Donald Trump Acts Like A Villain To Energize His Base

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The President is doing his best to appear like a cartoon villain this week, supporting conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Jeffrey Epstein, announcing plans to roll back the Endangered Species Act, seeking to restrict legal migration to only people of ample means, and promoting "fracking for plastic" at a speech in Pennsylvania. #LSSC #Monologue #Colbert
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  • It's taken me awhile to grasp Trump followers, but I think I've got it: They like Trump because they see him as 'sticking it to the establishment they blame for destroying their way of life. Many of them, say what you will, are a proud people who value themselves in terms of their ability to provide for themselves and their families. Since many couldn't do that, and saw their lives becoming a struggle, and genuinely didn't see a future for themselves: Trump's actions appealed to them because he offered them an "out", promising them a future, with jobs and prosperity. They also saw the country as having become weak and ineffectual, with a rickety infrastructure when it was once the most powerful nation in the world: They want to see their nation thrive like how it did in the past. Trump's platform ran on the claim that he'd tear down the crooked, rotten system, and restore the country to its glory days. The most infuriating part is that, most attempts to reason with his followers will fail because, any opposition simply "confirms" the belief that he is taking it the opposition -- and they're opposing him for their own self-preservation. While some seem to believe that Russiagate was all contrived, a significant number do believe it's true, and 50% would've still voted for him anyway: The best part is that they see themselves as patriots or nationalists because they see Trump as what's best for the country. They don't really care if he enlisted the aid of a foreign power in order to collect dirt on a political adversary, so as to defeat said adversary: Their attitude is "hey, he did what he had to do in order to beat a rigged system". While this might not fit the legal definition of treason: In the past, we'd consider a political figure and his supporters to be traitors -- let's be honest.

    Peter O.Peter O.15 days ago
  • Trump not only acts as a villain he is a villain, trump is a devil in disguise who changed his red devil face for orange makeup.

    Melissa AndersonMelissa Anderson28 days ago
  • Wouldn't it suck if a real emergency struck the entire world in a few months time from now here in August 2019. Boy that would be a disaster...

    Glenn DaveyGlenn DaveyMonth ago
  • No. Some hick set up delivery. They all showed up like it's information warfare. Hey, who's that guy with the mini-factory? I need a new part for my sink. Lol.

    Lloyd Geber the Hellflower1550Lloyd Geber the Hellflower1550Month ago
  • But I like gun littering. That's where I got my first revolver.

    Mike BlairMike Blair2 months ago
  • Trump meets James Bond:

    Vladimir Putin CalendersVladimir Putin Calenders2 months ago
  • Dear Stephen Colbert of 14 August 2019 who thinks things can't possibly get any worse. This is 17th March 2020 here, you ain't seen nothing yet.

    senecasgroupiesenecasgroupie2 months ago
  • those people behind trump should hold up a sign that states we are forced to be here!, because most of them would lose their jobs if they didn't attend!.

    David BrandenburgDavid Brandenburg2 months ago
  • someone should tell humpty trumpy the people don't care what they make, but for how much are they getting for making them is what matters!.

    David BrandenburgDavid Brandenburg2 months ago
  • trump hated the island so much he only went there a dozen times or so

    David BrandenburgDavid Brandenburg2 months ago
  • were the most welcoming when the republicans are not in charge!

    David BrandenburgDavid Brandenburg2 months ago
  • I thought they were dubbing it over, but it really is him with actual Dementia! WoW

    Carl HIRSTCarl HIRST2 months ago

    ozzymandiasozzymandias2 months ago
  • "syphilitic ramblings of a madman" Trump in a nutshell. Classic.

    Martin PorrasMartin Porras3 months ago

    Nah!!Hey!HEY,hooray! JamesNah!!Hey!HEY,hooray! James3 months ago
  • Why does he speak like a DORK? It’s like a drunk at a Kiwanis meeting in bum f’ed Arkansas

    Sandra BrownSandra Brown3 months ago
  • Trump killed him,trump and Epstein were accused of raping a young girl

    Giovanni CooksGiovanni Cooks3 months ago
  • Where does the wind stop blowing? Where, please for the love of God tell me where. I want to know where the wind stopped blowing?#trump

    George SosinskyGeorge Sosinsky3 months ago
  • I want to be Mini Trump so that way I can be Trump's half size president and talk shit to america and get away with it and get paid 100 grand a year tax free on top of it.

    Jason OlsonJason Olson3 months ago
  • Im here for the comedy and jokes they can dish out

    Tebogo MolefeTebogo Molefe3 months ago
  • Trump 2020

    Aaron Van DoornAaron Van Doorn3 months ago
  • Can anyone be more stupid then Donald Trump

    Jeff DanielsJeff Daniels3 months ago
  • Jesus Christ 😂😂😂

    Sean MerisierSean Merisier3 months ago
  • I live in Georgia and one of the main jobs in Georgia have to do with agriculture back 2007 American citizens thought Hispanics was taking there jobs so the whole town deside to treat Hispanics with emigration so yeah they got what they wish for the Hispanics didn't show up to pick up the blueberries and blueberries dont wait when they ready is no choice but to work 16 houers at day well peple find out really quick that picking blueberries is not a joke so within a week people didn't show up to work because it was hot low pay and mosquitos like hell well 90% of the blueberries when bad so the farmers lost so much money and they where mad the farmers end up paying a lot of money to get that Hispanics back and told the police not to fuck with them and told all the instigators to stay the fuck away that didn't wanted to hear from the lazy asses anymore the problem is not so much emigrants is american citizens they think they to good to work but they wont let any body work

    Jr MartinezJr Martinez3 months ago
  • Trump has to be the stupidest man in 🇺🇸 Something serious wrong with his supporters

    Sandy PSandy P3 months ago
  • "windmills kill all the birds." Let that sink in. ALL the birds. Not millions of birds, no, ALL of them. Of the Chosen Ones sitting behind him, I saw a few who didn't smile. Why weren't they removed? When the neo-messiah blesses you with a funny joke, you SMILE.

    vestiphobevestiphobe3 months ago
  • Darling, I want to watch Trump on television tonight says June clever! Most of us if our spouse said that we'd pack them in the car and off we go to hospital.

    Willie frazierWillie frazier4 months ago
  • So trump thinks the power goes out when the windmill stops turning.......and he’s the POTUS . Somebody make this stop....pleeeeese....hahaha

    jd2616jd26164 months ago
  • 'you don't want to live a long life without aches and pains do you?'

    MonkeyShamanMonkeyShaman4 months ago
  • I used to live in Mexico, and wasn't allowed to apply for government benefits. I have friends in Indonesia who had to prove they could support themselves financially before being granted residency. I've looked into attending University in Germany and was told to deposit $30,000 into a German bank account before relocating. China only grants 1,500 green cards per year. America does more for immigrants than any other nation, and we are constantly berated for not doing more.

    SebAndersonSebAnderson4 months ago
  • Marine One isn't even running in the background. What the bleep was he standing near?

    OrxenhorfOrxenhorf4 months ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="220">3:40</a> Trump: "The American taxpayer shouldn't have to pay for immigrants." also Trump: Makes American taxpayer pay for useless Wall, tariffs, healthcare AND taxes (instead of taxes, like almost every other country,) golfing almost 24/7, bombing Iran, peeing off terrorists, his impeachment, investigations... oh, plus your kid will be paying in the future (ie. Flint Michigan environmental water issues)

    Gravydog316Gravydog3164 months ago
  • Incorrect as usual Stephan with an A for guess what? He is a hero you are the villain with the tail between your legs like the sore loser you are crying like the big baby in your safe space place. You are on film election night and like a BOSS Trump will do it again in 2020.

    Joe GerrJoe Gerr4 months ago
  • windmill powered watch🤣😂

    sergio Lopezsergio Lopez4 months ago
  • God....he’s so freaky, creepy WEIRD...and STOOPID...ffs😫🤦🏼‍♀️

    Marie GamalskiMarie Gamalski4 months ago
  • I love that BALD EAGLE... Even a bird brain knows Trump doesnt belong in that office. That goes to show how DUMB TRUMPTARDS really are. 1 upped by a bird.

    Bigg XBigg X4 months ago
  • The people behind trump look miserable

    Kyle WalterKyle Walter4 months ago
  • I missed that one, that American Bald Eagle reacted defensively to the treasonous POS and now the POS is removing the laws that protect it. That's a cruel petty childish thing to do for a president. That's what you would expect from a tyrant dictator. Like Kim Jon Un. Are you a Republican or an American?

    Timothy DavisTimothy Davis4 months ago
  • listen to the song i pity the poor immigrant!

    ignacio meteorsignacio meteors4 months ago
  • I looked away for a second, he did his Drumpf impression, and for a second I thought they were showing another clip of the actual Drumpf

    Amora Neke LukisanAmora Neke Lukisan4 months ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="528">8:48</a> Stephen’s Trump impression is slowly turning into Floyd the Barber!

    felicity4711felicity47114 months ago
  • Love steven and this show forever. But there are moments when he becomes a character of himself. Gotta make fun of everybody man not just trump otherwise you look too bias. Yea hed bad but everyone's bad in some way. Epstein was definitely involved in some shady sexual shit with Clinton. Cmon dude banged a secretary in the oval office you dont think he was up to some other shit? I voted Obama I dont like trump but guys. EXTREMISM IS THE ISSUE! Left and right have become characters of themselves and only become easier targets for the other sid due to arguments become ridiculous. "Dont kill babies!" "Dont give all out taxes to lazy people!".

    Steven KaufmanSteven Kaufman4 months ago
  • A picture is worth a thousand words .... GOOGLE ... idiot ... Images

    Patrick ReadwinPatrick Readwin4 months ago
  • I ask: was he speaking like this during his political campaign? If so, how can anybody have voted for him.

    Nicola CoppolaNicola Coppola4 months ago
  • The orange clown is funny, but still dangerous.

    Ego demonEgo demon4 months ago
  • Play "America the Beautiful" with a Bald Eagle zoomed in around the face and have that be the candidate for the President of the United States. At the Presidential Debates, literally have said Eagle at a third booth with said song playing in the background whenever ever it is the Eagle's turn.

    Zhor'i AmbassadorZhor'i Ambassador4 months ago

  • I just hope that whatever prison he winds up in has a zero tolerance policy on idiocy... he'll be beat to death within the first 20 minutes.... lol!

    Cheri BryantCheri Bryant4 months ago
  • I guess the running helicopter is meant to show he's on the go!

    hawk wileyhawk wiley4 months ago
  • I don’t think it’s fair to have you in the WH

    Rod ParkerRod Parker4 months ago
  • Best show on television

    Richard RamosRichard Ramos4 months ago
  • Unless you’re Native American, we’re all here because of immigrants including him. Remember everyone here not Native American is here because of immigrants.

    Christine WildChristine Wild4 months ago
  • What is wrong with him

    Rachel GarberRachel Garber4 months ago

    C AngelC Angel4 months ago
  • President babble on and on

    mountaingoat1003mountaingoat10034 months ago
  • LMAO!

    breathnstopbreathnstop4 months ago
  • 😂😂🤣This is the funniest president I have ever seen, it has truly been a hell of a ride, and I don’t even vote🤣🤣😂

    Steve BSteve B4 months ago
  • theres one dangered species in south australia. its called humans. RIGHT NOW. And we arent killing our peace of danger. because its burning everything right now.

    Laughing ManLaughing Man5 months ago
  • God how can people be stupid enough to follow this idiot

    Eleni 1979Eleni 19795 months ago
  • Fun Fact: those workers were forced to come to the meetings. Or not get paid for the day. But ppl call us liberals communist 😂😂😂😂

    The ArtistThe Artist5 months ago
  • You’re so good Colbert

    CLUTCHCLUTCH5 months ago
  • Oh SNAP!

    Priscilla Dea ScottPriscilla Dea Scott5 months ago
  • Frump doesn't act like a villain he is a villain!

    Priscilla Dea ScottPriscilla Dea Scott5 months ago
  • As a rational intelligent Independent stuck with this INSANE two-party system I've always voted line item not party. But now the Cheeto-dusted MORON has limited my choices by 50%. Because of that doo-wrapped Orangutan the Repube party is now NOTHING but a tainted traitorous and deluded propaganda tool for the Head tool and a non-factor in the development of this country. There's a price to be paid for moronic narcissistic behavior.

    The ReckonerThe Reckoner5 months ago
  • This windmill story is fricking hilarious every time. How stupid can you get in the USA???

    Lefty MeLefty Me5 months ago
  • Donnie is obviously pissed off that he never got invited to Epsteins island!

    Lefty MeLefty Me5 months ago
    • On the contrary my good sir. There are several pictures of them together some of which were on planes and several interviews where Trump openly admits and endorses Epstein for his love of "young beautiful girls"

      Bryan HeltonBryan Helton4 months ago
  • Look@ those so call constructon worker or amazon crew wearing those vest behind him been paid sad they don't know what the hell this fool is talking about just going with the flow😭

    Barbara TuckerBarbara Tucker5 months ago
  • How can it be published December 13, 2019 when it’s the 12th?

    Jan truittJan truitt5 months ago
  • He’s such a dumb ass. I wanna laugh but I end up crying that this man governs me.

    ViperViper5 months ago
  • Even nature dislikes him,trump.

    jessica Mjessica M5 months ago
  • When Trump talks, i hear..blah blah blah

    Orchid LoverOrchid Lover5 months ago
  • but this isn’t happening 100 years ago it’s happening now, and disproportionately unforced with countries of people of color. you don’t see cops going up to white immigrants asking for their papers.

    ivyshaolinivyshaolin5 months ago
  • Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to be free. Except for Donald’s immigrant dad, who was born in New York

    Linda OBrienLinda OBrien5 months ago
  • There used to be a saying he's such a liar he'd lie about the time of day. He lies about the time of day, and Alters a weather map to suit his lie. Actually, he altered the weather map because he couldn't admit to being wrong. So typical.✌💙

    Susan PontiSusan Ponti5 months ago
  • Early in Australia's history they had a white Australia policy.. It seems as though Trump is trying to have his own white America policy

    Davied CoeDavied Coe5 months ago
  • The gop base is the zombie apocalypse. VOTE 2020!!

    John OJohn O5 months ago
  • Solid steel coal power blimps hahaha

    Dee DeeDee Dee5 months ago
  • Trump seems really drunk at these things...

    Josh BelcherJosh Belcher5 months ago
  • The American people should ONLY have to pay for my transfer of wealth, especially to me, my hotels, and my cabinet, my friends, billionaires, Oil Co.s, my Admin., appointees etc., who all deserve every penny they take from you!! They have earned it in loyalty, After all I only allow such activity so they'll STAY LOYAL to me. Screw our Allies- I can't profit from THEM, I'll keep accusing them of not paying for what they pay more than WE do - just for a laugh. Remind them who's boss - who's in power. Foreign policy wise, whatever suits Putin, even Saudi's, you know. SURE Putin is a hostile adversary and poses a giant threat ( if he ever took Ukraine faggetaboutit he'd be un stoppable with his new EMPIRE! ), and yes, sure he'd nuke us, and wants to take over the world, but at LEAST MY Americans won't go down having PAID for it!!! Our kids will be obliterated with more of their hard earned tax dollars ( whatever I couldn't take) in their pockets!!! What? But I could've SAVED USA? Protected our National Security? Listen to experts and Military? Sure I could've,. but when push comes to shove "Who cares, I won't be here ( in WH anymore)!!! Main thing is it It all goes to a worthy cause - me!

    Cheryl GrecoCheryl Greco5 months ago
  • Trump does not know how you make a computer.... He really thinks there are people who are building everything inside of the computer.... And this guy got elected.. Amazing.

    Jarle MalminJarle Malmin5 months ago
    • Of course he doesnt know how a computer works. Ffs he doesnt even know how a windmill works.

      Bryan HeltonBryan Helton4 months ago