Black Ops Cold War: The SBMM Problem…

Sep 19, 2020
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With the launch of the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Alpha there has been a lot of talk about Skilled Based Matchmaking. In this video we talk about the sbmm problem in Black Ops Cold War. Let me know what you think!


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  • People who are saying "ReMoVe SBMM" are just such a noob because if you are a good player, it doesn't matter who you're playing with

    RisnoxRisnox12 days ago
  • Sbmm is really bad even in MW you win 3 games and the game expects you to carry the team against the enemy team that is in a party game which makes it even difficult because half of your team wouldn't have communication but since treyarch owns bo2 they can use the same rank play on cold war and and lower the strength of sbmm on regular games because it's just not fun going against people with much better skill like I literally suck but when I randomly pop off I'll get the worst team ever that just stays in spawn my friend and I have to switch party leader to get better team's but if they don't lower cold war SBMM I'm just gonna stick with zombies I'm stressed enough already I'm 18 and I had 3 white hair and I can't have fun anyway because BO2 is just unplayable with modders and little kids just watching theater mode thry updated the game a few months ago and did nothing and didn't bother to fix people accounts that are frozen like mine zombies is just doing fine multiplayer is just no longer fun when it comes to a strong Sbmm I just want RBMM back😔🤷🏽‍♂️

    Raul JoseRaul Jose15 days ago
  • Dude, you deserve 10 millions suscribers

    Renato SawaoRenato Sawao18 days ago
  • nothin wrong with a new player gettin their ass beat their NEW 🤣 i never understood that, that’s how u get better

    JmanthelegendJmanthelegend19 days ago
  • I don't know why I am here

    Gas Gamer GSMGas Gamer GSM20 days ago
  • Time to reverse boost 🥴

    SKEKMALSKEKMAL22 days ago
  • Just boycott it they’ll change it

    Annon J.Annon J.26 days ago
  • as someone with a lower skill level... I like the idea of skill brackets, where I'm not constantly getting spawn killed by spawn campers, or score streaks, or constantly getting melted by extreme sweats.. I don't like the idea of skill based match making, but I do like the idea of skill brackets, where I at least have a chance to get 1 or 2 kills on the best players in the lobby, and not 0 chance at all.. or constantly getting out played, or melted.. It's seriously not enjoyable when its 90% of the games. I also do have some disabilities and learning issues that impact my ability to play and adapt and become better. not physical disabilities, but mental and learning. so for me, I would prefer skill brackets, where Its not constant score streak and insane sweats to the point you can't even compete.

    AimsAims28 days ago
  • I think anyone against sbmm needs to look at the other side of the coin, everyone talks about k/d. "Oh I had a 3.0 for every cod" "oh I had a 4.0 consistently every year until now" So what has changed? Well, they added SBMM, and what does that mean? You started playing against people your own skill level, instead of playing against people who are as competent as you are for your entire cod career youve been playing against the bottom say 30%. So now turn that full circle, the reason you hate sbmm is because your ego can't handle it. You WANT to play against bad players, the only satisfaction you've ever gotten from COD is that insanely high K/D that somehow give your gaming career any meaning. "I don't want to play against bad players, I just want to not play against people my skill level" meaning you actually DO want to play against bad players.

    redhawk617redhawk61729 days ago
  • Try hards getting mad because they're not getting clips of them absolutely shitting on kids because they have to play people that are around their skill level. Ranked would be nice though

    Warren ShopeWarren ShopeMonth ago
  • The five DLC maps were all good. MW has barely got any multiplayer maps. MW2 got like 15. MW has maybe six. Not now they get way more from MTX. It’s pointless for them to design good maps you guys will keep buying hello kitty scar h adventure

    Norbit RiceNorbit RiceMonth ago
  • There are two sides of the argument. The first is the entire community hating it, the second is the activision shills who want their check.

    Norbit RiceNorbit RiceMonth ago
  • SBMM might be a deal breaker for me. I’ve had a year to decide and it is not fun

    Norbit RiceNorbit RiceMonth ago
  • If they put in skill based matchmaking I’m quitting cod as a whole. It’s my favorite game series but modern warfare and ww2 were unplayable

    FunnydocFunnydocMonth ago
  • Sajam and Leffen nailed it about SBMM

    JS04JS04Month ago
  • They should add THREE types of matchmaking

    Angel MachoAngel MachoMonth ago
  • Did Ink speed this video up? I had to check my playback speed because he sounds more like Phineas from Phineas and Ferb than Ink. Anyone else? Edit: I realized I wasn’t getting enough oxygen. I had an ozone machine in the next room which replaces the O2 with O3. I left the house and I’m feeling better now

    Jeremy RosenbergerJeremy RosenbergerMonth ago
  • Reverse boosting incoming...

    Rubik90 GamingRubik90 GamingMonth ago
  • Easy solution: Server Browser

    eXisten tialeXisten tialMonth ago
  • also in apex, fortnite and hyper have the sbmm!! if you are good player is impossibol playing !!

    Luigi NaccariLuigi NaccariMonth ago
  • Compromise: SBMM until you prestige once. boom solves everything, not even kidding. catering to noobs who wont even prestige, solved. Letting the more dedicated players have fun, solved.

    Alec NorgaardAlec NorgaardMonth ago
  • We get it, you don't want to play against good players

    ElMar-CianoElMar-CianoMonth ago
  • The Alpha was trash my opinion

    AngeezyGamingAngeezyGamingMonth ago
  • It makes moneeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    John Carlo MendozaJohn Carlo MendozaMonth ago
  • Before sbmm"troll videos funny moments high kill games " after sbmm" head glitching camping ,"why i stopped playing cod" videos "

    Its CypherIts CypherMonth ago
  • What’s funny is that CoD Mobile already fixed this 😅 you can play competitively in legendary ranked or you can chill in pubs. It’s pretty sad they can’t make that happen for triple A console titles

    Daniel EndresDaniel EndresMonth ago
  • Everyone stop crying about sbmm you cant be bad at cod it takes no skill to be good so there for sbmm doesn’t affect you

    Nana SuchasNana SuchasMonth ago
  • I assumed you were just going to whine, but you made some very valid arguments. It is supposed to be fun! Sending love from southern Ontario!

    mtkarn1987mtkarn1987Month ago
  • What about a RNG multiplier with SBMM? That would force noobs like me to occasionally play with the hard-core players.

    Kristopher WingateKristopher WingateMonth ago
  • 1 round I do great then the next 5 I get mulested because it sees me do good

    Team BATONTeam BATONMonth ago
  • Get rid of sbmm. I want to have fun again

    BrandonBrandonMonth ago
  • I agree 1000%

    Guillaume PichéGuillaume PichéMonth ago
  • Treyarch common we know your the better studio heck I even enjoyed Bo4 and I still play it cause I only get sweat in Mw, and there is way less people that are new and if they want to get better they'll want to try to be better and look up tips and tricks and that overall is better you can't blindside them you have to push them to be better. That's the only way their gonna learn and help them improve we hope you listen to our request to nerfing SBMM. #RemoveSBMM

    Julian BJulian BMonth ago
  • I stop call of duty mw because of this Sbmm so I quit not interesting next game. So I move on (Warface) I have fun game and they have ranked play what ever i play try hard. So I'm done COD

    SkulltionGamingSkulltionGamingMonth ago
  • When this starts happening I see a lot of sweats I just take 2-5 games to absolutely fuck my k/d then it’s no longer a issue for the next few games

    Green BulletGreen BulletMonth ago
  • Sbmm makes the improvement factor go away. Take away the improvement factor and basketball is just throwing a ball into a hoop and boxing is just punching people, with the improvement factor it's the nba and championships. The whole reason why cod is addictive is because that improvement factor just like how sports are addictive to some people, without that improvement factor cod is just shooting a gun on the TV. I was addicted because I wanted to get better and be that guy going 30 and 0, with sbmm not only can I not see myself getting better, even if i was getting better there's no pay off to getting better because i just face my skill anyway. Imagine being as good at fighting as mike tyson, you feel awesome because you can kick everyone's ass, then your told your only aloud to fight people as good as you, not better so you cant grow, and not worse so you cant see the payoff of being mike tyson, then it's like well why am I even mike tyson what's the point? When I was a noob I wanted to be that guy going 30 and 0, I got better and eventually I was that guy stomping noobs, it's not unfair to the noobs because they just started playing ofcourse they arent good, the only reason why you want to get better is because you want to be the one doing good, so even if you are getting better you still wont do good because sbmm matches same skill players so what's the point of even getting good in the fist place if I have nothing to show for it? Great players should do great average should do average and bad should do bad, if you want to get good then get good if you dont want to get good dont complain that you're not good.

    JCDJCDMonth ago
  • Its not just SBMM... they also manipulate peoples connection, through data packet manipulation, to give certain people in the lobbies an edge...

    Nocturnal DecayNocturnal DecayMonth ago
  • Honestly I agree with you man I don’t wanna rage every time I play cod 🤷‍♂️

    brandish the greatbrandish the greatMonth ago
  • Wait a minute, your were doing good, So the game put you with a bunch of other players that are just as good as you, Then you cant get as many kills cuase you know, youre placed in a lobby where you actually have to try hard to get the kill and you complain that the game is no longer fun......... Id rather not be placed in a lobby with someone that has a 5.0 kill streak while im over here with like you said, an average player with .88 kd. Sounds like SBMM is doing things right

    toby gonzalestoby gonzalesMonth ago
  • SBMM ruins every game it should be removed and thrown into the hottest depths of hell. The problem that i've run into is that you get punished for being good for a round. If you pop off then you get put with other people who play like that all the time.

  • Im not buying the game because of this SBMM crap

    Haider AliHaider AliMonth ago
  • had a crappie game must b sbmm and fyi for all the average people all the game r sweetie and sorry I work 60 hours a week and have kids so I can't just put in the time to get better and I have been playing for at least 10 years so not a noob I spend money to have fun I cod sorry I dont want to b a pro at it

    Matt McnamaraMatt McnamaraMonth ago
  • I’m really confused, are people upset because they can’t pick on people that aren’t good at the game? If you’re easily getting a chopper gunner I don’t think the game is challenging you so on one hand I see all these people talking shit about bad players being safe playing other bad players yet these really good players keep crying about being unable to takeover games with multiple score streaks lmao. I think the ranked playlist is a happy medium and I agree with ink.

    Melvin DelgadoMelvin DelgadoMonth ago
  • Sbmm for ranked play change my mind?

    Tragic -ExecutionTragic -ExecutionMonth ago
  • Remove sbmm please

    Miguel TaverasMiguel TaverasMonth ago
  • You can’t get any better if you’re always playing people at your level

    Shawn XiongShawn XiongMonth ago
  • Ok so it have implemented that cancer? Good to know ill avoid this game and any further cod with that system kranked up to maximum. They simply make some sort of players stop buying cod series . I have bought all cod i have spent milions of hours i have pass tuff times to get skill to become above avg in this games and activision simpy showed the middle finger to that kind of players wich are basicaly veterans in supporting call of duty serie . They have trade us for money so i appeal dont be fool do not buy this game . Its jumping from being one of the best fps games right to one of the worst fps serie i have ever played at the same time with massive massive potential to be great. And i think presence of sbmm in this form should be pointed in requirements as in my opinion is a huge gamechanger and deal breaker and i would like to be aware of it . Before i buy

    krzysztof Niedzwieckikrzysztof NiedzwieckiMonth ago
  • Show them your wallet power. Stop buying game and dlc’s. They will understand.

    Life is BeautifulLife is BeautifulMonth ago
  • This was well said, and I say it reflects the community.

    Slambam441Slambam441Month ago
  • Skill based ruined it for me my opion but at the beging of the day was fun later in the day got killed by sweats or campers just ruined the game Im not paying 60 for a game to get killed and not have a good time

    Memesarereal 24Memesarereal 24Month ago
  • Have sbmm for people with .79kd and lower the rest is all open can play with .8kd and up

    Martin CamiloMartin CamiloMonth ago
  • Am I the only one who remembers boot camp for WaW? New players who were level 10 or less had there own playlist to get used to the game, bring that shit back for the noobs

    Danny MaloneyDanny MaloneyMonth ago
  • Going 31-2 in the beginning is just the little taste they give you, like a large payout at a slot machine just before it takes the rest of your cash.

    Arc RedArc RedMonth ago
  • How about a SBMM ranked playlist with a time worthy battle pass and a connection based mtch making with a less intisive battle pass? Any suggestions?

    Lorenzo MaldonadoLorenzo MaldonadoMonth ago
  • I loved the video, and I agree 100%

    William R.S.William R.S.Month ago
  • Modern Warfare was the first COD I've played since BO2, I have a 1.06 KD, it's what they want everyone to have and It's just not fun.

    Christian RietzChristian RietzMonth ago
  • I used to love rainbow 6 because of the ranked vs casual play, when I want to be competitive I joined ranked play when I just wanted to mess around with friends and have a good time I joined casual if they implemented something the way rainbow 6, play 10 games get a rank and work your way up or down from there.

    Nick DavisNick DavisMonth ago
  • Make creepy pastas

    ZyjuilaZyjuilaMonth ago
    • Zyjuila no

      JushoaJushoaMonth ago
  • Also Everytime the outro hits in my car ink, you ABSOLUTELY test the base in my speakers lmao

    Bates MotelBates MotelMonth ago
  • Took me forever to understand what sbmm is till he said "ranked" Same thing as what soulcalibur did Makes sense to me I guess 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Bates MotelBates MotelMonth ago
  • SBMM is just dumb. You hold bad/new players hands & basically insult them saying they can't compete/ get better. For better players you for them to basically fight a cwl match every single.

    ClassicIXClassicIXMonth ago
  • I really hope Activision listens to the community like they did with paid dlc and supply drops.

    The Doom SlayerThe Doom SlayerMonth ago
  • Idk what you guys were feeling. Me and Xclusive ace had similar feelings. We both did consistently good solo and there was no huge difference in the gameplay of the people I was up against.

    Planet PixelsPlanet PixelsMonth ago
  • Honestly they should make it like it was before where there is a ranked playlist and a unranked playlist or you could pull a siege and add casual playlists.

    The Doom SlayerThe Doom SlayerMonth ago
  • I am not a noob but I'm not a professional gamer either. I'm just a pretty decent player. My opinion on sbmm is exactly the same as yours. But for the same reason you dont want to play with ppl of your skill level is exactly why somebody of my skill level wouldnt want to be in a lobby with ppl with skills like you. It would be no fun! Getting killed every 5 seconds by pro players is no fun for a mediocre player as it is for a pro. At least if I play with someone of my same skill I have a chance. To me it seems kinda weak for a professional gamer to say they dont wanna play against other ppl with similar skill bc nobody can shine. Shine on players like you dont prey on the weaker players trying to get better but they cant bc they're in lobbies with experienced gamers. And like I said I'm pretty good but I've always felt this way. Why be a professional gamer and not want to play against other professional gamers. But I do think it should be balanced. Match making should be based on connection not skill. Be the best beat the best. Just my opinion love your channel.

    Jaquan JasperJaquan JasperMonth ago
  • COD Run N Gunners are just the stupidest gamer's ever! What isn't a problem for them? They hate campers, they hate skilled players, this that this that! Next guns and perks are OP in the game and they'll start nerfing everything to make them happy. Enjoy this game Run Gun idiots!!! and hopefully you can finally leave MW to us adults while you run around in circles killing eachother and still complaining about everything. 😂😂

    Aquarius StormAquarius StormMonth ago
    • @Jushoa Whats a bruh bro?

      Aquarius StormAquarius Storm29 days ago
    • Aquarius Storm “us adults” bruh you sound 7

      JushoaJushoaMonth ago
  • Like you said in the video, being paired with people who are all as good as you at your best isn’t fun. It leads to tedious matches that drag on due to everyone camping. I’ve given up playing core mp now as it’s so boring, used to play for hours now I’m fed up after a few games. They need a serious ranked mode with rewards and unique unlocks for people to play their best for. Before SBMM you’d get hammered as a noob, but you’d quickly learn from your mistakes. How can you learn anything from players who are only as good as you?

    zachyj94zachyj94Month ago
  • I think COD needs top tier rewards for rank games. If you want a exclusive gun skin you have to grind in rank (SBMM) games. This would interest high/mid level players to want to play/grind in that pool and frequent less in normal pubs. Low level players would need to “qualify” to enter these rank games with the better rewards. Therefore need to learn how to get better at the game. On the other side those brand new to the game need an exclusive play list too. This game mode is defaulted out... the game will give you a default load out with no customization whatsoever. Default streaks would be a UAV and another mid to low level streak and that’s it. You can stay in this game mode until you graduate based on your avg skill level. If you let someone play on your account and they are good enough to graduate you out then oh well, there is no returning. A free gold skin can be applied to whatever gun they like if they graduate. I’m sure high/mid level players won’t mind since they know how to grind to earn those skins anyways. Finally pubs goes back to being pubs... you can be playing MarkOfJ one match then someone with no thumbs the next. It goes back to being a mixed bag. Also put other incentives in the game “king of the lobby” - extra xp for win streaks in a lobby and xp for ending someone’s streak. “Bounties” low level that get kills on high level get xp bonus. Joining a match in progress and you team is losing, extra xp to stay in the fight and big bonus xp for a comeback win.

    robd2456robd2456Month ago
  • Wow people have to play other players that are the same skill level. Its not like every other shooter has the same mechanic.

    CO - SpartanCO - SpartanMonth ago
  • Wait, the alpha has a SBMM ? Never has been.....

    CheeZCheeZMonth ago
  • It legit ruins games, they put sbmm in casual on r6seige. It just ruined the whole fun or casual. Leave that to ranked play.

    Muffins XMuffins XMonth ago
  • I didnt realize all the facts you stated until you stated them. Thank you

    Emmanuel ReynosoEmmanuel ReynosoMonth ago
  • I agree

    JUSplay GAMESJUSplay GAMESMonth ago
  • You care about a video game too much. It's an alpha, chill out.

    Anthony VabeneAnthony VabeneMonth ago
    • It’s ruining cod

      JushoaJushoaMonth ago
  • I'm a casual player who's kd goes between .79 to .95, however I've noticed lately I've been put in sweaty ass lobbies

    John NeeleyJohn NeeleyMonth ago
  • Just remove sbmm and if it fail just add it in it is that simple

    MBAMBAMonth ago
  • Can't wait until the game cones out

    John NeeleyJohn NeeleyMonth ago
  • I think SBMM needs to be toned down. Other than that I can honestly say I had fun with this game

    John NeeleyJohn NeeleyMonth ago
  • Without *SBMM* there will be the noob players who have like 2-3 kills and 20 deaths in a normal match where it makes his teammates loose I personally prefer that there’s an option for both types of style plays

    Sergio NGSergio NGMonth ago
  • Oh no I have to acc try boo hoo

    Yosuru ShiYosuru ShiMonth ago
  • I'll just drop this here.

    JenzulJenzulMonth ago
  • I personally have a love hate relationship with SBMM but I would much rather have good teammate then bad ones and for those guys who forgot how micro-transactions matchmaking works we could always go back to that, then you'll see how important and good SBMM is. I hate playing sweaty games but I can mange that over losing because I have players on my team who could be mistaken for a recruit AI

    BlackReaprr DanniBlackReaprr DanniMonth ago
  • Just need to make it weak. Have a skill bracket for protected, bad, average, above average. It’s fun but nobody constantly gets stomped

    f1rebreather123f1rebreather123Month ago
  • Sbmm should be a setting

    GamingSquareXGamingSquareXMonth ago
  • Sbmm Is shit

    Big_Paul_ OfficialBig_Paul_ OfficialMonth ago
  • I swear the most fun I had in mw was after I went for gold riot shield, actual casual games.

    Ghillie_GuysGhillie_GuysMonth ago
    • I made a video to remove SBMM if interested :). It's a cheesy method but it's only a 3 min video if interested.

      Gaming GeneralGaming GeneralMonth ago
  • 2:24 didn't need to call me out but ok

    UPWINDCLUB • 6 years agoUPWINDCLUB • 6 years agoMonth ago
  • I agree with everything you said in this video! I HOPE that they listen to the community on this one! Activision please tone down the SBMM and give us casual and ranked Playlist!

    Alec SandersAlec SandersMonth ago

    Hylo the DutchieHylo the DutchieMonth ago
  • SBMM in an alpha game is legit a fraud, they're trying to sell the game by letting prople believe they can have fun because they're good. And this is a fraud exactly because they said SBMM can be tweaked. They're trying to sell something that won't be the final product with the "live service" excuse. I can't bother a whole year of SBMM tweaks with different experiences every week, and i guess that's not how you should sell your game

    Maurizio BarbieriMaurizio BarbieriMonth ago
  • Bruh 1st game went 48-6 then next game sbmm kicked in then 12-26

    Juan MorenoJuan MorenoMonth ago
  • My ass got a 32 and 0 with the tank

    press ballzpress ballzMonth ago
  • If u r good, take it as a man and dont complain but u r not. Play against bot to feel good

    مدرس مساعد سيف مزعل عبدمدرس مساعد سيف مزعل عبدMonth ago
  • not really a problem. it's nothing new. Sbmm is in every CoD.

    PassyPassPassyPassMonth ago
  • BO4 2.4 k/d MW 1.01 k/d

    Just JJust JMonth ago
    • I think it is opposite

      Mohammad AlnowaifMohammad AlnowaifMonth ago
  • Sbmm is fine just not as strong also why not have a ranked mode consisting of CDL rules like r6s ranked mode all that sbmm does for me is place me against campers

    C3XSC3XSMonth ago
  • I'd rather having to pay for new DLC maps than having to deal with the SBMM

    91vp91vpMonth ago
  • Sbmm should only be in ranked in a separate playlist not in regular modes

    Mr Sniper1730Mr Sniper1730Month ago
  • I remember first game I was popping off and then boom I was getting my ass handed by some dude quick scoping

    ICK ReaperICK ReaperMonth ago
  • The very first game on Cold War I went 45-6, next game after I kept going really good then all of sudden I felt like I got ass outta nowhere.