's the reason of why I want to become an astrophysicist, I just love this movie so much.

    Luiza vLuiza v24 days ago
    • @Lucid cuz of highschool lol, and tysm!

      Luiza vLuiza v5 days ago
    • @Luiza v whats messed up about it? glad you're trying your best tho :) keep up the good work gl

      LucidLucid5 days ago
    • @Lucid Tbh, It's kinda messed up rn lol, but I won't give up and will try my best :))

      Luiza vLuiza v6 days ago
    • @Luiza v oh well how’s studying to become one then

      LucidLucid6 days ago
    • @Lucid Well, I'm still studying to try to become one haha

      Luiza vLuiza v6 days ago
  • 🥷

    Sam StimpsonSam Stimpson24 days ago
  • The only good thing about this movie is music ...

    Mega ArtMega Art25 days ago
  • Best movie ever

    David VillelaDavid Villela25 days ago