*NEW* WARZONE BEST HIGHLIGHTS! - Epic & Funny Moments #145

Aug 2, 2020
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WARZONE Top Call Of Duty Plays Best Moments - *NEW* WARZONE BEST HIGHLIGHTS! - Epic & Funny Moments #145
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Massive thanks to everyone evolved in this modern warfare funny moments video. call of duty funny plays are great to watch with friends and we are happy you join us today!
modern warfare gameplay epic moments are here, modern warfare best moments. Cod 2019 is here and its amazing.
Massive thanks to the names and links bellow for giving permission to use clips!
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    Top WARZONE MomentsTop WARZONE Moments2 months ago
    • @Divine Okeke i dont know

      Zane NewmanZane Newman2 months ago
    • I send 2 clips that are waaay better then some of the ones I saw. I just don’t get it !

      Henk Henk HenkHenk Henk Henk2 months ago
    • @yt swerve bustedcrook

      bigman Sandersonbigman Sanderson2 months ago
    • Bro I got a killer clip how can I send it to you? I know the people will love it!

      leonardo paniagualeonardo paniagua2 months ago
    • CallMeBenjamin r t to

      Edward DuffyEdward Duffy2 months ago
  • I'm the only one who do not find bad people? I find only people that one shot me

    Gioele FarinaGioele Farina17 days ago
  • its always fun to see thats clips 😂🤣🤣🤣

    Randy BoivinRandy Boivin24 days ago
  • 9:21 was like an action movie

    AhdvisorAhdvisor2 months ago
  • Yo I see me thx bro🥺❤️

    Shane MullenShane Mullen2 months ago
  • Fuaaaa amigo re chetooo ahre

    El ItsmaEl Itsma2 months ago
  • You chiter ! Coronusmax!

    REC PLREC PL2 months ago
  • I tried something I saw on this channel and got a team wipe

    Ambrose JefferyAmbrose Jeffery2 months ago
  • Where is the 500 IQ moment?

    liveonEJliveonEJ2 months ago
  • Ever seen someone hit an attack chopper with a precision airstrike

    Your Demonic SuperiorYour Demonic Superior2 months ago
  • One of my best clips of the video. None of these were yours.

    Aaron ShelleyAaron Shelley2 months ago
  • That first one I was apart of I was one that didn’t get knocked

    Jason LupinacciJason Lupinacci2 months ago
  • If your clip is selected do you get a email?

    David KrepsDavid Kreps2 months ago
  • 7:09-7:18 what happened there?? He got downed and as the kid was finishing him he blew him up?? He didn't throw a c4 so I don't understand what happened...

    Damien DeliterisDamien Deliteris2 months ago
    • Maybe someone threw one

      Dieser BenDieser Ben2 months ago
  • one of them was hacking

    SNOWCONESNOWCONE2 months ago
  • LIGHTnPASS I baRely started playing and I think I’m beastin who gonna play w me and tell me what ya think! ✌️TEXAS btw I sub for postin

    Roman AlmanzaRoman Almanza2 months ago
  • J

    Amanda DemarcoAmanda Demarco2 months ago
  • Cheaters 🤣🤣🤣

    Filda ZajdaFilda Zajda2 months ago
  • 15:03 survived multiple C4 with a shield?!?! smh...

    Hayden CrispHayden Crisp2 months ago
    • Hayden Crisp he has eod so he can survive 3 c4s

      PayDEADPayDEAD2 months ago
  • 18:02 You can literally see his teammate body go flying from the Precision Airstrike lmao.

    Katayuki InabaツKatayuki Inabaツ2 months ago
  • 0:40 hahahahahahha super funny hahahahah

    고스트잡스Ghostjobs고스트잡스Ghostjobs2 months ago
  • Dude the clips r nice but ur voice anoys me! Pls stfuu dureing the video😂 u dont need to explain the clips

    亗DISRESpect亗亗DISRESpect亗2 months ago
  • The only BR where you need lucky improbably trajectory off bullet fck lucky player

    ben bgrben bgr2 months ago
  • What happened to top gamer moments?

    tacos lordtacos lord2 months ago
  • May we have a moment of silence for all of those who have fallen from the tower ladder at the FIREHOUSE STATION... We have all been there and I know how much it hurts. RIP.

    3milio0o3milio0o2 months ago
  • 🇹🇷

    KåyгǟArd͓̽a03KåyгǟArd͓̽a032 months ago
  • 20:26

    부라리맨부라리맨2 months ago
  • 20:27

    부라리맨부라리맨2 months ago
  • Ppppppppppppppp

    Breanna BarkleyBreanna Barkley2 months ago
  • Nice video

    zuerichkevinzuerichkevin2 months ago

    PurpIiesPurpIies2 months ago
  • Time 3:37 that’s me🙏🏽

    Oegr1Oegr12 months ago
  • Holy shit I made it on here again 🙌🏽🙌🏽

    Oegr1Oegr12 months ago
  • I'm the guy in the helicopter at @7:51. That must teach him a lesson about taunting my teammates. HAHAHA

    talal abalkhailtalal abalkhail2 months ago
  • Omg I was playing with Donald trump today lololol

    Peachy_ FrostyPeachy_ Frosty2 months ago
  • i love this channel the best channel in the world !!

    comedor de casadaxD otáriocomedor de casadaxD otário2 months ago
  • I bet when season 5 drops there is going to be some great plays with the changes to the map

    Erean Guisepe IbanezErean Guisepe Ibanez2 months ago
  • Dude is BEASTIE with a sniper rifle

    Eric CarringtonEric Carrington2 months ago
  • I am eating MC Donalds right now and enjoy this video

    Random BenchmarkRandom Benchmark2 months ago
  • I fucking love these videos man I watch them every day. keep it up. I dig your brief commentary too.. don’t be scared to keep that up too

    Matt SobeyMatt Sobey2 months ago
  • yo man what do i gotta do to get my clip in your video?

    Frasor3384 OPFrasor3384 OP2 months ago
  • 0:45 I would've been sick lol that's clever af

    S HS H2 months ago
    • What exactly is going on?? I’ve never seen anything like that

      itatchisaskuitatchisasku2 months ago
  • Do u let ppl know via email if and when Clip is used

    Danny DayDanny Day2 months ago
  • The crossbow looks so good in these clips but when I use it it’s terrible lol

    CertifiedHoodClassic 69CertifiedHoodClassic 692 months ago
  • Can some one help me get a win I've never gotten one

    yt swerveyt swerve2 months ago
  • Dislajk

    CikaaKuree 123CikaaKuree 1232 months ago
  • 5:40 WW2 revival. Just a russian making a german rage.

    Victor MatheusVictor Matheus2 months ago
  • 10:25 legend

    본능본능2 months ago
  • I look forward to these daily they help so much mentally

    RealMuffinMan76RealMuffinMan762 months ago
  • They need to take out those stupid riot shields

    Johnathan HerreraJohnathan Herrera2 months ago
  • حياكم قناتي كود يا عرب

    hattawihattawi2 months ago
  • Ik This Is Random But If I Get All My Smg On Gold I Can Get The Damcus Camo For My Smg Right ?

    KlxurKlxur2 months ago
  • 90% of these channels have the same clips. This one has 100% of everyone elses

    Evan SmillieEvan Smillie2 months ago
  • How long does it take for a submitted video to showcase on your channel? Basically when should I be disappointed 😂

    Jorge PeacockJorge Peacock2 months ago
    • Top WARZONE Moments just submitted :) JOKR Team Wipe In Trios 🙌🏻

      Jorge PeacockJorge Peacock2 months ago
    • Submit now :) ill have a look

      Top WARZONE MomentsTop WARZONE Moments2 months ago
  • Nine nine nine nine 🤣🤣🇩🇪

    KyzerGBKyzerGB2 months ago
  • Oh snap! It’s The Booty Burglar! 7:58

    OjiDaThirdOjiDaThird2 months ago
  • These highlights are one of my favorite parts of the day.

    Tim DolanTim Dolan2 months ago
    • Makes me so happy

      Top WARZONE MomentsTop WARZONE Moments2 months ago
  • How do I get into these bot lobbies

    M PM P2 months ago
  • That c4 on the guy trying to execute!

    Greg PayneGreg Payne2 months ago
  • Awsome episode - laughed so much - watch each and everyday 👍

    john banksjohn banks2 months ago
    • Legend John!

      Top WARZONE MomentsTop WARZONE Moments2 months ago
  • Didn't get uploaded again.Even i was fresh from the gulag in quads. Dropped on the loadout.

    gooner 2813gooner 28132 months ago
    • Submit now, I'll have a look

      Top WARZONE MomentsTop WARZONE Moments2 months ago
  • 7:00 what the balls happened

    Pew Pew DavePew Pew Dave2 months ago
  • Mega video. 😉 Ich liebe warzone und habe angefangen selbst Videos hochzuladen. Schaut doch gerne Mal bei mir vorbei💥

    LederbootLederboot2 months ago
  • Clip size

    2point2turbo2point2turbo2 months ago
  • Everyone is getting bad about using the same videos in their montages...I know itd be hard but its almost looking like a straight rip sometimes

    Aaron OzAaron Oz2 months ago
  • Based on this video, I feel like the most wanted got targeted a lot in the last 24 hours. Lmao

    Jonathan GJonathan G2 months ago
    • Aha yeah me toooooo

      Top WARZONE MomentsTop WARZONE Moments2 months ago
  • Did anyone see on the first clip their teamate had 177 THOUSAND dollars that shocked me.

    Nightninja0021Nightninja00212 months ago
    • That’s not a lot in plunder.

      Bowup2Bowup22 months ago
    • Life of a plunder player

      Luke SilvaLuke Silva2 months ago
  • 17:22 Thank you for adding my clip! Hope you enjoyed it. And I'll submit some more clips. 👍🏻

    Jonathan GJonathan G2 months ago
  • Amazing video . You are a crack

    Abad CruzAbad Cruz2 months ago
  • How t.f do you get a supply box that fast????

    ThatGuyAronThatGuyAron2 months ago
  • Neineineinein

    sagmaballzsagmaballz2 months ago
  • I played warzone last night. Every game was a fucking modder. What ever company made warzone crossplay needs to be shut t.f down

    ThatGuyAronThatGuyAron2 months ago
  • This is actually hilarious

    Peak ProductionsPeak Productions2 months ago
  • 6:06 i finally got my feature :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Ewan BockerEwan Bocker2 months ago
  • Please please stop show aimbots please!

    Nikos VasigiasNikos Vasigias2 months ago
    • We did good today with less aimbots. What clips are u sad about?

      Top WARZONE MomentsTop WARZONE Moments2 months ago
  • The console players clips doesn't count.

    Taha KartalTaha Kartal2 months ago
  • I don't even fight anymore I just run people over with a car like I used to in bo4

    Wendy SpagnolacchiWendy Spagnolacchi2 months ago
    • Yeah all it takes is a C4 and to the Gulag you go !!

      MultiKushieMultiKushie2 months ago
  • Thanks for showing my clip at 11:36! DIDDY_ZIG ON TWITCH!

    Potential Problems PodcastPotential Problems Podcast2 months ago
    • k

      Edgar4848 •Edgar4848 •2 months ago
  • wait what is supposed to happen at 10:59

    SxmmySxmmy2 months ago
  • Can’t wait to submit a clip one day!

    JarvikJarvik2 months ago
  • Anybody else notice he didn't say his name in the intro today?

    Nick PacelliNick Pacelli2 months ago
    • Very true haha keep up the great work

      Nick PacelliNick Pacelli2 months ago
    • felt like doing something different. we all know my name by now :)

      Top WARZONE MomentsTop WARZONE Moments2 months ago
  • My favorite one in the car by stadium “imma swing the car and you shoot them”and be shot the RPG , I wander what movie he was watching right before he started playing to think of that

    Unknown KingUnknown King2 months ago
    • Hey, I recently started making COD videos and would appreciate if you could check it out.

      P90_ ClipsP90_ Clips2 months ago
    • yeah i thought that was cool, aha

      Top WARZONE MomentsTop WARZONE Moments2 months ago
  • if you fall down that tower , instead of saving the clip just uninstall your game

    Jeff WoodJeff Wood2 months ago
    • Top WARZONE Moments maybe i’m being cynical but i’m convinced a lot of people do it on purpose

      Jeff WoodJeff Wood2 months ago
    • half the community would have to delete the game then! including me :(

      Top WARZONE MomentsTop WARZONE Moments2 months ago
  • That’s me at 9:19 Thanks for including. Really enjoy watching the channel daily. Best wishes! Also agent orange operator is the coolest looking. But definitely hard to play Warzone as I stick out like a lighthouse.

    Max FaircloughMax Fairclough2 months ago
  • The bison has a magazine not a clip.

    Brett ByerlyBrett Byerly2 months ago
  • 13:35 .. wowww

    O'Bryan WilsonO'Bryan Wilson2 months ago
  • 10:39 just yeeted him off the mountain! 😂😂😂

    kendrick morakendrick mora2 months ago
  • Plunder clips, more plunder clips. Good player play plunder also. Could get some nice clips.

    Margarito LuceroMargarito Lucero2 months ago
    • Noted!

      Top WARZONE MomentsTop WARZONE Moments2 months ago
  • Me sleeping and hears top warzone moments Me wakes up and watches

    Kid Gaming487Kid Gaming4872 months ago
  • I'm trying hard to get a clip on here!

    Davey LazaroDavey Lazaro2 months ago
    • Top WARZONE Moments smh that’s nothing I could do that with my eyes close

      Goku ツGoku ツ2 months ago
    • 360 no scope 4 man collateral off of hospital please

      Top WARZONE MomentsTop WARZONE Moments2 months ago
  • This video bangedddddd

    Sitharthan GovindaswamySitharthan Govindaswamy2 months ago
    • hell yeah!

      Top WARZONE MomentsTop WARZONE Moments2 months ago
  • So much hacking

    jo Zamundajo Zamunda2 months ago
    • @Top WARZONE Moments idk man, some of those shots seemed unrealistic u think? ....u might be right tho, sometimes it's luck

      jo Zamundajo Zamunda2 months ago
    • dont think so, today seemed pretty legit

      Top WARZONE MomentsTop WARZONE Moments2 months ago
  • Bruhhhhhhhhhbhbhbhbhbhbhb

    Fionn KeatingFionn Keating2 months ago

    Señor PigeonSeñor Pigeon2 months ago
  • If you ACTUALLY read your comments, can you say hi and maybe a reply in the comments? P.s. thanks for the many MANY features 😊👍

    ShotsAHoy 5ShotsAHoy 52 months ago
    • @Top WARZONE Moments LETS GO!!!!! Keep up the great work over there 👍

      ShotsAHoy 5ShotsAHoy 52 months ago
    • hey shots, i recognise that name! legend for staying active in the comments for the past few months!

      Top WARZONE MomentsTop WARZONE Moments2 months ago
  • Jcorb, I sent you a clip that at is least 15 times better than 85% of these clips where I squad wipe a whole team when I land from the gulag that all had loadouts and self Rez, literally a 1v4 and you still haven’t played it.... I sent it a week ago.

    tylernator2450tylernator24502 months ago
    • Top WARZONE Moments yep done. Sent in two this time. Both under pong Knuckle. The second is the perfect example of trigger discipline

      tylernator2450tylernator24502 months ago
    • send it again :)

      Top WARZONE MomentsTop WARZONE Moments2 months ago
  • 13:02 his reaction was to soft. I would have scream like Timthetatman

    Juancito CarpaniJuancito Carpani2 months ago
    • I’ve seen his highlights on here before. He doesn’t react when he gets squad wipes or anything lol

      Sean McKaySean McKay2 months ago
  • Why doesn't this channel have more subscribers like look at the viewsss🤔 lmao

    Divine OkekeDivine Okeke2 months ago
    • we are growing pretty fast ;)

      Top WARZONE MomentsTop WARZONE Moments2 months ago
  • 0:42 works every time💯😂

    Emmanuel JoshuaEmmanuel Joshua2 months ago
    • ah yes, works wayyyy to often

      Top WARZONE MomentsTop WARZONE Moments2 months ago
  • very funny keep it up!

    President TrumpPresident Trump2 months ago
    • We will!

      Top WARZONE MomentsTop WARZONE Moments2 months ago