Steelers vs. Giants Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2020

Sep 14, 2020
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The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the New York Giants during Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season.
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  • steelers discord lets go boys

    Ethan SedlakEthan Sedlak15 hours ago
  • Wasn’t there a moment where Pittsburgh scores like a 60-70-maybe even an 80 yard touchdown, had to redo it, then do it again? I can’t be the only one who saw that...

    XR MachineracerXR MachineracerDay ago
  • Still not real sports it's all pre season you nfl players should be ashamed of yourself of playing now.

    paul woodwardpaul woodwardDay ago
  • Cheering for Steelers

    The Zuidika’s Family 2The Zuidika’s Family 22 days ago
  • If Saquan had a good line 😶

    Thomas AndradaThomas Andrada4 days ago
  • Go Go Steelers!!!

    Bohemio LoveBohemio Love5 days ago
  • So awesome to have Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit doing NFL!!! My favorite casters, Kirk is great. Go bucks

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni5 days ago
  • I like they are calling more Offensive Pass Interference

    AstroooAstrooo5 days ago
  • Does the Steelers associate with BLM, because I saw that they support "Antoine rose jr" a criminal that robbed the person that provided for him?

    Dino AlmirallDino Almirall5 days ago
  • Saquon touches the ball O-Line: Ight, imma head out

    soiung toiuesoiung toiue6 days ago
    • God Terrell Edmunds is awful

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni5 days ago
  • Is nobody going to talk about the absolutely brutal hit Saquon took after hurdling a guy at 5:37? Absolutely teed up, may think twice about doing that in traffic after that

    d0zeboyd0zeboy6 days ago
  • Jones wasn’t even that bad. that interception killed the momentum

    Dev PatelDev Patel6 days ago
  • OL after OL after OL and difference we need a new O line coach

    ProlificTVProlificTV7 days ago
  • 02:00 you know thats tony toe tap :D

    CEDRIC MCEDRIC M7 days ago
    • 0:32

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue6 days ago
  • no fans in stands not football , o pressure on team. joke of china virus

    frankiefrankie7 days ago
  • Claypool went to nd

    Jude The DudeJude The Dude7 days ago
  • Daniel Jones is trash. The Giants should draft a QB next year.

    Legal CenterLegal Center7 days ago
    • killalltogepis991 I hope the Jets draft him.

      Legal CenterLegal Center2 days ago
    • They are probably the frontrunners for the #1 pick and Trevor Lawrence.

      killalltogepis991killalltogepis9912 days ago
  • Jones has a superb arm. Couple of years he could be phenomenal. That Giants' OL is tragically poor, though.

    Nima ScolariNima Scolari7 days ago
  • And now its week 2 and it Looks like Saquon, who in his own right is extremely overrated but is basically the only talent the quantity have, just tore his knee and is done for the year probably. Which means u can't count on him being himself next season either. The giants are an AWFUL excuse for a football team. Miami would beat them 99 out of 100

    Peter HarrisPeter Harris7 days ago
  • Can we just stop please? The Giants are an absolute terrible team. They have zero talent they have terrible coaching. They suck. Stop will the Daniel fumbles it all yhe time Jones stuff. He's got talent yeah for a college guy. He's awful. The optimistic view is so misguided. They're just bad.

    Peter HarrisPeter Harris7 days ago
  • wtf first 2 minutes are like games by junior high school students

    メディカルジンバブエメディカルジンバブエ7 days ago
  • If yoy haven't seen duprees gane winning pick vs south carolina in college, its worth the watch

    Vultor gets to scoreVultor gets to score7 days ago
  • Top-right corner of the screen @ 1:08. How in the world did the back judge miss that defensive holding?! It was right in front of him and so obvious!

    Caileb FeikCaileb Feik7 days ago
  • Everyone sleeping on Diontae Johnson

    brad simmsbrad simms7 days ago
  • God Terrell Edmunds is awful

    Ryan PowellRyan Powell8 days ago
  • The random person who is likes this will get a lucky life

    Rock girlRock girl8 days ago
    • I liked this and I got ran over by a truck. False advertising.

      ApotheosisApotheosis5 days ago

    Mariame YansaneMariame Yansane8 days ago
  • 0:32

    Soam AryalSoam Aryal8 days ago
  • Tj watt was offsides so many times but no calls

    Shots DrippinShots Drippin8 days ago
  • And they went to new York and shut the Giants down

    Ethan HurtEthan Hurt8 days ago
    • Im feeling some depression about the 20-21 NFL SEASON. COLLEGE FOOTBALL as well. Still going to the game.

      Rock girlRock girl8 days ago
  • Darius Slayton is my fav Giant to watch rn

    MM8 days ago
  • The commentator is trash

    M JABM JAB9 days ago
  • Nahhhh Tikis right, Saquon literally didn’t even try to block when he was called to. He left his QB out there high and dry you can’t do that

    Christian AllenChristian Allen9 days ago
  • Giants trade Saquon and a draft pick for Clemson’s Quarter Back: Trevor Lawrence.

    Marcelo SopranoMarcelo Soprano9 days ago
  • No one lives in New York anymore. Thats why the stadium is empty.

    Douglas JonesDouglas Jones9 days ago
  • Claypool is going to be Hines Ward 2.0 son... wait till Ben gets this offense rolling, with that defense, sheesh....scary

    Juice730 ****Juice730 ****9 days ago
    • It was a good game pit to sb

      ceerw butyceerw buty9 days ago
  • I really wish Claypool would have scored one of those toouchdowns. Him Johnson or Ebron,its good to ses JuJu and Washigton score but I wanna see the new guys do well. Tbis coukd be the best WR Corp in the NFL

    Kangol SublifeKangol Sublife9 days ago
    • Daniel Jones very underrated

      ceerw butyceerw buty9 days ago
  • The o line in the giants look terrible

    Armando MArmando M9 days ago
  • Daniel Jones is Eli Manning but better in a way. I wonder how he'll progress through the year.

    PairedPaired9 days ago
  • 11:44 nice

    adam bjarnasonadam bjarnason9 days ago
  • No one cares, no one watched.

    Steven SuslikSteven Suslik9 days ago
  • Bro Barkley ain’t even a bad running back giants making him look bad

    Booty EaterBooty Eater9 days ago
  • Fine granted the steelers are known for their stella defense but the giants offensive lineman looked lethargic.

    Nelly NelNelly Nel9 days ago
  • Im feeling some depression about the 20-21 NFL SEASON. COLLEGE FOOTBALL as well. Still going to the game.

    DeadAnimalEater 1234DeadAnimalEater 12349 days ago
  • Keep Snell as the starter for the broncos game

    Jeremy HawkJeremy Hawk9 days ago
  • I hope we get rid of conner. Worse hb I've ever watched play. A waste of money and roster spot. Cut him and get an actual asset for ben

    brandyn pykarebrandyn pykare9 days ago
  • New Jersey Giants, Buffalo Bills End Of Story

    The ResourcesThe Resources9 days ago
  • 5:58 so we’re not gonna bring up “Schuster-Smith”

    ceerw butyceerw buty9 days ago
  • 11:07 doesn't block, eh?

    benito345678benito34567810 days ago
    • tj watt, then next play bud dupree

      benito345678benito34567810 days ago
  • Daniel Jones very underrated

    Morgan FreemanMorgan Freeman10 days ago
  • It was a good game pit to sb

    Preston TelliniPreston Tellini10 days ago
    • Now that I'm really thinking about the fans being there. They probably can focus more

      ceerw butyceerw buty9 days ago
  • I agree with Reggie Bush, that Saquan Barkley is not being used properly.

    Deacon MackDeacon Mack10 days ago
  • Hey Daniel Jones ain’t that bad bro

    Ya boi Poopy faceYa boi Poopy face10 days ago
  • Kudos to Maurice Pouncy for taking a stand. He demanded Antwon name off his helmet. After he found out the real story.

    Joe HooperJoe Hooper10 days ago
    • The real story and ugly truth is coming out on BLM in general.

      EdmacZEdmacZ9 days ago
  • I wish the NFL would open on line streaming for free.. I cant get the games on local TV, cant go to the local pub to watch, this years football season is off to a bad start. Sucks to be a fan, guess 2020 season is a bust.. why not just cancel it and replace it with a computer simulaton..b

    James HilinsJames Hilins10 days ago
  • Stars American Football and Subway Surfers

    ZKVGameplayZKVGameplay10 days ago
  • As a navy vet and a white American I support the players bringing notice to social justice issues

    Matt ThompsonMatt Thompson10 days ago
  • Steelers made 2 teams happy Of course the Steelers ANNNND..... The Washington Football Team

    KoolAnimationsKoolAnimations10 days ago
  • Steelers went ham!!! Snell is gonna help us along with JuJu and Ben....btw sorry Giant fans about ur RB and QB

    Mr. R33PZMr. R33PZ10 days ago
  • The biggest question is, is Ben still attacking women in the restrooms ???

    Cam MCam M10 days ago
  • I have the world's fastest 30 yard dash. I don't have the world's fastest 40 because my ability to decelerate and change directions prevent me from accelerating any further. I would like to contact someone in the NFL for a tryout. I can cover ten yards in 2 and a half steps. That means two sprinting steps and a slide to acquire a first down compared to the fastest NFL players needing to take six steps to cross 10 yards. I belong in the NFL.

    MaestroKongMaestroKong10 days ago
  • Saquon needs to leave the giants don't be another Barry

    Jose VelazquezJose Velazquez10 days ago
  • You got Barkley in the red zone and don't use him 💀bro trade that man smh

    HBKHBK10 days ago
  • Eli Manning not looking so bad anymore is he???? lol. this "Jones" guy just sucks. not sure how he got the job, but he needs to go back to the practice squad and learn how to be a QB.......

    tyvek05tyvek0510 days ago
  • not bad stelers but git ready for the denver to git you in the bad soun

    Elijah CannizzaroElijah Cannizzaro10 days ago
  • Now that I'm really thinking about the fans being there. They probably can focus more

    thug holidaythug holiday10 days ago
  • Put minkah on the punt return and kick return for da one time...

    Donovan LennoxDonovan Lennox10 days ago
  • Incredible

    Charlie PittCharlie Pitt10 days ago
  • My steelers will lead the league in sacks for like the 5th year in a row, like... you cant double everybody lmaooo

    Donovan LennoxDonovan Lennox10 days ago
  • Stream NFL live streaming with the best Sports VPN. Unlock Sports streaming worldwide with VPN.

    Raphael AppolisRaphael Appolis10 days ago
  • Why are you people supporting this trash.

    Chiram SinChiram Sin10 days ago
  • NFL is trash

    Jasun GilesJasun Giles10 days ago

    Jasun GilesJasun Giles10 days ago
  • Imagine having a chance to draft TJ Watt and passing on him because he “didn’t” fit the scheme. Cmon cowboys.

    seeni gztyseeni gzty10 days ago
  • O line Looks waaay Better!!!

    Forgiven490 AlwaysForgiven490 Always10 days ago
  • Giants offensive line looks terrible! Chicago easy win this week 2-0! Go 🐻

    100% American100% American10 days ago
    • seeni gzty I’m sorry 😐 Not quite sure of your point of saying that.

      100% American100% American10 days ago
    • Boycott NFL - Stephen a Smith is a black privilege illiterate RACIST!!

      seeni gztyseeni gzty10 days ago
  • 10:18 no one wanted parts of that celebration

    Jiquelle KinnardJiquelle Kinnard10 days ago
  • What is it with Boswell and missed extra points?

    RyanatorRyanator10 days ago
  • i never seen boswell miss a kick

    The RandomistThe Randomist10 days ago
  • NFL wants you guys to have IBS for the rest of your life. So watch them at your own discretion. Be careful, my dad made me watch football when I was BOOMING. Now I have severe IBS. Don't. watch. Football. I was becoming man. Now I'm a man with IBS

    Kill MeimhurtKill Meimhurt10 days ago
  • The defense did nothing to help Daniel Jones. They couldn’t handle the workload. Let them get used to tackling.

    CherryTown VibeCherryTown Vibe10 days ago
  • 3:47 Juju Smith Steelers!!!

    Alex NerfersbuckAlex Nerfersbuck10 days ago
  • Pull Off separation? I don't see it at 4:26. Penalty was not warranted.

    slasher the furry dinoslasher the furry dino10 days ago
    • slasher the furry dino So? You act like it doesn’t happen/not happen for every other team in the league too.

      RyanatorRyanator7 days ago
    • @Ryanator Yeah but as you know it is not seen by officials or even called a penalty most of the time.

      slasher the furry dinoslasher the furry dino7 days ago
    • He had his arm extended and locked to keep the defender away from him. That should be called every time.

      RyanatorRyanator10 days ago
  • Dont sleep on benny snell. He rushed for over 110 yards this game.

    John DannJohn Dann11 days ago
  • spiderman far away from home trailer

    Maggie HoustonMaggie Houston11 days ago
  • Been a fan for 20+ years and this looks like another 8-8 season to me.

    Pluto's ForestPluto's Forest11 days ago
    • Pluto's Forest Take away nothing as those things happened, and you can’t change that. No one was confident in the offense last year after Ben got hurt, and no one knew Bens elbow was bad, so they had no reason to not be confident to begin with. They put more points in this one game than they did in 2 3/4 games last year at the end of the season. Also, they were up 26-10 late and the giants TD was in garbage time when the D took their foot off the gas and played prevent.

      RyanatorRyanator10 days ago
    • @Ryanator I hear this talk at the start of every year. Confidence in the offense after playing a bad team. Then by week 12 everyone is angry, saying "well it's more of a building season anyways". Take away the tipped ball at the goal line and fortunate fumble recovery and the Giants are even with us in turnovers. This game was a lot closer than the stats tell. Let's see what offense stats you'll be talking about midway through the season.

      Pluto's ForestPluto's Forest10 days ago
    • Pluto's Forest Well you need glasses then. Ya, those stats are nice. In fact, they’re in the top 6 of the opening week. But why let facts get in the way of your narrative?

      RyanatorRyanator10 days ago
    • @Ryanator from what I've seen in this game, this is not a super bowl winning offense. Nice stats though 👌

      Pluto's ForestPluto's Forest10 days ago
    • Pluto's Forest ...And what about two picks, only 6 yards rushing allowed , two sacks, 26 points scored and a 117 QBR, 3 TD no pick night for Ben makes you think that?

      RyanatorRyanator10 days ago
  • Sheesh I would trade jimmy g for Daniel Jones

    chris sandovalchris sandoval11 days ago
  • I’m a 9 ner fan but I really like what I’m seeing with Jones! He got a lot of fight in him!

    Coach VCoach V11 days ago
  • 6:52 when you click "Run Commit" in Madden 😂😂😂

    Ifreke OkpokowurukIfreke Okpokowuruk11 days ago
  • Pittsburgh always has had a defense!

    American Point of ViewAmerican Point of View11 days ago
    • Not prior to two years ago. The defense was awful for several years before that.

      RyanatorRyanator10 days ago
  • Bud Dupree is the most underrated d-lineman in football. The run stop GOD. Plus his effort is off the damn charts. He'll regularly make a tackle on the left sideline when he lines up at the right edge.

    Lonny HennessyLonny Hennessy11 days ago
  • Boycott NFL - Stephen a Smith is a black privilege illiterate RACIST!!

    Rude RodriquezRude Rodriquez11 days ago
  • Wow its almost as if when Ben is on offense, the steelers win.

    John DannJohn Dann11 days ago
  • I feel as though we’re seeing a Pittsburgh team that we haven’t seen in a while. The defense is usually pretty stout. But this year at least off one game theirs a different vibe. They seem to be actually having fun. The giants are in a complete rebuild just about and I’m not sure if they know what they’re doing yet. But Daniel Jones is looking pretty solid with 2 new oc’s especially considering the way they had to learn the system this year.

    Tyler TubbsTyler Tubbs11 days ago
  • If this Steelers team keeps running the ball like that, they're going to be a legit threat to Kansas City and Baltimore.

    Mike PattonMike Patton11 days ago
  • Many thanks to the steeler player who refused to put a dead criminals name on his helmet. Thank you for your service also. The rest of you football players should be embarrassed to honor a criminal who actually killed a black man in a drive by. You a holes hate cops but love a stone cold killer. Shows how stupid you idiots are. Ratings going into the basement with sleepy joe

    The Punisher43The Punisher4311 days ago
  • Love to see my defense doing there thing again

  • My Two favorite team but am more for blitzburg


    Jason FordJason Ford11 days ago
  • Despite a lot of misfortunes in this game gotta give it up for the Giants on the very visible improvements !! Daniel Jones looks more confident. Slayton just beastin out there. A number of great plays, rushes and drives. Giants could have had 3-4 touchdowns out of this game.

    Daniel ScribbzDaniel Scribbz11 days ago